Submitting to Mommy

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It was a day like any other when 18 year old Lexi bell came home from school. She looked around the living room and called “hey mom you home.” just in case her mom was home early. When she got nothing in reply but silence she grinned, giddy with anticipation of an evening of secret delights. She rushed over to her room closing the door forgetting to lock it. Or maybe she did it subconsciously, hoping her mom would come home and take a peek inside to see her daughter in a depraved sexual act with herself and punish her. Either way she left her door unlocked a small mistake that would lead to her ultimate fantasy becoming a reality.

After closing her door she excitedly stripped out of her clothes, her jeans and panties sliding down her long pale legs kept in excellent shape from her morning jogs. Her t-shirt and bra sliding off her toned stomach and pert c-cup breasts, her pink nipples contrasting beautifully with her pale skin. Her top catching briefly on her fiery red hair in her rush to divest herself of clothes.

Naked she goes excitedly to her closet grabbing an inconspicuous brown box. Opening it to reveal a collection of sex toys and bdsm gear. She pulls out her favorite toys, a black leather collar with leash attached, a pink bulled vibe, a purple riding crop, and a pair of her moms dirty panties. She takes her treasures over to her bed fastening the collar around her slender neck she moans imagining her mother taking hold of the leash and leading her around the house on all fours.

Laying on her back Lexi takes her moms dirty panties to her face to lick and sniff. With the panties on her face she grabs her vibe with her right hand and the crop with her left. Moaning and panting before she even touches her soaked pussy her mind locked on the image of her beautiful mother, with the same fiery red hair, vibrant green eyes and pale skin. Mary is a few inches taller than her daughter and breasts at least 2 cup sizes bigger.

As her vibe touches next to her pussy teasing herself she can’t help but moan out “oooohh Mommy.”

As she moves the vibe teasingly around her pussy she starts to snap her thighs with the crop imaging it was her mommy punishing her for her perverted desires to submit to the gorgeous woman.

“Mmmm I’m sorry for being a bad girl mommy I’ll be good for you I promise.” Lexi moans out lost in her fantasy.

She continues teasing and swatting herself, swinging the crop harder whenever she moved the vibe closer to her clit. Moaning out uncontrollably lost in her lust she doesn’t notice Mary coming home early.

As Mary enters the living room she is surprised not to see Lexi in the living room watching Netflix and doing homework as she usually is when Mary gets home. As she makes her way to Lexi’s room to see if she’s home. She starts to hear moans coming from her daughters bedroom. The sounds make Mary pussy instantly wet having secretly lusted after her daughter for some time.

She quietly goes over to Lexi’s door pressing her ear against it. Along with the moans she hears an occasional smacking sound. Curious to see what is making that sound, and honestly to see her daughter naked. She slowly tries the doorknob expecting it to be locked, but is pleasantly surprised to find the door opening a crack.

Mary can just barely see her daughter naked on her bed with a collar around her neck, one hand holding what seems like a bullet vibe to her clit, and the other holding a riding crop occasionally using it to swat at her thighs. But most shocking of all she saw her favorite black lace panties that she thought she had lost, on her daughters face. As much as she wanted to see her baby girl naked and writhing in pleasure, Mary was planning on just taking a quick peek and leaving Lexi to it. But as soon as she saw her panties on Lexi’s pretty face, she knew she couldn’t just leave, she had to see more.

As Mary watched, her hand went slowly under her skirt and panties to her soaked pussy. It seemed that Mary had come home just in time as Lexi seemed close to cumming. The crop now laying forgotten at Lexi’s side.

The vibe bringing her all the more pleasure with the thought of her mommy doing this to her she moans out “ooooohhh fuck mmmmm oh mommy I’m gonna cum ooooo yeah your baby girl is gonna cum for youuuuu!”

As Mary watches her daughter writhing on her bed in absolute ecstasy with her dirty panties on her face, any guilt she might have felt was erased. As Mary watched her daughter come down from her climax, she knew she would soon be fucking her daughter.

As Lexi came down from her wonderful climax, her fingers tweaking her nipples, she knows she needs to get up soon before her mom comes home. Just as she is getting up to get dressed having taken her collar off, already missing the symbol of submission her door opens and in walks Mary.

“Oh my god mom I’m so sorry.” Lexi barley gets out, her head down cheeks burning.

She’s not really sure why she apologized, her mom is bahis firmaları the one that walked in on her without even knocking. But the stern look on her moms face reduces her to a meek little girl. A feeling she absolutely loves, her pussy gushing at the thought that she might be punished with a spanking.

