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Beth arrived in Chicago just ahead of the storm. It wasn’t predicted to be a very big storm, but by the time she was in the cab and on her way to the hotel, the wind had shifted and the snow was blinding. The cab driver didn’t seem alarmed, so Beth tried to relax. Between the flight and the weather, she was tense. She told herself she would have dinner and get back to her room. She had planned her arrival a day early so she could see some of the sights while she was here, but it didn’t look like the weather was going to cooperate. At least she was staying in a nice hotel. She was almost looking forward to a day alone.

Beth’s room looked out toward the city. Bright lights contrasted with the gloomy weather and made it feel warmer than it really was. She decided she would take a quick shower before dinner. She stripped out of her travel suit; sensible shoes that slipped off easily, black slacks, red sweater. She stood there for a moment, caught her reflection in the mirror. “Not bad for 44,” she said out loud, as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She stepped out of her panties, and left everything in a pile in the floor.

Something about showering in unfamiliar surroundings was always a little bit of a turn on for Beth. Everything felt a little different than at home. The light pressure of the water, the smooth stone floor unlike the slightly rough tile at home, the scent of the body wash all mixed together and made her feel a little vulnerable and exposed. She kept her eyes closed while she washed herself with the soft wash cloth. She could smell the lavender and rosemary in the soap. She was beginning to feel very warm, inside and out. She leaned back and let the water hit her mid chest, run in rivulets down her body, tickle her between the legs. She dropped the washcloth and began to pinch her nipples, not too hard, but enough to make them tingle. They were rock hard and very responsive to her touch. The warm water licked at her pussy lips, and she relaxed her knees so she could feel that warmth on her clit. She was imagining that warm water as a strong, firm tongue lapping at her, could feel hands on her ass holding her still. She moaned softly when she came, and stood there with her fingers still caressing her nipples for a minute or two after the spasms had subsided.

The snow looked to be falling even harder when Beth got out of the shower. She wrapped up in the big fluffy towel and opened her suitcase. She pulled out a black sweater dress and her black bra and panties. She liked getting dressed up, even if she was going to dinner alone. “You never know when you might run into someone interesting, and you want to be prepared,” she thought. Tonight, Beth was prepared. Her black dress was clingy and soft. It accentuated her curves without showing too much. She left her hair a little messy, because the hotel soft water didn’t allow for anything else, really. Just a smear of lipstick and a dab of perfume and she was ready. She grabbed her bag and headed for the elevator.

The restaurant was crowded since nobody wanted to go out in the weather. Beth gave her name to the maitre d’, who told her it would be about an hour before a table was ready. She was going to sit in the lobby and read to pass the time when a man’s voice from behind her offered the fourth seat at his table. She had no trouble carrying on a conversation with strangers, she just wasn’t sure she was in the mood for it. It had been a long day and she was looking forward to some quiet. But, she was also hungry. It would be nice to be fed and tucked in before too long. Beth turned to see who was offering.

The first thing she noticed was the smile in his eyes. Not on his face, but in his eyes. Green eyes that met hers level and held her gaze. The gaze that Beth couldn’t hold because she was checking him out. Was that really a dimple in his left cheek? Hard to tell with the late pendik escort afternoon shadow, but he had a warm smile regardless. Confident enough to keep his hair cut short, instead of fighting the receeding hairline. Beth found herself wanting to rub his head between her breasts. Then she found herself blushing, furiously.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?” Beth asked.

He explained the person he was waiting for had just called to cancel, and his friends were waiting inside. Beth took the arm he extended. Static electricity startled her when she touched his arm. Was that a good sign? He winked at her and introduced himself. “I’m Scott, and who might the lady be?” She looked around. “Oh you’re talking about me,” she smiled slyly. You can call me Beth.”

Beth realized quickly the person who hadn’t shown up was not female. She felt a little awkward being there in the middle of their boys night out, but they were great to include her in the conversation, especially when they figured out she could hold her own discussing sports. They raised a glass to common ground many times throughout the course of the evening. Beth found herself looking at Scott across the table, wishing she was sitting next to him instead. He was funny and charming and she was pretty sure she had caught him looking at her a little intently when she spoke. She was certainly not tired anymore. In fact, she was wide awake, almost aroused just from being in the presence of three men. But she was positively intrigued with Scott. She was disappointed when he said it was getting late and they should be clearing out to beat the weather. They exchanged cards and agreed they would have to do this again the next time Beth was in Chicago.

