Suresh’s Poonal Ceremony Ch. 02

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Allie Haze

Suresh woke up at 6 AM itself the next morning, as usual even though it was a Sunday. He was still naked and he watched the naked sleeping Akhila and he did the only natural thing to do. He kissed her feet, sucked her toes lovingly and finally moved to her pussy with his mouth. His plunges caused her to moan in her sleep and she finally woke up. She sat up and repositioned herself. Suresh adjusted his position as well and continued plunging. He was already hard and he hoped he would be able to use it in the morning. Akhila was caressing his hair.

“You shouldn’t have woken me up so early, naked boy!”

And so saying, she powerfully grabbed his hair. With her other hand, she pushed him further inside her and pinned him. Powerless against her strength, Suresh could not breathe and used his tongue even more aggressively hoping he would make her cum soon. Simultaneously, her feet reached his balls. The hair grabbing, the inability to breathe and now the pressure on his cock and balls made him feel that he was burning. He hated himself for making the mistake of waking her up. He plunged, licked and rode his tongue as strongly as he could and she finally came all over him.

Akhila stood up and went into the bathroom. “Don’t ever wake me up. And, unless you want a repeat performance, my Coffee should be ready by the time I have brushed my teeth and done my business.” Suresh was in severe pain. One small advantage was that his erection had gone now owing to Akhila’s grinding. He tried to power through his pain. However, unable to walk properly, he could not get the Coffee ready. Akhila was still naked and told him to carry on. He would give her the coffee and then go down on her again. Suresh handed her coffee and was about to beg her not to hurt him but stopped. Fight or accept. That was his life mantra. He was no longer going to plead for any mercy. He would serve the women the best way he could. If they did not find it good enough, he deserved to be punished. And so, he went down. Akhila, who expected him to plead with her was happy at the way he was taking his punishment like a man and refrained from punishing him further. The coffee was fantastic. Suresh heard the door knock and panicked. It was Anushka. Akhila told her to come in without any hesitation. Suresh panicked at first but did not respond. He no longer had any rights.

Anushka walked over and kicked his ass.

“Enjoying yourself? Who is going to make our coffees?” She kicked him again.

“I am sorry, Anushka.”

“Sorry does not make my coffee, naked boy.”

“It does not. But I don’t really see why you are so worked up over one day delay. You will get your coffee as soon as Akhila permits me to leave.”

Both women stared at him. They had never seen this side of him. He either meekly accepted whatever they said or begged and pleaded until he eventually gave in. They both knew they were unfair with him. However, it was his own fault in being an easy target. He was now standing up to them. Apparently, sex was a great testosterone booster. However, they still had to put him down.

“Cheeky, naked boy. Let’s see how long you can hold on to it. From here on, you are wearing only your loincloth while serving us.”

“Yes, Akhila.” And he kissed both their feet. Anushka waited until he had pulled the loincloth up again and started dragging him and stopped. Somehow, dragging him with the cord felt inconvenient. They had bumped more than once and she felt she needed something to drag him by. Still naked as the day she was born, Akhila coursed through her wardrobe until she found her old school tie. Akhila’s back was turned to them and Suresh had uninterrupted view of Akhila’s butt jiggling and wobbling around as she searched. This caused him to grow again. When Akhila turned around, she noticed the same and smiled. She walked forward and kissed him. Anushka reminded Suresh what would happen once he got the boner. She informed him it was broad daylight outside and most of the neighbourhood anyway had their eyes on the path from Akhila’s house to theirs.

Suresh was horrified. Once again, the emotions in his two heads were completely contradictory. His main head was horrified at the thought of the neighbourhood staring at him as his cock once again shoved his loincloth aside and presented itself. His dickhead, however, seemed to find it exciting. He stood there in horror as, in a matter of seconds, it was complete. He had once again grown to his full size and the loincloth was pushed aside and hanging uselessly.

“Well, let’s go. It is already late.” Anushka announced, knowing how Suresh would react.

