Teaching Those Eyes Ch. 02: Grad Party

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Surprise Visit

It was a typical Tuesday in July. Mr. G had just collapsed on his living room couch after mowing the lawn. In the summer he mowed the lawn early, before it got too hot outside. Of course later in the day he’s likely to go back out there into the heat. He liked to get a lot of lawn work done over the summer. Especially this summer since he wasn’t working an extra job. He was a high school math teacher and there have been other summers where he picked up a temporary job, but not this year. This year he needed a break.

He had taken his shirt off after he finished mowing the lawn but before he bagged the grass clippings. His shoes were kicked off upon walking inside and his socks came off after he collapsed onto the couch. And so he was only wearing two articles of clothing when the doorbell rang. His red boxers and his jeans which had dropped low enough to reveal the top two inches of his boxers.

He didn’t bother throwing a shirt on as he approached the door. And so that was his dress when he answered the door and found Catherine. Catherine was an 18-year-old former student that had just graduated high school last month. A different student at a different time he may have wished he put on a shirt, but not with Catherine. Catherine had already seen much more of him.

“Hey Mr. G!” she said loudly, as excited as ever. She was just always so happy and bubbly; she’ll fit right in with a sorority at college. “How’s your summer going?”

“Good, I’m good Catherine. What, um, brings you to the neighborhood?”

“I was just going for a bike ride. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going and then all of a sudden I realized I was riding past your house so I figured I had to stop and say hi.”

Catherine looked like she copied her outfit off of a Barbie Doll Goes For A Bike Ride box. She wore a black bicycle helmet, a dark pink long sleeve pullover, black spandex shorts and bright pink sneakers. The pull over was form fitting. It had a half zipper that she had zipped up all the way to her neck. The shorts were even tighter, but longer than he would have expected. They went halfway down her thigh. Her legs looked fantastic as ever. His eyes went up and down her legs three times, pausing frequently at her thigh gap. He didn’t care much about being subtle. After all she had already seen him naked and she wasn’t his student anymore.

“Aren’t you hot wearing long sleeves?” he asked.

“Nah it’s a breathable material.”

“Well why don’t you come in and get some lemonade?

“Sure I’d love to.”

Mr. G grabbed her bike and wheeled it into his garage for her. As he moved across the front yard he looked up and down the street. His neighbor across the street was mowing his lawn. Two houses down the neighbor’s kid, who just finished his junior year at Mr. G’s school, was shooting baskets at the hoop in his driveway. Neither was paying any particular attention to them.

He led her into the house and poured her a glass of water. “Sorry I don’t actually have any lemonade.”

“That’s alright,” she said right before she took a large gulp. He watched a drop roll down her chin and over her neck as she drank. From there his gaze caught her braided ponytail. It was a tight braid that was draped over her shoulder and came down to her belly button. Her dirty brown hair had streaks of bright blonde highlights.

“So you only really got to see the bathroom the last time you were here. You want a tour of the house?”

“Oh yea do you want to show me your bedroom?”

“I mean that is on the tour. I just moved into this place six months ago and haven’t had a chance to show it off yet.”

“Sure I’d love to.” And so he gave her a tour of the house that ended in the bedroom. Of course nothing happened there and a moment later they were back in his kitchen. They talked about hobbies and her future plans. She’s staying local for college.

“So before I go, I have a question for you. Can you come to my graduation party this Saturday?”

“Yea, I should be able to come.”

“Please,” she pleaded. “You have to come. You were my favorite teacher.”

“Is that because I had a project instead of a final in the spring?”

“I mean you listened to reason after that disastrous fall final.”

“Hey, that was a fair final.”

“I’m trying to give you a compliment. I’m so proud of you. A lot of teachers just get stuck in their ways, but you’re making efforts to improve.”

Mr. G chuckled. “Well it was a great idea, but I think next year I might make it worth a little less and still have some sort of final as well. You know, just to make sure I covered everything. The administration did question me giving you a 120% on it, but I showed them all the work you did compared to what I asked for and what other students did.”

“You showed the principal our work?” Catherine asked in disbelief.

“Well, I did have to doctor it a bit. I retracted the calculations for the volume my cock and added some more details to the post write-up. Plus I said the measurements were for ataşehir escort bayan Mary. She’s about the same height as me. The fact that you ended up with a B minus for the year helped show that I wasn’t showing favoritism.”