Beth was watching them walk away when Scott turned around and walked back to her.

“Can’t let a lady walk back to her room unattended at night,” he said and extended his arm for her.

Beth thought about the offer for a moment. A handsome, single man, asking to accompany her to her hotel room on a snowy Chicago night. Should she invite him in? She looked into his eyes again. He seemed trustworthy. Should she take the chance? She decided to let him walk her to her room and think about it some more.

The elevator was full, and it stopped on every floor. Scott was standing behind her, and she could feel one of his hands on the small of her back. Every time the elevator stopped, Scott’s hand rode down a little lower, until he was cupping her ass. Beth could have moved away if she had wanted, but she didn’t. She leaned back and Scott gave her a squeeze. That’s when Beth knew she would be inviting him in. And, she was pretty certain she knew what he would say. Especially if he was one to let his cock do the talking. It was pressed up against her ass, hard and demanding attention. Beth pushed against him and moved her ass up and down just barely enough for Scott to feel, but so the others in the elevator couldn’t see. The older gentleman to Beth’s right figured it out, but he didn’t mind the show. The man and his wife got off on Beth’s floor, and she gave the him a wink when the exited together.

“I think you could have had that guy, if you want me to go?” Scott smiled at Beth.

Beth rolled her eyes. “I think his wife might kick my ass. She looked tough, and I think she had a cane!” They both laughed.

“But seriously, the weather is terrible. I’d hate to see you stranded here, unless that’s what you want?” Beth looked at Scott expectantly.

“I kind of hope that does happen, to tell you the truth,” Scott said. “You seem like someone who would know how to waste some time stranded.”

Beth fumbled in her bag for the key, and dropped it in the process. They bumped heads when they both bent over to pick up her bag. Beth muttered “ouch!” and rubbed her forehead. Scott took her hand away from her forehead and kissed her there. His lips were maltepe escort warm and soft.

“Let’s go inside before one of us gets really hurt,” Beth said.

Beth wasn’t one to pick up strangers and take them back to her hotel room. In fact, this was the very first time she had done so. She tried to be nonchalant as she removed her shoes and motioned for Scott to have a seat on the sofa.

“Drink?” Beth asked.

“No, just come sit by me. It’s a little chilly in here,” Scott said and put his hand on the cushion beside him.

They talked about small stuff, found out a few more things they had in common. Beth’s soft sweater dress had ridden up quite high on her thighs, and Scott could see the top of her stockings. Black and lacy, and he knew just a little higher her skin would be bare. He reached over and put his hand on her thigh, pushed her dress up, found that bare flesh. Beth didn’t stop him.

“I love the sight of a woman in stockings,” Scott said when he reached that skin. That space between stocking and panties is so sexy.” He looked down at her exposed flesh, then back up at her face.

“So what if she’s not wearing panties?” Beth teased. She didn’t move, though.

She was wearing panties, which Scott would discover for himself in just a few seconds if he kept moving his hand up her thigh.

“Such a tease, Beth. I think I should get to see those panties,” he said when his fingers met lace. “Are they black like your bra?”

“How did you know the color of my bra? ” Beth asked, trying to sound shocked.

“Educated guess,” Scott smiled. “You seem like a lady who likes things to match. Black dress, stockings, shoes.” “Oh, and I can see through your dress in this light, too,” he winked.

“I’m glad you still think I’m a lady, and hope you don’t mind if I don’t act much like one tonight,” Beth smiled back. “Oh, and since you’ve been sneaking peeks at my lingerie, I might as well let you see it.”

With that, Beth stood and pulled her dress off over her head. She tossed it in the corner and turned around slowly. Her lacy black underthings were sexy and revealing. Her big nipples strained against the transparent lace of her bra. Her high cut panties revealed the swell of her thighs and the curves of her ass. Scott had been right about the space between her panties and her stockings. He wanted to reach out and touch her there. But he was enjoying the view and wasn’t ready for the show to end just yet.

Beth could tell she was having an effect on Scott. He had already been hard by the time they got out of the elevator, but now she could see the outline of his cock. It was almost poking out the top of his pants. She thought she might be able to get her hands around it, and found herself getting warmer at that thought. She straddled his lap and faced him. She didn’t have to ask him to take off her bra; he already had the hooks undone by the time she was settled. Her warm soft fleshy breasts fell into his hands and he buried his face between them and inhaled deeply.

