Strip Hearts Ch. 06

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Ch. 06: The real fun begins.

Author’s note: Chapters 3-5 have EDITED!! You need to re-read them as they’re in the “proper” length this time to lead to this chapter. The progression of this story has been somewhat of a disaster when it was first published. The chapters were just waaaaaaay too short; I didn’t know they were going to be published so far apart (which was only a day, but still). Hopefully the edits are of a much better flow. I’ll definitely do better for my next story, if I get around to writing it. For the most part, enjoy the story (if you haven’t stopped too many times already that is lol).


Michael led Ellie by the hand up the stairs and towards her room. She could hear her heart pounding as they approached the door. Michael turned around and smiled at her, and then unashamedly lowered his gaze and drank in her naked body. Ellie blushed and looked down, only to be greeted by his incredible erect dick.

Is that …. thing even bigger now?

Michael walked backwards into the room, taking Ellie by both her hands as she kicked the door close behind them. They moved just a few feet more from the closed door before Michael stopped in his tracks.

Ahhh I would’ve left the door open. I guess I’ll just have to make her scream louder.

“Do we need protection?” Michael suddenly realized that he didn’t have any…


“It’s ok… I’m on the pill. Even though I’m not that sexually active. You never know…. And the others are too. And I assume you’re clean…”


“Oh yeah definitely.”

He pulled her close, his dick now sticking up between their midsections. Ellie’s breathing was already incredibly heavy, as she put both arms around his neck and staring longingly into his eyes. With one arm around her waist, he brought his right hand up to her face, gently stroking it, before leaning in for a deep passionate kiss. He ran his tongue all over and inside her mouth as he moved both hands down to her ass. He gently caressed her behind, eliciting a soft moan from Ellie as they continue to tongue wrestle.

Breaking the kiss, he ran his tongue along her neck, planting soft, gentle pecks along the way. He had full access to her soft, slender neck as her hair was still in a ponytail. With one hand still on her ass, he moved his right hand up to her soft breasts, squeezing and fondling them gently as he continued to neck her. Ellie’s breath was started to get ragged with his stimulation of her left nipple as he gently pinched and rolled them with his fingers.

She had thought that he was going to literally just throw her to the bed and pound her silly, but he was surprisingly gentle.

Maybe I’ll be able to walk tomorrow after all…

Michael kissed and licked his way down and up along her neck while fondling her breast and ass, before bending down and planting his mouth on her breasts. He gently nibbled on her erect nipples, causing a tingling sensation all over Ellie’s body as she closed her eyes and soaked in the pleasures Michael was giving her.

He then kissed her way up again, coming face to face with Ellie as they embraced tightly into another passionate kiss. He moved his right hand up to her tits again and then stepped back a little, keeping his hand on her breasts as the only contact between the two of them. She opened her eyes to look at him, but he had his eyes fixed on her breasts as his left hand then moved up to the other tit as he gently massaged and fondled those gorgeous 36Cs. Ellie stood there as he had his way with her breasts, her breathing now slightly more controlled.

While still fondling her right breast with his left hand, Michael moved his other hand down towards her pussy, one finger tracing a line down her body before gently cupping her mound. Ellie let out a soft moan and closed her eyes again as Michael ran his fingers gently around the outline of her labia, before settling and resting his fingers on her nub. He rubbed it gently, as Ellie’s breathing began to really pick up. She moved forward a little and rested her head on his shoulder.

As Michael continued to fondle her breast with one hand and gently rubbing her pussy with the other, Ellie somehow mustered enough energy and concentration to reach with her right hand and grab his dick. Michael was obviously pleased, and he let out a prolonged sigh when her hand made contact with his dick, her fingers wrapping around it as best as she could. She began to stroke him, almost in rhythm with him rubbing her pussy, as both their breathing picked up another notch.

Michael had the upper hand however, as he rubbed her pussy faster now that she could stroke his dick. And then without warning, he inserted two fingers into her pussy.

“OHHHHH…. Fuck…. yeah….”

Michael started to finger her, really picking up the tempo now as he felt her juices starting to flow.

