Some Strange Things

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I’m Christian. I’m your typical 15 year old – clean wavy hair, growing pubes, and horny all the time. I also happen to be the biggest fan of Stranger things (you know, that netflix show everyone is talking about). Because of that show that I realized I was gay. Why? Because whenever I see Mike (played by the gorgeous Finn Wolfhard), I stare at his pants hoping for a bulge, so that I can jack off my 5 inch dick.

Fate has been good to me because it just so happens that my mother works as an executive for netflix.

What are the odds, right?

So imagine my face when my mother told me that we were going to Atlanta for the weekend to visit the set of Stranger Things.

“Really Mom?!?”

“Oh yes dear. Sorry to drag you from studying. I know you have your exams are coming and your father has that assignment from abroad. The show is about to wrap their shoot and Netflix has sent me to talk to the Duffer Brothers of so-:

“No worries mom. I’m sooooo stoked!”

“Thanks for understanding son”

I hurriedly went to my room after that and packed my things. Fuck. I’m going to meet Finn Wolfhard. FINN FREAKING WOLFHARD. The boy of my dreams and fantasy dreams.


We arrived at Atlanta around 10 am the following day, and went to the set after lunch. The shooting was already starting to resume. We approached the Director’s tent after the take to talk to the Duffer Brothers.

“Matt, Ross, How are you?”

“Oh Mrs. Levy! Hi! We’re good, we’re good” Ross said

“We’re so happy to have you here. You must Shawn’s little boy, right?” said Matt

“Yep, Christian. I’m Christian” I said

“Great, Hi Christian! Let me show you around the set. Everyone take 10, good take everybody” Ross said.

I was excited that the director himself will show me around the set. We left the tent while my mother and Matt discuss how things are progressing at the standby area.

The location was at the school so he showed me around. We went to the props area to see the next monster of the series (which by the way was COOOOOOOL), then he went on to introduce me to some of the writers on the set (well they were shocked to see that a Netflix executive was at the set so they were quite frazzled when I was introduced), and finally, we went to the trailers where the artists are.

“All the grown-ups aren’t here so you’ll just meet the kids, okay? I think you’re all the same age”

“Okay no problem”

Fuck. Here it is. I’ll get to meet them. Also, I get to meet him

We saw them playing UNO cards by the table. Millie, Noah, Caleb, and Gaten. No sign of Finn.

“Kids, this is Christian. Shawn Levy’s kid.”

“Oh Hi Christian! I’m Millie. Nice to meet you!” Millie said to me while hugging me

“Sup dude! Your dad has been talking about you a lot. Caleb here”

“Yeah he talks about you literally quite often. I think I need you to teach me Math. I suck at Math tho” said Gaten, while chewing Cheetos

“Sorry about dad…”

“Nah dude he’s great. You wanna come play Uno? I’ve been kicking their butts all morning” Gaten said.

“As if Gaten!” Millie said

“Alright you squirts. I’m gonna leave Christian to you. I’m going to check on your mom okay?” Ross said


Ross Duffer left us as we went on to play Uno. While playing I can’t help feeling quite disappointed that Finn isn’t here. He was the reason why I agreed to go here in the first place

“Uno!” I screamed while holding my last card

“Fuck! He’s gonna win!” Gaten said

“Gaten! Language” Noah said while looking at me, embarrassed

“No it’s okay. I’m cool with cuss words”

“I like you. You’re cool… and HE HAS A GREEN NUMBER 5!!” said Millie

“Fuck you you cheater!” I said casually

“Well thanks” said Millie, with a wink.

I paused for a second. My heart began to beat fast. It’s him. It’s finally him.

What I saw was probably heaven.

Finn just took a bath because his hair was wet and he was wearing a towel. He then showed us his 7 inch dick. He was hard. My jaw literally dropped. He had pubes around his dick. He also has a faint 6 pack. He was a god. He was perfect. çeşme escort And I get to first see Finn, naked.

