Summer Storms

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

– Hello! Many of you have sent emails or left comments with story suggestions, so I decided to take all your ideas, put them into a blender, add a dash of VanillaExtract, and write something for everyone. This includes requests for: a chubby girl (why not?), big breasts (any more than a handful), a sexier daddy (fair enough), a naughty daddy (have I written a nice daddy?), more truth or dare (I dare say!), more tickle fights (okie-dokie), biting (tasty), harsh spanking (done!), pussy spanking (you sadistic fuck >:), piss (only a little), anal (this is gonna hurt you more than me), humiliation (probably won’t go over well), BDSM (if they don’t like it, it’s your fault ;), non-consent (shit, it’s fucked for ratings now), a romantic ending (Magic8Ball says, outlook not good), and lastly… from the female point-of-view (o.o!). If you don’t enjoy any of these things, you should avoid this story, because it’s going to get very rough, very mean, and very dirty. But for everyone else, you asked for it, so here it is. –

* * *

I was staring at myself in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. It was Friday night. In two short days, I’d be brushing my teeth in a dorm room far away from my daddy. I rinsed my mouth and then checked my teeth in the mirror before sighing.

I was never the prettiest girl in school, and lately I felt like I wasn’t going to be the prettiest girl in college either. My brown hair was always a mess. I kept it in a ponytail so it would stay out of my way. My glasses obscured my pale blue eyes. I had been thinking about getting contacts more and more lately.

I took a step back and looked myself over. Well, I was curvy. I had that going for me. Guys like girls with wide hips, right? I definitely had those. I had big boobs too. I knew guys loved that. My mother used to say she was “extra voluptuous.” I think I could I say that about myself.

I bit my lip as I turned my head. I had nice cheekbones too. And my lips were pouty, especially when I, well, pouted. I pouted for the mirror. Hmm… if I was a guy and I saw this pouty look, would I ask me out?

Guys were what I was most looking forward to about college. I’d had enough of being the odd girl out. I was ready to be bold in college. I was ready to finally have a boyfriend, kiss him, and have sex too. Sex had been on my mind a lot lately. I was just tired of being a virgin, tired of listening to my friends tell me about all the boys they had slept with. So I gave my mirror self a sexy pout, the sexiest I could manage.

“Uh oh,” I heard someone say. “I know that pouty look. What’d you break?”

I turned around. My daddy always took my breath away. He was so tall and sexy. I’m 5’3″ (160cm). He’s 6’1″ (185cm). Daddy had beautiful eyes. Mine were like a cloudy day, but his were like an endless ocean. Oh, and I loved his tousled salt and pepper hair. But that wasn’t even the best part. It was his perfect five o’clock shadow on his chiseled chin.

Daddy was a police officer. He was very intimidating when he wore his blue uniform, complete with name tag: Police Officer Henry Mann. He looked the part too, all muscular, but with a meaty layer of fat that never made me feel too self-conscious around him. Daddy did love donuts after all. I loved to touch him, to feel the spring of his skin. I really missed the days when we’d play-wrestle… but I guess I wasn’t a little girl anymore. Definitely not, because I never used to want my daddy the way I did now.

“Hi, Daddy,” I squeaked. “No, I didn’t break anything. I was just brushing my teeth.”

“Oh, good. With your tuition due, I can’t afford a broken anything.”

I smiled. “You’re the best, Daddy.”

“It’s true,” he said. “Okay, my turn.”

He slid into the bathroom, brushing past me. I was in a lame pair of PJ’s, not at all sexy. Daddy though… god, he was sexy in anything, and right now all he was wearing was sweatpants. I often told him he should wear a shirt around the house. After all, I was a teenage girl, but he never listened. He really had no idea what he was doing to me, standing there over the sink, brushing his teeth, his muscular arm sawing the toothbrush in and out of his mouth, and god, his chest hair. I wanted to run my hands over it. And his back, I wanted to scratch it.

So, it’s safe to say I was in love with him. And not the, “Gee, my daddy is so great, I love him,” kind of way. More like the, “I want to make love to him,” kind of way. He was the one person I was going to miss when I went away to college, and he was also the one person I could not wait to get away from. He was just too sexy, and the older I got, the harder it was for me to be around him. I had reached the point where I realized I couldn’t live with him anymore. He didn’t know any of that of course, and I wasn’t brave enough to tell him.

He looked at me while he brushed, talking with is mouth full of toothpaste. “Everything okay?”

