Starship Starseeker Ch. 06

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Starship Starseeker Chapter 6


When they arrived off New California and established a parking orbit, Sam notified Emily and Fred down on the surface of the planet. They were surprised that the Maxwell kids were already there. It had only been a few days since Ana had told them that the kids were on their way. Emily and Fred eagerly met them outside their home an hour later when Starseeker had gotten clearance to land on New California and the coordinates to the house.

After plenty of Utopian hugs and kisses from Emily, Fred and their daughter Autumn, everyone went into the vineyard’s tasting area and sampled the wines made there in a beautiful outdoor garden setting.

Sam and Abbie talked mostly to Emily, wanting to know what their father was like when he was still operating Isabella as a common freighter. Adam talked to Fred about wine and vineyards. His parents on Cennet had a vineyard there. Jo, Mike and Erik talked mostly to Autumn, discovering that she was a local guide and led a wine tasting tour of the valley owned by the Utopian vintners.

Mike had always favored beer to wine, mostly because he felt that he didn’t understand what people saw in it and raved about. He didn’t want to taste an expensive bottle of wine and not appreciate it. His family had wine often, usually an Eden Red. He liked that okay, but he didn’t drink a lot of it. He explained his situation to Autumn and she offered to take him and anyone else in his party on an educational wine tour. Emily and Fred stayed behind to make them dinner for when they returned.

Autumn knew every family in the valley. The bottom of the valley was covered in traditional farms, growing a variety of grains and vegetables. There were a number of orchards in the valley as well, supplying the planet with excellent produce all year long. The hills and sides of the slopes were cornered in vineyards. This was where the wine was made. Most of the wine was consumed on New California, but a few were exported off-world at a premium price.

Mike told Autumn that he would gladly pay for the wine that everyone in the party tasted, including the good stuff. This was great news to Autumn who wanted to really impress them with the product made here. The best wine in the valley sold for nearly 2,000 credits per bottle, even though the best wine on New California was routinely sold for nearly ten thousand!

The tour was both very entertaining and informative. They started out with some of the sweet varieties, which Mike and Erik instantly liked. Then, they worked toward some of the dryer white wines. Mike had learned what to look for and the words to describe what he was tasting. Mike had a new appreciation of wine and could tell the common wines from the rare. After selecting one white that he really liked, he found that the price of that bottle was 350 credits per bottle and his group drank 3 bottles of the stuff.

Mike was a little disappointed when they switched to the more common reds, but learned the taste profiles and the language of what to look for in a good red wine. They snacked on cheese and bread with fruit all afternoon. Before they left for the day, however, Autumn wanted to let them taste her and her parents favorite plus a taste of the really good stuff. Since both wines were from the same winery, their hosts presented them with two bottles of each, side by side.

The owner’s wife, Josephine, poured them a glass of their number one seller, the second best wine they produced. Everyone in the party had learned how to taste wine properly and to appreciate the wine’s appearance, color, bouquet and taste. After one good taste of the wine, Mike could see why this wine was so very popular. At only 500 credits per bottle, this was the best wine he’d tasted all day. He could learn to prefer this wine to beer, but the price kept him from falling in love with it. It was his mother’s inheritance, not his. He even felt a little guilty about agreeing to taste the two thousand credit bottle they were being served, knowing that his parents would eventually pay for it.

With a distinctive flourish, Pierre served the premier bottle to them all. As Mike tasted the wine, it seemed that flavor expanded in his head like a balloon! The effect was incredible. Mike had never imagined that anything could taste so good! Everyone expressed their delight with this bottle. Even Adam, who was the only connoisseur among them was very impressed. Pierre and Josephine took Adam’s compliment gratefully. This young man obviously knew his wine, and had declared their reds better than any vintage that he’d tasted from around the Confederation, even better than the respected French wines from Earth.

Sam told the owner of the vineyard that she would like to buy a case of the 500 credit wine for the Starseeker and a case of the even better, 2000 credit wine to send to her parents on Eden. Excited to make such a good sale at one time, Josephine asked güvenilir bahis for the address the wine was to be shipped to. When Sam told her her parents name and address, Josephine froze. She asked Sam to repeat her family’s names.

