Teacher Rita Gives Private Sex Education

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Rita had been happily settled in her job for the past 18 months. It had given her the opportunity to escape from the problems that had blighted her life in the past. She was now living in a large house just north of London and working there as a private tutor and governess to Robert whose parents were continually working abroad and travelling around Europe.

Rita had qualified as a teacher and this job gave her the opportunity to continue and progress her career. Her brief from the parents was to give Robert a thorough education and expected her to get Robert to University level. Rita and Robert got on well together in a pupil and teacher relationship. When the parents were away Rita took on the job of running the home and Robert looked on her as a substitute mother.

This day the parents were away and Robert was taking a shower before bedtime. Rita was sitting reading when she heard Robert call out to her. She ran to the bathroom, pushed the door open and saw Robert standing with a towel round his waist. He was very upset and Rita asked what the trouble was.

Robert said he had a large swelling. Rita asked were it was and Robert took the towel away to reveal an erection. Robert had led a very sheltered life and had had no sex education whatsoever and had no idea what had happened to his body and was very worried about it.

Rita smiled and said it was nothing to worry about and said it was a very natural thing to happen. She knew that she was expected to teach Robert sex education but had been putting it off.

Now she knew she could put it off no longer. She knew this would bring back painful memories of her past life that she needed to forget.

She told Robert they had better go to his bedroom. She told him to lie down and she explained in very basic terms that for a baby to be conceived the male penis had to put inside a female vagina and the only way for that to be able to happen was for it to get large and hard and this was called an erection and this is what he now had.

He asked when it would go back to its normal size and Rita told him that he needed to masturbate. Robert asked what masturbate meant.

Rita said, ‘Would you like me to show you.’ Robert nodded but was worried what was going to happen. Rita undid his dressing gown and exposed his swollen cock. Rita reached out and held it gently. It was quite a long time since she had done this and it bought very fond memories flooding back. ‘Lie back and enjoy the sensation, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it,’ she said.

Rita started slowly rubbing his cock. She was surprised how large and rock hard it was. Robert said how good it felt. Rita said, ‘Its going to feel even better soon.’ She felt the tell tale twitching in her hand in no time at all Robert had cum and ejaculated his sperm all over Rita’s hands.

‘What’s happened, that was wonderful,’ Robert asked. Rita said, ‘You have just had your first orgasm.’ What I did to you was called masturbation; most boys do it all the time to themselves. Now I’ve shown you what to do you’ll probably do it most days. Try it yourself and tell me what you think about it and I’ll show you other ways to give yourself pleasure and how to give pleasure to women.’

Robert went to bed and slept soundly. Rita on the other hand didn’t. She tossed and turned for hours. She couldn’t get out of her mind what she had just done to Robert. She found that the rough material of her nightgown was rubbing against her nipples and stimulating them. She realised her nipples were hardening and she was getting damp in between her legs.

She tried to get to sleep but it was no good. Although her breasts were not huge, her nipples certainly were. When hard they stood out almost an inch. She adored men cumming over them and then sucking their own spunk off them.

Her hands went to her nipples where she squeezed and pinched them. Her nipples were so sensitive she had actually cum in the past just having them sucked and squeezed. She had no intention of doing anything else to herself but play with her nipples.

She adored the feelings she was giving herself. But she was kidding herself. Deep down inside she knew what the final outcome would be. Eventually her other hand found its way in between her legs. She really was very wet now.

She knew what she wanted, she wanted to cum. No, she needed to cum. She tried to resist but knew that she would eventually give in to her carnal needs. It had been at least a year since she has last played with herself. She had been pleased the way she had disciplined herself over this time.

After all this was the reason she had taken this job. Ever since she had been at teacher training college she had loved sex. She couldn’t get enough of it and had been getting a reputation as a slut. She would have sex with anyone, male or female, anytime, anyplace, anyhow. She could have six orgasms and still need more.

She had sought help and been diagnosed as having clinical nymphomania. Her psychologist had told her the best thing ataşehir escort bayan she could do was take a job like she had now found. Take herself away from meeting lots of people. Get engrossed in a career.

When this job came up it was just what she needed. She knew if she continued her life, as it was she would, well she didn’t know where she would end up. She had to do something drastic.