“Um, yeah,” I said. “I was just thinking, bahis firmaları I’m gonna miss you.”

He smiled at me. Even foaming at the mouth with toothpaste, his smile was gorgeous. I’d never kissed a guy–unless you count the time Frankie Preston licked my face in the 4th grade–but whenever I saw my daddy smile at me like that, I wanted to kiss him.

He rinsed his mouth and put his toothbrush away. “I’m gonna miss you too, babygirl.” Babygirl? He never called me that anymore. Usually, he just called me by my name, Summer. Hearing him say that… it made my heart flutter. And then he opened his arms to me. Oh, Daddy hugs were my favorite. I tried not to act too excited as I stepped into his arms and felt them wrap around me.

My face was in his chest. His scent was heavenly. I could feel it starting: my whole body was tensing up as he held me, the heat rising in the pit of my stomach, flushing through my body. My pussy was getting wet. It was this feeling that had gotten so much worse over the last couple of years. At first, I thought I was just a little confused, but as the sensation became more intense, I realized how much I wanted him. Now, it had gotten so bad, just letting him touch me flooded my pussy with warm juices. I could feel my labia loosening up at the thought of him making love to me.

I kept my arms tight around his back, my nails clinging to him. His chest hair tickled my nose as I took in a breath. I wanted him so bad. I would have done anything for him. He had no idea. Then I felt his lips on my forehead and he let me go. I wanted to scream at him to hold me again, all night.

“Okay, off to bed,” he said. “Big day for us tomorrow.”

I nodded as I looked up at him. “Two days in the car. Are you sure you don’t want me to do some of the driving?”

“Nah, I drive a police cruiser all day. I can handle two days of driving. Still, I don’t know why you had to pick the farthest school away from me you could find.”

I frowned. “Daddy, you know it’s not like that. Aunt Sammy said it’s a good school. And my cousin is there, so at least I’ll have a friend.” But Daddy was right. It was like that. I had to get away from him. And once I was in school, I was going to find a guy and have sex with him. That would cure my obsession with my daddy… I hoped.

“Yeah, yeah. You’ve outgrown me. I get it.”

“I’ll be back for Thanksgiving in no time. And I might bring a boy home, so get ready.”

“Geez, don’t joke about that,” he said, wiping imaginary sweat from his brow, but he smiled at me. “You’re all grown up… and so pretty, just like your mother. You’re going to break a lot of hearts.”

“Daddy…” I blushed.

He chuckled. “All right. Goodnight, babygirl.”

I stared dreamily into his eyes. “Night, Daddy.”

I followed him out into the hall, watching him vanish into his room. I went into my room and closed the door. I flipped off the light switch and jumped into my bed. I settled in and pulled the covers up, looking at the ceiling. It was a warm summer night. Fortunately the low hum of the central air kept it comfortable. This would be my last night in this bed for a while. Next time I was here, I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore… hopefully.

“I really need to find a boyfriend.”

I let my mind wander. I was ready to do it. Find a boy, kiss him, make out, touch his thingy, suck on it, let him put it in me. All of it. I was ready. I just needed to find the guy. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate. I thought about my fist time, imagined how it would happen. I wondered if I’d be thinking about my daddy when it happened.

“Of course not,” I mumbled. I tried to picture the guy, but I could only see my daddy. I had to learn to picture someone else. Okay, generic frat boy. Got it.

We’re in his car after a party. He kisses me. I kiss him. He starts touching me, caressing my breasts, putting his hand between my legs, touching my pussy. I look into his eyes… suddenly, generic frat boy has my daddy’s eyes, and his hair, and his face.

I growled and rolled over. “Stop it, Summer. Stop it.” I hit myself in the head a few times. “Stop fantasizing about him.”

I repositioned myself on my back. I decided I needed an orgasm. Daddy had wound me up, and I had to wind down. I reached under the covers and slid PJ pants down to my ankles, and then I spread my meaty thighs apart. I rested my hand on my pussy. My fingers started to caress my clit while I fantasized.

“Not Daddy. Not Daddy.”

I imagined a cute boy I knew from high school. He never paid attention to me, but he was going to now.

We’re in detention together, and the teacher leaves us alone. We start talking, and then he suddenly kisses me. I’m surprised, but he’s so cute, I let him. Then he starts touching me. I can’t stop him, so I just let his hands run over my body, across my breasts. He whispers in my ear, “You’re mine, babygirl.”

I pulled my hand away from my pussy and used it to rub my face.