When Sam told her Rob and Ana Maxwell were her parents, Josephine asked if she knew Brad and Gabby Maxwell, and Gia Maxwell. “Gia’s my mother,” Abbie told the woman.

“Brad and Gabby are our parents,” Jo told Josephine, indicating Mike and herself.

Josephine broke down into tears in front of their visitors. She made an impassioned plea to her husband in French. Pierre comforted her and assured her that everything would be fine.

“What happened?” Sam asked. “I didn’t mean to upset her,” Sam told them.

“Those are tears of joy.” Pierre explained. “The embryos your parents brought us have given us two precious children,” Pierre told them. “Josephine says that we are not to sell your parents anything. All that we have was made possible by them,” Pierre said. “We will send them a case at no charge,” he said finally.

Knowing not to turn down such a generous offer, Sam, Abbie, Jo and Mike thanked them all very much for their gift and their hospitality before Autumn took them back to her house. When Sam told Emily and Fred about the incident, they were both surprised that any of the wine growers had charged them anything. This community owed so much to Brad and Rob, that they would have gladly given them their wine for free if they’d only known who their parents were.

The next morning, vintners they’d visited from all over the valley showed up with cases of their best wine for the kids to take home to Brad, Rob and their families. Many apologized, saying that they did not realize who they were serving wine to and invited them to their homes for a meal and a small family orgy. Autumn knew that they only had a limited time on New California and they all wanted to go snow skiing and surfing before they left, so she explained that they were pressed for time. Everyone understood and wished them well on their travels.

Autumn, being a licensed travel agent, arranged for their ski adventure and surfing expedition. She knew all of the best places and arranged some of the best small orgies at the places that she visited frequently. Everyone aboard the Starseeker had a great visit to New California before it was time to leave.

Autumn, Emily and Fred had been great hosts and sexual partners for their visit to the colony and promised to give their parents their regards. The Maxwell kids couldn’t promise anything, but were fairly certain that with interdimensional travel routes, their parents might be more open to visiting their friends.

Rather than the weeks their parents had taken to get to New Texas, the Starseeker was there in days. Tim and Agnes met them on a clearing on their ranch and introduced them to their sons Clay and Virgil. The two boys were tall, dark and handsome. It was not clear which ethnicity they were , but they were a perfect balance of physical appearance. They were darkly tanned and muscular from working on their parents ranch. They both had huge cocks, bigger than any men aboard the Starseeker, the girls would enjoy this visit.

Fred, who had been forced to retire because of his deteriorating medical condition, showed everyone around the ranch in a flatbed anti-grav truck with comfortable seats. Occasionally they would all get down and walk around while Fred, still supported enough to walk by the anti-grav suspenders, belt and jeans showed everyone around the ranch and the surrounding farms. It was a generous spread in some of the best cattle areas of New Texas. Fred and Agnes’ place supplied all of the meat for Brad’s smokehouse along with countless other customers around the Confederation. Clay and Virgil, who now ran the ranch, had a very successful operation going on New Texas.

A large gathering of farmers and ranchers throughout the countryside came over that evening for a big dance and barbeque. Even Mike, who had been training under Brad for years, was surprised at the quality of the barbecued meat. He had to admit that the old men’s brisket was better than his or Brad’s brisket. Talking to the men as they made their plates, Mike learned a few key secrets that Allen had never had time to reveal to Brad before his death.

The Maxwells and their guests, met a number of people their age and spent most of the evening dancing and drinking with them. New Indian IPA was the preferred drink here, since New India was their closest beer making neighbor. A number of craft breweries existed on New Texas, but they produced mostly light, low calorie pilsners without much flavor, as far as Brad was concerned, but he didn’t have to work in the hot sun all day. The beer they drank was probably more refreshing than any of the heavier brews he preferred.

Mike preferred the dark German style beer, but the route from Himmel would take many months türkçe bahis to get to New Texas. Each day in transit meant a higher price for the buyers. Perhaps he could help broker a deal to get Himmel to send their beer here as well. With enough volume, he thought that the New Texans would be able to afford the German style beer that their ancestors on Earth drank.

