Surprising You

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I am always looking for a chance to surprise you, I love the look on your face when the penny drops and you realise what I’m up to. your eyes going wide and the little boy grin spreading across your face under your beard. On this occasion I decided on another night in a hotel, I chose one of the older ones in the historic city of Canterbury which offered a gorgeous room with wood panelled walls and a massive four poster bed.

You were going to get there in the late afternoon, so I made sure I got there as soon as I could check in at lunchtime, leaving me with plenty of time to get ready. A nice long hot shower had me imagining it was your hands slowly soaping me up, the thought of your lips slowly kissing their way down my neck and along my shoulder, your beard tickling my wet skin while your big soapy hands moved all over my small tits squeezing and teasing my already stiff pierced pink nipples. I unconsciously let out a low moan and pushed my arse back to feel you against me before I remembered you weren’t there yet.

Disappointed I finished my washing, shaved what needed shaving and tried to ignore the aching that was slowly starting to build between my legs in my moistening pussy. I took my time slowly rubbing lotion into my body, taking extra care to massage it over my arse cheeks and tits knowing these were the places you would be paying the most attention to. I took the towel off my long dark hair and decided I simply couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of drying and straightening it. I knew after an hour in bed with you it would be all over the place anyway so I just used a bit of leave in conditioner and left it to dry curly on its own.

I took my time getting dressed in the lingerie that I had picked out. A black lace suspender belt around my waist sat just below the black and grey tattoo that decorated my toned stomach. I attached the sheer black stockings after pulling them up slowly making sure the seam was straight. Finally I added the matching lacy half cup bra admiring the way it pushed my tits up leaving my stiff nipples exposed, the silver of the bars glinting in the light. I turned in front of the mirror and liked the way the stockings and suspenders framed my bare arse. I seldom bothered with knickers as I knew they wouldn’t stay on for more than a few seconds and it always excited the hell out you finding me exposed. I left my face make up free apart from some eyeliner and a bit of mascara, a quick squirt of perfume and I was almost ready to go.

I had a while to wait until you were due to arrive so I killed some time lounging on the four poster bed and started scrolling through some of the filthy stories on lit’ to try kartal escort to take my mind of my frustration. Needless to say it didn’t work and I soon found myself slowly stroking my bare pussy and losing track of time. My phone beeped telling me you’d arrived and asking for the room number. I quickly tied my curly hair back in a messy pony tail and slipped a white dress shirt that I’d stolen from you over the lingerie leaving the shirt undone. Finally I pulled on your favourite thigh high stiletto boots. I just had time for a quick glance in the mirror before you knocked on the door.

I opened the door taking care to stay hidden from view until I could close it behind you. You turned and stopped staring at me, your mouth slightly open in surprise and a bulge rapidly growing in the front of your jeans. I strutted towards you with my hips swaying with every step. As I closed the distance I reached up and grabbed your thick brown beard roughly pulling your face down to meet mine. As soon as our lips met you slipped your hands under the loose white shirt, I could feel your big, warm, work roughened hands running up and down across the curves between my hips and ribs making me shiver and gasp into your mouth. You pulled my body up against yours so I could feel the heat from your big body and your firm cock up against my belly.

I pushed you back towards the bed as I walked across the plush carpet fumbling to get your belt and jeans undone. Your jeans hit the floor and I pulled your t shirt over your head just before I shoved you hard so you lay flat on the bed, you scooted your way up to the centre. I straddled you as I crawled up to meet you. I ground myself along your hard cock, my wet pussy sliding up and down you as I leant forward for a deep kiss. I took your hands in mine and pinned them to the bed above your head. The friction of your cock against me was making me groan into your mouth as I squirmed against you, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

I lifted my hips and reached down to slip the tip of you inside me. Then I slowly slid my way down, gasping as every delicious inch stretched and filled me. You looked up at me with your blue eyes blazing, groaning and unable to move as I firmly held your hands over your head. I started to move my hips as I rose and lowered myself on to you. Your thick hard cock felt amazing inside me, I could feel myself getting wetter with every second. You started trying to thrust up underneath me, despite me pinning you down. I leant forward to kiss you deeply and found my hands holding your face, fingers toying with your thick beard.