Mary raises an eyebrow genuinely surprised Lexi hadn’t gone off at her for entering without knocking as she had in the past.

“What exactly are apologizing for kitten?” Mary asks using her old pet name for Lexi.

“Umm uh I uh I don’t know you just uh look really angry.” Lexi just manages to stutter out.

Honestly she has no idea what she’s apologizing for, and her mom didn’t really look angry, just a stern serous expression. But it really doesn’t help her mental state that her mom used that old pet name for her. She always loved when her mom called her that. Making her feel like a pet, even when there was nothing sexual about it, she still loved how it made her feel.

“Oh, so you weren’t apologizing for stealing mommy’s favorite pair of panties, and I most definitely didn’t look angry kitten.” Mary replied noticing the little shudder of pleasure Lexi got when she called her kitten. Lexi’s face burned even more as she remembered her moms panties were right next to her.

“Oh my god yeah I’m so so sorry I took your favorite panties mommy” her face somehow getting even redder as she realized she called her mommy something she hadn’t done in years.

Mary, deciding to take mercy on her, loving that she called her mommy. Walked over and sat on the bed next to her daughter tilting Lexi’s face up to hers, she said with a reassuring smile “it’s okay kitten I understand.”

As she said this she started stroking Lexi’s cheek. As Lexi nuzzled into her mommy’s hand she nervously looked down thinking (oh my god what if she really does know, she’s all smiley now but what if she’s actually disgusted by what I was doing) but she replied in a slightly shaky voice “you do?”

Mary, noticing how nervous Lexi was knew it was time to put it all on the table. To tell Lexi how she felt and see if she felt the same way, or if Lexi wanted it to stay a fantasy and nothing more.

She said in a soft but commanding voice. “Yes kitten I do. Now one of two things are going to happen, the first is I can just walk out the door and we can forget this ever happened. The second is I can put this collar on you, and we can both live out our fantasy’s. With you as my little pet and me as your mommy mistress.”

As Lexi heard this she was first scared then relived then unbelievingly excited and surprised. “The second one please.” Lexi quietly whispered not sure if this was real or the dream of her life.

Hiding her ecstatic smile at Lexi’s choice, she lifted Lexi’s head up so they were looking in each other’s eyes.

Mary said sternly. “I didn’t hear that, if you want the second option, then tell mommy you want to be her daughter pet.”

Looking into her mommy’s eyes Lexi said with a confidence she didn’t entirely feel “I want to be your pet mommy I’ll do anything.”

As Mary heard this, she let her glee show on her face smiling widely as she reached for the collar detaching the leash for now.

“That’s a good girl.” She cooed bringing the collar up to her new pets neck, securing it just tight enough to not restrict any airflow but apply a small amount of constant pressure to her neck.

“Now kitten I want you to show mommy all of your naughty little toys.” Mary whispered into her new kittens ear, followed by a small lick, causing Lexi to shudder.

Mary watched as her new pet nodded nervously, and grabs a box from her closet putting it on the bed, then kneeling at her feet nuzzling into her side.

“Such an obedient little kitten, I didn’t even need to tell you to get on your knees.” Mary breathed out, lust filling her voice. “Now lets see what you have here.” Marry said as she looked in the box.

One hand going to her kittens head and petting it affectionately. Inside the box was a strap on with a small pink dildo, along with three progressively bigger dildos to attach to it. A large container of lube next to butt plugs of varying sizes along with an anal hook. Some specialized bondage rope, wrist and ankle cuffs that match the collar, and a purple ball gag.

Impressed Mary looks at her pet and asks “how did you get all of this kitten.”

Feeling a little embarrassed Lexi explains. “Well I got all of that money from babysitting for years that I never spent, and Amazon is pretty discrete so it wasn’t that hard.”

Lexi blushes as she nuzzles into her mommy’s hand petting her.

Mary laughs as she says. “I guess that’s true. So what in this box have you used kitten.”

“Well I haven’t really used any of the the stuff still in the box aside from the gag and cuffs.” Lexi replies still blushing prettily.

Surprised by this Mary asks. “Why not kitten, I mean I can see kaçak iddaa some of the things you can’t really do alone but you can use most.”

Lexi blushes harder as she says. “Well I didn’t want to risk self bondage with the rope. The anal stuff kind of scares me to be honest, and I wanted to be a total virgin when a woman took me for the first time. I always wished that would be you, but I never actually thought it might happen.” The last bit is said in a bit of a rush and has Lexi somehow blushing even harder.

