Surprising My Lover during a Storm

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*This little story is a prelude to SoozieLaQ’s story “Is It Cheating If I Join In Too?” It is something I wrote back to her in response to the story she sent to me. I hope everyone enjoys our little back and forth bit of writing.*

I was looking out the picture window watching the pouring rain, something I find pleasure in. The puddles forming on the grass and the walk of our front garden, the big drops splashing and rippling in small pools. Meanwhile my knowing fingers casually tease my clit as I stood there naked before the glass, betraying my distracted thoughts. Not of the rain, or storms or clouds but of sex, of fucking and being wet in a different way, something the rain does not understand.

You are gone, off shopping in the rain, having taken the car. My first thought is on your wellbeing since the storm started after you left and you are not quite dressed for this. My mind lingers on that thought, of you wet in that short green dress. The material clinging to your pale skin, showing your ass and breasts, as I try to remember if you wore underwear. Creating images in my mind of the people that would be staring at you, the want and desire they would have for my voluptuous lover. Wondering if you will bring home something extra with your shopping, a nice cock for us to share? Would you be able to keep your hands off of him while driving on the way home?

My second thought is of that time we went shopping for a dress and by the end of the adventure you had me naked on that table, several women touching my pussy, fingering me as a big cock was in my mouth, the fellow holding my head and trying to fuck my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri throat. I jump a little as I feel saliva dripping from the corner of my mouth, I suck back and then feel wetness along my inner thighs, my lips are quite moist.

Brooding on that image and muttering, “fuck that was hot”, as I dwell there for a moment.

And then nodding to myself, “it is going to be one of those days.”

I walk into the kitchen and grab my phone off the island, start searching through the list of recently added numbers, finding the one I am looking for, thinking yes that will do. Musing to myself with a smirk of how I only seriously flirt up guys now that are your type, there is no sense in wasting time on anyone else. Handsome, muscled, younger and a long cock. I have been playing up my MILF status recently when teasing guys, a MILF looking to cheat I hint to them. (And how do I know his cock is long, well that is a story for another time.)

I send a few quick texts and wait for a reply. While doing that I grab a large towel from the bathroom and lay it down over the floor just inside of the front door. My mind lingers though and ponders, is this enough? What could I do to push things more, what would drive you wild; what do I want? Besides getting gangbanged but finding three or four competent guys all at the same time is quite difficult, like chasing fucking unicorns. An idea hits me.

Standing back in front of the window I watch, making sure the fellow follows directions, I do not want you suspecting anything at first. After a bit I see him, he did park away from the cottage. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I meet him at the door standing there naked in front of him, signaling I am serious in my intent.

Telling him “come in and stand on the towel and strip down naked because hard floors can be a bother and I do not want water all over the floor that I would have to clean up later.”

Watching him strip, nice hard body, well-muscled and a long cock hanging semi stiff, just how I like them. I step close to him and grab his meat in my slender fingers, he is tall and towers over me, my face at his chest.

I tell him, “I want this inside of me, but first we have to deal with your clothes.”

I kneel down and grab his things, kissing his shaft with my lips to entice him more, then have him step off the towel. I grab everything and head to the laundry area, tossing his clothes in the dryer, starting it, and setting his shoes in a corner, thinking if you come home the dryer running on a rainy day is not out of the norm.

I return to the entryway and tell him, “give me a moment and then to come up the stairs, my phone will be on the landing and pointing towards the door I want you to enter and remember to shut the door behind yourself, you should be able to figure things out from there.”

I then slip up the stairs and set my phone down on the landing, pointing towards our bedroom. Once in our room, I crawl on the bed and open the drawer of the nightstand, pulling out a blindfold we use and a pair of handcuffs, I wrap the cloth around my head over my eyes and tie it off like you do and adjust my dark güvenilir bahis şirketleri hair over it.

Then laying down on the bed I cuff my wrists to the railing of the headboard and lay there with my knees up and feet together as I hear the young stud enter the room, the door closes, the excitement of the moment works, I feel electric, my nipples swell so hard they ache and my painted toes curl on the sheets, my breath catches in lust, hoping this stud has what it takes for the moment. I can feel my clit quivering as I squeeze and hold my thighs together tight.

But nothing happens, no movement though I can hear him breathing.

“I want you to come fuck me like this, I have a thing for blindfolds and handcuffs. And as I said before do not lick my pussy or try anything with my ass.”

He asks, “Is this your bedroom?”

I reply, “yes this is the bed I share with my lover and I want you to fuck me on it, and you better be quick before they return and we get caught.”

Can hear him approaching and getting on the bed finally, his weight sinking down the mattress and then his hands on my knees.

Whispering to him, “you can stick your cock in my mouth, this is what you like isn’t it, fucking MILFs behind their partner’s backs.”

He gets a clue and his horniness fully emerges, though not quite as confident as I desired. He slides his long shaft over my blindfolded face, along my lissome lips. I open my wanting mouth and take his head sucking on it, trying to make him harder with my mouth as I slowly open my knees and display my pussy to him, the skin of my thighs already wet in desire. Taking his cock further into my mouth and sucking on it, wetting him with my drool, teasing the head of his firming flesh with my throat, then pulling off and licking down the length and kissing his shaved balls, nipping at them as they hang in my face.

Getting lost in the moment, I do not hear the car or the door.

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