Suresh went down on all fours. canlı bahis “Guys, please. Give me some clothes.”

“NO, naked boy. You should have thought about it before mouthing off to me earlier.” Anushka said flatly. “If you hadn’t, Akhila here would not have brought in the rule that you have to be only in your komanam from here on. Now, you have made the bed.”

Suresh kissed both their feet again. All his earlier intentions of being a man had been thrown out the window. He was once again the babbling, pleading pathetic slave. Anushka was angry at Suresh for regressing. He could have so easily stood up and told them he was not coming out, they could do whatever they wanted. But, at heart, he was a coward. The two women looked at each other. They did not want him exposed either. Not yet, anyway. So, they came up with the solution. They ordered him to remove the komanam and lie down. He obeyed. They then proceeded to ruthlessly grind him. Grinding, stomping, flicking, both legs worked over his penis ruthlessly. Suresh screamed in pain but did not ask them to stop. He knew they were doing it to make him soft and waited. Soon, he became flaccid again and Anushka lifted him up, none too gently. She then waited until he pulled the komanam on. Akhila kissed him on each cheek and smacked him as Anushka dragged him out using the tie.

“Remember, naked boy. Hands locked behind your head. You try to cover with your hands and the komaman once again comes off.”

And so, Suresh locked his hands behind his head as Anushka opened the door and dragged him out. Anushka was not kidding when she said that the entire neighbourhood was eagerly waiting for him to come out. Women, both the young who was in his age group and the older aunts were all waiting in their balconies. Two of them were waiting outside. Suresh recognised them as the sisters who ran the stores in the next block. They were the ones he brought milk from everyday. They had already seen him in his underwear. Once, they had ordered him to clean their store. While he was doing it, Anushka had marched in there and dragged him out. She told them that if they wanted his services, they had to pay for it. Now, he was standing in front of them in the most vulnerable state of his life. Anushka stopped once they were close to them. She warned them.

“Touch his komanam and you will have me to answer to.”

“But, we can touch him?”


“10 minutes.”

“5 minutes.”


Pavithra and Prathibha, the two women came closer for a better look. Anushka moved sideways so that the entire humiliating spectacle of being fully inspected while standing in a loincloth for Suresh was properly visible from the entire neighbourhood. The cameras were going off. Suresh prayed and prayed that they would not end up in any social media. He also saw two men from the motorcycle gang and noted they were not taking any pictures. He did not know that Anushka had already made that agreement with the neighbours last night itself. In fact, the other women were responsible for the same and were actively keeping an eye on the motorcycle gang. The women had warned them that, if they so much as took out their phones, they would be facing the same treatment. Prathiba and Pavithra circled around him. Prathibha would comment that the hidden bulge seemed huge and Suresh would jump. Pavithra outlined his buttocks and he jumped again.

“Don’t force me to remove it, baby brother.” Anushka threatened. The disgust in her voice was palpable. He knew why she was angry. He was jumping like a trained monkey. He forced himself to remain calm.

“Baby brother? This one? He is a giant.”

“In some areas. Actually, in only one area.”Anushka replied. Once again, the three women discussing his organ was starting to have an effect. This time, however, the residual pain and agony from his earlier grinding session was actually helping Suresh. Every time his cock started hardening, the pain would cause it to come down and Suresh was relieved that there was no chance of his cock once again spreading out. That relief was short-lived. Pavithra finally stopped caressing his butt-cheeks with her index finger and brought the finger up in front of him. She then poked his waist. Suresh was very ticklish in his waist area. A gentle prod caused him to jump. Both Pavithra and Prathibha knew this and both prodded him a few times before Anushka came to break them up. His jumps were causing his loincloth to move and Suresh knew that there was at least one instance when the veil had moved sideways causing his cock to become visible before it returned to it’s position. As for the rear, one of his jumps had already bahis siteleri caused the veil to roll and latch into the chord. The flowing gentle breeze confirmed to him that his ass-crack was fully visible.