After the dance, there was the ubiquitous Utopian orgy. Abbie had found several alpha-male types among the ranchers and cowboys, but she was in love with Erik. She wanted to have sex with all of them, but she wasn’t tempted to replace Erik with one of these local cowboys. The cowboys were fun and fucked her well, but they didn’t have the depth of character that Erik possessed. Erik found several farmer’s daughters as well as a few cowgirl types, but again, Abbie owned his heart. The sex was just for fun and to interact more personally with fellow Utopians.

Mike, Jo, Sam and Adam too, were having a good time with the local young men and women. Clay and Virgil were very popular among the local women, but didn’t have sex with the Maxwell girls. They knew that there would be plenty of opportunity at home during the time that they all stayed at their home. When the orgy was over, everyone, including Virgil and Clay’s girlfriends went home to Tim and Agnes’ home. Tim and Agnes arrived home about the same time as the kids did. They greeted everyone back home and suggested that they all get some sleep. They had a busy day planned for tomorrow.

After rising early, they all ate a full country breakfast prepared by Agnes and Clay’s girlfriend, Chelsea. After finishing their breakfasts, Virgil and Clay headed out to oversee the feeding and watering of the cattle and to send the cowboys on their daily assignment. When breakfast was cleared and the kitchen cleaned by all hands, Agnes suggested that they all go see their working ranch. Fred would drive over to talk to the managers running the farm before joining them at the big livestock pens for the task for today, castrating the young bulls.

Having watched some of the old Westerns that Gabby had archived for their home library, everyone thought that the castration would be brutal and painful for the young bulls, but that was not the case. The cowboys had to cut the young bull calves from the cows and heifers with their well trained horses, and lead them through a shoot. At the end of the shoot, the calf would enter a space where the walls could be closed to hold him in and after an injection, a special laser removed the testicles and cauterized the wound. The new steer didn’t feel any pain at all.

“I’m surprised that you still even emasculate the feeders,” Erik told Tim as they watched the procedure from the fence. On Nirvana we use chemical castration instead of removing the testicles,” he said.

Chemical castration is alright, but full emasculation at this age guarantees better beef,” Tim told them. “The animals feel no pain at all and the immediate absence of male hormones makes the beef more tender and tastes better,” Tim explained. “Plus, it will give everyone a delicious lunch,” Tim said, indicating several cowboys preparing a deep fat fryer in the cooking tent.

“We’re going to eat the calves’ balls?” Sam said with alarm.

“We call them calf fries,” Tim explained. “They’re eaten everywhere cattle are raised,” he told them. “They taste like venison!”

“I’m up for it,” Erik exclaimed. “Me too,” Mike added. Eventually, everybody agreed to at least give them a try. They were on a trip of discovery after all. They’d eaten caviar and other fish roe, why not bull nuts?

When the emasculation was finished a line of hungry cowboys lined up for a serving of fresh hot calf fries that had been expertly prepared and then deep fried. Every order was served with a cocktail sauce that the cowboys used to dip the calf fries into. Erik was the first to give them a taste and discovered that he liked them. Mike, Adam, Virgil and Clay all dug in. Only Jo, Abbie and Sam hadn’t tried them. Finally, they too took a tiny bite and then another larger portion.

“These are good!” Sam said as she tried another calf fry.

There was agreement all around. They didn’t taste quite like venison, but they did have that gamey taste like venison did. Overall, they liked the flavor, if not what part of the animal their meal came from. That afternoon, they went riding on some of the trail horses they kept up at the house for pleasure rides. The cowboys and cowgirls preferred their own mounts but since Tim and Agnes had a lot of farmer friends, they kept quite a few horses in the stables near the house for them to ride.

After a pleasant ride, the Maxwells, Erik and Adam returned home and let the stable hands take care of their mounts. They went inside and took a shower to wash the dirt and grime off their bodies. Since it was a Saturday night, Chelsea and Eva were sleeping over with their boyfriends. Clay güvenilir bahis siteleri and Virgil helped bathe the Maxwell girls while Erik and Adam bathed Chelsea and Eva. Being alone with their hosts, was a change from the massive orgy they’d attended the previous night. After such a heavy fried lunch, the last thing they wanted was another night of hard drinking and fucking. All they wanted was a light supper and slow sensuous sex with their hosts. Supper was mostly farm fresh vegetables and homemade breads. The Maxwells loved fresh vegetables and bread, and was something they had craved after several months in space.

