Steps Taken Ch. 03

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The next morning I woke up to the sounds of clattering from the kitchen downstairs. It was pretty early and my head was still sorting through the activities of last night. After Jackie and I had finished having intense sex by the pool and on my bed I had seen that Erica might have actually come home while we were in the middle of it. If she had she definitely would have heard us going at it and I wondered about her reaction to me fucking her mother.

It was still early but I pulled on a t-shirt and some simple shorts and went downstairs to find Erica alone in the kitchen looking strangely at a frying pan.

“It’s a pan. You cook things in it.” She gasped and turned around quickly.

“You jerk! You scared me.” She said. “I didn’t think you would be up for a while.” I didn’t know right away if that meant anything.

“What do you mean?” I asked cautiously.

“Yesterday you slept until noon. I think you stayed up a bit too late the night before.” She winked at me and I could feel a deep flush enter my cheeks without warning. Seeing my flushed face and open mouth she laughed.

“Want some coffee?” She asked which broke the tension. I nodded and she quickly pulled a mug out of the cupboard and handed it to me. I was having a hard time looking her in the eye.

“So, I thought maybe you and I should spend some time together today. It’s not every holiday I get to break in a new brother. Plus all my friends are busy.” She grinned.

“Um…thanks?” I said again with a bit of caution. She had to know that I had already seen her naked, but she hopefully didn’t know I had also masturbated to one of her videos and then had intense sex with her mother. If she did, she certainly wasn’t going to talk about it right now. That wink had thrown me off a bit.

“Why don’t we go work out after breakfast and then hit the mall. Sound good?”

“Definitely.” Seeing her in workout gear really appealed to me and she seemed really friendly. Maybe she and I could really have a bit of friendship together. I still couldn’t help but notice how her long lean legs tapered into a pert ass in her shorts. She was almost the polar opposite of her mother. While Jackie was round and larger in all the right places, Erica was smaller and leaner but much sleeker. Her body was shaped almost like a gymnast, and I already knew how flexible she was.

“Okay! Car leaves in an hour.” She quickly left the room and I was left alone to contemplate spending the day with her and think about Jackie. She was obviously at work for the day, but I was conflicted as to what might happen when I saw her tonight. Would she treat me like nothing had happened or would we end up in bed together again? There was also a certain amount of guilt that I had just fucked my father’s soon to be wife last night, and not only that, but she enjoyed it when I called her Mommy. Just thinking about it made my cock stiffen. It was going to be a long day.

After finishing breakfast I gathered up my gym gear and met Erica downstairs. The drive to the gym was quick, but we easily chatted about school, working out and other things. It was really easy to talk to her just like it had been the first night and it relaxed me. Hoping that this was just going to be another day with my new stepsister, I told her I would meet her on the cardio equipment and quickly got changed.

As I warmed up on a bike, Erica walked into the cardio area and I saw every male head turn. She was wearing tight black booty shorts and a thin bright blue sports bra, and that was basically all she had on except for her bright sneakers and her hair in a tight ponytail. There was nothing left to the imagination. If I didn’t already know what she looked like naked I would have had a good idea now. There was a nice camel toe clearly visible at the crotch of her shorts. As she walked past the other equipment every guy slowed down to stare at her ass.

“Hello brother. Ready to sweat?” she said, hopping into the bike next to me. I put my head down and pedaled harder, trying to resist the urge to ogle her while my cock started to stiffen as a response to the friction on the bike and of course, her outfit.

“What were you going to work on today?” I asked, hoping that she wouldn’t say…

“Legs, of course! Have to keep the booty nice and solid!” While I gulped, again another shot of adrenaline flowed into my cock. Watching her work her legs while dressed in shorts like that was going to be extremely hot.

We finished our cardio and walked into the weight area, where again most of the guys lifting weights stopped briefly to watch her as we walked around. She was friendly with some of them and stopped to say hi, always making a point of introducing me as her brother. When some of them looked surprised she just smiled.