Quite surprised and happy about her kittens admission Mary smiles as she asks. “Does my baby girl want mommy to be her first.”

Lexi can’t seem to formulate words at the moment so she just nods against her mommy’s leg.

“Well first, I think kitten should please mommy with her pretty little mouth, don’t you?” Mary asks as she spreads her legs revealing her soaked panties under her skirt.

Excitedly Lexi reaches under her mommy’s skirt to pull off her panties saying. “ooh god mommy you have no idea how long, I’ve desperately wanted to do this.”

Lexi licks her lips as pulls her mommy’s panties down and dives into her delicious snatch, moaning at her first taste of pussy. Lexi is a novice but her enthusiasm and natural talent make up for it as she licks, sucks, and nibbles her mommy’s delicious pussy.

“Ooooh god baby mmmmmm that’s a good girl mmm suck mommy’s pussy just like that.” Mary moans out to her kitten.

Lexi beams with pride that she can make her mommy feel so good. She follows her instructions, eagerly licking and sucking her pussy lips one at a time, savoring the taste as she brings her fingers up to rub her mommy’s clit. They continue like this for short time before Mary wants more.

“Mmmmm oooooh yes. Fuck mmmmm that’s good kitten, mmmm but now I want you to swap you fingers and mouth, suck on my clit and finger me kitten.” Mary moans out gripping the back of her kittens head.

“Mmmm yes Mommy.” Lexi tries to moan out around her mommy cunt as she moves her mouth up to suck her clit. Her fingers moving down to penetrate her pussy, driving Mary insane with forbidden pleasure.

They stay like this for another ten minutes. Lexi loving her new position, her tongue flicking out at her mommy’s clit followed by a soft kiss. While her fingers steadily thrust in and out of her mommy’s yummy cunt. As she feels her mommy approaching an orgasm she takes her clit between her lips sucking it gently, and her fingers thrusting faster.

“Ooooooh fuck that’s it kitten just like that. Mmmmm oooh fuck mommy’s gonna cum sweetie, mmm yesss I’m gonna cum all over your pretty face. Mmm yeah you like that, you want mommy’s cum don’t you kitten.” Mary moans out approaching her climax.

“Mmmmmm soooo badly mommy mmmmm I want you cum so fucking bad.” Lexi moans out against her mommy’s pussy inpatient to swallow her mommy’s cum.

“Mmmmm yeah that’s good sweetie, cause mommy’s about to cummmmmm fuck mommy’s gonna cum in your mouth kittennnnnn! Yes yes yes shit oooooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkkkk mmmmmm yes drink mommy’s cum like a good girl oooooohh!” Marry moans out in orgasm her cum slipping down Lexi’s eager throat.

“Mmmmmm soooo good mommy.” Lexi moans against her mommy’s pussy as she tastes her divine cum, licking up every drop she can.

“Mmmmm okay that’s enough kitten, oooh it’s really sensitive now sweetie.” Mary tells her kitten as she pushes her head back away from her sensitive pussy.

After a minute of rest from her wonderful climax she says to her disappointed kitten. “Mmmm okay baby put your toy box away except for the strap on and leash.”

Lexi’s brief disappointment at losing her mommy’s delicious pussy is quickly forgotten, as she hurries to comply. Excited that her fantasy will actually come true, her mommy’s going to take her virginity. After she puts her toy box away, Lexi kneels at her mommy’s feet and nervously asks. “Are you gonna fuck me mommy?”

Mary returns her hand to petting her kitten as she answers. “Mmm yes I am kitten but first we’re going to go get some water to replenish our fluids.” As she says this, she grabs the leash and clips it onto her kittens collar, pulling her along on all fours to the kitchen.

When her mommy clips her leash on and guides her around the house, Lexi worries that this really might just be a dream and she’ll wake up having not actually experienced her ultimate fantasy. But as her mommy pulls on her leash to keep her moving she decides not think about that and just enjoy the best day of her life.

In the kitchen Mary gets a glass of water for herself and a bowl of water for her kneeling kitten. As Lexi sees this she is absolutely bursting with submissive joy at being treated like a pet. After the pair finish their water Mary brings her kitten to the master bedroom, that they will soon be sharing.

She orders her kitten onto the bed on her back and tosses her a towel to put under her and goes over to Lexi’s kaçak bahis bedroom stripping down completely, and putting the pink strap on on and making her way back to her kitten.

