Surprise From Calvin Ch. 02

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Our parents didn’t get home until almost three that morning. I heard them come in, I expected them to come and check on Calvin and me, however they didn’t. They went right to their room. I must have drifted off, because the next thing I knew Calvin was in my room trying to wake me.

“Hey, mom and dad want you to get ready for breakfast.”

“Alright, I’m up.”

Calvin bent down and kissed me. It was as if he was assuring me that he meant what he had said last night. I reached behind his head and pulled him closer. I loved the taste of his lips. He pulled away, giving me a look that said I had better hurry. He walked out of my room and back to his.

I got up and showered. I quickly got dressed and ready, I knew my parents wanted to get to breakfast before it got too late. I don’t want to make mom mad today. I want to let Calvin enjoy his day. I am also hoping that Calvin and I can make it to his grandparent’s farm house today.

I was downstairs ready for breakfast when the phone rang. Mom answered it, she went downstairs to her room to take the call. I guess she needed privacy for this call. Dad came in from outside looking for mom. I told him she and answered the phone and gone downstairs. He went downstairs to find out what was going on.

A few minutes later both mom and dad came upstairs. They asked me to find Calvin and come back down to the living room, they had something they needed to tell us. I went to Calvin’s room, and told him about the call, and now mom and dad needed to talk to us.

Calvin and I walked downstairs unsure of what was going on. We went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Mom waited a second, it looked like she was trying not to cry. She finally spoke and said that her aunt had passed away, and that she and dad were going to leave for Virginia today. Dad said he was sorry they were missing Calvin’s party, I could tell he would have rather stayed with Calvin. Dad said that they had decided that since we still have a week and a half left of school before Thanksgiving they were going to let us stay home. He said that they would be back sometime the week after Thanksgiving. He said they had to catch the plane to Virginia in an hour, and they should be in Petersburg by late tonight.

Mom and dad got up and walked downstairs to pack. I was kind of relived. I was worried that maybe someone had seen us last night. I slowly got up and walked back to my room. Afraid to admit how relived I was that we weren’t being forced to go. As a bonus Calvin and I now had the house to ourselves for two weeks. I had just reached my room, when Calvin came up behind me following me to my room.

“I am going to watch them leave, don’t go anywhere please”

“Where would I go? I want to talk to you. So I will wait here for you.”

“Good, I will be back in a few minutes.”

Calvin walked out of my room and down the stairs. I sat on my bed thinking of all the things I wanted to tell Calvin when he came back up. I wanted to tell him how I was scared of what would happen with us with our parents gone for two weeks. I wanted to tell him how happy I was that we would be together without fear of our parents finding out.

I let my thoughts wonder, as I waited for Calvin. Calvin knocked on my door 20 minutes later, and walked in. There was a look on his face that I couldn’t read. I was worried something had happened.

“What’s wrong?”

“First tell me what you are thinking about.”

“I am glad we don’t have to go to the funeral, I am glad that we will be spending Thanksgiving break together without worrying if our parents are going to find out, I am scared of what is going to happen with us. I am worried that you have changed your mind.”

The look on his face relaxed. He must have had similar thoughts to mine. He reached over, pulled me to my feet, and pulled me into his arms and held me.

“I am glad we don’t have to go to the funeral either. I haven’t changed my mind. However during week at school we are going to have to act normal. I am going to tell you what is going to happen with us. We are going to spend the next two days screwing each other. Tonight we are going to do it at my grandparent’s farm house like planned. We are going to sleep together the entire time mom and dad are gone. We are going to figure out what to do when they get back.”

“Are you scared of what we are doing?”

“Only a little. I love you, I love you more than you know. I have been trying for so long to hide it from you. I know what I want. I know I want you, and I know that I hate not having you with me.”

“What are we going to do about your party?”

“I already took care of that, you and I are only going to stop in for a few minutes, on our way canlı bahis to the farm house. Right now we need breakfast though, so if you are up for it I think we should go.”

“Today is your day. I will do anything you want me to do today.”



Calvin kissed me gently, than pulled me out of my bedroom. He gently pulled me after him as he went down the stairs and out the front door to his car. I didn’t tell Calvin, but I wasn’t really up for breakfast. I was only going because I wanted to make him happy. He drove to a place down the street that serves breakfast all day. When we got there nobody else was there. We must have come between the breakfast and lunch rush. I was grateful for the quiet.

I was still confused about Calvin. I loved him with all of my heart. I wanted this more than anything else. I had wanted this for three years. Why did he wait until now to change his mind? Did he have something up his sleeve? I know he would not hurt me intentionally, it wasn’t his nature. As if on cue Calvin started to explain what I wanted to know from him.

“You said last night that you had been in love with me for three years. You only told me last year that you loved me. I think I know when you feel in love with me, but why did you wait so long to tell me?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way but are you sure you know when I fell in love with you?”

“I think it was the night of the freshman dance, when that guy Jason just about hit you for telling him to get lost.”

“Do you remember all of what happened that night?”