“Yea how did that happen?”

“You went into the project with a C minus for a year. Trust me, jumping up to a B minus that late in the year is an impressive feat.”

“You know I have a pool so we could repeat the experiment at the party,” Catherine said with a smile.

“Skinny dipping or should I wear a bathing suit this time?”

Catherine giggled. “Well my parents will be out of town but several other classmates will be there so maybe you should bring the trunks.”

“Sounds like fun, I’ll probably be there.”

“Mr. G, don’t do this to me. I need you there. You have to come.”

“Yea why’s that?”

“Mary will be there,” she said with a smile.

“If Mary wanted to see me then she could be here.”

Catherine stomped her foot and sighed. “Alright confession time.” Mr. G raised an eyebrow and listened intently. “I’m in love with Mary. There I said it. I have been for years.”

“Oh OK. That’s good news. Wow. OK great. So are you two together?”

“She doesn’t know. Well, I don’t think she knows. On her eighteenth birthday, right before senior year started, we got our hands on a bottle of vodka and ended up making out. The next day she apologized and promised it would be just a one-time thing. I of course agreed that it was a mistake, but I was dying inside. I never thought it would happen, but then when it finally did all I wanted was more of her. I started planning on getting her drunk again but then she started dating Ben.” She had a look of disgust when she uttered his name.

“Eventually I did try alcohol again, but she was all ‘No I have a boyfriend now.’ I wanted her to want it and so I stopped pushing because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship. I had accepted my confinement to the friend zone, but then you and your project came along.”

“What’d I do?”

“You asked to see us make out and I went for it. I was really hoping for a repeat performance when we came over to do the experiment. I would have even let you join in, but then she got all weird and rushed out.” Catherine sighed. “That’s the other frustrating part. She’s pining for you.”


“Apparently your dick is huge compared to Ben’s. Like more than double, close to triple. She talks about it all the time. We’ll be at a restaurant and she’ll pick up some object and joke about it not being as big as you. I think Ben’s dick is the only one she’s seen other than yours.”

Mr. G leaned back against his kitchen counter and smiled. “Really?”

“She doesn’t care about you as a person. She just wants to feel that stupid dick inside her. It’s so unfair. I’ve done everything I could think of to win her heart and all you have to do to get her attention is flash your dick.” Catherine looked down and bit her lip. “So I need you seduce Mary at my party.”

Mr. G had a huge grin on his face. “I think I can handle that. Are you going to join in?”

“Hopefully later but first I have to make sure Ben catches you two together.”


“Yea he’s going to be at the party too. You still up for the challenge? You’re not going to feel bad for Ben and wuss out?”

“Yea, I’ll do it. I’ve actually done something similar once before.”

“And don’t try and muddy the waters by pursuing a long-term thing. This is a one-time thing to give her an orgasm that Ben could never give her. Once they split up and she realizes that there is so much more out there, that’s when I’ll make my move and try to win her heart.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Great,” said Catherine as she clapped her hands together and did a small hop.

“One condition,” Mr. G crossed the room and placed his hands on her hips. As he stared into those deep blue eyes he uttered, “I get you too.”

“I said I might join in.”

“No maybes, now.”

“After, if you’re successful.”

“Don’t do that. After you’ll need to focus on Mary. It has to be now.”

Catherine looked down. “I’m not into boys.”

“You’re doing it for Mary. If I don’t cum into you today then I’m not coming on Saturday.”

“Why are you doing this? You’re already getting Mary.”

“Mary is hot, but you’re the one I really want. I want to cum in you as I stare into those deep blue eyes.”

She looked up and they locked eyes. His hands slid under her shirt. He smiled at the touch of her skin. She closed her eyes. He leaned in and kissed her. It was a deep passionate kiss. Catherine slid her arms underneath his armpits reached up and grabbed ahold of his shoulders to pull him in close. His left hand slid down and grabbed ahold of her right butt cheek. Her right leg lifted and wrapped itself around his body. His right hand snaked its way between them and rubbed that spot between her legs. One of her hands moved to rub the back of his neck. Their tongues continued to dance.

