Student Affairs

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“He’s cute!” Meg whispered to me, distracting me from the staff meeting. “Think he’s straight?”

At a small college with a strong Fine Arts focus, like ours, straight men were hard to find. And even then, pickings were slim.

I shushed my fellow RA but took a peek over to see the new supervisor whom she was shamelessly ogling. He was cute. 6′ 2″ with light wavy hair and a big smile, Rob was instantly likable and charming. He was a grad student and recently received the position of supervising a group of us RAs to pay for tuition. The staff meeting had been called to introduce us.

I didn’t want to be in this meeting. Having been an RA for now the 3rd straight year, and also a senior, I was ready to graduate and be out. I enjoyed the students I worked and lived with, but I partied with them and could care less about the position anymore. I was the type of RA who smelled weed coming from a room and instead of calling a supervisor, brought snacks to satisfy their munchies.

But this caught my interest. Having an attractive, straight guy on staff was an attention getter for every girl in the room. He turned out to be every bit as charming, sweet, and handsome as that first impression. Being a supervisor, he was off limits. But at 23, what a tease that was for all the desperately lonely RA girls.

Starting the year, I had decidedly squelched whatever crush I could develop on Rob, knowing it’d only lead to disappointment on my part. Besides, I had seen him around with another beautiful grad student, Sam, with long blond hair and legs for days. I was sure they were sleeping together. Not to say I wasn’t pretty, but I certainly didn’t look like her. My best attributes lie in my personality, my sense of humor, and big heart. I had a pretty face and long, silky auburn hair but otherwise was a pretty average 21 year old trying to graduate.

Our interactions were flirtatious though. We were always laughing and had a casual, relaxed relationship from the start. He’d compliment me and touch my arm, giving me an easy smile, and I’d make a joke and laugh it off.

One afternoon, after a long meeting for Student Council, I bumped into him on campus. I was wearing a ridiculously lazy outfit made of every comfy cotton item I owned, regardless of pattern or color. He looked me up and down and I laughed off my outfit. I told him I was practicing looking homeless in the event that graduation did not work out well for me. He shifted and smiled and the back of his hand brushed mine.

“I think you look great.”

I had to get off campus. When you live on a campus as small as ours, if you wanted sex, you needed to outsource. If you wanted a fun night with a straight man, you’d need to get familiar with the bar scene.

I threw myself in some deep red leggings and an oversized metallic top. Some pumps, a deep smoky eye and escort ataşehir big, brushed curls completed the look. When I was satisfied with the results, I met up my group and out we headed.

The bar was a dive/ dance club hybrid. It was dark, loud, and a bit dirty but full of 20-somethings and cheap drinks. I grabbed my sexy friend, Mark, away from his boyfriend, and onto the makeshift dance floor. He grabbed my hips and I gyrated into his leg enjoying being so close to a good-looking man, no matter his sexual preference. We danced as he ran his fingers through my hair and I held his muscular shoulders. I spun around and our hips moved together in time to the floor shaking, thumping bass in the music. I looked up through my slightly drunken haze to the bar.

In a tight fitting black tee and jeans, Rob was leaning against the bar with a group of his friends. And he was watching me.

Seeing him watching me was exciting. I got goosebumps and lost my breath. He was looking so good and was watching me with a serious look I’d never seen on him before. I decided to put on a show. I snaked my arm behind Mark’s neck putting his face nearer to mine and pushing us closer together. I closed my eyes and arched my back and moved intently to the beat. I went to sneak a peek to see what Rob thought. He wasn’t there. Disappointed and feeling like maybe I had hallucinated, I left Mark to go grab another drink.

I bounced to the bar and ordered my usual Jack and Diet Coke. I tipped the bartender and turned around to see Rob inches from my face. I almost ran face first into his chest and he steadied me with his arm.

“Oh hi!” I feigned surprise at running into him there.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah, besides almost drenching you in my drink, I’m good!” I laughed.

His face lit up as he peered down at me.

“You look great tonight.”

I melted into the compliment.

“So do you.”

Rob steadied me with his arm as he sipped his beer and stared down at me. He held my gaze. I was drinking in his gorgeous eyes and saw that serious look on his face from earlier. I began to get wet from this look. It was intense and heated.

I traced my fingertips along his arm, feeling bold.

This snapped him out of his confident haze and realized the situation.

“Listen, I better head out. I’m not even supposed to be in the same bar as an RA.”

“Hey”, I said, not wanting him to go. “It doesn’t matter. I’m not going to tell anyone. Stay and have fun.”

I meant have fun with me.

At that moment, Mark came running up and gave me a playful kiss on the head. “I lost my dance partner!” he exclaimed putting his arm around me.

“I better go,” Rob said, nervously. His job was on the line, and I knew it, but I wasn’t ready to see him leave.

“Okay,” I said, sliding my hand down his pecks kadıköy escort bayan lightly, lingering right above his waistline.