“I remember that I saw what was going on, I ran up behind him and grabbed his hand before he could touch you. Thankfully one of the teachers at the dance also saw what was going on, so that when Jason turn and punched me. The teacher only kicked him out. It seems like that the kid ended up moving shortly after that. I remember that he scared you and you didn’t want to go out with any more guys because you were afraid they would all be like that.”

“Do you remember what you said when you grabbed his hand?”

“Not exactly, something about he shouldn’t hit girls.”

“You told him that if you ever saw him raise a hand to me again, he wouldn’t be able to use his hand for a long time afterwards. Than you told him that guys should hit girls and if they do they are cowards.”

“That made you fall in love with me?”

“There is more, do you remember what happened when we got home from the dance?”

“I just remember mom being mad, and dad being proud of me.”

“Mom was mad at me because I had told a guy he couldn’t touch me. Mom was also mad at you because she didn’t think you should be in my business. Dad was proud because you stood up for me, and did the right thing. I fell in love with you because you than told my mom she had her priorities mixed up, and you were going to keep standing up for me.”

“So why didn’t you tell me sooner than last year?”

“You are my brother! How would I possibly tell you that I was in love with you? When I finally did, you didn’t talk to me for a week! I was so afraid that I screwed things up, and that you were never going to talk to me again.”

“That is why you were crying so much. I thought it was because of your dad.”

“No I knew my dad was going to eventually walk away, I have known that for years. I was surprised it took him so long. I was crying because I thought I had lost you.”

“Now I am here saying what you want to hear, and you are having a hard time believing it. I am sorry, it took me so long. I really do love you, and I really want to figure away for us to be together for the rest of our lives.”

We finished our breakfast in silence. I was so close to crying I couldn’t believe it. Calvin was the only person that had that power with me. If he had continued I would have been in tears in minutes. When breakfast was over, it was time for us to go to Calvin’s party. We drove to the party in silence, my heart was so full, and all I wanted to do was take him home and screw him.

We got to the party, Calvin had warned me that when we got there he was going to leave me on my own, like he would have a week ago. I agreed with him that it was probably for the best. However in my current mood, I still felt like I was about to start crying. In fact a few minutes later, a girl that Calvin and I were friends with walked up and started asking about my mom’s aunt. I lost it, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Someone had gone and got Calvin, he put his hand under my elbow and guided me to my feet. He then gently guided me out the door, and to his car.

“I should have known you wouldn’t be able to deal with that right now, I am sorry. I knew you were ready to cry, it bahis siteleri was written all over you face. Please forgive me?”

“I am scared Cal, I don’t want to lose you, and I don’t want something to screw everything up.”

“Lori, I promise you that you will never lose me. One day soon, we will be living together on our own, and things will work out. You can’t let your fear hold you back from what is going to make you happy. Please, don’t give up before we have started. When we get to the farm house, I promise I will show you something that will prove to you that I mean everything I say.”


We drove in silence the rest of the way to the farm house. I watched him the whole time we drove there. I love watching him as he concentrates on driving. I couldn’t help myself, but I put my hand on his leg. I want this to work. My heart felt as though it were going to jump right out of my body. Feeling his warm leg under my hand just made me want him. A few minutes after I put my hand on his leg we got to the farm house.

“Cal, I am sorry for getting so upset. You are right, I am using my fear as a way to keep myself from trying. If you are willing to try, than so am I.”

Calvin leaned over and kissed me. The kiss shot warmth right to my pussy. There’s no denying the physically reaction that Calvin has on me. I deepened the kiss, pulling his head closer. Suddenly Calvin pulled away, jumped out of the car and walked around and opened my door.

“I have something for you.”

We walked up the stairs to the farm house, in the light I could see that the house was old, but taken care of. There was a breeze blowing through the crisp air reminding me that it really was November. Calvin was patiently waiting just inside the door for me, I walked in looking at everything around me. There were pictures of Calvin everywhere, most from when he was little. There was also a picture of his mom sitting on the fireplace mantel. I wondered why his grandparent’s left him the farm house instead of her.

Calvin held my hand and pulled me towards the same room we had been in last night. In the light I could see the room was bigger than I had thought last night, and the bed was a queen size bed. He closed the door once we were in the room again. He went to the closet and pulled out a package and handed it to me.

“Open it.”

I was curious what he could have gotten me. I opened the package trying not to be too slow, but trying not to rip through it. I got the wrapping he had on it off, so I was no staring at a plain white box. I pulled the lid off the box and inside were two smaller velvet jewelry boxes. One was a necklace box that I opened first. It was a silver heart with the November gemstone Citrine. It was beautiful and it is something I could wear all the time.

“I love it, it is beautiful. Thank you so much.”

The second jewelry box was a ring box, I was nervous as I lifted it out of the bigger box. What if it was an engagement ring? What if it weren’t? Calvin, gently took the box and got down on one knee.

“Lori, to prove to you that I love you, I bought you this ring. It isn’t an engagement ring, yet. It is a promise ring. It is my promise to you that I will always be here for you, and that I will always love you.”