He moved both of escort kadıöy his hands to grab just below her ass at the top of her hamstrings. He lifted her up and she wrapped both legs around him. He carried her to his bedroom where he dropped her on the bed. Her legs were hanging off the bed. He grabbed one of them and lifted her foot up to his face. He threw her shoe and sock on the ground after removing them. Then he kissed her ankle. Lifting her leg higher he kissed her calf. Then bending down he kissed her knee. Bending further, he kissed her lower thigh. He loved the feel of her smooth skin on his cheek.

He climbed onto the bed and on top of her. Lifting her shirt up, he kissed her flat stomach. Lifting her shirt higher, his kisses reached her sports bra. He sat her up and pulled her shirt off. The sports bra came off after that.

He laid her back down to suck on her nipples. His right hand reached down and rubber her pussy through her spandex shorts. She arched her back. There was a thud as her other shoe hit the ground after she kicked it off.

He looked up at her. “I think it’s time for these to come off.” He removed her spandex shorts but left her panties on. He reached back down and rubbed her pussy with only the panties between his hand and her this time. Her panties were white with large blue diamonds on them. Laying back on top of her he whispered into her ear, “I was hoping for the green ones.”

She smirked. She didn’t want to, but she did. She wasn’t attracted to him, she wasn’t attracted to any man, but his touch did feel good. She liked him as a person and enjoyed flirting with him, which helped. It was always a game, to see who would yield first. He won today, but it would be worth it if she got to be with Mary. Mary dominated her thoughts as he felt her up. She thought about that day on the lake when Mary looked so amazing in that red bikini. She thought about that night they made out. There was a lot of alcohol that night so not all of the details are clear, but she remembers kissing Mary. She remembers taking Mary’s shirt off and feeling her bare breasts. She remembered getting her hand down Mary’s pants, but not getting them off. And then she thought about that day in Mr. G’s room when she did get Mary’s pants off.

Mr. G took off her panties. He disappeared for a moment, but when he returned he was rock hard. He eagerly entered her wet pussy. He looked her in the eyes as he fucked her. Those deep blue eyes, he could get lost in those eyes.

She stared into his eyes, but her mind was not on the current moment. Instead she dreamed of an imagined moment from the last time she was in his house. She had this image of Mary laying naked on the ground while both Catherine and Mr. G straddled her. Catherine was over her face, getting eaten out by Mary while Mr. G pounded her pussy. Catherine and Mr. G were facing each other and he stared into her eyes just like he so often did in class, just as he was doing now.

Mr. G collapsed on the bed next to her after cumming. He had a huge grin on his face. Catherine on the other hand wasn’t smiling for one of the few times in her life. She laid there for a minute staring at the ceiling.

When she finally did sit up, she paused again before standing. She sat there on the edge of the bed, naked except for that one sock on her left foot. She was slumped over with her elbows on her knees and her head resting in her hands.

Mr. G sat up and rubbed her back. “You doing OK?”

“I imagined my first time going differently.”

“Yea it wasn’t the most romantic of moments, but think of how amazing life with Mary will be.”

Catherine took a deep breath. “For Mary.”

Catherine stood up and grabbed her shorts off the ground. While holding them she looked around for her panties. “I guess I should make mention of one other condition,” Mr. G said.

“Oh yea, what’s that?”

“You might be leaving here with one less article of clothing.”

“You’re gross.”

“I know but you need a man like me for your task this Saturday.”

“Let’s hope.”

Graduation Party

It was midafternoon when Mr. G arrived at Catherine’s house. Catherine answered the door looking perfect. Her smiling lips were covered in a coat of shiny pink lipstick. Her skin looked flawless under a light layer of makeup. Her dirty blonde eyebrows were recently trimmed. Her hair had fresh highlights in it. And those deep piercing blue eyes stared into his soul.

She flung her arms around his neck. He returned the hug and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Come on in,” she said excitedly. He followed her through the house. She wore a red sleeveless summer dress. The torso was form fitting while the bottom half flowed out. It ended a little above her knee while the top went all the way up to her neck. Her breast looked huge in it, easily three times what he remembered feeling the other day.

Catherine led him through the front hall and to the kitchen. Rachel and Dorothy from school were in the kitchen putting together a tray of finger maltepe escort foods. They both greeted Mr. G with a wave and he warmly said hi back.