Ellie’s breathing was now ragged, and while she had her right hand wrapped around his cock, she was no longer able ataşehir escort bayan to concentrate enough to stroke it as she felt her climax building.

Almost panting now, she put her left hand on his chest for support as Michael once again had her on the verge of her second orgasm of the night.

“shhhit…. Oh god…. Michael… I’m close….”

His fingers now a blur, her juices now starting to really flow, he took his other hand off her breasts and put his arm around her waist to support her. She could no longer keep her hand on his cock as she needed to put both arms on his shoulders, his fingers going in and out of her schlopping pussy.

“Michael… ooohhhh fuck… I’m gonna….AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

And just like that, she exploded all over Michael’s hand, who continued fingering her as she came hard. Not as hard as earlier, but enough that she needed to hold on to Michael as she rode out her orgasm. Her legs didn’t buckle as much as the first time, probably more so because she had anticipated it, but she felt that she wasn’t going to be able to stand for very long.

As her orgasm subsided, Michael took his hand way from his pussy and put both arms around her waist. With both her arms around him hugging his neck, they leaned into each other, French kissing passionately as Ellie simultaneously tried to catch her breath.

She broke the kiss this time, her right hand going back to his cock, firstly cupping his scrotum, fondling them gently before wrapping her fingers around his cock again. She leaned up to him for a gentle kiss again, and then slowly kissed her way down his chest and mid section as she slowly got on her knees.

With his cock now at her face level, she looked up at him, alternating between his gaze and his cock as she gently stroked it, licking her lips and wondering how she was going to take it into her mouth. She had never really given many blowjobs before, and it’s been awhile since she sucked her last dick. Her eyes revealed her thoughts, as Michael put one hand on her head.

“Start at my balls, and then slowly run your tongue along the underside.”

Holding his dick up, she started running her tongue from his ballsack, taking the whole thing into her mouth momentarily, before running her tongue all along the sensitive underside of his cock, and then back down again. She took a moment to swallow and licked her lips and then repeated the motion, prompting a soft moan from Michael. He closed his eyes and took his hand off her head as he enjoyed the sensation of Ellie’s tongue on his cock.

After a few moments, he opened his eyes and looked down at her again.

“Good. Now run your tongue all the way on the underside and up to the tip again, then circle it with your tongue.”

Michael’s breathing was now really ragged as Ellie followed his instructions to the letter, closing her eyes as she licked all over his bulbous cockhead while gently stroking him, occasionally stopping to catch her breath and swallow her saliva.


She opened her eyes.

“I want you to look at me, and then take as much of it into your mouth as you can in one go.”

With her gaze fixed on Michael, she opened her mouth and took his cock in. Michael groaned.

She probably put in more than she could handle, suppressing the gag reflex momentarily as she closed her eyes to concentrate on breathing. However, with only slightly less than half of his cock in her mouth, he put his hand on her head again and tried to gently but firmly nudge more of his cock in. She couldn’t fight the gag reflex any longer, reacting and then instinctively putting both hands around his thighs to push him away.

Michael responded by taking his hands off her head, allowing his cock to slip out of her mouth as she coughed and her eyes slightly teared with her head down.

“…. I’m sorry Ellie… are you ok…?”

Michael bent down a little to look at her. She wiped her eyes and smiled as she looked up at him.

“Yeah I’m good… it’s ok.”

Without waiting for any response from Michael, she grabbed his cock again and then proceeded to lick it all over again. She then took a deep breath, and then tried to take as much of it into her mouth again. A little bit more prepared now, she bobbed her head forward and back as she sucked him off, slowly building up a nice rhythm. She continued to use her mouth to pleasure him, occasionally stopping to take a few deep breaths, before plunging his cock into her mouth again.

She was incredibly sexy as she sucked his dick, her innocent face adding to the pleasure of it all. Ellie’s eyes were now closed as she focused on the blowjob, while Michael reached down and grabbed both her tits. He fondled them and was now able to build a rhythm of face fucking her in unison with her head and right hand stroking.

He already had his first orgasm in which he came fairly quickly, but this second one was going to take more than just a blowjob.

