Skeletons in my closet part K or 11

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Skeletons in my closet part 11

Skeletons in my closet part 11 Marriage and The truth about Megan

Come June Keith and I was married in that gazebo we built. It was a lovely event with all his circles of friends and most of those working for us. His circle of friends was a charming bunch. I only had a problem with one of them her name was Rhonda.

To me, she seemed a bit too friendly with Keith. Sara and Linda called her the bitch. They both told me not to let her get under my skin. I asked them just what was her relationship with Keith.

”It’s your wedding day Kate, let’s not ruin it by digging up the past,” Sara said to me.

I will get to Rhonda in a later chapter. The girls were right I was to marry the man of my dreams finally. I only wish my mother could have been here to share my joy as I knew she approved of Keith.

I had tried to get Keith to wear his dress greens but he flatly refused. He told me he was no longer married to the army only to me. We had no honeymoon our company was just too busy. However, Keith would have my asshole later that night.

The three of us saw everyone off that night. Megan, Keith, and I retired to our family room. We all talked for a while then Megan told us she was off for bed.

Keith and I retired to our bedroom. I told him I would be right back. I went into the bathroom and slipped into a very sexy short white bridal outfit with white thigh high nylons. It even had a small wedding train which covered my ass which was appropriate for what I had in mind.

Keith told me how lovely I looked as I climbed in bed next to him. We kissed passionately as I tugged at his cock. I broke our kiss reaching into the nightstand. I grabbed the lube and rubbed it all over his hard throbbing cock. I got on my hands and knees on the bed.

I flipped that bridal train over my ass as I said, ”Fuck me in my ass.”

Keith squirted more lube on my ass. He ran a finger in and out coating the inside as well. Keith got behind me and rubbed just the head of his cock against the puckering hole of my asshole.

”Let me know if it hurts and I will stop,” Keith said as he pressed the head of his cock to my asshole.

My asshole seemed to open right up as the head pressed against it. My hands gripped the bedsheet as he pushed the head up my asshole. He stopped and rubbed at my back which helped to relax me.

Keith slowly and gently worked about a third of his cock up into my ass. He stopped just letting it lie still in my butt hole. I felt my asshole loosen and I started to ease back onto his cock.

I reached a point where it hurt more than felt good. I stopped allowing my ass to adjust to his size. This was truly the biggest cock I ever had up my asshole. All the other cocks that had been up there would have been fucking me by now and had dumped their load in me.

Keith bent down and kissed at my back as he pulled his cock slightly out then pushed it back in. It took some time and it was not without pain. Well, to be truthful it hurt like hell. It felt like an arm up in my ass. However, I wanted him to take it.

Keith finally got all of his dick up my asshole. His hands went to my hips. He slowly started to fuck my asshole. Just giving me a little bit as he fucked me slowly. I reached down and rubbed at my clit.

Suddenly, it felt truly incredible. It takes time for your body to adjust but when it does. You get a sense of fullness that nothing else can provide. You’re being touched inside in ways that never happen otherwise. It feels wicked, it feels transcendent. It felt like the true slut I was.

I was soon backing my ass toward his cock.?It felt like my whole body must be expanding to accommodate it and it felt completely normal at the same time. Well other than the size of his cock.

I looked over my shoulder as I said, ”Fuck your new bride like the slut she is.”

Keith didn’t need to be told twice. He started to fuck me with the full length of his cock. I would push back each time his cock buried in my asshole. His big hanging balls banging into my wet pussy and clit.

My first orgasm came over me. I felt my asshole tightening around his cock. Unless you have been butt fucked you will never know the intense pleasure of your asshole squeezing tightly around the cock fucking you as you orgasm.

As it did I looked back to Keith. In doing so I saw a shadow outside the door we had forgotten to close. I didn’t say anything to Keith.

Instead, I pictured in my mind my daughter watching as her daddy butt fucked me. In a way, it helped as I really got into it. I pinched and pulled at my clit thinking Megan was below me sucking on my clit.

My pussy was squirting wildly as I pictured that in my mind. I looked back to Keith telling him how wonderful his big cock felt in my ass. I could see that the shadow on the wall outside the door was full of movement. I knew my daughter was fingering her pussy.

I can’t really say whether I was enjoying Keith fucking my ass more or knowing my daughter was watching and playing with herself. All I knew was multiple orgasms were sweeping through my body. Keith fucked my ass for about 30 minutes much longer than any man ever had.

Keith tensed up and buried his cock fully in my ass. I buried my face into the bed. I bit the bedsheets to stop from yelling out as it had truly hurt. Suddenly his cock throbbed and started to spill his nut juice into my asshole.

My asshole and pussy both convulsed as the most powerful orgasm came over me. I am not sure if I was squirting or pissing all over the bed. Keith’s cock slipped from my asshole. A wet slimy cum fart escaped from my open butt hole.

Keith scooped me up and carried me to our bathroom. We showered cleaning up and had normal sex in the shower then took another shower. We returned to bed and Keith fell asleep.

I got up and checked in the hallway. I found there was a wet spot on the carpet just outside our door. I returned to bed knowing my daughter had enjoyed the show.

The next morning I left Keith sleep. I went to the kitchen island and Megan was sitting there. I sat down while she got up and got us coffee. Then she sat back down.

”Did you enjoy yourself last night?” I asked her smiling.

Megan told me she didn’t know what I was talking about. I told her she sort of left a puddle outside our door. Megan looked a little embarrassed.

”It’s ok I rather enjoyed knowing you were watching,” I said smiling at her.

MOM!” Megan yelled.

Megan took my hand as she added with a little laugh, ”You know that’s an exit, not an entrance.”

”Don’t knock it till you have tried it,” I said.

”Maybe but not with a dick as big as daddies, that man has a huge fucking cock,” Megan replied.