The next half an hour was pure torture of the best kind. Our first exercise had her lying forward on a bench and curling her legs up, but also forced her to push her ass up in the air while grinding herself into güvenilir bahis the bench. Every time she exerted herself she would grunt and as she moved her ass would squeeze tightly in her shorts. When I was doing it she made a point of standing right in front of my head where her crotch was clearly visible. Her camel toe was clearly visible from that angle and it was obvious there were no panties underneath her tight shorts.

The next was squatting, where she would squat down and again stick out her gorgeous ass at me, but this time asked me to spot her from behind. She made a point of asking me to keep my hands on her bare waist, which by now was damp with sweat. If we had been naked I would have easily been able to slide into her from behind and being so close to her and watching her muscles flex got me extremely hard. As she moved up and down she grunted and moaned every time. Other guys were just stopping their workouts to watch her put on a show.

The last part of the torture was again watching her bend over with a bar in her hands and her legs straight, extending them fully so her ass cheeks stretched. This made it so that her pussy encased in the shorts was clearly puffy and visible. Again as she worked every time she lifted she would give a sigh, grunt or gently moan. Every time she did that I could only think about the sounds she would make lying underneath me if my cock was moving inside her.

When she announced that we were done she said she needed to stretch. Quickly she grabbed my hand and pulled me into a studio that was off to the side and empty. Laying a couple of mats down on the floor she lay down and we started to stretch lightly. All I could think about when she lay there was rolling on top of her, ripping her clothes off and fucking her hard right there on the floor. I was as turned on as I had been yesterday when her mother was teasing me by the pool. Both of these women really knew how to use their bodies to their advantage. My cock was fully hard and ready for anything.

There was a glass door so that people could see into the studio but we were positioned so that we were off to the side and someone would actually have to walk in to see us. As she lay there she asked if I would help her with one stretch.

“My hamstrings are really tight.” She said. “Grab my leg and just put it up on your shoulder.” I knew what she was talking about but gulped again, knowing what position it was going to put me in.

I took a hold of her leg, which was slick with sweat and lifting it up, placing my torso right at the crotch of her shorts. It meant that my cock, which was now visibly sticking out on front of me was almost pressed right into her camel toe.

“You can go farther.” She said. “I need a good stretch for those.” As I pushed forward I couldn’t help but feel just the tip of my cock push against her lightly. “Farther. I can take more.” She said, looking up at the ceiling. I leaned in more. Now it was obvious that my hardness was pushing right against her. Like before, if we had been naked I would have now easily slid into her pussy. Looking at her body glistening with sweat, seeing her trapped underneath me and staring openly at her firm tits, flat stomach and long, tight legs was just too much. She had to know how badly she was torturing me. Maybe she just enjoyed showing off and teasing men?

Closing my eyes I immediately thought of Jackie and how she had easily seduced me yesterday when we were alone. Perhaps Erica was trying to do the same thing as some kind of competition because she had heard Jackie and I fucking the night before, or maybe she just knew that I had masturbated to her naked body twice already.

I dropped her leg and announced I was heading to the shower. She frowned.

“You didn’t do the other side!” She called after me, but I was quickly out the door. If she wanted to tease, then it was up to me not to give in. In the shower I gripped my hard cock but didn’t give myself any release even though it was begging for it. If Erica wanted me, just like her mother yesterday given the opportunity she was going to get the fucking of her life. Briefly I wondered if I would even have the chance to get both of them in bed together but quickly put it out of my mind.

Sitting in the lobby I waited for her to come out, and we walked to the car slowly.

“What’s wrong, new brother? You seem kind of down.”

“It’s nothing.” I said. “I guess this is all just new to me. I’m spending my vacation with two people I barely even know and…” I trailed off, not wanting to bring up anything but almost figuring I should just confront the obvious.

“I get it. When I first met your Dad it was kind of weird for me. And then before I knew it Mom and I were moving in with him, and everything was kind of new.”

I nodded. She definitely wasn’t talking about what I was talking about, but she still had the same perspective.

“We’re going through the same thing. I’m here for you though if you ever need to talk. Just türkçe bahis come into my room! We can have a slumber party!” She winked at me and suddenly threw her arms around me in a tight hug. I was surprised but still thought having a sister like this probably wasn’t too bad. Although it was likely that our slumber parties would turn into something she could record on her webcam.