“Oh fuck sorry I didn’t mean to – “

Caleb went to Finn hurriedly and smacked his head.

“You idiot go get your towel you dip shit! That’s Christian, Shawn Levy’s kid!”

“Oh fuck I’m sorry Christian I didn’t mean to show you my – “

“No it’s okay. No worries dude”

“Well Finn’s a little excited because we’re about to go do Uno Dare. Loser gets to do the Winner’s dare. Wanna join?” Mille said, while smirking

“Oh yeah I’m in!” I said excitedly.

We went on to play Uno Dare. Noah lost, Gaten won. Everyone was cheering and jeering. I was glancing every now and then at Finn.

“Okay Noah, I dare you to go spread your ass at me trailer so that I’ll fuck you until I come”

I was shookt. I was surprised of that dare because I didn’t know that they were going at it. Wow, they are horny

“Fuck you Gaten. I’ll fuck you next”

They stood up and went to the trailer. The next we heard were faint moans and the trailer creaking.

“Okay let’s go to round 2!”

After the second round, Millie went first. I almost lost but the +4 card saved my ass. Caleb went on to lose the second round.

Millie didn’t hesitate as he went up and kissed Caleb while stripping. Caleb carried Millie and they went to his trailer.

“Hmmm so it’s just you and me Christian”

“Yeah I think it is Finn”

My dick was already tenting my shorts
We went on to play Uno. Luck was on my side because I lost. Finn was quite pleased with the result.

“Let’s go in my trailer” We stood up and went inside his trailer.

After I locked the door in his trailer, I saw him in his bed, looking at me

“What are you waiting for? Suck my dick”

I can’t believe it. This is better that any of my fantasies of him. I went to the bed, took off his towel, and I saw his hard 7 inch dick. I licked his hard pink nipples, then his abs, then I licked his balls. I heard a small moan. I licked it then I began to lollipop the head of his cock. It tasted heaven. I lollipoped it then I began to swallow it. I was fucking giving Finn Wolfhard a blowjob. Fuck. As I kept sucking him, he kept on moaning. Fuck those moans we dam sexy. He then grabbed my hair and controlled me. He kept on pushing my head to his throbbing dick. I was gagging at first but he was ruthless and kept on grabbing my head. Then, he stood up, grabbed my head with 2 hands, and put his dick inside my mouth, and he fucked me. He fucked my mouth continuously. He was totally in control of us. He kept on fucking my mouth as I kept on touching his back and his body.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!!”

There was no time for me to react as he had eight throbs of cum. He cummed in my mouth. His cum tasted a little salty, but was heavenly delicious. I swallowed it all. He rested his cock in my mouth

“Do you have a condom with you?” he asked

“Nope. Why?”

“Because I’m gonna fuck you. Since you don’t have a condom, I’ll fuck you and cum inside you”

He hastily pushed me in the bed, got rid of my shirt and shorts, lifted up my legs, and he put his dick inside my ass and fucked me missionary style. I moaned the first time he pushed as he slowly fucked me. He then pushed all of his seven inch cock in my ass and pounded me. He was fucking me senselessly. He put his arms near my head as he continued to fuck me. I then brushed around his hair, pulled he to me, and kissed him. He was a damn good kisser. Our tongues touched and go, as he was fucking me. His smell was intoxicating. His sweat was amazing. He was now pounding me hard. I can literally hear his balls flapping in my ass. He was fucking me like a monster.


He throbbed cum 10 times in my ass. He landed on top of me, with his cock still inside of my ass, tired of our fuckfest. I then kissed him as we were resting.

“Fuck you were amazing” he said while kissing me

“No you were amazing. You have done all the work”

“How long will you stay here in Atlanta?”

“Only until Sunday”

“Alright. We still have today and tomorrow. I’m gonna fuck you until I don’t have cum left”


This will be a fun weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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