Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

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He was still asleep, at least halfway so, slowly drifting back to an awareness of the morning sun filtered through the closed blinds, illuminating the room with the soft warm glow of the day. Gradually his consciousness sharpened to the awareness of an intense, yet strangely soft feeling of wetness and motion on his nipples which were straining against, or perhaps towards, the touch of a wet tongue and lips teasing them and sending a direct current of sexual electricity to the energy center–some interior space that pulsed just behind his cock and pulsed slowly with a growing sense of desire and unfulfillment. This energy started to flow into and through his cock, which starting it to participate, in a twitching sort of motion, in its own awakening. It was as if his cock was aware of the intense pleasure being provided to his nipples and, jealous of them, attempted to match their straining desire towards that source of the deliciously intoxicating wetness above would notice its pleas for similar gifts.

His eyes opened slowly and sought to focus on the apparent source of all this exotic sensation. At first, he could see only a tangled mass of luxurious dark, almost black, hair which he recognized as Amanda’s. Her head bobbed quickly from one side of his chest to the other as her tongue flicked, teased and, swirled around the tips of his nipples. Her teeth would gently grab each nipple in turn and she raised her head just a bit to tug at them. They had often talked about and compared this wonderful trait of their nipples having some kind of direct connection to their sex. It was almost as though they had two extra cocks/clits to share and play with during the delicious tension of sexual arousal.

Now he was fully awake and moaning softly. He fumbled clumsily in an attempt to extricate his arms from beneath the covers in order to reach over Amanda’s back–she had her head lying across his torso, with her back to him–and cradle her soft and voluptuous breasts which bahis firmaları he knew would have their own dark brown centers of pleasure waiting. Amanda’s nipples were also a complete turn-on for him, jutting out almost a half-inch from the aureole when she was turned on. She had to be circumspect about wearing cotton tank tops and other tight-fitting clothes because if she happened to get excited (or if the weather turned cold!) it was quite obvious, and somewhat embarrassing for her state of excitement to be broadcast so directly. Something they had used to heighten their own pleasure out in public from time to time.

As he tried to reach around and under her, Amanda, just lifted her head for a brief pause and said, “No….let me….” with a little laugh as she gently pushed his arms away and returned to the task at hand. Acknowledging the gift, he relaxed and started to abandon himself to the rush of sensations she created and offered him. While continuing to tease his sensitive breasts she now also started to run her fingertips, nails first, round and round his belly….circling, ever closer, inch by inch, toward the cock that was now completely stiff and straining, hoping somehow for her hinted touch. Then it came, and a renewed jolt of energy shot through his entire body, accompanied by a louder moan as her delicate fingers first teased then wrapped themselves around his penis in a firm but gentle grasp, squeezing gently, then relaxing their grip and sliding gently up and down.

Then in one swift and graceful motion, she abandoned his nipples and swung her right leg over his torso so that she now straddled him with her legs spread in front of his face and her breasts pressed against his stomach. The room now was filled with the sound of the growing intensity of each of their breathing and Amanda joined his moans with soft expressions of her own pleasure. She pressed close to him and now encircled his rock-hard cock with both of her hands which she slid kaçak iddaa to the very base of the shaft and pressed down in order to stretch the already distended skin even more tightly. Like a priestess with a chalice she held his cock tightly and gazed at it for a moment and then lifted and lowered her head and open mouth over it, engulfing it in the warm and wet of her mouth. Amanda knew what she was doing, and she knew this particular cock very well! Still holding the base, although with one hand now, she slid her mouth up and down, first slowly, then quickly. Then withdrawing and flicking the glans with her tongue and running her saliva-moistened other hand up and down the ridge on the bottom side of his penis. She knew just how far to go to keep him on the edge of the sexual cliff without falling off and exploding inside her mouth too quickly. There lovemaking from the previous evening had lessened that particular danger somewhat, but Amanda had plans for a more on this particular morning.

She continued to work on his cock with her hands and mouth, making sure to keep everything extremely wet and lubricated. Her own arousal was growing also, and he saw that the telltale glistening of wetness was appearing on her pussy lips which were providing him with the delights of their own view and fragrance in front of her face. Her pace on his cock hastened and now she moaned, “honey, honey, please eat me….please suck my pussy..” as she continued to suck and nibble and swirl and flick at his penis. He had no trouble complying and he reached up and grasped her hips and pulled her exquisite cunt to his mouth and began his own frantic explorations, licking furiously and plunging his tongue as deeply as he could into her vagina, now freely flowing with her feminine elixir. Then, with his left hand he reach forward and began to massage the outer area around her clit, which caused more frantic motion on his penis as she reflexively pressed her pussy hard into his mouth and began kaçak bahis to rotate her hips around his face, heading for her own heights of sexual pleasure.

Then, while keeping his cock firmly in her mouth, she let go of the base and reached both her arms out and pushed against his inner thighs, spreading his legs as though she were about to fuck *him*, which, in a way she proceeded to do by licking and moistening the middle finger of her left hand and while never letting his cock out of her mouth, slid her lubricated finger up his asshole. Continuing to suck on his cock, she moved her finger in and out, pushing as deeply as possible and causing him to erupt in involuntary moans of indescribable pleasure. He (and she!) knew that this level of intensity couldn’t last much longer….he felt pressure of oncoming ejaculation rising behind the dam as she continued her manipulations.

Before it was too late, he reached quickly to the nightstand beside their bed and fumbled for the tiny vibrator which they kept there with their other sex toys…. He quickly sucked on the 3-inch toy, and then gently inserted it into Amanda’s own ass and began to slowly slid it back and forth. He continued to kiss and suck her beautiful pussy and she now swallowed his entire cock as she moved back and forth and up and down, deep throating him.

At precisely the same instant they both suddenly stiffened as the moment of eruption could no longer be delayed–not that either wanted to!!! Amanda’s head went to the base of his cock one last time and stayed their as she felt it tense and gather itself for the coming explosion…. At the last possible second she pulled her head back and then held the penis at its base and directed the pulsating jets of creamy come over her face, her neck, her tits as she herself shivered and shook with waves of pleasure within her pussy and asshole.

After the come had stopped, she gently took his penis in her mouth once more and gently tongued it clean as it lay, softly now, within her mouth. They rolled apart and turned to kiss, gently now. It was Sunday morning and they could lie together in the aftermath and afterglow a bit. They knew they were a gift for one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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