“All right…you know what always makes me feel better?” I shook my head. “Shopping!” She cried with excitement. I groaned. “Come on, I guarantee you have never had a shopping experience until you have done it with me.” She winked again, this time a bit flirtatiously. Her small ass turned in her shorts and she skipped towards the car.

We drove to a nearly shopping complex and she picked out a couple of stores to hit, claiming to be looking for a new dress. I asked if she wanted to meet up in about an hour, but she wrinkled her face.

“Come with me. I promise you’ll have a good time.” She smiled again. Walking into the first store she started to look around. I noticed that the items she was picking up were extremely skimpy. This girl definitely wasn’t shy about her body. I started to groan every time she would pick up another dress, imagining that it was going to take longer than an hour just for her to try all of them on.

“I’ll be in the back.” She walked towards the change rooms. Spying a comfortable chair just outside of the change rooms I sat down and decided to play a game on my phone while I waited.

After a few minutes I heard the door open and Erica walked out. She was wearing a mostly sheer rust coloured dress that clung to her narrow frame like a second skin. It was short enough to show off her long legs, but well above the knee. She had clearly taken off her bra because her nipples stood out through the thin material. I almost dropped my phone. She spun in front of me, also showing off her firm ass.

“What do you think?”

“Um…it looks great.” I stammered.

“I don’t know…” she started to pose, spreading her legs, bending over and giving me quite a show. My cock stiffened again in my pants and I had to shift myself in the chair. She even at one point squeezed her small breasts together, making sure I could clearly see it. She glanced at me and smiled with a Cheshire cat expression on her face.

“No, I think the other one…” she turned and walked back into the change room. After another couple of minutes I heard to the door open and she stuck out her head. Looking around, I realized that we were alone in the back of the store and it was not busy.

“Come here, I need help.” She said in a low voice, signaling me to come to the room. I looked around to make sure no staff member was nearby to see and got up, quickly walking back to the open door. Suddenly her arm shot out, grabbed my shirt and she dragged me inside the room with her. Shutting the door quickly I saw that she was undressed almost completely except for a pair of panties. She pushed me against the wall and hungrily pushed herself into me, kissing me hard. Her tongue aggressively pushed into my mouth and she moaned while grinding her entire body against me.

I was so shocked I couldn’t immediately respond. Her firm tits pressed into my chest and her hands were entwined in my hair as she hungrily sucked on my lips and tongue. After a few seconds I started to respond and finally kissed her back just as hard. All the desire from the past two hours and days flooded straight into my cock. She broke the kiss and looked at me with hungry eyes, panting.

“Like what I’m wearing?” she pointed to her panties, which were the exact same ones I had left on her floor covered with my sperm the day before. Again she jumped onto me and hungrily attacked my mouth.

“I’m so fucking horny.” She hissed between stabbing her tongue into my mouth. “Why didn’t you just take me in the gym like I wanted? God I just want some cock.”

My body was getting over the initial shock and I started to let my hands wander all over her naked body while we kissed. Her breasts barely fit in my hands but her nipples were hard as rocks. She was just as horny as her mother after all. I let my hands wander down and squeeze her firm ass that I had been staring at all morning. Her panties were soaked with her juices and she clenched onto me when I started to stroke her pussy.

“Mmmmph…” she moaned loudly into my mouth, still grinding herself against me. Just then I froze, hearing footsteps outside of the change room door.

“Is everything okay in there?” a voice called in.

“I’m great!” Erica called out, giving me a grin and moving her hand down to my fly. She dropped to her knees and slowly unzipped me, reaching in and pulling out my already hard cock. I stayed silent only because I knew that there was a person right outside of the door. Her small hand started to stroke me into full hardness. Finally we heard footsteps walk away from the door.

Quickly Erica dropped to her knees and literally güvenilir bahis siteleri inhaled my cock into her mouth, taking me almost all the way to the hilt on her first movement down. I grunted with the feeling of her warm mouth and when her tongue started to run against the sensitive underside of me I had to let a pathetic sounding mewl out of my mouth. Her mouth began to swirl around my sensitive head and then plunge down, taking me deep inside.

