Summer Holiday Ch. 04

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The night before still haunted me. I found a video and pictures of Mom and her friends, fucking their brains out. I confronted Mom on the subject and things got a little out of hand. She explained everything though. She told me of when she met John one day dropping me off at school earlier in the year. John had put the moves on her, and she liked the way John made her feel. John introduced Mom to Simon who went to a different school. They had a threesome and she was in heaven. Of course, she let her best friends in on the fun, Debra and Sarah. So they usually got together on the weekends at Debras’ because she lived alone, and was a convenient place to meet. Sometimes Sarah and Mom would meet John and Simon later in the night when they were especially horny. Not that the truth made me feel any better, but at least Mom was honest about it all.

My spirits were lifted today though, because today was the day of the party. I showered quickly, dressed in my coolest clothes and was ready for the festivities. The house had been decorated for a couple of days. And apparently, Mom was up late last night because there were plates and plates of food in the refrigerator.

Mom was setting out cups and plates on the table. She set up the numerous bottles of alcohol on the counter, filled a cooler with soda for mixing, and a couple of different types of beer.

I went to my room, unwrapped the bag of weed I got a few days ago. My pipe was still filled from last night, never getting a chance to smoke it. I took a couple of hits, and then I started breaking the weed down so I could roll a few joints. Mom told me her friends were into smoking so I intended on smoking them down, and hopefully going down. I now saw them all in a new light after I saw the video of them.

An hour later, there was a knock on the door. I could hear by the high-pitched squeals it was either Debra or Sarah. I wiped the crumbs of weed off my hands and exited my room. Sarah was standing in the kitchen; her blonde curly hair flowed down to her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes fixated on me.

“How’s the grad?” She purred. I wonder if Mom told her about what I found out.

“Glad to be done!” I smiled. My eyes drifted down her body, just last night I saw her beautiful tits bounce up and down as she rode Simons’ young cock. She yanked me into her and wrapped her arms around my body. I could feel her tits pressing against me.

Another knock at the door, Debra just walked in as she often does. “Hi Debbie,” Sarah shrieked and released me from our embrace.

“Did you hear?” Sarah said to Debra in a low voice, almost enough that I couldn’t hear.

“What?” Debra said just as low.

“Simon got shipped off to military school!” Sarah said, trying to keep her voice low. I knew Simon; he was one of the boys on the video.

“No!” Debbie gasped. “He was such a good boy!”

“Not as good as John,” Mom said in a very low voice, but just loud enough for me to hear.

“Well, at least he’s still around,” Sarah said referring to John. “I invited him for the party,”

“No you didn’t,” Mom was horrified. “He knows, he saw the video last night,” Mom nodded her head at me.

Just then another knock, just as fortune would have it, John was greeted at the door. He pulled Debra into him and kissed her. He took a step in and kissed Sarah, then Mom. I walked into my room a closed the door.

“How could she?” I growled quietly. I lit up the bowl I had been smoking on as I was rolling the joints. Even the weed I had been smoking wasn’t enough to quell the anger in me. I set down the pipe and just as I was about to open the door, someone knocked. I slowly pulled open the door. Mom was standing there. She pushed her way into my room.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize John would be here,” I could see the worry in Mom’s eyes.

“It’s ok, I guess,” I said mundanely.

Mom brightened, “How about a drink?”

“Is anyone else coming?” I inquired.

“Your Aunt, Uncle, and your cousins,” She listed off.

“I guess its time for a drink then,” I smiled. We both walked out of the room. John was massaging Sarahs’ pussy through her pants, and kissing her neck.

“Humph” Mom coughed. Sarah and John corrected themselves. Sarah got up and walked over to the counter in the kitchen. John just sat there with a grin on his face. Sarah grabbed a glass; I quickly walked up to her and seized it.

“I’ll do that doll,” I said with a smile.

“Thank you darling,” Sarah chimed.

“What would you like?”

“Hmm, make me a Beam and Coke,” She decided.

“No problem,” I smiled as I poured the alcohol, and mixed in the soda.

“Perfect, you always make the best drinks,” Sarah complimented me.

“For a beautiful woman like you, I’d do anything,” I shot back. Mom and Sarah both shot a look at me after that comment. I just smiled bahis firmaları at Sarah, winked, and made me a Rum and Coke.

“I’ll take a…” John began.

“You can get your own drink,” I said coldly. Mom pinched my arm for me to knock it off, but I didn’t care. “Debra, can I interest you in a drink?”

“Of course, you know what I like,” Debra smiled at me.

