Taken by the Boss Ch. 04

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The next day Chris was looking over the numbers he got from finance. He just got back from his lunch break. He lifted his eyes and saw that a new set of emails arrived. He was surprised when he saw Emily’s among them. The time stamp on the monitor showed 2.17 pm. He opened her email and relaxed back in his chair.

“Dear Sir,

Last night was a revelation to me. The way you guided me to open up. I confess I was frightened when I heard the knock on your door, but even more startling were the excitement and the rush that I felt while sucking your wonderful cock with someone else in the room. I love having it in my mouth and showing you how much I adore it. It makes me ache just thinking about it.

This morning I woke up wet with desire. I disrobed myself and was naked on my bed; I took my vibrator and placed it beside me. First I started touching my nipples; they hardened so fast, I left one hand to play with them while the other was traveling down my stomach to my pussy. I rubbed the wetness all around it; I rubbed my clit and gave in to my secret thoughts. I imagined last night but with a different ending. I imagined Marc coming down your desk and finding me there sucking your cock Sir. I imagined you two sharing a secretive smile and Marc unzipping his pants. I imagined you ordering me to please him with my mouth the way I do with you. I imagined taking his cock in my mouth and trying my best to make you proud. Marc would be moaning at my touch and you would order me to suck you both with my mouth, going from one to the other. That is the first time I came Sir – with images of you both in my mouth. I didn’t stop touching myself though. I kept imagining what would happen next. You ordered me to take Marc in my mouth all the way in, he wasn’t as big as you Sir and that made it easier. Marc placed his hands on the back of my head and started pushing himself inside me wildly, he was on the verge of coming, and I wanted to remove myself from him, not wanting to take his sperm, but your order me to swallow it all. After that, you took me onto your lap, and started fucking me – imagining your cock inside of my pussy made me grab my vibrator and push it deep inside of me, turning it on, while still rubbing my clit.

Marc sat at your desk watching us intently, watching your cock going in and out of my pussy. He got hard again. You waited for that moment to take me escort kartal off and ordered me to get on my feet and bend over exposing my ass at Marc. You wanted to see him fucking me and to see how I would respond to that. He felt good inside of me. He had a steady rhythm and you pushed your cock in my mouth. You wanted me to fuck you with my mouth while you let Marc fuck me from behind. When I moaned around your cock, you twisted my nipple hard. That was the second time I came, Sir.

I couldn’t stop myself, I kept pushing the vibrator inside my pussy, and I wanted to come again. I wanted to feel your cock inside of me Sir. I kept imagining the pounding Marc was giving my pussy and your cock fucking my mouth. Marc started shouting he was about to come and you ordered me to go down on my knees and bare my breasts for you. You both started stroking your cocks above me, showering me with your sperm all over my chest and my mouth. When Marc was done he thanked you, looked at me sitting there covered in sperm and left the office. That was the third time I came Sir. My clit was soaring from all the rubbing and I couldn’t move a muscle anymore.

When I came to my senses I felt ashamed at first for behaving like a true slut – letting you both treat me like a fuck toy. I felt confused because I feel only deep attraction towards you. But the idea of having you both inside me is something that makes feels me deeply aroused. I hope you don’t use my intimate thoughts against me; I am still unsure how I would react if that really happened. I went to shower myself, rubbing myself clean of my thoughts. An image of you appeared again in my mind and once again I moaned and touched myself while the hot water was pouring down at me. I imagined you in the shower next to me – taking me hard from behind, slapping my ass, and grabbing my throat, fucking me roughly and making me scream your name over and over again. I came again Sir. I took the shower head and pressed it against my throbbing clit. It soothed me. I enjoyed it. I grabbed a towel and went outside. I went to my bedroom and took a sexy pair of underwear – that is the only thing I am wearing currently, as I made myself a cup of coffee and am spilling my most inner thoughts to you Sir.”

Chris smiled to himself. He was hard. She was opening up to him even faster than he expected. He would lie if he didn’t admit he maltepe escort pictured sharing her with Marc yesterday but that would be far too soon. She was still in the process of getting to know herself. His little plaything is making him very hard.