He took his escort kadıköy hands off her breasts and leaned down, slowly getting on his knees. Ellie took his dick out her mouth as he got to face to face level with her, but kept her hands on his cock as they kissed.

“Turn around and get on all fours.”

Ellie took a deep breath, that same feeling of excitement and terror really taking over her now.

She complied, turning away from Michael and then bending forward, spreading her hands on the carpet in front of her. Her breathing heavy, she waited in her anticipation for Michael to take her.

As Michael looked at the incredible sight in front of her, he stroked his cock a couple of times and moved forward into position.

NOW we’re talking. I’m glad we’re in this position… again, with her ass straight out at me. Otherwise I’d be stuck wondering forever. And now I’m actually going to fuck the lawyer!

He moved closed to her, his left hand on her waist as he lined his cock up at her entrance.

Ellie yelped softly as she felt his tip making contact with her vagina folds. She braced herself for his penetration, but he instead slowly rubbed his tip up and along her pussy. As he continued teasing her in this manner, he reached with forward with his other hand to caress her breasts.

Fuck…. I need him… I wish he’d put it in alrea… “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

With one motion, Michael put both hands on her waist and penetrated her two thirds of the way, holding that position and enjoying the sensation of being inside her. Ellie tried to focus on her breathing as she shifted slightly to adjust to his size.

He then pulled back, almost all the way out with only his tip inside, and then this time, pushed a little more in.

“OOOOOOoooooohhhhh… …..god… ahh…”

He started to pump in and out of her at a steady pace, his hands on her waist for leverage and support as she moaned and grunted with each thrust.

“Ohhh yeah… fuck… that’s it….”

They built up a steady rhythm as he continue to pump her, her moans getting grittier with each thrust. Ellie couldn’t believe she was letting Michael fuck her from behind.

I guess…. Oh yeah… shit… oh fuck… this…. Isn’t… so…ohhh yeah… fuck… difficult… fuck… oh yeah… I think I’ll…. Ohhh… cum again…. Sooner than I think…

While still maintaining the rhythm of fucking her, he leaned forward and hugged her around her waist. He kissed her back and her shoulder, and then moved both hands to her breasts, caressing and fondling them as he continued to doggy fuck her.

Ellie had to now put her head down as Michael stepped up the intensity of his penetration. She went to her elbows and rested her head against the carpet, with Michael grabbing her waist again and really increasing the rhythm and depth of his fucking.

Her moans started to get louder with each thrust, and then Michael, without warning, stuck his cock into her all the way to the hilt, causing her to scream and instinctively reach one hand back to push him away. However, Michael grabbed her wrist. With his entire cock still buried inside Ellie, he pulled her closed to him as she squirmed in his grip.

“FFFUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!! Ohhh GODDDDD…. You’re so… ahhhhh… fuck…. Huuge….” Ellie tried to control her breathing, but his 8 ½ incher buried inside her was making it hard for her concentrate on doing anything except grunt and moan.

She tried to reach around with her other hand, only to have Michael grab her by the wrist as well.

Time to really FUCK. Ready or not, here we go.

With Michael holding Ellie by her wrists, he slowly pulled out, and then in one motion, thrust her HARD.


Without giving her much of a chance to recover, he resumed pumping her again. However this time she had no room to move forward and adjust as he pulled her arms back by both her wrists to hold her in place. He was in total control, driving deep with each thrust, and she screaming with pleasure each time he filled her up.

He pounded her hard and fast, and she knew that she was going to cum again very shortly.

She had to put her head down as she tried to focus on breathing, each thrust now resulting in guttural grunts from Ellie.

While continuing to pump away, he let go of her right wrist. Ellie thought this was going to a mild reprieve, but Michael didn’t give her much of a chance as he hooked both of Ellie’s elbows together with his right arm, pushing her chest out and then in the same motion used his left hand to pull her pony tail back, causing Ellie to shriek as he continued to pump away.


Sensing her orgasm was close, Michael pulled her close to him, still having her elbows hooked together, but with his other hand he moved to grab her breasts.

He pounded her for awhile in this position, and then still pumping bostancı escort away, he let go of her elbows and moved down to her pussy, fingering her as he fucked her hard from behind.