I smiled with a small bit of evil, “Of course I know what you like,”

Debra didn’t get it, but Mom picked up on it. She pinched me again. I shrugged it off and started to mix a Jack and Coke for Debra.

I turned to Mom, “Would you like something doll?”

“Of course, baby, make me the usual,” Mom said as she started putting out plates of food.

I gave Mom and Debra their drinks and sat with Sarah, Debra, and John. “Mom, are you coming in and being social yet?” I yelled into the kitchen.

“Just a minute,” She yelled back.

I turned to Sarah, “So I hear you like to smoke pot,”

“Do you have some?” Sarah perked up.

“Yeah I scored a few joints, you want to smoke one?”

“Hell yeah, lets go, Debbie, come with us!” Sarah demanded more than asked.

“I’ll go see if Cheryl needs any help,” John spoke to no one in particular.

Sarah, Debra and I walked to my room. I sat down at the chair in front of my desk and Sarah and Debra sat on the bed. I pulled out one of the pre-rolled joints and a lighter.

“You do the honors,” I said to Sarah, handing her the joint then the lighter. She lit it up and started to cough.

“Holy shit,” Sarah wheezed. Debra hit the joint lightly, twice, and then passed it to me. Sarah was still coughing after I took a nice long pull. “Good joint,” Sarah said as she recovered.

“Hit it again, baby!” I exclaimed. Sarah took another long drag, and passed it to Debra. Debra took two light hits again, and passed it to me.

“Do you know what a shotgun hit is?” I asked Sarah.

She shook her head “no”. I took a nice long drag, and placed my lips close to hers, I slowly exhaled. Sarah picked up on it and started to inhale. I leaned in closer and our lips met. Sarah pushed me back at the shoulders and blew out the smoke once our lips parted.

“You did that on purpose!” She tried to sound angry, but I only saw the smile on her face.

“Debra, do you want one?” I asked. She smiled and shook her head no as she passed the joint to me.

I took another long rip, and leaned again to Sarah. This time she planted her lips on mine, and I exhaled into her mouth as we kissed. Debra got a hint and started to stand up to leave. I grabbed her by the arm.

“Stay,” I said in a polite, serious, and quiet tone.

I put the joint out in the ashtray I had on my desk.

I kissed Sarah again, and leaned over to Debra. I tried to kiss her but she moved her head. Instead, I kissed her cheek and down her neck. I slowly nibbled and licked up and down. Sarahs’ hands wandered over my back and down to my butt where she gave it a playful squeeze. Debra set her drink down and pressed her lips onto mine.

My hands searched over Sarahs’ body as Debra and I kissed. I squeezed her tit and pinched the nipple.

“Ohh,” Sarah moaned.

I could tell they were now both in the mood. I stood up and took off my shirt. I then joined Sarah and Debra on the bed. I pushed them both back so they were lying on the bed. I leaned down and kissed Sarah as I snaked my way up Debras’ shirt, under her bra, and squeezed her bare tit.

“Enough,” I burst out.

I stood up and nearly tore Sarahs shirt off. “Take off your bra,” I commanded with vigor I never knew I had. I pulled Debras shirt off too, but she was already at work taking off her bra. “You are both so beautiful,” I looked at them both dreamily. I still couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Suck on my tits,” Sarah begged. I bent down and sucked and licked her nipples, while my hand squeezed Debras’ larger tits. I nibbled on Sarahs’ nipple, rolling it in between my teeth. I manipulated Debras’ jean button and quickly unbuttoned it.

“Mmm,” Debra moaned as I pulled her pants off. I licked up her stomach to her tit. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and started nibbling and licking. I started to fool with Sarahs’ jeans so I could get them off too, but she was one step ahead of me. I heard Sarahs’ pants fall to the floor and she resumed her place on the bed. She guided my hand to her already wet pussy. I slowly slid my finger inside her.

“Oh that feels good!” Sarah burst out. I fingered her faster. “Oh faster baby, finger me!”

My hand searched down Debras’ body, I stood up and slid Debras’ panties off with one hand. I slowly started to finger her too. “Ohh that does feel good,” Debra purred. Debra rolled the top half of her body toward Sarah, Sarah rolled to Debra. They started kissing each other. I fingered kaçak iddaa them both as they kissed and squeezed one another tits.

“Scoot closer together,” I told them as I stopped fingering them. They did, I placed each one of their legs between mine and slid two fingers back in them.

In a simultaneous “Ohh,” Both women moaned in pleasure.