Calvin opened the box, inside was a beautiful ring with a silver band, and a princess cut Citrine gemstone. The ring was also something I could wear all the time. So when we have to go back to being just brother and sister on Monday, I wasn’t alone. I went to Calvin and kissed him. Again the kiss was filled will all the passion and heat that I have felt for him since the day I feel in love with him.

Calvin set the jewelry by the bed. He looked at me in such a way that made my body tingle. He came over to me, and pulled me into another kiss. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. He dropped my shirt on the floor and kissed me again. This time our tongues met, he tasted sweet. I pulled his shirt over his head leaving his chest bare. I ran my fingers up and down his chest and back. His skin felt good, and I couldn’t get enough of it. With one hand Calvin reached behind me and unclasped my bra, then gently pushed it down my arms with his fingers making me shiver.

“You are beautiful Lori.”

Calvin gently pushed me to the bed, and pulled off my shoes, and then my pants and underwear. He then kicked off his shoes, and quickly took off his pants and boxers. He was so hard, and I shivered with excitement knowing that he was about to give me what I wanted.

“I am going to enter you slowly, I don’t want to hurt you.”

He crawled up the bed and stopped when he was over the top of me. He put his cock at the opening of my bahis şirketleri wet pussy. Slowly he pushed his way in, inch by inch. Every time he pushed in I would shudder, he felt so good. He kissed me such a deep kiss, when he was finally in all the way. I just about screamed with pleasure. Soon he started to slowly pull out and push back in. Calvin would increase the speed with each thrust. He was driving me insane.

“OH..faster please!”

He increased the speed, and soon I was at the edge. He leaned up on to his elbows. With the room he created, I reached down and started to rub my clit. He got up on his knees and watched as I rubbed myself. I started rubbing hard and faster, he met the speed of my rubbing with his thrusts. I could feel him get close. I rubbed myself faster. It hit me like lightening, my body quaked and I screamed as the waves of my orgasm washed over me. Calvin shot into me just as I came on his cock, I could feel his seed burst through me filling me up. He collapsed on top of me exhausted.

We stayed like that for a long time. We stayed like that until we had both recovered. Once recovered, he pulled me into the shower with him again. This time since we didn’t have to rush home, we were going to take our time, and make sure fully enjoy our shower.

He got the water hot again, and helped me into the shower, and got than got in with me. He again scrubbed my body, this time he was kissing and sucking as he went along. When he got to my breasts he started to tease and pinch my nipples that were already hard. As he teased my nipples I closed my eyes and moaned, I loved having my nipples played with. I felt his mouth closed around one of my nipples causing me to take a sharp breath. I grabbed his head and pushed him into my breast. He started sucking harder. I let out another moan. I felt him move his fingers into my once again wet pussy.

“Oh yes…yesss, please”

Calvin started moving his fingers quickly in and out of my dripping pussy. He was soon screwing me with his fingers. I rocked my hips in time to his finger thrusts. He moved his mouth to my other nipple and started to suck that one. I couldn’t take it any longer, I came. I let out a loud moan, and my body shuttered as the waves wash through my body again. My knees went weak, and I had to sit in the tub. Calvin went back to gently washing my body. Soon I recovered from the second orgasm I had just had. When I had I took my turn washing Calvin.

I stared at his neck and worked down his chest, than around to his back. Then I went down to his feet and up his legs very careful not to touch his cock that was once again hard. I went back down his leg and up the back side of his legs up to his butt. I than had him turn his back into the water, now he was facing me. I got on my knees and started to wash his balls and cock. I was very gentle with both. Once I had gotten both washed, I gently took one of his balls in my mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure. I than took the other into my mouth. I than licked my way up to the head of his cock. When I got to the head of his cock I pull just the head into my mouth gently sucking and licking it. I felt Calvin’s hand go to the back of my head urging me to continue. I slowly I made my way to the base of his cock taking it in to my mouth and throat. I pulled away just slightly when I started to go in such a fast steady pace that he moaned loudly. When I felt him get close I was ready for him this time. With one last thrust of his hips, and one last suck on his cock he exploded in my mouth. He tasted sweet again like he had last night. I like the taste of him. So I licked him clean.

We finished our shower and got dressed again. Once we were dressed Calvin drove us back home. I went into my room and put on a pair of short pajama short, and a see through tank. I went into Calvin’s room when I was dressed.

“Mom and dad didn’t call, not a surprise there.”

I walked up to Calvin and handed him a box. I had wrapped it in brown paper, so it didn’t look like much.

“Here is your birthday present. I wanted to give it to you last night after we got home, but I didn’t want to get us in trouble with mom.”

He took the box from me. He looked at it, than at me. He undid the tape holding the paper on, than just put the paper aside. He took the lid off the box, and pulled out a money clip. It was a simple silver clip, and on the inside was engraved. “I will always be here for you”.

“This is just what I wanted. Now we both have something from each other that we can keep with us all the time. So until the end of the school year we will always have a part of the other person.”

I walked over to Calvin and gave him a hug. He just held me for a little while.

“We should go to bed, I have big plans for us tomorrow.”

We climbed into his bed, and he pulled me close to him. He wrapped his arms around me, and I felt safe from the world. I was asleep faster than I had ever been.

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