“God, what is wrong with kaçak iddaa me?” I didn’t have an answer, but I did know I’d never had an orgasm before without thinking of my daddy. When I was younger, I used to dream about giving my daddy my virginity. For a long time, I really believed it would happen. “Darn it,” I said out loud. “I’m screwed.”

I was screwed, because I had a real problem. I was totally obsessed with my daddy. I didn’t know how to confront these feelings and get over him. I hated that I was so hung up on a guy I couldn’t have. And worse, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I’d never be happy with some college guy. I’d probably have sex with him and hate myself in the morning. I just wanted my daddy. He was the only guy I ever loved, and I wasn’t going to get him. I hated how unfair it was.

“He’s off limits,” I said to myself in just a whisper. “Stop thinking about him.”

My normally quiet brain wasn’t satisfied. She spoke to me: Why? Why can’t you have him?

The question annoyed me. It was not a question I ever felt like I had to answer. My brain should’ve known. She shouldn’t have been bothering me with stupid questions.

“Because he’s my daddy.”


“So, girls aren’t allowed to have sex with their daddies,” I whispered angrily.


“Because! Because daddies don’t want to have sex with their little daughters!”

How do you know?

I knew because Daddy had told me about the things he’d seen as a police officer, the time he found a brother having sex with his sister in a basement, the time he caught a father having sex with his daughter at a ballpark, or even his suspicion that my cousin Brandy was having sex with her father. Incest made my Daddy angry.

But if his own daughter wanted him, would he feel the same?

I wasn’t sure. It’s not as if I ever asked Daddy if he wanted to have sex with me. But even if by some chance he was the type of man to have sex with his daughter, was I even his type? Maybe I wasn’t pretty enough.

How often does he tell you you’re pretty?


How often does he tell you that you look like your mother?


So if he thinks you look like the woman he fell in love with, he must be attracted to you.

My pulsed quickened. Was my filthy mind on to something? “So what do I do?”

Ask him.

“I can’t ask him that!” I yelled at myself.


I swallowed the lump in my throat. This line of questioning wasn’t one I let myself go down before. I didn’t know what changed, but I think I was feeling desperate. I was out of time. I was about to lose my daddy for good. This was it, my last night. Tomorrow, things would change forever. Sure, I’d come home from school for breaks, but it would never be the same between us. When school was over, I’d have to get a job and move out. That would be the end. I had imagined being with him so many times. I used to believe it would happen one day; now I was out of days.

“I can’t…”

You’re scared.

“Of course I’m scared. I don’t want him to think less of me.”

That’s not what you’re scared of. You’re scared he’ll find a woman while you’re gone.

My stomach flipped. I was scared of that. I was terrified of it. And I knew it was going to happen. I knew it because I’d seen him turn down women before. He said he had to focus on raising his daughter. Well, he wouldn’t have to focus on raising me next week. Some other woman was going to have him, have his perfect eyes and perfect hair and perfect five o’clock shadow. It was gut wrenching.

I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t lose my daddy. But I couldn’t have him for myself either… could I? My heart was thumping in a way I’d never felt before. Was I serious about this? I mean, yes I wanted it, but the thought of him actually touching me, my daddy, his hands on my body, his… I gulped, cock. His cock inside me. It sent shivers through my body and gave me gooseflesh while simultaneously setting my pussy on fire.

“Oh my,” I whispered out loud. “Can I really have him?”

Do you want him?

“Of course I want him. Don’t ask me stupid questions.”

Then give yourself to him.

I didn’t know how to do that. I had zero relationship experience. “How?”

My talkative brain was suddenly quiet. It seemed she didn’t know either. But then lightning flashed and thunder followed. Rain began patting the window. It was a sign. I thought back to the times I used to stay in Daddy’s bed when it thundered. But I wasn’t 8 anymore. I was 18, and 18-year-old girls didn’t stay in their Daddies’ beds when it thundered. Would he turn me away?

“No,” I answered. “Daddy would never turn me away.”

I jumped out of bed, filled with excitement. I had a plan. I would come to him, get in his bed, and then give myself to him. I wasn’t sure on the particulars of that last part yet, but maybe I could figure it out once I was in his bed.

I turned on the light and went to my closet. I looked in the mirror on the kaçak bahis wall. Damn my messy hair. I grabbed my brush, pulled out my pony tail, and went to task. What would Daddy like most? Up, down, ponytail, pigtails, braids, or just loose? I wasn’t sure, but I decided to leave it down. I examined myself in the mirror again. If I was serious about this, I had to be enticing. Looking over my rumpled, baggy PJ’s, I knew they would not do. I had to wear something sexy. I didn’t own anything sexy though. Or did I? I dug through my closet to find my dress slip.