When she first took the job she was masturbating daily. She made the mistake of taking her dildoes and vibrators with her. Now along with her sexy clothing they were locked away in her trunk. As much as she wanted to take her big black ejaculating vibrator and bring herself to a huge orgasm and feel the rush of hot, sticky cum in her cunt and arsehole she was quite content to use her fingers. She visualised Robert’s cock as she readied herself for what she needed.

She inserted one, then two and then finally three fingers inside her steaming wet pussy. Her other hand left her nipples and found her clitoris. She bought herself to the brink, then let herself come down again before eventually not being able to resist it anymore and letting her cunt juices pour out over her willing fingers. She lay panting, satisfied at last. She rolled over on her side and stuffed her cum soaked fingers inside her mouth and sucked them dry. She had always loved the taste of her own cum as she sucked them clean. At last she fell asleep.

Robert woke in the morning with an erection but was worried and although he wanted to experience the feelings of the previous day was reluctant to do it himself.

At breakfast he mentioned it to Rita who told him that if his work was satisfactory during the day she would show him just once more, but after that he would have to do it himself.

They both had it on their mind all day. Rita felt herself getting wet between her legs and Robert almost had a constant erection. At lunchtime Robert said, ‘I don’t think I can wait any longer, please Miss can you show me now.

Rita replied, ‘I’ll think about it while I prepare lunch.’ She didn’t need to think about, she already had. She knew that she wanted to masturbate him as much as he wanted it but she couldn’t let him know that.

They finished lunch and Robert asked her what she had decided. Rita said, ‘Well I don’t think you’ll be able to concentrate on your work otherwise so I suppose I had better relieve you.’ She saw his face light up and when she glanced at his trousers she could clearly see his bulge. Again they went up to his bedroom and Rita told Robert to undress. Then she said, ‘As this is part of your tuition you must still call me Miss, I am only doing this as part of my job.

Robert replied, ‘Of course, Miss.’

‘Now ask me to do what you want,’ Rita replied.

‘Please Miss, would you masturbate me again like you did yesterday?’ Robert asked.

‘Of course, I will,’ she replied.

Robert was now undressed and lay on the bed. Rita told him to sit against the headboard and watch her closely. He shuffled back and leant against the headboard. His cock stood to attention and started twitching in anticipation.

Rita sat beside him, her cunt quite damp now at the sight in front of her. She reached out and wrapped her hand round it and slowly started pumping up and down. Rita wanted this to last longer this time.

She wanted to enjoy having a hard cock in her hand again. Although she was doing it very slow in less that a minute she felt him cumming. She knew he was past the point of no return so speeded up and let him shoot streams of hot spunk over her hands.

Robert loved it but Rita was very disappointed that it lasted such a short time. Rita said, ‘If you could learn to control yourself it would last longer and you would enjoy it much more. I think we will try again.’

Robert’s cock didn’t even shrink but remained as hard as before. Her hands were covered in his spunk and she longed to lick them clean but she couldn’t let him see this. She said, ‘I think I had better go to the bathroom and wash my hands first.’ She stood up and went to the bathroom.

Immediately she was out of the door she plunged her fingers in her mouth and licked the spunk deep into her mouth. She adored the taste. She was so randy now she had to cum but she knew she had to get back to Robert, she would have to wait. She returned to the bedroom. Robert was sitting there. His cock as large as ever. How she would have loved to take it in her mouth and wank him off into it. She said to Robert, ‘Why not masturbate yourself and I will watch and tell you how you are doing. When you feel yourself about to cum, stop or slow down and then start again. That way you make it last a lot longer and enjoy it more.’

Rita sat beside him and watched Robert take hold of his cock and slowly rub it up and down. She felt her nipples hardening and glanced down and saw them sticking up against her blouse. She was so wet, she just had to cum.

Rita sat mesmerised watching Robert play escort kadıöy with his cock. He was getting the hang of it and just before he was about to cum he would slow down and prolong the pleasure. After a few more minutes he could hold back no longer and as he sped up his pumping Rita held her hand over the end and let him shoot his stream of cum all over her hands.

She offered a hand to Robert and said, ‘Here taste your cum, its tastes delicious.’