When Lexi sees her mommy seemingly glide in, wearing nothing but a big grin and a strap on, she moans at the sight of such a Goddess. As Mary walks over to the bed watching her baby girl squirm with desire, she can’t help but grin.

Mary climbs on top of her kitten leaving soft kisses up her stomach, pausing to give her nipples a quick nip, making Lexi whimper cutely. Pulling herself away from her kittens beautiful breasts Mary continues her journey up her baby girls body. When she reaches Lexi’s ear she again stops to kiss and nibble on it making Lexi whimper even louder now.

Mary finally completes her slow teasing journey with a passionate lip-lock with her kitten. The kiss lasts for what feels like forever, Mary skilled tongue bullying Lexi’s into submission.

Lexi is starting to think there isn’t anything better than making out with her sexy, dominant, experienced mommy, when she feels the strap on poke at her entrance. She shudders and moans even louder into the kiss, when she feels the reminder of what her mommy is about to do to her.

As her mommy end the kiss Lexi whimpers at the loss of the invading tongue. Her disappointment is short lived however as her mommy leans over to whisper in her ear.

“I know I said I was going to fuck you kitten, but I decided your first time should be gentler than that.” Mary says as she kisses her kittens neck and ear loving the whimpers it brings from the submissive’s pretty mouth. “So tonite I’m going to make love to you kitten, save the rough fucking for later.” She continues emphasizing with a bite to her ear and her hands mauling the teens breasts, causing a loud moan to escape.

Lexi moans continually as her mommy kisses and sucks at skin while telling her she’s saving the rough fucking for later. Impatient to feel her mommy pound away at her, but at the same time swooning for the beautiful Goddess laying above her.

Unable to take the teasing any longer, Lexi moans out. “Oooooh please mommy, make love to me. Mmmm please take my virginity mmm please claim me with your strap on.”

Hearing her daughters moans turns Mary on to no end, but she reluctantly pulls away with one last teasing suck on her baby girls neck, drawing another moan from the whimpering teen. Mary takes her pink dildo and lines it up with her kittens pink slit, preparing to take her baby girls virginity.

“It’s going to hurt at first, just relax okay kitten.” Mary tells her Lexi, preparing to thrust into her while kissing her lips.

“Okay mommy.” Lexi replies bitting her bottom lip nervously, fear and excitement swirling through her mind. Then her mommy is inside her the first thrust surprising her. Before she can gasp out in pain her mouth is claimed by her mommy for a hungry kiss erasing all other thoughts.

Lexi’s hands go to her mommy’s head, trying to blot out the pain of being penetrated for the first time. Which works surprisingly well, their lips barley ever separating as her mommy starts pushing more of her strap on inside of her.

After what feels like an eternity Lexi feels the base of the strap on, signaling that her mommy is all the way inside her, the thought causing her to moan louder into Mary’s hungry mouth.

Mary pulls her mouth away from her daughter’s with a wet smacking sound, causing the teen to moan in disappointment. Mary pulls back so she’s looking right into Lexi’s pretty green eyes, as she starts slowly thrusting in and out of her kittens pussy.

As her mommy starts sliding in and out of her Lexi moans loudly. Any pain forgotten as she basks in the intense pleasure of her mom taking her for the first of hopefully countless times.

After a short while of gently fucking her kitten, Mary starts to speed up. Not breaking eye contact as she lets out a few moans of her own, as the the inside of the strap on rubs against her pussy deliciously.

“Mmmm fuck you’re so beautiful baby, we should have been doing this since you turned eighteen. Mmm you should have come to my room and offered yourself to me on your birthday kitten.” Mary says with a stern expression on her face.

“Oooooh fuck mmm I wish I had mommy ooooooh shit mmmm.” Lexi barley manages to moan out, overwhelmed with pleasure as Mary continues to thrust into her. Her mommy’s stern expression sure isn’t helping clear her mind.

“Mmm yes you’re going have to make that up to me sweetie. Oooh fuck. You know what I changed my mind kitten I am going to fuck you, get on all fours.” Mary sternly commands.

“Mmmm yes Mommy oooh” Lexi moans as Mary removes the strap on from her now aching cunt. As she gets in all fours, she can’t help but be extremely turned on at the way her mommy just commands her. She doesn’t ask because Lexi belongs to her completely, she’s her mommy’s toy to use however she likes.

When Lexi is in position her mommy can’t resist spanking her ass a few times, causing the teen to moan and shake her ass hoping for more. Mary obliges, loving the red handprints already forming on her pale skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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