I hadn’t worn this since prom. God, prom. Don’t remind me. Well, it was time to turn my luck around. I lifted up my PJ shirt and dropped it. I looked at my bare breasts in the mirror and stared at my dark, long nipples. I wondered if Daddy would like my big breasts.

I slid my PJ pants down afterward. I wasn’t wearing panties. I hated wearing them and only did so if I was wearing a skirt. I looked in the mirror again, staring at my wide hips and thick thighs. I looked at my pussy next. I always kept in clean shaven. I could see my little clit poking out, as well as my labia.

I put the slip on, pulling it down over my head. It was white, with spaghetti-strap shoulders. It was plain, but it was short, coming down to my pussy. I’d definitely need panties with this. I opened my drawer, thinking about which would be sexiest. Unfortunately, I had no sexy panties. The best I could do was white cotton bikini briefs with a lacey red bow in front. I slid them on, looking at myself in the mirror again.

“God, what am I doing?” I asked myself. “He’s going to know I changed. He’s going to know what I’m up to. He’s going to know I’m a total perv.”

I sighed and collapsed in my bed and put a pillow over my face. There was no way I could do it, just go into his room and ask to spend the night with him. I was a coward.

I jumped when I heard the thunder crash, sitting up and looking around the room. My heart gave a few more thumps.

Do it. For once in your life, be brave.

I climbed out of bed, far more scared of facing my daddy than I was of the rumbling thunder. Out in the hall, I walked toward my daddy’s bedroom, my bare feet on the cool hardwood floor, my heart in my throat. I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. Standing outside his door, working up the courage to knock… It was impossible.

“Just go back to bed,” I mumbled to myself

I turned around but my brain shouted at me.

No! At least try. If he sends you back to bed, that will be the end of it, but at least you’ll be able to say you tried.

I held my breath and knocked.

No answer.

Okay, I tried. Back to bed.

“Yeah? It’s open,” Daddy called.

Oh, god, it was open. I put my hand on the knob and turned. Looking in the dark, Daddy sat up in bed. It was hard to make out his beautiful bare chest, but I didn’t have to struggle long. Daddy turned on his lamp.


“Hi,” I squeaked. God, my mouth was dry. I swallowed to find my voice. “Hi.”

“Hey, babygirl. What’s up?” he said, sitting up straight, carefully tightening the sheet around his waist. I could see the outline of his legs. I wondered what he was wearing.

“I, um, I’m sorry. I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“No, not really. Everything okay?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Where are your PJ’s?” he asked.

I tensed up. “Oh, um, those PJ’s are dirty. I spilled something on them. And they’re kinda hot. Yeah, that’s why I changed.”

He nodded. “Okay. Did you need something?”

“Um… no.”


“I mean, yes.”


“Well, not really.”

“Are you okay, Summer?”

Just then, the thunder clapped and I jumped. I was so on edge. “Ah, geez. Um, yes. Wait, no.”

He smiled at me. God, his smile. My legs were wobbly. “Which is it?” he asked.

“The, the lightning and the thunder,” I said, trying to organize my thoughts. I should have practiced what I was going to say. “It’s just so loud and I got scared and, and it’s our last night together, and I was thinking if you want to but if you don’t want to…” I was rambling now, spitting out words, barely making sense. “…just that I don’t want to be in the way but I was kinda scared and I thought you might still be up and if you were I’d ask you to sleep with me. In here, I mean, I’d ask you if I could sleep in here, so I didn’t have to be alone, but if you don’t want me to, that’s okay, I can go. Do you want me to go?”

He laughed. “Okay, slow down, sweetie. Come here, have a seat.”

He patted the bed. Oh my, was he really going to let me stay? I stumbled as I came over and sat on the edge of his big bed. My slip rode up a little, but it still covered my panties. My bare legs were out in the open. I wondered if Daddy was looking, but I couldn’t tell. I was too busy looking at him.

“You seem a little… off. What’s going on?” he asked.

“Nothing. Just kinda scared of the lightning.”

“Yeah? You used to beg to stay with me during a thunderstorm. I thought you outgrew that a long time ago. That’s not why you’re really here, is it?”

I blushed. “Well, I, I guess, I just thought… sorry, I can go. Sorry, this was stupid.” I stood up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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