Stoking the Fires Within Ch. 02

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As Chris and Chad whispered to one another after their intense lovemaking, for that was indeed what it was, neither could bring themselves to broach the subject of what had just happened. The fire was still in each of their eyes but they were each reluctant to set off anything more. Each thinking it could have been a fluke or mistake.

“Chad,” Chris began, “when do you think you might come back to work, you know it isn’t healthy staying here all the time.”

“I suppose sometime next week but, I don’t think I’ll be comfortable going back into a school right away. Seeing all those kids, being hugged, hearing the parents express their condolences would be too much too soon Chris.”

“Well,” she replied, “it was left that you could come back and work in the main office until you feel ready to go back or perhaps permanently. Whichever feels best for you Chad is what you need to do.”

Chad thought for a moment and then replied, “You know I think Wednesday I’ll go into school and collect my things from their, I’ll work the morning shift and explain why I am not going to stay to the kids and parents.”

Chris sighed to herself, she knew it would be a while before he would be comfortable returning to a school for any long term endeavor, and she hoped he could pull off one morning without having a breakdown. She knew that once he had made up his mind though he would do exactly what he said, so if he wanted to face them now and explain all the better.

They laid there for a while still talking, her bringing him up to speed on the past few weeks events and trying to get a feel for what the future might hold. She wanted to tell him that her fiancee’ was out of the picture but she was still unsure of how to go about doing so. Chris knew that she had time though and nothing was going to be forced between them, she wouldn’t let that happen.

“Chris,” Chad whispered, “thank you for being here. I don’t know how long it would have taken me by myself to work this out. I’m still not all better but I’m well on the road to recovery.”

Chris smiled, “It was really my pleasure Chad, but don’t think I’m just going to run off now that you’ve started to resemble your old self.”

A few hours later and with a little teamwork the house was nearly spotless and they were left with nothing to do but to have interaction again. Their housework tasks had gone by with music in the house and not any words spoken, time for each to ponder what was twirling through their minds.

Chad kept thinking back to his dream of seeing Aimee, her telling him that it was alright to move on, surely she hadn’t meant this soon though. But as he thought of this he did realize that was exactly what Aimee would mean, she ataşehir escort bayan would have never wanted him to suffer more than he had too. He smiled thinking about what her comments about his low sex drive over the past few weeks would have been. She would have been worried about him if she’d have been alive and he hadn’t so much as tried to touch her. Solitude was never his strong suit and now he needed another person even more to help him through this.

He was also shocked at the fact that Chris had given herself to him completely, he wanted to question her on this but at the same time feared her reply. Deep down he knew he would love to go back into whichever room she was in cleaning and take her right then, he had all that pent up need to release still and now that he was rationalizing it with himself that it was ok, he wanted another life affirming act of carnal pleasure. But should that have been a one time thing he didn’t want to corrupt it by making Chris feel guilty for cheating on her fiancee’.

Chris was at the same time thinking along those exact lines. She didn’t want to ask Chad questions and have him get down or feel the guilt over perhaps entering an intimate relationship so shortly after his loss. But she needed to let him know soon that there was nothing standing between them anymore on her part. She wanted to go to him, to feel his touch again but she would wait it out and see what was going to happen.

As they finished they sat down at the computer and began to jump from site to site. Lingering in word game areas and innocent things. Finally unable to resist Chad typed the url for one of his favorite sites and hit enter. He looked at Chris as the webpage came up and realized that she was intently watching the screen.

“What’s your pleasure?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Well, I…I…don’t know exactly, I don’t peruse much porn Chad,” she said with a smirk.

“Don’t be embarrassed to tell me Chris, you know I love all types of porn we have talked about that before.”

“Ok, well then,” her face turned crimson as she started to tell him, “I really like watching a girl suck a guys… cock.”

As he clicked the movie page that would show just that the power went out in the apartment building. They hadn’t even realized a storm was brewing outside and with that they were forced to find another means of entertainment.

“I’ll get some candles,” Chad said, as he got up to find some.

Five minutes later the living room was awash in the ember glow of the candlelight, Chris thought under different conditions this would be a perfect setup and as she watched Chad he finished piling wood in the fireplace and began to start a fire. She was escort kadıköy intently focusing on his every move, the way his body moved, every muscle in his back taunt as he leaned in to stoke the fires within the fireplace.