Mark grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me back towards the dance floor. I looked back and Rob was gone.

I stumbled back to my dorm room that night, drunk and sleepy. I kicked off my heels, stripped my self to my panties. I unclasped my bra and let the weight of my breasts fall out in the cool air. I threw myself into an oversized tee. I tossed my hair up and there was a heavy pounding at the door. I was sure it was a resident who had gotten locked out of their room, and I did not want to deal with it.

I stumbled to the door and flung it open.

There was Rob. He was leaning in the doorframe, clearer drunker than when I had seen him earlier. I was stunned to see him there, suddenly aware of how little I was wearing.

He pushed his way into the room cornered me against the adjacent wall. The door clicked closed behind us and he placed his hands on either side of me against the wall.

I was breathing heavily and a familiar wetness formed between my legs. He stared into my eyes and placed his hand on my cheek. He caressed my face and dragged his fingers down to my collarbone. He pressed his body against hard against mine, never breaking eye contact. I could feel the bulge through his pants pressing against my hip getting me more excited.

He kissed me then, his mouth on mine, his hands in my hair, and his body holding me against the wall. His lips parted mine and he found my tongue.

His legs were entwined in mine, my shirt riding up, revealing my lace, booty hugging, black panties. His hand traveled down to my thigh, holding it, pushing himself even more into me. My damp panties were pushed against his thigh, his growing erection touching my hip. The wall was cool behind my back. He shifted against me, sending shivers up my spine and he kissed me deeply. He moved his lips to my collarbone. He lightly traced his tongue up to my earlobe and whispered in my ear.

“God, I want you.”

I could barely even nod. I pulled his shirt over his head and moved my hands over his torso. I could not get enough of his body. His strong, manly arms, his broad shoulders, his pecks, his stomach, his happy trail of hair right above his waist. His hand slid up to my breast and held it in his hand outside of my tee. He caressed my hard nipple and tweaked it. I let out a little gasp into his neck. I ran my hands over his masculine shoulders and through his hair. I tugged at his hair and he moaned in my ear.

He slid his hands to my hips and slowly lowered himself to his knees, his face in line with my pelvis. He caressed my ass and tugged down my panties til they were on the floor. He then placed his face against my wet pussy and gave me one, long, slow lick.

My knees escort bostancı began to shake and I was worried I might collapse. I grabbed at the wall to steady myself, unsuccessfully. Rob grabbed the back of my knees and held me steady as he calmly ate me out. He licked me in long strokes, occasionally sucking my clit. His hand moved up my shirt and played with my nipple as he did. I ran my fingers into his hair, tugging and pushing his face into me. My hips began to buck and I rubbed myself into his face. He moaned into my dripping wetness and the vibrations set me over the edge. I rode his face into an intense orgasm.

I shook, weak from his tongue. He stood up and grabbed me into his arms, hoisting me around him. I wrapped my legs around him. He held me as I recovered from the orgasm. He kissed my collarbones and left a trail of kisses up to my ears. I could feel his erection, ready to burst grinding to my still sensitive pussy. A deep ache inside of me needed to be filled. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head so that I could kiss his neck.

He took this cue as he carried me to the bed and threw me down. He ripped off his jeans as I tore off the shirt and he slid on top of me. I reached down and rubbed his throbbing cock through his boxers. His hips rocked into my hand and he out let a guttural groan into my neck. I could not wait any longer. I pushed down his boxers and stroked the length of his cock. I guided him between my legs and he pushed into me.

I let out an intense gasp. There was a little pain, as it had been a while since my last sexual experience. He patiently waited, pushing in bit by bit, stretching me open. It was painful but when he was all the way in, I threw my head back and moaned loudly. It felt amazing to have him so deep in me. I could feel how tight I was around him. He pulled my hair away from my face and slowly began to move in and out of me. He pushed his hips out, until he was almost outside of me and then thrust back in. His hips hit my clit and I whimpered. I twisted my legs around him and pushed him into me. We got into a rhythm, steadily increasing as I moaned loudly. He put his fingers in my mouth and I sucked them. He began to fuck me harder and I heard his pleasure come out in the form of deep groans.

I grabbed his shoulders and ran my nails down his back, pulling him into me. I could feel the wave building inside of me. My heart raced, my breath was shallow and I was moaning from some place deep within me. He matched me noise for noise, thrust for thrust. My whole body tensed and I shook as I came. The ripples from my body threw Rob over the edge and he came hard in me, thrusting long and hard, letting out a deep groan.

He lay on top of me as I held him. He buried his face in my neck and could feel him breathing there. It was warm and comforting as he lay there still in me. I ran my fingers through his hair and rubbed his back. He kissed my neck and sighed.

We’d have to hide what had happened for the sake of our jobs, but not just then. It was just about our naked chests rising and falling there, until we drifted off, entwined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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