He finished his work for the day and packed up. He knew just what to do with her.

Emily was feeling free and relaxed, cathartic even. She still didn’t get dressed and was relaxing reading a book on her sofa. She was wondering what he thought of her email. He didn’t respond. A little frown appeared on her forehead. What if he didn’t like it? She tried to push that thought from her mind. Her doorbell started buzzing. She wasn’t expecting anyone; she quickly pulled a silk robe on her and went to look at the peep hole. There he was, looking straight at her. Her breathing quickened.

“Open the door Emily.” – He commanded her. She had no choice but. She unlocked it and let him in. He shut them loudly, locking them before returning his eyes at her.

“You’ve been a very good girl Emily. I am very pleased with you my little slut.” – His words were soft, but his stern look left her speechless. He stepped closer to her and pulled her towards him, he kissed her on her mouth. The kiss was just like him – strong, commanding with a touch of softness in it.

“Now, I want you to slowly disrobe for me. Make me hard.” – He stood back and watched her stand there; when he raised his eyebrow at her she quickly complied. She started taking off her robe, slowly; she let it fall down on the floor at her feet. She was left there standing in front of him, her breasts standing proud, and her nipples hard. She only had her panties on. The barely covered her.

“Turn around. ” – His voice was rough with passion. “Good girl. Now slowly take them off. And turn back towards me.” – She did. She felt more vulnerable now than ever before with him.

“Very nice – you’ve made me hard again Emily. Come here and take off my clothes.” – she was pleased at his words and she found something extremely erotic in taking off his clothes garment by garment, while he watched her closely, she saw his hard cock ready to jump out of his pants. When she was done and he was left completely naked she expected him to order her to go on her knees. He surprised her by saying: “Now take me to your bedroom. I want you to go climb up and spread pendik escort bayan your legs to me. Offer me your pussy my sweet little slut.” – She shivered and took him by the hand to her bedroom. Once they entered it, she did exactly as told. She was a beautiful sight and his cock twitched in appreciation. He came near the bed. He placed himself in front of her and inhaled her scent. He grabbed her hips and moved her closer to his mouth; he placed his lips onto her throbbing clit. She felt herself melting. He started licking her good, covering her with his mouth and his tongue. He was leaving no blank space between them. He pushed his tongue inside her pussy then went back at licking it, he sucked at her clit hard and it made her shake. She looked down at him, her head moving with his lips, he increased his pressure and she knew she was losing it.

“Please Sir. Please can I come? I can’t hold much longer!” – She pleaded with him. He lifted his head for a moment and looked at her – “Come for me Emily. Come hard. “– he returned his head back at sucking her clit and she screamed his name riding a wave of orgasm that seemed to go on and on.

“Good girl.” – She was still shaking while he positioning himself at her pussy. “BEG.” – He said harshly.

“Please Sir; please let me have your cock inside of me. PLEASE fuck me hard. Please, I need you inside of my pussy. Oh God, please.” – He loved hearing the desperation in her voice. He gladly answered her prayers and entered her fast. He fucked her hard and unrelenting. He showed her aching pussy no mercy as the bed hit the wall behind them. His balls were slapping loudly; he placed his hand around her throat and kissed her hard on her mouth, his other hand slapping her ass. He was treating her like a fuck toy and she loved it. She looked at him with a silent plea in her eyes.

“Go on slut. CUM! Cum all over my cock!! CUM! “

She screamed hard, she was convulsing around him. He felt every movement and he buried himself even deeper inside of her. He pushed out and got on his feet, she was lying beneath him, he stroked his cock and ejaculated all over her body, he wanted to cover her with it. He loved that view…she was covered in his sperm, marked as his.

He slowly dressed up, as she sat on the bed.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” – He asked her. She was about to say something, and then realized what he wanted to hear: “Whatever you want them to be, Sir.” – His proud smile made her happy.

“Such an eager little girl.” – He kissed her on the forehead, patted her ass and left.

She threw herself back on her bed with a big smile on her face.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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