Summer with Mom Ch. 2

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Kelly’s tongue worked frantically between the lips of the big wet pussy, her mouth held in place by her mother’s firm grip on the back of her head. Her tongue dancing wildly over and around her mother’s clitoris, the debauched teenager gasped for air as her face was pressed tighter still into the wet, spasming opening.

As Valerie shuddered through another powerful orgasm, the young girl struggled to watch her mother’s face. Kelly stared wide-eyed as she looked over the rise of her mom’s soft doughy tummy, between her smallish breasts, to the clenched teeth grimace on the older woman’s face. The teenager thrilled to the knowledge that it was her frantic tongue that was whipping her own mother into this sexual frenzy. Valerie bucked and ground her aching pussy into her ravenous young daughter’s face as she rode out the waves of pleasure.

“Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Keep licking right there!” groaned Valerie.

Kelly had no intentions of stopping. After observing the hot nasty fuck between her mother and Al, her mom’s ugly but huge cocked friend, she had been wildly aroused. Then, after being caught spying on the pair, and invited by her sluttish mother to indulge her sexual curiosity, the teenager found herself urged by her passionate parent to sample the taste of raw sex, man cum and hot pussy. The sample had made her ravenous with lust, and she licked and sucked hungrily, but the way the older woman was thrashing around, she was having a hard time keeping her tongue on her mother’s clit.

A huge wet spot now covered the bedspread beneath the horny mother’s writhing ass, a combination of her own freely flowing pussy juices, and her daughter’s saliva. Kelly had succeeded in lapping up all of Frank’s thick cum sap as it oozed from her mother’s gaping cunt hole, and the strong, gamy, salty/fishy taste soon gave way to a gentler, more delicate flavor. The thick pasty flow of spunk and pussy cum was gone, and the warm, slick lubricant that she now licked from between the large splayed pussy lips was all her mother’s.

“Oh shit! This is going to be a big one! Put a couple of fingers in my pussy and fuck me!” Growled Valerie breathlessly.

Kelly bahis firmaları somewhat timidly inserted her index and middle fingers into her mother’s unfurled opening. The teenager was amazed at how easily the two digits glided in and out with almost no resistance.

“Come on! Fuck me!” Valerie wailed in what seemed like sexual anguish. She was climbing the staircase toward another powerful orgasm, and the combination of her daughter’s busy little tongue, coupled with the penetration, promised to afford the best release yet. The teenager’s own orgasm had been put temporarily aside. Kelly had discovered all too quickly that, as incredibly excited as she was, she couldn’t concentrate on both her mother’s and her own orgasm at the same time. The impassioned teenager plunged her two fingers wildly in and out of her mom’s large pussy, slamming her knuckles into the soft rubbery lips with each thrust.

“More! Deeper! Oh shit, more baby!”

Frantic to please, Kelly slid a third, and then a fourth finger into the moist enveloping hole, the deeper and harder she pumped her fingers, the wilder her mother became. Incredulously, the more the teen twisted and plunged her fingers into Valerie’s devouring cunt, the wider the debauched mother’s pussy seemed to open. The middle-aged slut gyrated her hips up off of the bed to meet her daughter’s thrusts, as Kelly folded her thumb into her palm, and stuffed her whole hand into her mom’s hungry pussy. The lust driven mother wailed loudly as her spasming hole engulfed Kelly’s entire hand up to the wrist.

The teen licked frantically at her mother’s clit, ignoring the cramp in her jaw, and listened to the mouthwash sloshing sound of her whole hand pumping in and out of her mom’s pussy. Valerie’s whole body went rigid with sexual paralysis as the orgasm overtook her, the top of her daughter’s hand had been riding over her G-spot, and her release was electrifying. Her body quaked violently as her pussy geysered a cupful of warm clear ejaculate out around her daughter’s pumping hand and drenched Kelly to the elbow. The teenager thought at first that her mother had peed, as the liquid gushed from her pussy, soaking the bedspread kaçak iddaa and splashing on the floor.

