Sweet to Eat

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Lots of women complain that they don’t like the taste of their man’s cum. What seems funny about that to me is that they will take a load in their mouths but they won’t swallow. Tastes buds are in your mouth, not your stomach. Once you’ve got the cum on your tongue, it seems a bit ridiculous to spit it out; the damage has been done so to speak. While I’m definitely not a fan of taking a load on my face and it seems sort of a waste to have it anywhere other than inside me, I’m here to say that I love the taste of my man’s cum.

It’s not just some act of altruism that makes me love his cum; I haven’t been deluded by my immense love for him that his nut somehow tastes good, it’s a very concerted effort on his part to alter the taste of his jizz. My baby works out, he doesn’t smoke, he eats a healthy diet with tons of organic fresh fruits and veggies, limits meats and dairy, and he drinks lots of water. We both thought that the idea of drinking lots of pineapple juice was a myth until we tried it out. It, does, in fact make him taste better. But, that’s not the real secret to his tasty sperm.

I was doing some shopping online one day, looking for some things to keep the flame burning in our relationship, and I found an herbal tea that claimed it would make your bodily fluids taste like a maple cookie. I was extremely skeptical at first but I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. Initially, I was too nervous to tell him about the tea so I just did a little experiment on my own. I drank about three or four cups of tea in one day. I didn’t know how much it was going to take so I did my best to overdose on it. The tea tasted great and it made me aroused all day thinking about what might be the outcome. When Khari showed up, I had on a white dress shirt and plain white panties. It wasn’t anything overly sexy but he liked when I wore his shirts. He immediately showed his admiration for my choice in attire by roaming his hands all over my curvy brown body and pulling me close. His sweet kisses down my neck started my juices flowing and soaked my panties within minutes.

Before I knew what was happening, we were in the kartal escort bayan bedroom tearing each other’s clothes off one another and things were getting hot and heavy. Undressed, he started from the back, licking my ass and really making me squirm and moan. I was so aroused I had all but forgotten about the tea and I was luxuriating in the feel of his soft tongue licking my butthole. I was working my ass on his face and he started licking my pussy from behind, lapping my free flowing juices. Almost imperceptibly, I heard him say, “What the hell,” and he flipped me over on my back and pulled my pussy to his mouth and made a feast of me. I was out of control. He was as well. He drove his tongue deep in me and tongue fucked my hole. He zeroed in on my clit and started circling it, alternately licking softly and sucking gently.

“Baby, you taste so good,” I heard him say. At least I thought that’s what I thought I heard him say. He was eating my pussy like a man possessed. Knowing precisely how to get me off, he worked his fingers inside me and he started rubbing my spot. Now, I’m a strong woman. I need to be in control most of the time. In that moment, in that passionate exchange, I had no control over the orgasm that was threatening to overtake my entire being, to consume me from the inside out. I exploded in his mouth, coating him with my juices.

As I lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, catching my breath, Khari climbed on top of me, his face glistening with juices, and kissed me, sharing my flavor with him. “Baby, what is that? You . . . taste like candy. What did you do?”

I smiled and we cuddled together as I told him about the tea. He told me he’d never experienced anything like it before he asked if the tea worked for men as well as women. I told him that it did and he jumped up and ran to the kitchen and started boiling water. He was yelling questions to me from the other room, asking me how long it took to work, how many bags of tea he had to drink, if he could drink it hot or cold.

Pulling myself together from my earth-shattering orgasm, I walked naked into the kitchen and I could escort maltepe see his eyes were bright with anticipation. He pulled me to him and slid his fingers between the slippery folds of my pussy and held his fingers up. They were glistening with my moisture. He sucked and licked his fingers like she was savoring the finest, most delicious meal he’d ever had. He pulled me close. “Mami, I love the taste of you. I love your natural scents and flavors. I don’t need you to drink this tea for me because I want you just the way you are. I want to drink this for you. I want to make my cum taste like candy for you.”

“Baby,” I replied, “You know I don’t have a problem swallowing your cum . . . ” He put his fingers to him lips and silenced me.

“I know baby,” he said, “but I want to try. Please? For me? I just want to see if it works the other way around.”

How could I say no to such a request? Especially after he just licked me like he did. For the rest of the evening, he drank tea, iced and sweet. He woke up especially early in the morning and before I could even stretch and yawn, he was making a hot cup of tea with honey. We had some errands to do, some things to do around the house, so I jumped up and showered with him and we were on our way. We were finished by noon and after I fixed us lunch we were sitting on the sofa, relaxing for the rest of the day with nothing much to do but think about what was to come, or cum rather.

I knew it was on his mind, I could see his dick flexing in his pants. He didn’t push the issue or make any moves but I was getting a little hot under the collar myself. I grabbed the remote, shut off the TV, and pulled him by the hand into the bedroom. Kneeling before him, I pulled the string to his sweats and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. His dick was already starting to get engorged and throb. Softly, gently, I took it in my hands and brought the head to my mouth. I felt his hands caress my head and shoulders as I surveyed my prize. Teasingly, I let my tongue tenderly touch the slit, sending shivers down his spine. I rolled pendik escort his balls around in my fingers and began to explore his growing erection further with my tongue.

From base to head, I licked. I used my mouth to explore every millimeter of his thickening tool until he was as hard as a rock and ready for more. When I placed the head in my mouth, I heard him let out a gentle moan. My objective was for him to let out quite a bit more than a moan so I continued to pleasure him with my mouth and tongue. I slid my soft, full lips down his shaft and back again, looking up at him with a wink. I could feel his knees buckle just a bit as I did it once more, this time, just a bit harder. I wanted to let him know exactly who was in control.

His precum was leaking and he kept saying, “Oh shit, don’t stop, that feels so good” so I knew he was ready for everything I had to give. I took his dick in my mouth and swallowed him whole, the head of his dick deep in my throat. I grabbed his ass just as he tried to push me away. He never wants to cum before me so his instinct is always to make me stop before he nuts. Grabbing the base of his thickness, I looked up at him and I said, “Cum in my mouth.”

I really shouldn’t have been so cruel because I know all his triggers and every time I he would get close to eruption, I would stop. I sucked his dick, licked it, I swallowed it and begged for more. The room filled with his chanting and moaning and the sounds of my sloppy, wet blowjob. He filled his hands with my full breasts, kneading them and softly pinching my hardened nipples. I moaned around his dick and slid my finger between my moist folds of my pussy to give him a little taste. For a brief moment, he sucked my finger like I was sucking his dick.

I knew it wouldn’t be long so I used every trick in the book I had. I licked, I sucked, I licked some more. “Come on baby, give it to me. Shoot your hot cum in my mouth. Mmmm, let me taste it. Come on baby, fuck my mouth.” I deep throated his dick and pushed my finger in his ass and against his spot and he exploded in my mouth, falling back on the bed out of pure exhaustion, whimpering like a baby, satisfied like a man.

Between breaths, he gasped, “So . . . how was it? How did it taste?”

Khari drinks a cup of that special herbal tea every day now and I have to say, I love the taste of my man’s cum.

Copyright 2012 AfroerotiK

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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