He was very hesitant but Rita didn’t hesitate and put her fingers in her mouth and adored the taste of his spunk.

Robert saw how much she liked it and did the same. He soon realised that it tasted good. They sat there talking and Robert asked him how he had done.

Rita said, ‘You have to ask me as your teacher, don’t forget that.’

He asked, ‘Please Miss, tell me did I masturbate correctly?’

‘Yes’ she replied, with a plenty of practice you’ll get very good at it. By the way, the word masturbation is the correct word but everyone calls is wanking, now ask me again.

‘Please Miss, was my wanking correct,’ he said.

‘Yes, Robert you will make a good wanker, I’ll need to watch you a few more times to make sure you carry on doing it right. You’ll want to do it yourself more often but for the time being I think you’d better tell me when you feel you have to wank and I can just watch and check up to make sure you’re still doing it right.’

Robert said, ‘Yes Miss, I think that’s a good idea, and if I don’t do it right you’ll be there to show me the right way.’

Rita was enjoying this. Robert was about to get dressed when he said, ‘Excuse me Miss but I was just wondering if girls masturbated as like boys do?’

Rita said, ‘We’re not using the word masturbate, are we.’

‘Sorry, I mean, Miss do girls wank as well as boys?’

Rita said, ‘Of course they do, but obviously it’s different because girls don’t have cocks.’ Rita knew what was coming next.

‘Please Miss, would you show me how girls wank?’ he said.

Rita, sounding very stern said, ‘Certainly not.’ Although she desperately wanted to show him and she knew she was going to, she couldn’t let him see how keen she was. ‘Just be patient, that part of your sex education comes a little later, we can’t rush things, there is a lot to learn and you must learn it all thoroughly. Now we must get back to other schoolwork.

Robert then said, ‘Miss I was wondering if we could just do sex education this afternoon, I don’t think I can concentrate on any other subject.’

Rita thought for a moment and said, ‘Oh alright, I suppose so, while we’ve started we might as well carry on.’ She looked down, he was hard again. Rita’s nipples were rock hard and her pussy was soaking wet.

She considered going to the bathroom to play with herself, but she needed more than a quickie. She was already thinking about finding her ejaculating vibrator later on that night.

She suddenly said, ‘I think I should show you how to give pleasure to women. She didn’t want to give the wrong impression to him but she was so desperate now for some sexual satisfaction that she would do anything he asked.

Her favourite fantasy flashed into her mind. This is where she sucks a cock and makes him cum in her mouth. She keeps the hot spunk in her mouth without swallowing a drop and continually swirls it round her tongue and tastes it. Then her lover fucks her in the arse and cums again and finally fucks her cunt and fills that with his spunk.

All three of her sex holes are filled with her lovers cum and then he lies in between her legs and sucks her clit and brings her to multiple orgasms and his own cum mixes with hers and floods out over her lovers face.

Finally as she is totally satisfied she takes a deep swallow and enjoys the wonderful taste of her lovers cum.

In reality this had happened only three times to Rita. She first found out about it when she joined her brother and her sister in law. Her brother filled his wife’s three holes with his cum and then Rita made her sister in law cum with her tongue and mouth and experienced her brothers cum oozing out of her sister in laws cunt.

The other two occasions Rita was the sole female but she had two males each time to fill her 3 holes with cum.

It was these thoughts that Rita used when masturbating herself and now as she was about to teach Robert something this was uppermost in her mind but she knew this would have to wait for another day.

Rita adored the taste and texture of spunk. Many times she would suck a cock off into her mouth and keep a mouthful of cum swishing round inside her mouth savouring the texture and taste while her lover would be in between her legs licking and sucking her to orgasm.

Now she had to decide how far she could go with Robert at this stage. She knew he was very keen and she knew she had to take it steady. She sat on the edge of the bed and made Robert stand in front of her.

‘Undo teachers blouse,’ she said.

Robert maltepe escort reached forward and started unbuttoning it. He was trembling slightly and his cock was again getting hard. Rita wanted to hold it but resisted. As Robert slipped Rita’s blouse off her shoulders his eyes went immediately to her breasts.

It was the first time he had seen a brassiere and was amazed how it hardly covered her breasts.

‘Take off teachers bra now,’ she said.