The fluid was clear and had no scent, and Kelly quickly remembered having read in one of her father’s men’s magazines, about women who could ejaculate, squirting large amounts of love juice geysering from their pussies as they came…just another example of her mother’s incredible sexual experience and expertise. Valerie collapsed back on the bed, Kelly, equally exhausted, slowly withdrew her hand from her mother’s soggy pussy, and rested her head on her mom’s thigh. The last fifteen minutes had been overwhelming, and the teenager’s circuits were temporarily overloaded, she knelt between her mother’s splayed thighs, glassy eyed and dazed. After a long moment, Valerie raised herself up on her elbows and studied her newly defiled daughter.

Leaning forward, she took Kelly’s face in her hands. The young girl’s cheeks, lips and chin were bright pink and glistening with her mother’s juices. Val kissed her daughter, gently at first, then with a growing passion. Soon her wicked tongue was twisting and stabbing between the teenager’s soft full lips.

As yet unsatisfied, Kelly warmed to the passionate kisses, and was soon groaning with renewed lust. The flame of desire re-ignited in the girl like the burner on a gas stove, in a flash she found herself desperately aroused again, and in terrible need of long overdue release. As daughter slowly rose to her feet, mother slid off of the bed onto her knees, the teenager’s hands busily unbuttoning the top of her pajamas as Valerie tucked her hands into the waistband of her daughter’s pajama bottoms and tugged the damp pants down. Kelly reached out and placed a hand on her mother’s shoulder as she stepped out of the pajama bottoms now in a puddle around her ankles.

As Val slowly slid her hands up the creamy smooth legs of her daughter, she leaned forward and nuzzled her face into the jet black nest of pubic hair nestled in the juncture of the luscious girl’s thighs. Kelly sucked hard on her lower lip as she watched her mom burrow her face into her mound, she could feel her mother’s warm breath and soft lips caressing her kaçak bahis pussy. Gently, Val urged Kelly to lay back upon the bed, the teenager trembled with anticipation, knowing that she was about to be satisfied the same way she had pleasured her mother.

Placing her hands behind Kelly’s knees, the middle-aged woman pressed her daughter’s legs high and far apart, till the young girl’s knees almost touched her breasts. Her mouth watered as she stared at the soft warm delicate lips of her virgin daughter’s pussy, and the tiny pink pucker of the teenager’s asshole. Val dipped her head low and swiped the flat of her tongue from the tender anus, up between the pouting lips of her daughter’s pussy and over the tiny distended clit in one long stroke. Kelly’s eyes rolled back into her head as she squirmed with delight.

All of her months of masturbation had never produced a sensation as incredibly wonderful as she was feeling now. Wickedly, Valerie stabbed her tongue into her trembling daughter’s crinkled little asshole, rimming and poking at the sensitive tissue, and then slid her eel-like tongue an inch or so higher and penetrated the hungry opening of the horny young girl’s pussy. The brazen old slut lapped at the warm nectar of her daughter’s arousal, stirring her tongue as deeply as she could into the fleshy folds, and then slathering her tongue higher still, to assault the girl’s throbbing clit, lashing away for a moment, only to withdraw and quickly start again at Kelly’s asshole for the next stroke.

The sensations were more intense then anything the teenager had ever experienced, her whole body quaked as almost too quickly, her orgasm overtook her. The muscles of her flat taut tummy began to spasm wildly as her climax burst through the floodgates in an explosion of pleasure. The teen shuddered and bucked against mother’s hungry mouth, as if she were trying to wring every last drop of the uncontrollable sensation out of her body.

Finally, spent, Kelly melted into the bed, exhausted. As Valerie released her daughter’s legs, the teenager rolled to her side and curled into a fetal position. The powerful orgasm had drained her and she now began to feel cold, she was vaguely aware of her mother scooting her over and under the blankets.

As Kelly drifted gently into sleep, one thought capered through the teenager’s mind; this was going to be a great summer.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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