I fingered them faster. Their moans became high-pitched squeals.

“Its time to fuck,” I said abruptly. I took off my jeans and released my rock hard cock.

“Look how big it is,” Sarah smiled.

“Can I suck it?” Debra licked her lips.

“You can do whatever you want dolls,” I smiled.

Debra pulled me on the bed.

“Sarah get out of the way,” Debra whined.

Sarah stood up for a second as Debra pushed me back so I was lying on the bed. Quickly, Debra went to work sucking my cock. Sarah straddled my face; I grabbed her hips and guided her to my waiting tongue. “Mmm” Debra moaned with my dick in her mouth.

“Fuck your tongue feels good,” Sarah moaned out. I licked her pussy vigorously. Eating pussy was definitely one of my strong suits. I started bouncing her hips up and down on my face. I sucked her clit while my tongue probed her hole. Within minute, I could feel the familiar spasm as Sarah began to cum on my face. “Oh fuck baby! I’m cumming on your face!” Sarah let out a high-pitched squeal as she released her sticky cum on me. I slowly licked her clit, making her twitch. She got off my face and kissed me hard and deep so she could taste her cum on my lips.

Debra pulled her mouth off my cock and stood up. She stood above me and slowly lowered her pussy down onto my cock. I slid in her warm, wet hole. “Oh my, your cock feels as good as it tastes,” She smiled wickedly at me as she began to rock back and forth.

“You feel good too Debra,” I smiled. I grabbed her hips and pulled them down on me harder, so my cock pushed further into her. Sarah was sucking and licking on Debras’ tit. Debras’ head tilted back and the mixture of my cock and Sarahs sucking and licking, Debra came.

“That wasn’t good enough,” I said to Debra, returning her wicked smile. “Off,” I commanded. Debra got off and stood on the floor. I stood up and bent Debra over my bed. I placed my cock at her pussy lips and slammed into her.

“OH!” Debra shrieked at the sudden penetration. I slammed into her pussy, our skin slapping together, and my balls slapping against her clit. Sarah knelt down under us and began to lick Debras’ clit and my balls. I grabbed onto Debras’ hips, pulling her into me as I thrust forward. Her ass bounced with every thrust.

“OoohhhHH” Debra began. I could feel Sarahs’ tongue flicked at my balls. It was driving me crazy. I reached forward and grabbed Debras’ tits. “Oh fuck!” Debra screamed out. “I’m cumming again!”

“Yeah baby, cum on my dick!” I commanded her.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” Debra begged. I fucked Debra as hard and fast as I could. My dick was throbbing inside her; it wasn’t going to be long before I came too. I grabbed onto her hips again.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Debra moaned. Suddenly, a wail came out of her like I’d never heard before. She screamed as her pussy came, and I kept pounding her.

“Fuck, here I cum!” I growled. I stopped suddenly, pulling my cock out and cumming all over her ass. It dripped down into Sarahs’ eager mouth. She started licking at Debras’ pussy, cleaning her up. Debra just collapsed on the bed and gasped for air. Sarah moved onto my dick. She slowly guided it into her mouth and began sucking and licking Debras’ cum off of my dick.

Within a few moments, I was ready to go again. Sarah began pulling on my dick with her hand. We kissed for a moment, and then I pushed her down on the bed next to Debra, who was softly snoring now.

I parted Sarahs’ legs. Placing my cock between her pussy lips, I slowly slid inside her. “Mmm,” Sarah moaned and licked her lips. I slowly started sawing in and out.

“I saw that video,” I said carefully.

“Mmm, did you like what you saw?” Sarah teased.

“Especially you, I’ve wanted to fuck you since I found that video,”

“Looks like you got what you wanted,” Sarah purred. I smiled back and bent down. I kissed her passionately as my dick still slowly slid in and out. After the end of every thrust, I pushed a little further and pressed Sarah into the bed. Our lips never parting from our kiss, she moaned into my mouth.

“Do you like the way I’m fucking your pussy?” I whispered to Sarah.

“Mmm,” Sarah purred again, “I like it slow and deep,”

I couldn’t resist it any longer. I quickened my pace. Sarahs’ ass started to bounce on my bed. “Oh, Oh, Ohh baby,” Sarah moaned. “Faster,”

“Mmm, Sarah, you feel so good,” I complimented.

“Oh I love how you fuck me,” Sarah cooed. This made me fuck kaçak bahis her harder, and faster. I grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her into me. I slammed into her pussy. Her thighs jiggled from the thrusts. “Oh fuck, keep going, you’re going to make me…” Sarah was cut off. “OHHHH,” Sarah screamed.