Robert looked for the clasp and found it at the front. He was really shaking now and his cock was at full erection. He fumbled for a few minutes until he found out how it came undone.

At first he was reluctant to take it off until Rita said, ‘What are you waiting for, don’t you want to see teachers tits?’

Robert took the bra off. His eyes were glued to Rita’s tits. Her nipples were by now huge and stuck out almost an inch. She was very wet between her legs and was desperate to cum. Rita reached out for Roberts hands and put them on her tits.

‘Squeeze teachers nipples, pinch them as hard as you can.’

Robert did as he was told and loved the feel of them. He was wary about how hard he should squeeze but Rita told him to do it as hard as he could. She adored the feelings she was getting. She reached out and grabbed his cock. She desperately wanted it in her mouth, she wanted to taste his spunk but first she needed to cum.

She stood up and quickly slipped out of her skirt and knickers and sat back down. Her legs were wide apart and she was soaking wet. She told Robert to kneel on the floor.

This was the first time he had seen a naked woman.

Rita said, ‘This is my pussy, sometimes I call it my fanny, but most of all I call it my cunt. Look at teachers cunt, look how wet teachers cunt is. Put your fingers in teachers cunt, see how good it feels.’

Robert very tentatively slid one finger inside. It was what Rita wanted. She took hold of his hand and finger fucked herself with his finger. Her other hand gripped Roberts cock and she started wanking it.

She took his finger out and said, ‘Smell teachers cunt juices, lick teachers cunt juices off your finger.’ Robert lifted his finger to his nose and took in the wonderful aroma of a female cunt. He loved the smell and then he licked his finger.

Immediately he adored the taste. ‘Lick teachers cunt and make teacher cum, Rita said. She knew he wouldn’t know what to do but she was prepared to tell him. Rita opened her pussy lips and Robert could see how wet they were.

He leaned forward and Rita said, ‘Use your tongue, lick long slow strokes up my cunt, that’s it, now put your tongue inside and lick me nice and slow, oh that’s wonderful.’ Rita was playing with her nipples and pinching them as hard as she could.

Although Robert was a novice he was making a good first effort and Rita knew her orgasm was not far away.

Suddenly Robert stopped and said, ‘I’m sorry Miss but I’m going to cum.’

Rita said, ‘Quick, stand up,’ She leant forward and took his hard cock deep inside her mouth. She only needed a couple of sucks and Robert was shooting his spunk deep inside her mouth.

Robert was in absolute heaven. He couldn’t believe that anything could feel so good. Rita was amazed at how much spunk there was considering how many times he had cum lately.

Rita realised this was an opportunity for her to experience her fantasy. She kept his spunk in her mouth and let it swish around her mouth. Oh how she adored it. She sat down and opened her legs again.

She couldn’t talk, she didn’t want any of this delicious spunk to escape from her mouth. She pushed Roberts head down between her legs and let him carry on licking her.

She wanted him to suck her clit. He hadn’t yet found it but his long hard tongue kept brushing against it. She played with her nipples and felt her orgasm rising.

Robert’s spunk was coating her tongue. She thought to herself, ‘Lick my cunt, suck my clit, let teacher cum over your face.’ She stopped playing her nipples and put her hands behind Robert’s head and pulled it hard against her.

Suddenly she realised she was in control, she was fucking Roberts face. She rubbed his face against her soaking wet cunt. Her orgasm was almost there. Then it hit her.

With the taste of his spunk still on her tongue and Roberts face buried hard against her clit she exploded her cunt juice all over his face. One orgasm wasn’t enough, she knew she needed more. She was using Roberts face as a fucking device.

She didn’t care that it might be hurting him, she didn’t realise he had trouble breathing. All she wanted was to cum, cum, cum and cum. Eventually she was satisfied. She released his face and looked down at his soaking wet cunt juice stained face.

Robert was very red but he had a very satisfied look on his face. He couldn’t believe what he had just experienced. He was already hard again and said, ‘I loved it in your mouth, can I do it again.’

Rita still had not swallowed his previous deposit of spunk and was more than willing to oblige again. He stood in front of her and as she opened her mouth a small amount of spunk trickled out over her lips. But she was determined to keep as much of it in as possible. She took his cock deep inside her mouth.

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