In class Rachel had jet black hair, but now it was dyed a bright blonde. Her eyebrows were still dark. She wore a pair of form fitting jeans and a black crop top. The crop top covered her shoulders with little 1 inch sleeves. There was a low neckline, but it didn’t go low enough to show any cleavage. The fabric was pulled tight over her B-cup breasts. The crop top exposed several inches of her tanned stomach and for the first time ever Mr. G saw that Rachel had a belly ring.

Dorothy was Asian with long black hair that was normally straight, but she had curled it for today. She wore a simple red T-shirt that was loose over her A-cup breasts. Her shirt was tucked into a tiny pair of jean shorts. They were cutoffs so that the pockets were longer than the shorts themselves.

“Everyone is out by the pool,” Catherine said motioning towards the back door. Mr. G walked out back to find a dozen more graduates. Mr. G knew most of them. There was a group of 8 seated around a table by the back door and then 4 more lying in lounge chairs by the pool. Mr. G waved to the group at the table but walked past them to the lounge chairs since that was where Mary was.

“Hello everyone,” he said as he reached them. Sitting closest to him was Lester. Lester was sitting sideways on the chair with his back to Mr. G. He turned around and his face light up when he saw Mr. G. Standing up immediately he put his hand out to eagerly shake Mr. G’s hand. He was tanner than when Mr. G last saw him. He was much more muscular than Mr. G expected. He had defined shoulders and pecs. He didn’t have a full 6-pack, but 4 of his abs were clearly defined. Lester had light brown hair styled into a crew cut. The only thing Lester was wearing was a pair of black swim trunks dotted with small white sailboats.

Next was Ben, a pale skinny blonde kid. He was laid back in his lounge chair with a black button down shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. It looked hot in that shirt but he had his sleeves rolled up and only half of the buttons were fastened with his bare hairless chest exposed underneath. He shielded his eyes when he looked up at Mr. G and gave him a wave. “Hi Ben,” Mr. G said back.

The third chair had Mary. Mary had dirty blonde hair with highlights just like Catherine. Like Catherine, Mary had a healthy tan too. She likely already spent a lot of days this summer out here by this very pool. Mary had freckles but they were faint under her tanned skin. She didn’t wear makeup but she didn’t need it. Her eyes were blue but not piercing like Catherine’s and her eyebrows weren’t as perfectly trimmed but they still looked good. What especially looked good on Mary was that body of hers.

Mary wore this tiny bikini that left most of her body exposed for him to take in. She had strong muscular legs and a toned stomach. Her breasts weren’t large, but a fair amount of cleavage stuck out of the navy blue triangle bikini top she wore. Between her breasts the top was tied together with a small loop. Her bikini bottoms were white with rows of green diamonds.

Damn he still had trouble believing this gorgeous athlete was with scrawny Ben. She was taller than him, likely stronger than him and not even close to his league in the looks department. “Mary,” he said with a nod. She smiled back without making a sound in return.

The furthest chair had Emma. Emma had long straight brown hair. She was of Latina descent, darker than the rest. She wore a strapless sky blue one-piece bathing suit. Her bathing suit had waves of dark blue that made her suit look like the surface of the water. And her cleavage spilling out of the top of the bathing suit was like two buoys floating in the water. “Emma,” he said last. She smiled, waved and very quietly squeaked out a “Hi.”

Mr. G stood there briefly doing the standard talk about where they picked for college and what their intended major was. Not long into the conversation Mary got up and went inside. Mr. G had to lock eyes with Lester and focus in to stop him from turning to watch Mary’s ass as she walked away.

Mr. G took Mary’s seat and enjoyed listening to the gossip about other students and other teachers. Gossip about other teachers wasn’t anything too juicy, but it was fascinating listening to their perspective on his coworkers. They were equally fascinated to hear him talk about his relations with other teachers, which ones were his friends, which ones got on his nerves.

Mary returned after twenty minutes. “Hey you took my seat.”

“There’s plenty of room,” Mr. G replied. He scooted back in the seat and slid his feet over to the side so she could sit at the end of the lounge chair. Mary sat down facing Mr. G. She bent one knee and curled it under her while the other leg hung off the edge of the lounge chair.

The conversation continued, but Mr. G was quieter. He mostly stared at Mary’s cleavage every time she talked. He’d turn away when someone else talked to pretend like he was following the conversation. At one point Mary laughed and placed her hand on Mr. G’s leg, just below his knee. He moved his leg closer to her so it was up against hers, his foot curled around her hip. He’d love to put his hand there.

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