“Oh god you have amazing breasts Beth,” he sighed as he continued to nuzzle her chest. He held a breast in each hand and admired her big brown nipples. He couldn’t decide which one he wanted to suck first so he held them together and placed them both in his mouth.

“Oh, Scott, I LOVE that!” Beth cried out as he sucked her nipples.

Beth’s pussy was warm, hot actually, and very wet. She could feel the crotch of her panties up against her mound. She wanted those panties out of the way.

She grabbed Scott’s head and pulled him closer to her chest. He had to push back to get a breath. When he did, Beth took the opportunity to start unbuttoning his shirt. Scott leaned back and let her. She ran her fingers through the curly hair on his chest, gently teased his nipples. Then she leaned forward and kissed him. Not a soft, tentative kiss, but not kartal escort rough and demanding, either. Just somewhere in between. Her lips parted his when they met his, and her tongue probed. They wrapped their arms around each other and felt their chests pressed together.

Beth felt Scott’s thick cock up against her and wanted him right fucking now. She reached between them and worked down the zipper of Scott’s pants. She moved his briefs aside and let the head of his cock spring free. She wrapped a hand around his shaft and realized she was right about the size; she couldn’t get her hand completely around him.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I want you now,” Beth said as she pulled her panties aside.

She guided the head of his cock to her very wet opening, slid it up and down, around, back and forth, all over. She was soaked, he was leaking precum, they were already a slick mess. She looked at Scott to see if he was going to protest.

“What the lady wants, the lady gets,” he smiled.

Then he put his hand over hers, the one she was using to guide his cock inside her. When she felt the head pop inside she relaxed her hand and so did he. She felt his thickness stretch her open, felt his length fill her. When she felt her labia resting against his balls, Beth moaned loudly.

“You’ve filled me up babe, I mean that,” Beth said as she started to push against Scott’s thighs, rocking in and out, slowly.

Scott moaned out loud, something about tight, wet, or both, maybe. Beth took it to mean he was enjoying this as much as she was. She leaned forward so her nipples would brush his chest while she straddled his legs. She tried to squeeze her pussy around his cock as she rode him, but honestly, he had filled her so full she wasn’t sure he would be able to feel it if she could squeeze. So, instead, she worked on her thrusts. Slow, gradually faster, sometimes just a little out, sometimes all the way to the head then back in all snug and wet and hot. When he looked up at her and told her he was coming, Beth stopped completely and kissed him. She stayed completely still, well not completely, she was still trying to squeeze, until he put his hands on her hips and pulled her close, then pushed her up. Beth liked the way his forearms felt in her hands while she held on for the ride.

Beth looked down at Scott and saw he was starting to get sweaty. She could see the shiny wet droplets forming on Scott’s forehead and shoulders. He reached up and held her breasts, softly, found them a little sweaty underneath too. You sure wouldn’t know it was snowing outside by the way they had heated up the room. Thee was a thick sheen of condensation on the windows. The city lights were muted and soft, making small kaleidoscopes through the moisture on the windows. It all felt like a fantasy, except for the very real, very hard cock buried deep inside her, and Scott’s hands grabbing her ass.

“Are you going to let me come tonight Beth? Scott asked, a little breathless, but still smiling.

“Oh, are you ready, then?” Beth tried to sound surprised. But she wasn’t surprised, and Scott knew she was playing.

Beth put her hands on Scott’s shoulders and rocked her hips in rhythm to his thrusts. She squeezed her pussy just as hard as she could. Scott held on to her hips. When Beth started to climax, she felt Scott grab her ass tighter. He groaned and closed his eyes when Beth screamed. She felt his hot cum coursing down her inner thighs as she held on tighter. They laughed and yelled “Sorry” in unison when the room next door’s guests banged on the wall.

“Probably that lady and her cane,” Scott laughed as he pulled Beth close and tickled her below her ribs. This caused her to scream again, but there was no more banging.

“I think we should put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign, Beth said when she was done laughing.

“Oh, but I plan on disturbing you as many times as I can between now and check out, when ever that ends up being,” Scott said.

Beth hoped the snow didn’t let up for awhile. She was sure she and Scott could come up with many ways to stay warm and entertained for at least a day or two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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