Bedtime was early that night as well. Animals needed to be fed and looked after every day, so farmers and ranchers never had weekends off. Clay and Virgil had to be up early, but the night was still young when they all went back to the big orgy bed. The Maxwell girls were accustomed to big cocks, both Brad and Mike had significant size and girth, but Agnes and Tim’s boys were even bigger still.

As the oldest, Abbie got to chose her sex partner first. She took Clay’s big meat missle in her mouth and took him halfway down the shaft. Eva and Chelsae were shocked that Abbie was able to take Clay’s cock so easily. They both still struggled with their boyfriends’ girth. Jo did the same to Virgil, causing him to moan in pleasure as Jo twirled her tongue around the head of his cock.

Agnes helped position Tim on the bed so that Sam could have sex with her husband. Tim was not the boys father, but he too had a large dick, a bit larger than Mike or Brad’s. She knew that she would get the chance to fuck Tim’s sons later, but Tim was no slouch when it came to size either. Sam knew that she would have to do all of the work, so she was able to set the angle, depth and rhythm. Sex with Adam had allowed her to be quieter in bed, and her noise was not earshattering, but her partner knew that she was enjoying herself.

Clay was the first of the brothers to slide his cock slowly into Abbie, stretching her pussy to an incredible fullness. Clay’s was the biggest cock she’d ever had inside her. It was incredible! Jo was next to have Virgil plow deep into her willing cunt and found it delightful as well. Nightly sex with Mike and frequent sex with her father, Brad, had made Joalice more accustomed to Virgil’s massive pole. She moaned as Virgil began pumping into her eager fuck hole.

Erik and Adam were deeply enjoying being with Chelsea and Eva, but Brad was experiencing the talents of Agnes, a well trained and seasoned sex professional. Agnes was the master of his cock. She could make it feel the most incredible things just by riding him like she was breaking a bronco. Abbie and Jo were cumming hard and often before the brothers filled their cunts with hot cum. The sisters immediately went to eat each other’s cum filled pussies while Mike was finally allowed to cum inside Agnes’ amazing fuck tunnel.

Tim, who had just finished inside Sam, smiled at Mike. “Agnes was always the best fuck that ever worked for Stellardyne. These young workers have no idea of what they’re missing out on,” Tim complimented his wife’s sexual expertise.

Before the night was over, All three Maxwell girls got to give the huge-cocked brothers a try in their pussies. Tomorrow night, they would take the brothers in their tight assholes. Eva and Chelsea said they would gladly take Mike, Eric and Adam up their asses, but not Clay or Virgil. Agnes laughed and told them that they didn’t know what they were missing. The boys fucked their mothers asshole several times a week!

The next day was a sightseeing day for everyone except Clay and Virgil. Tim took the family’s anti-grav ship and soared off, giving them a birds-eye view of New Texas. They stopped in San Antonio for an early lunch and enjoyed the Tex-Mex food that the city was famous for. After sightseeing around Austin and Houston, they had dinner in Dallas. Sam had invited everyone to dinner at a Michelin star restaurant and Agnes and Tim gracefully accepted. Abbie was worried about not being dressed properly for dinner, but Agnes assured her that they would fit right in. The dining room was Western themed, with the servers wearing jeans, and cowboy boots. Since New Texas was not totally Utopian, everyone wore clothing, but the female servers weren’t wearing much.

The idea of eating beef ribs, chicken fried steak and calf fries in a fancy restaurant while sitting next to people eating caviar and wagyu beef steaks with sauteed mushrooms and couscous was so typically Texan. Avoiding the fried foods and anything too heavy, everyone decided on fresh grilled seafood. Like Texas on Earth, New Texas had large oceans and many popular seafood options had been included in the initial establishment of the planet’s oceanic food supply.

After some of the good Utopian Valley wine, they ordered grilled oysters and grilled red snapper. While they waited for their meal, Shrimp cocktails were brought out to them. Both the oysters and snapper were served family style and there was just enough food for everyone to enjoy without being stuffed. They left the restaurant early and headed home for another night of great sex.

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