Sunbathing Fantasy Pt. 01

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She closes her computer and looks longingly outside, it’s sunny and hot. She looks down at her legs and thinks about how long it has been since she has been able to lay out. She misses her pool when they lived in a house, misses the time sunbathing topless or nude, the times her husband would come outside and caress her warm naked body and then how he would climb into the pool and start to tease her, touching her soft wetness and sucking on her nipples. She remembers always being so worried that a neighbor might see, now she just would love to have the chance to experience those opportunities again.

She looks at her schedule for the day and decides that some things can just wait, she needs to be in the sun and feel the heat beating down on her body, to climb in the pool and float weightlessness, listen to music and fantasize about their upcoming vacation and someone they might meet and be able to invite back to their room. She puts on the skimpiest bikini she can find in her closet, no topless sunbathing at the condo. She gathers everything up and heads to the top of the condo where the pool is. She swears it takes 10 minutes just to get to the pool. Just like the last time she was able to come up to the pool, she is the only one there. She moves a lounger to face the sun, removes her cover up, plugs in the earphones and cranks the music up and lets her mind begin to wander into fantasy land.

After about 30 minutes of scorching heat her body is drenched in sweat and glistening in the sun. She has been listening escort bostancı to “sex” music and has worked herself up with thoughts of a threesome, this one involving her husband and another female. She has been thinking of how erotic it would be to tell another woman what to do to her husband and to watch him be pleasured. For her and another woman to give husband a double blow job, one sucking his hard cock while the other licks his shaft or sucks his balls. Taking turns having our pussies devoured and then fucked by husband until all have cum until exhaustion. She opens her eyes and sighs, why is it so hard to find a single female.

She climbs off the lounge and walks to the edge of the pool and wades in. The water feels so refreshing and cooling to her hot skin and does ease the throbbing in her pelvis a little, she laughs and thinks this is like a cold shower. She looks around and sees she is still alone on the roof. An idea comes to her, she shakes it off, no way she could do that, but it won’t leave her mind. She thinks “oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.” She looks around to make sure she is still alone and takes off her top and lays on the top step to the pool, turns the music back on and closes her eyes.

She is startled by a noise and opens her eyes to realize that someone else is at the rooftop pool. She quickly grabs her top and apologizes to the woman that just came up and is putting her things down on the lounge right next to the top step of the pool. The woman looks ümraniye escort at her and smiles, the woman tells her that it okay to stay topless. Very embarrassed she smiles back and lays back down. Her mind is racing with thoughts about what the woman must think of her. She opens her eyes and the woman is staring at her. The women is not bad looking, average size, delicate features with a chiseled nose, medium complexion, obviously paid for boobs but not overly done, light brown long hair pulled into a pony tail. She decides to sit up and introduce herself. Monica is the woman’s name and she has just moved into the condos. Monica admits that she prefers to sunbathe topless or nude also and explains not to be afraid, that it is no problem. Monica admits that she herself may join her in the topless adventure.

A little later she hears Monica say “excuse me” as Monica is entering the pool. She moves her legs out of the way to allow Monica into the pool and puts her head back to continue enjoying her music. Shortly she feels a soft touch on her arm, she opens her eyes and Monica is standing there topless also. Monica asks if it is okay for her to gently caress her body. She is startled and not sure what to say. Monica explains that she is attracted to both males and females and is really attracted to her. She has been with women before but it is not her preference, she does not know what to say. She explains to Monica that she and her husband are in the Lifestyle, that she has had female experiences but prefers kartal escort bayan males and that she and her husband are always open to play experiences under the right circumstances. Monica gives a knowing smile and starts to gently tease her nipple.

She looks around in fright, is anyone else here, what if they are caught? Her breath and heart rate has accelerated and she is having a hard time breathing. Then Monica leans over and starts to suck on her nipple and stroke her thigh and then her inner thigh just barely touching her throbbing pussy, her mind is about to explode. She can not believe this is happening and that she is not fighting it off. She needs to get to her phone and call her husband, she needs to let him know what is going on so he won’t be upset, she is beginning to reach a frantic state! All of a sudden Monica kisses her and asks if she can come back to her place. She takes a deep breath, regains her senses and explains she needs to call her husband and let him know what is going on, she also asks Monica if she would be interested in a threesome. Monica smiles and says “anytime is good for me.”

She regains her composure, puts her top back on, climbs out of the pool and calls her husband. She explains what is going on and asks if he is okay with her bringing Monica back to the condo. Her husband tells her to have fun and enjoy herself. She is not sure how to take this, she has never been with a female alone, this was not her fantasy. She is now a little afraid, but throbbing with desire and the need for release. She tells herself to “go with it.” She hangs up and explains to Monica that her husband is good with everything.

The two women gather their belongings and begin the decent down to her condo, talking and becoming friends along the way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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