“SHHHHHHIIITT!!! Oh godddd……. Ahhhh… oooohhhhh!!”

His cock was a blur now, filling her to the hilt each time while still fondling her pussy and her tit at the same time.


She leaned back into him and reached both hands around to hold his neck for support. She steadied and readied herself, and within a few more thursts, she came HARD for the third time tonight.


He slowed down his thrusting as her third orgasm of the night, the most intense yet, washed over her entire body, causing Ellie to tremble and shake all over, particularly her legs.


It took a few more seconds before her orgasm subsided, during which Ellie could only hold Michael in place with his cock inside her.

“PLEEEEASe… nnnnnghn… hang on…. Wait…. Ahhh…. Fuuuuck…”

Ellie leaned forward and down on her elbows and head on the carpet again, and as Michael let her go his cock slipped out of her as Ellie moved forward. However her knees buckled, and she had no choice but to lay flat down on her stomach as she tried to recover from the intense orgasm.

Michael did not go to the ground with her, staying up on his knees as he watched the incredibly sexy Ellie lying face down, then turning slightly to the side to recover and catch her breath. It was an even sexier scene than her first orgasm in front of the group.

He then leaned down and kissed her, in which she reciprocated momentarily. Thinking he was going to insert his dick into her again, she moved, or more like crawled slightly forward.

“Wait… hang on Michael… ” She tried to say between her panting breaths

“I uhhh… I… need a few… minutes…. to rest.”

“Are you ok…?

She gave him a soft smile, to which he returned. “Yeah yeah… I am… I just need a few moments… You have such a…. big… dick…”

He smiled and sat back on the floor as he watched Ellie lay face down flat on the ground, panting with her eyes closed.

And we haven’t even gotten to the bed yet…

Her breathing gradually slowed; it must’ve been only 20 seconds, but Michael decided that Ellie had enough rest.

He kissed his way up from her feet, running his mouth and tongue along the back of her calves and thighs, as Ellie trembled at the sensation. He reached her ass, planted a few kisses, and then straddled her. He was going to take her prone bone style, and she was going to really have nowhere to go.

Time to fuck her brains out. Again.

He lined his dick up at the entrance of her pussy again, as she turned her head around slightly in protest. Knowing there was nothing she could do anyway, she tried to grab at the carpet to brace herself. Unsuccessful, she clenched her fists waiting for Michael to fill her up again.

And fill her up he did. In one motion, he stuck his cock all the way into Ellie’s vagina again as she squealed.


And again, he held his position, his cock buried deep inside her pussy as Ellie tried to focus on breathing.

Within a few moments, he began thrusting her again and Ellie moaned with each plunge of his cock into her. He went at her steadily, slowly picking up the pace as he steadied himself with his hands on her ass.

He was fucking her hard and fast now, and she continued to cry out in pleasure with each thrust. With Michael totally rocking her, Ellie tried to steady herself by putting her hands by her side against the floor, but Michael took the opportunity to reach down and grab her wrists as before.

As he pulled her arms back by her wrists, he bulldozed his way into her, causing grunts and screams of pleasure from Ellie as well as moments where she just had to hold her breath, before exhaling with a long, guttural whimper as Michael pounded away. She came another time in the process, but Michael gave her no time to rest as he continued ploughing her. He alternated between pulling her arms back, holding them behind her back and pulling her hair as he continued to fuck her hard.

After a few minutes of this intense prone bone fucking, he slowed down his pace and let go of Ellie’s wrists. He thrust into her slowly a few more times, before leaning down and kissing her along her back and neck. Ellie was now in a semi-conscious state of pleasure and did not even try to move as Michael pulled his dick out from her. He grabbed her legs and turned her around to face him. She mustered enough energy to turn her body with Michael’s guidance as he moved between her open legs.

He bent down and gently licked her pussy, causing Ellie to shiver at her now very sensitive folds being pleasured once again. He then slowly kissed his way up her abdomen, then nibbling and sucking on both breasts. Ellie started to writhe a little as he bit down gently on her nipple. He watched her, eyes closed and moaning, enjoying the sensation yet again of his mouth on her breasts.

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