Anushka came out and smacked him twice. By now, mom, aunt and Varsha had all come out to the balcony. While they enjoyed watching him get punished, none of them had any intention of exposing him completely naked in public. Yet. The moms instructed Varsha to go and help him. Anushka ordered the two women to cut it out. However, they pointed out that they still had two minutes left. Suresh knew there was no way he could control himself for that long. His butt was already visible to everyone. He was horrified that he would now be rendered completely naked. And, once again, he felt his dick start growing. And, again, getting hard worsened his pain which once again brought his erection down.

“Look, be reasonable. We had a deal!”

“We are holding up our end” and then all the women laughed. Suresh could see what was funny but was too miserable in his shame to laugh. “If you are not holding your end, we need compensation.”

“What do you want?” Anushka asked, resigned.

“We are losing 2 minutes. So, we want two months’ compensation. Suresh comes and cleans our store every Sunday for the next two months.”

“Yes” came the reply from Anushka. Obviously, there was no need to consult Suresh. However, the deal was not complete yet.

“Completely naked.”

“No way.”

“Well, then we will resume.”

“We will stop you.” By now, Akhila also had come in. The two store-owners knew they were beaten.

“Okay, but only his komanam, then.”

“Deal!” Once again, it did not occur to anyone to ask Suresh’s opinion.

“Naked boy!” Anushka called out without thinking and bit her lip. “Naked boy!” Prathiba and Pavithra shouted and laughed cruelly. “Great name.” They shouted again and the entire neighbourhood shouted the same. Anushka hated herself but piled on. “Naked boy! Seal the deal with a kiss.” Suresh once again steeled up. He was already humiliated beyond every conceivable level. He was now the near-naked laughing stock. As he thought further, he realised there was no near either. He was, for all intents and purposes, naked. Anushka could see that he was going to disobey. She threw herself around him and whispered.

“I am really, really sorry. I promise will make it up to you.” She pulled back and there was no sign of her apology as she held a stern expression on her face. Suresh, however, knew her apology was sincere and went down. He kissed both Prathiba and Pavithra’s feet on the road. The abject shame was getting to him. He told himself he would not cry. He would not tear up in front of his tormentors here. Prathiba and Pavithra left and Suresh was led back to his home amid the growing chants of “Naked boy! Naked boy!”. Akhila also joined him and his sisters. Once they reached inside, Akhila slapped Anusha thrice. None of the others motioned to help Anushka and she did not raise her arms to stop the slaps either. Varsha told the moms what had happened. Bharthi, Anushka’s mom and Suresh’s aunt pronounced Anushka’s punishment.

“You are marching over to Varsha’s garment store.” Bharthi announced while opening Anushka’s purse. “You have 400 rupees here. You are buying clothes for Suresh for the whole amount.”

“MOm!” Anushka started but went silent quailing under her furious gaze.

“One more peep out of you and your punishment gets extended for a week.” Anushka went silent. “Like I said, you are going to spend this entire amount on new sets of clothes for Suresh. Once you have returned,” Bharthi paused for a second “You will strip naked and will remain so for the rest of the day. Suresh will not lift a finger today. You do all the work.”

Suresh expected her to protest. But, Anushka did not say a word. She hated herself for letting his moniker slip. While exposing him in his komanam was arguably much worse, Anushka had no business in handing him over to Prathiba and Pavithra. She should have silently dragged him back home. She had no business stopping when she did. This had caused Suresh to be sucked into serving them every Sunday and the five women felt that this was the correct punishment for this. Suresh, however, disagreed.

“And, this arrangement continues every sunday for the next two months.” Suresh announced. The five women, including Akhila turned to him.

“You don’t make these rules, naked boy!” Sandhya, his mother threatened him.

“In this case, I do.” Suresh retorted, with as much fire as he could manage. It would have been more convincing bahis şirketleri if he was not clad in only a komanam. However, Suresh had no hesitation. There was a steel in his voice which the women had never head before. Sandhya, however, was not convinced and walked forward, her hand raised. Bharthi stopped her.