Chad could feel her eyes on him, he knew that Chris was drawn to him and with the candle and firelight it was getting to him as well. He wanted to take her in his arms once more but that fear that she would reject him and dismiss last night was all too real in his mind. He wanted to take his time and reassure himself that she wanted this but at this time rejection would be too great for him to handle.

Chris scooted over on the couch to make room for Chad after he had finished starting the fire, this would keep them warm, yet they were still at a loss for what to do in the limited light. They both knew what the other was thinking but couldn’t verbalize it. Chris sighed and leaned into Chad, laying her head on should and reaching out to hug him.

“Chad, we should talk about what is going on,” she fearfully whispered.

“We don’t have to if it will make it harder on either one of us Chris, we can just let be what will be and face the harsh reality sometime soon. I mean your fiancee’ will be back soon enough and then you’ll be getting married. Also, I know what we did couldn’t be justified with words alone. What you did for me last night, with me last night eased my pain and reawakened me.”

Chris sat there with a joyful tear in her eye, Chad had just related that it wasn’t just sex last night and that he needed it, little did he know she needed it just as much. “Chad that’s something about which we need to discuss. The fiancee’ as you put it is no more. He broke things off not to long ago, he decided to stay overseas for another tour and told me that I needn’t wait on his return.”

“Oh Chris I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. You should have called and talked to me, even with what I have been going through I would have talked to you and hell it might have taken my mind off my own worries and problems.”

“No, Chad that wouldn’t have been right and …”

Chad silenced her with a kiss, he hadn’t even know he was going to do it himself until it was started. For whatever reason he knew now that despite his swearing that he would never be involved again if he had gotten a divorce or something had happened to Aimee he was going to find himself going down that road again. He didn’t feel any reluctance and although they would have to be careful for a while at work with their relationship, if that is what this was, he knew that Chris was going to be a constant factor in his life.

“Wow, you know how to shut a girl up Chad now don’t you,” she teased him.

“Chris, bostancı escort this isn’t going to be easy when we go back to work together, now everyone that has hinted at us fucking before, or that we have a special relationship or I get perks are going to jump on this.”

“Screw them all,” she said with a grin, “as long as we know the truth that’s all that matters. Although I don’t think you working for me anymore will really be an option, because I can imagine you doing something wrong and me jumping on you only to get into trouble when we see each other next.”

He knew what she was hinting at, all the bdsm stories he had written, a few of which had her in them for an online website. She was teetering around the obvious that he would spank her or make her suffer for bossing him around. He gave her a sly smile before starting again.

“Well we never really talked about if you liked that sort of thing, I know you had read the stories but you never comment on them. So is that something, the area of dominance and submission appealing to you?”

“Somewhat yeah, with you further down the road, of course. But let’s not rush things Chad, we have plenty of time if that’s what you want to explore. Right now I just want to be here for you.”

Chad kissed her forehead and held her close. He no longer felt that sharp pang of guilt by doing so. It may have only been two months since the accident but he knew that if Aimee could have planned for him to ever be happy without her it would have involved Chris. There shouldn’t be a time line in happiness he thought, It wasn’t as if he would be able to forget Aimee and the girls, but at the same time why should he be miserable without them when happiness loomed before him.

Chad awoke a few hours later with Chris’ head on his chest and her arms linked around him, he could feel his cock hard against her and he wanted nothing more than to take her and make good use of her willingness to comfort him. He slipped his hand under her chin and tilted it up and softly kissed her lips. They were so soft like the petals of a rose as he brushed his lips against her a little more intensely this time he let his hands roam down her back to cup her tight little ass.

Chris gave a soft little purr and pulled herself up higher on Chad’s body not breaking their kiss as she reached between them to grasp his already hard cock. She pulled the waistband back from his body and in an instant had broken there kiss to begin a new one, one with his cock deep in her mouth, she looked at him from beneath her dark lashes and winked as she sucked him with all the intensity she could muster without leaping off him and sinking her pussy down on him right then.

“Chad, I’ve been a naughty girl with naughty dreams,” she whispered as she stood up and took his hand to lead him to the bedroom.


If feedback warrants there is plenty more to come. Thanks for reading and any feedback is good feedback in my opinion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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