Her eyes looked up at me and I saw a glint in her eye as she kept my cock in her mouth and started to suck it hard. It seemed like with every stroke she went deeper and faster.

“Mmm…mmm…mmm” she gave a gentle moan. My hands were trying to find something to grip onto from the intense feelings and all I could find was a hook on the wall on one side and a rod on the other that the clothes she had been trying on were hanging from.

After the pent up frustration and the attack she was making on me my cock quickly swelled. It took me about thirty seconds to reach the point of no return. Clutching harder to the wall I grunted and bucked my hips hard, shooting deep into her throat. She didn’t miss a stroke and eagerly swallowed while I continued to shoot into her mouth. I came so hard that my hand ripped the rod off of the wall with a loud crash.

Erica quickly took her mouth off of my cock and burst out giggling. Still breathing hard from the effort of my orgasm I realized the position we were in and quickly zipped myself back up. Quickly another knock came on the door.

“We heard a crash! Is everything okay?” Erica looked at me and smirked.

“I’m fine! I just fell while taking off my dress! Sorry!” She left me with a stunned expression on my face and started to slowly put her original clothes back on. Grabbing a couple of dresses off of the floor and my hand, she opened the door and pulled me out with her. A couple of store employees were standing there and when they saw me their mouths dropped open. Erica just grinned and moved to the checkout desk, where she proceeded to buy the dresses she had picked up, getting dirty looks from the sales clerk. My face was bright crimson, and not only from embarrassment. We walked out of the store quickly with her arm around my waist.

“That was hilarious!” she laughed. “You should have seen the expression on your face when you pulled that rod out of the wall!”

“Erica!” I was pretty mad, even though I was still reeling from the incredible blowjob I had just gotten. “What the fuck was that?”

“Oh, come on! I was just having some fun with my new brother.” She grinned. “What’s the problem? It’s not like you didn’t enjoy it. Didn’t you want to kill me at the gym? I saw how hard you were when we were working out. I love teasing.”

“It’s not that. You’re my stepsister! We can’t…”

“Can’t what? Have some fun together? I’ve known I wanted you since I saw your pictures. Then when I found my panties moved last night and my computer had been accessed I knew you wanted me too. Does it make you feel bad that your sexy sister was the one making the first move?” She twirled in front of me. Obviously she didn’t care who saw us. I should have known considering she let guys watch her naked on webcams for money.

“Don’t you think it’s going to make things a bit weird at home? What about your Mom?” I asked.

“Mom and I share everything. You have nothing to worry about there. Plus…she’s not…” She trailed off suddenly with a confused expression on her face. I wasn’t about to tell her that I had already experienced everything Jackie’s naked body had to offer the night before.

“Come on, we’re not done.” She grabbed my hand again and we walked to the next store. Thinking I might get a repeat of her previous performance I stayed close to her but she kept me at arm’s length.

“Don’t worry…we’ll have lots of fun tonight, I promise.” She said at one point, erotically licking my earlobe. Suddenly I was ready to go home and find out what she was talking about, but she was still shopping and we spent another hour going through a couple of other stores.

We finally left the mall and drove back to the house. It was hard now to keep my hands off of her knowing that I might be able to experience the other woman in the house, but I also wondered what might happen if mother and daughter both found out about the other one.

We pulled into the driveway to see Jackie’s car.

“Shit. Mom must have had a short day. It’s okay. Just don’t let on and I’ll meet you in your room tonight.” Before I could say anything she was out the door with her bags.

This was getting a bit out of hand. Now before I knew it I had two women who I was soon to be related to possibly wanting to be with me tonight. What would happen if they found out about each other? This was a really strange situation that I felt like I had to defuse pretty quickly. Jackie or Erica? The choice was clear, since there was only one of them that was marrying my father. Jackie and I had an amazing night, but it would have to stop there. I also didn’t know how she would feel about Erica and I hooking up. It was probably best that she just didn’t find out. Here was hoping Jackie was going out tonight.

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