“Actually, he is right. The protocol was always we bully and subjugate him. We allowed the others to laugh at him. But, we never allowed anyone else to touch or hurt him unless they were family. Like Akhila. Now, two bimboes get to abuse him and it is all Anu’s fault. If he is outside serving them, she stays indoors serving us.”

Anushka stood up. She went over and hugged Suresh. She waited for a long time and Suresh eventually hugged her back. She pulled out and kissed him full on his lips.

“I am really, really sorry Suresh.”

She and Varsha went to the garments shop. The moms instructed Suresh that he would wait in his komanam until they came back. They then left the room. He and Akhila made out for some time. She then sat on a chair and instructed him to lick her feet.

“You need to continue this, naked boy. While you obviously cannot stand up to us physically, and you will continue to be our slave for the rest of your life, I am really happy that you are showing some spine and standing up to us. Remember, we will always bully, tease and abuse you. It is up to you to draw the line and ensure we don’t overdo it. No one will help you unless you help yourself, naked boy.”

“On that note, I am really not comfortable. With us.”

“Why so?”

“Are you with me only because of yesterday. Did you have any feelings at all for me before? You rejected me and you went on with 4 other men.”

Akhila smiled. “Do you know why I was never with anyone for more than two weeks?”

Suresh shook his head. She motioned him to kneel. She looked him in the eye and answered.

“It was always because of you. While I liked them, they would always call you a pussy whenever I told them about you. Since you were there on most days serving me, they invariably asked me who you were. When I told them, they would ridicule and call you names. I would then dump them on the spot.” Suresh was kneeling in front of her and Akhila reached for his balls with her legs.

“But, if you liked me, why did you reject me?”

“Look, it’s complicated. While I always liked you, it was difficult to take you seriously. You have to see it from my point of view. You were a puppy and you still are. Yesterday, when your sisters told me what they had planned, I wanted to stop it. That was when I realised I really like you. Look, maybe I am unfair, but let’s face it. You are a puppy, a pushover and a doormat. Tell me I am wrong.”

“Puppy, pushover, yes. Doormat, no.”

“See? Would you have given me the same answer a month ago?”

Suresh went silent. He knew he would not have.

“Look, I am not going to apologise for the things I did. Bullies exist. Assholes exist. Bad people exist. You need to learn to find a way to defend yourself. For instance, you started doing my house chores everyday since your dad and uncle – may God rest their souls – passed. You could have come to me and said, I will do all your housework for you if you promise not to bully me. Why didn’t you do that?”

“It never crossed my mind.”

“Exactly. When people push you around, push back or join them. You had to find your own way.”

“Akhila, your ego is making excuses for you.”

Akhila looked stumped for a moment. Then, she smiled.

“You are on fire, naked boy. You are right. And, for what is worth, I am really really sorry for all the torment I put you through.”

And then, Akhila smiled evilly…

“I will also say it now. I am really, really sorry because, naked boy, I am just not going to stop at all, whatsoever.” And so saying, she pulled him to his lap. His komanam came off as though by magic and she started rubbing him. Anushka and Varsha came in at that moment.

“Hey! Get a room” Varsha squealed but laughed happily. Suresh relinquished himself. Akhila pushed him off of her and Suresh automatically knelt in front of the women. Akhila scowled at him as he meekly stood up and took the new set of clothes from Anushka.

“Now, do you see my point?” Akhila asked, angry.

“Yes, Akhila.” He replied as he put on his clothes.

He then turned around and smiled expectantly at Anushka. Anushka, while knowing she deserved it, still resented the role reversal. Suresh revelled in it as he went and sat on a chair in front of Anushka.

“No chair or table or bed for you today. We do not want pubic hair anywhere, remember?”

“You will regret this, naked boy.” Anusha warned him. But, she was smiling as she took her shirt off to reveal a skimpy black bra. “Totally worth it.” Suresh retorted.

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