I could feel her pussy tightening on my cock. I slowed my pace so I could feel it better. I watched my cock slide in and out. I started to throb. I hastened a little bit, and I throbbed more. “Oh fuck girl, I’m going to cum,” I moaned.

“Do it baby, cum for me,” Sarah pleaded. I slid in and out a couple more times, my balls tightened up.

“I’m going to cum in you, Sarah,” My eyes were closed and head tilted back.

“Fuck yeah baby, cum in my pussy,” Sarah growled, her hips bucking, so she could milk my cock. I thrust down into her, as deep as I could go. I felt cum shoot from my cock into her eager pussy. I held her in place as my balls drained into her. I stood up and eased my cock out.

“I need a drink,” I said, “How about you?”

“Please baby,” Sarah purred.

I slid on my jeans and my shirt. I walked out to the living room. I saw Mom bent over, and John was fucking her hard and fast.

“Oh Johnny,” Mom moaned, “You feel so good,”

I watched as John grabbed her tits and plowed her pussy. Both of their eyes were closed so they didn’t see me standing there. I stood there awhile longer watching the show. I didn’t mind that Mom was getting her brains fucked out. Considering that I just fucked her two best friends.

I couldn’t help it; I walked into the kitchen and made myself known. Johns’ eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me. Mom stood up quickly, pulled her pants up, and straightened her hair. “I was just, we were just…” Mom began.

I held my hand up and shook my head. “I don’t care Mom,” I explained with an evil grin on my face. “Go on,” I urged.

Mom hesitantly bent back down. John peeled her pants and panties off again. He slid his hard cock into her. “Ooohh, fuck that feels good!” Mom moaned.

I decided, and my dick concurred that I wanted another shot at Mom. I slid my pants down and offered my cock to Moms’ mouth. She sucked me in greedily, like she couldn’t get enough cock. I grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face. My cock throbbed as it jammed into Moms’ mouth over and over again. John was still behind Mom thrusting his cock into her pussy. I reached down and grabbed Moms’ tits as they swayed back and forth.

“Mmm,” Mom moaned with her mouth full of my cock.

I nodded at John, and he dismounted her. I positioned myself behind Mom and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her wet slit. I slid easily into her well-fucked hole. I pressed my cock to the hilt, inside Mom.

“Oh fuck baby,” Mom groaned, “Fuck Mommies pussy!” She pleaded on.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as I thrust into her. My cock started to throb, and I could feel the familiar tightening of my balls. “Fuck Mom you’re going to make me cum, real soon!” I gasped for air.

“Do it baby!” Mom egged on. I thrust to the hilt again, filling Moms’ pussy with cum. I pulled out and watched cum run down her pussy. I pulled my pants up, and was about to pour another Rum and Coke. Suddenly, the door burst open.

“What’s all the…?” Uncle Louie busted in, then fell silent.

Mom quickly straightened back up and pulled her pants back on. I stood there, my eyes wide and mouth agape. Johns’ pants were back on too.

“What’s going on here?” Uncle Louie asked. I opened my mouth to explain, but Mom quickly interjected.

“This is my young lover John,” She explained. “I thought my son was out of the house, but he just walked in the same time you did,” Mom turned bright red. Uncle Louie began to laugh, hard and deep. My aunt and my cousins shuffled into the house with packages wrapped in gift paper.

“What’s so funny?” Aunt Marjorie asked.

Uncle Louie wiped his eyes, “I just told them my joke, Marjorie,” Louie explained and winked at Mom. Mom let out a sigh of relief. I was about to sneak off to my room to make sure Sarah and Debra was dressed. But Marjorie caught me first.

“How’s the grad?” Marjorie wrapped her big arms around me, and squeezed me into her girth. She wasn’t the smallest woman I’d ever seen.

“Fine,” I said muffled into her bosom. She let me go. “I’ll be right back,” I didn’t wait for a response as I went into my room. Debra and Sarah were still naked, sleeping on my bed. I reached out and felt both of their wet pussies. Sarah and Debra both moaned at the touch. I was about to wake them up when, suddenly; my twin cousins entered my room.

“Whatcha’ doing'” They asked simultaneously. Being twelve years old, they had never seen a naked woman. I tried to push them out of my room.

“Get out!” I hissed. “Don’t tell anyone what you saw!”

They both ran out of the room, screaming. “Momma, Momma, I saw two naked women in his room!”

I shook my head, and wondered “How the fuck am I going to get out of this one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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