Your now free hands grabbed my hips and held me still as you maltepe escort bayan thrust harder and faster into me. I felt my cunt tightening around your cock, my orgasm building rapidly. You were moaning and growling into my mouth as my own cries and whimpers were muffled by your kisses. Suddenly I exploded with electric pleasure, screaming and shuddering on top of you, my pussy spasming around your cock as every thrust was forcing more of my juices out. Your fingers dug into my hips aggressively as you pulled me down and thrust as deep into me as you could get, I felt you lose control and fill me with stream after stream of hot spunk.

I kept kissing you as you started to soften inside me, your fingers buried in my long dark hair pulling slightly. “Like the undies then?”

“Very much so, Princess.” before you laid a stinging open hand blow on my arse cheek. That combined with the feel of your course chest hair rubbing against my stiff exposed nipples and the kissing started to make me hungry for more. I sat up and started to crawl my way up your body. My brown eyes locked on your blue ones, until my knees were either side of your head. I slowly lowered my wet used pussy down onto your face.

You moaned as you ran your tongue along the length of my slit. I gasped as you slowly circled my sensitive swollen clit, deliberately not making contact with it. Then slowly moving back towards my waiting dripping hole, I let out a loud gasp and a moan as I felt your warm tongue sliding inside me. I felt your fingers clenching on my thighs and a moan vibrating through me as you tasted your own cum mixed with my juices starting to slide down to your bust tongue and waiting mouth. I dont know why but always seemed to drive you wild when you tasted your spunk in my pussy.

I ground myself up against your face, your tongue dancing inside me, your thick beautiful beard tickling my thighs. You lifted me of you slightly and before I could complain you slipped two fingers inside me and moved your lips to my clit. As you sucked that little swollen nub I could feel your tongue flicking over me, as your fingers stroked my Gspot. You were driving me crazy, I was a squirming, shaking, moaning mess so damn close to cumming all over your face.

You pulled your fingers from me, my cunt twitched trying to find something to fill it. I felt a firm pressure up against my arsehole as your fingers felt and prodded me. They pushed inside me with very little and discomfort due to the coating of our cum. I pushed back against you trying to take you as deep as possible, loving the feeling of you stretching my arsehole. I started rocking my hips, frantically escort pendik grinding on your face, your mouth still sucking, licking and nibbling my clit.

I used my fingers to play with my very stiff nipples. they felt as hard as little pink hazelnuts as my fingers pinched and squeezed, teasing and twisting the little metal bars. I looked down and could see your deep blue eyes peering out from underneath me. You were staring fixedly like you were trying to memorise every curve and movement of my body. You rolled those sexy eyes up to meet mine, it was at that point I finally lost control. Our eyes stayed locked as I spasmed, writhed and spasmed through an intense orgasm, screaming your name out in the process.

Your fingers found their way back to my hips as I tried to catch my breath. You started to use my hips to guide me back down the length of your body. I tried to help you as much as I could despite the fact my body was still shivery and shaky with little aftershocks. Your lower face and beard were soaked through, so much so that I’m amazed that you didn’t drown down there. I put my hands on your chest, running my fingers through your thick chest hair and kissed you deeply. As my tongue moved against yours I could taste the tangy freshness of my pussy and the underlying saltiness of your cum. It was a delicious taste reminding me of the glorious orgasms we’d shared together.

I felt your cock, rock hard and ready to go again sliding up along my pussy, dragging firmly against my clit as you thrust your hips. You made me squirm as you coated your cock with my juices. You took hold of my arse cheeks and spread them wide as you pushed your cock into my tight arsehole. I pushed up against you feeling you strech me. We both moaned as you pushed past the tight ring of muscle and started slipping deeper. You pulled me down as you pushed up into me. Soon you were buried as deep inside me as you could get, filling me perfectly, so fucking thick, hard and deep.

You started to move inside my arse, I threw my head back with a gasp loving the way you made me feel. I used one hand on your big chest and moved the other down to my wet pussy. I teased and rubbed my clit frantically, I knew it wouldnt take long for me to reach another orgasm. I tried to kiss you again but you grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so you could watch my face. Your eyes blazed with lust, your features going tense with need as you slammed into me. Faster and harder, my body shaking, quivering with need. I could tell you were close as well, slamming into me faster. You buried yourself deep inside me and groaned as you emptied yourself into me, the streams of cum filling my arsehole pushed me over the edge, another orgasm crashing over me.

I collapsed onto your tattoed chest your arms enclosing me. Your chest hair tickled my face as I listened to your heart slowly returning to normal. I felt my eyes grow heavy as sleep took over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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