Sometimes Things Just Happen

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Anal Fisting

I wasn’t really looking to hook up with anyone that morning, but when I saw him strolling through the store, he caught my attention. There wasn’t anything special about him, just an instant thing that I felt. I followed him around for a few moments, watching his ass and thinking about what it might look like without those tight jeans covering it. He often turned so I could see his bulge in the front which was very noticeable. Apparently, I wasn’t being as inconspicuous as I thought I was because he started checking me out too and was soon right next to me looking at the same thing that we both had no interest in.

I was taken by surprise when he asked if I was in the market or just window shopping. I surprised myself by replying that I was in the market today and looking to try out something new. Turning to face each other for the first time he suggested that I come check out some of his special equipment if I had the afternoon free. I looked him straight in the eye and said that for him I would make the day free. He handed me a business card with is name and address on it and said to come by about 1:00. I said that I would be there and he walked away.

I rushed home to get ready and rang his doorbell at exactly 1:00 all clean and ready inside and out. He answered the door wearing workout shorts and a muscle shirt and looked like a guy from the work out magazines. I was a little intimidated because my shape is anything but what you would want to take pictures of and my extra 40 pounds are quickly approaching the stage where it is to late to do anything about it. Mean while, Jim looked great and seemed to sense my discomfort and tried to make me at ease.

He showed me his house, nice, not a palace but well kept and classy. He told me that he worked from home doing freelance consulting and ad work, so he had plenty of time to work on getting in shape because he said he looked more like me about 2 years ago and a health scare made him start acting healthier. I told him that I had retired about a year ago and had been caring for a ailing wife and was just now getting able to leave her for the day to go shopping and spending a day out. I was wanting to start shaping up but wasn’t görükle escort quite motivated enough yet.

We settled in the media room with some nice soft jazz filling the room and a cold drink in hand. We compared some life experiences and got to know each other a little bit and got more comfortable with each other. After a while we had both let our guards down and I began stroking his leg as we talked. He finally took my hand and pulled it up to his soft bulge in his shorts and let me stroke that instead. I reached inside his shorts and found his cock and started massaging it with my hand. He stretched out on the couch and let me have complete access to him. I switched back and forth between his balls and dick feeling him grow harder with each stroke.

I finally reached around him and pulled his shorts off. As long as I had stopped for a moment we undressed each other before I continued to play with him. I knelt on the floor beside the couch and started fondling his cock and balls again. I stroked his cock up and down while gently massaging his balls in my other hand. His cock grew to about 6 inches long as it got fully erect but it was nearly that thick too.

My mouth neared his cock as he reached down and began stroking me also. I spread his legs apart as I slowly licked down the underside of his thick cock all the way to his balls. I took each of his balls into my mouth softly sucking and covering each with my saliva until it was running down between his tanned ass cheeks. When I started back up to his cock I slide my hand under his leg to take his balls again. Coating my fingers with spit I continued to lick the underside of his cock flicking it with my tongue and sucking on the hard veined shaft. As my mouth crested the top of his cock I slide a finger down to press against his warm asshole. I covered his cock with my mouth as my finger pressed into his ass. He jerked as I worked my mouth and finger in unison, fucking him with both. His warm cock felt delicious in my mouth as I ran my tongue over and around the head paying special attention to the sensitive underside of the head. He jerked and moaned as my finger slide deeper into his ass and bursa escort bayan my mouth covered more of his cock.

As I was kneeling beside the couch giving his cock a break from my mouth but still stoking it with my hand, admiring thick hardness and how it glistened from my saliva, Jim reached between my legs and literally lifted me up over him on the couch. I settled in over him in the classic 69 position expecting him to take my cock in his mouth but instead he pushed me lower and with both hands spread my ass cheeks wide and buried his tongue in my ass. I just let him split my opening with his tongue as I had never been ass licked like this before. Jim’s tongue was very long and it almost felt like a dick going in my ass. His hand came around to stroke my cock as he tongue fucked my ass for a few minutes. Soon his attention turned to my shaved balls as he sucked both of them into his mouth and caressed them with his tongue and his fingers took the place of his tongue in my opened ass. I just laid across his body and enjoyed what he was doing to me while is hard dick pressed against my chest.

Feeling his cock throb against my chest while Jim continued to stretch open my ass, I knew what was going to soon follow. I slowly managed to lift myself up enough that I could get my lips around his big hard cock, I started coating it with my spit. Jim returned his attention to my ass, also getting it good and wet. With his cock as hard as I could get it, I slide down his body and lifted myself up over his cock. It was so thick that I knew it was going to hurt no matter how prepared I was. Bracing my hands on his knees, I positioned my ass right over his hot throbbing cock and slowly lowered myself onto it. If winced as the head pressed against my rectum muscles but I was able to relax enough the I was able to let the head of his dick slide into my ass. I felt myself contracting my ass around it like I wanted it out of there but I knew that was just the opposite of what I was wanting. I forced myself to relax and when the moment was just right I pressed myself down hard and buried his cock deep in my ass. I just froze for a moment as my ass accepted Jim’s big bursa escort cock and as soon as it felt right I began fucking up and down on his hot dick.

I was soon able to hold myself upright and let him do the thrusting, filling my ass with his cock. I knew that I was very tight because he was soon fucking for his release. I put one foot on the floor to give him a better angle at me and let him fuck me as hard as he could. His hands around my hips were soon pulling me tight against him as he bucked and thrust against me. I could feel his cock swell as he locked me tight to his hips and jerk his sperm into my hot ass. I felt spurt after spurt fill my ass while he kept me locked in place with his arms.

Soon, I felt him relax just a little and then his cum started seeping from my butt. I got up and started licking his softening cock clean of his still hot sperm. He stopped me after a minute and had me turn and climb on top of him with my dick in his face. As I settled in he started sucking my cock and balls and even started cleaning his cum from my ass. I was finally able to get him in just the right position to start fucking his hot mouth. He greedily sucked on my cock as I face fucked him. Finally, as I could feel my own climax starting, he grabbed my hips and pulled me against his face and sucked me as deep into his mouth as I could go. I could feel his throat muscles working on the head of my dick and he slide a finger into my well fucked ass and started massaging my prostate. That was all I could take as I unleashed my own torrent of cum deep into my new friends throat. The more I came, the more he pressed on my prostate until I was having multiple orgasms one after another.

I finally collapsed on top of him and I think I may have even passed out for a minute. When I regained my senses he was still trying to suck more juices from my cock. Only when he stopped did I climb form on top of him and slide down beside him on the couch. My hand reached down to find his soft but still massive cock. He told me that the only time he is able to get that hard and big is when he is with another guy, otherwise he was always a lot more normal sized with his girlfriend. I asked him what would happen if he was with both and he said that he didn’t know – yet.

Unfortunately, I had to leave but we plan to have a repeat performance soon. I think my wife is going to let me have a new personal trainer so I can get back into shape for her, don’t you think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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