”MEGAN,” I said smiling at her.

We both were laughing when Keith walked in. He kissed me on my lips thanking me for a wonderful night and sat down. Megan brought him a cup of coffee. She kissed him lightly on his lips.

”You could have at least got her flowers,” Megan said laughing running outside.

Keith looked at me as he asked, ”What the hell was that about?”

I told him he didn’t want to know. He looked at me thinking then told me I was probably right. I told him I had enjoyed the butt fuck but it won’t be something he got every night as that thing felt like a log in my ass.

”Not even if I got you flowers?” Keith asked with a smile on his face.

A month into being married Keith and I even removed his war wall. The pictures we saved in a box still unopened to this day except for two pictures the one of him with those five other men and the picture of him and me at the bar. Those photos to this day hang framed in our office.

We replaced that war wall with another family picture wall which included pictures of Danny, Sara, Linda, Megan, Stacy, Keith, and I. As that was the true family. We also kept the other older family photo wall.

As a symbol of his love for me, he gave Megan his army ranger ring telling her it was hers to do with what she wanted too with it. Megan placed it on a gold chain and wore it around her neck like he was her high school sweetheart.

Very few of her friends ever knew that Keith was not her real daddy especially as they both were blondes and had blue eyes. Keith even adopted her giving her his last name. Plus she always introduced him as her daddy.

As I wrote that last sentence I thought maybe I had been looking at the wrong devil back then. Perhaps my daughter was the true blonde haired blue eyed she-devil.

Megan would turn 16 and be a sophomore in high school come September. Keith had seen to it that she had been taking driver education since the spring and she had gotten her license. During our reception, he walked her and me to the garage where he stored his 68 Camaro. He handed her the keys telling her that the old girl was hers now.

Megan hugged him telling him she couldn’t accept his gift as it was too much and that car was his pride and joy. Keith hugged her and me as he told us both we were his pride and joy now.

Megan had become the model child in most ways. She was charming, polite, well behaved, and became quite popular in school. She would be in accelerated classes next year. Megan might have been spoiled but she was not a snob, stuck up, or one of those higher than thou people. Megan knew everyone and would be friends with anyone.

Not only because of that car but because who her daddy was. She was sort of terrified of embarrassing her daddy. Everyone knew Keith was her daddy.

Perhaps I should say everyone respected Keith. They knew he was fair but would not put up with any shit. That and if you fucked with Megan you would have no choice but to face his wrath. Most of Megan’s schoolmate’s families worked for Keith or at least knew him.

Megan was also one of the most sought after girl at her school. Keith got tired of all the phone calls she got so he got her own phone line and number placed in her bedroom. Megan had become one of those hot young sexy women at her school.

We all know her type, we all went to school with one. A sexy super hot blonde. That homecoming queen bitch everyone wanted to fuck. The one boys jacked off to nightly and hoped to have wet dreams about.

Megan also wasn’t one of those rich prissy bitches she wasn’t really into jocks, geeks, or nerds. She didn’t see you as fat, ugly, handsome, or perfect. Daddy had taught her everyone deserved a chance. Never look down upon someone unless you are helping them up was what daddy taught her.

Megan seemed to have a soft spot in her heart for slightly shy boys. Boys that didn’t brag or try to impress her. She enjoyed normal everyday people. I think she liked shy boys because she could be in charge. Megan made the rules and if you wanted to play it was her way or you didn’t stand a chance.

As to that girl’s reputation we ladies all get when in school. You know what I am talking about. You know, easy, hard to fuck, or the slut.

Megan was none of them. She was herself much like her daddy. She who would put out but only on her terms. Megan, Stacy, and I had become close friends. I found I could confide my jealousy to both of them.

If only I would have looked beyond their go along attitudes toward the women I despised being near Keith. That included strange women gawking at him at the store, women at work, and mostly our women clients.

Even Stacy was on my radar so to speak. The ugly duckling was always being a flirt around Keith. That girl seemed to always have a wardrobe malfunction around Keith. Her tits falling out or not wearing panties and this girl had a massive bush on her.

Luckily Megan kept her in line. Stacy even asked me if she might kiss Keith on his cheek as Megan did in front of her. Megan told her Hell no before I could. If she won’t have been so ugly she would have made the perfect slut.

As to Megan, not a thought in my mind or in my bones registered a jealous thought. They were father and daughter. She had turned into the same type of person Keith was.

Keith taught her to believe in carrying herself a certain way and to do her best to be somewhat of a role model. He taught her respect, never give up, and gave her guidance. I overheard them in the barn one day.

They had just finished riding horses. As they put the horses away. Megan told her daddy she could never be as perfect as he was.

Keith went to her putting his hands on her shoulders as he said, ”I’m not a perfect person. I’m a human being.” ”I carry myself with confidence, with poise, with grace, and with class.” ”I make mistakes and I learn from them.” ”Some mistakes we learn from others we regret the rest of our lives.”

Megan just stood there looking into his eyes as Keith added, ”It is better to learn than to regret.”

Megan had to turn from her daddy. She wiped the tears from her eyes as I wiped my own tears. Keith was the best thing that ever came into her life. Perhaps this blonde haired blue eyed devil had charmed yet another for his flock.

However, if daddy only knew the truth about his Princess. One day in early July I awoke to find Megan and Stacy sitting at the island having coffee. They were talking and grew quiet as I entered. I got my coffee and sat down I asked them why the silence.

”Boys are assholes!” Stacy said.

”STACY!” Megan yelled.

”What she is going to find out sooner or later that is what mom’s do,” Stacy said looking at Megan.

I looked at Megan and asked, ”What is going on?”

Megan explained most of the dates she went on turned into disasters. She told me most boys were afraid of her, well maybe of her daddy. Most tried nothing at all.

While others thought she was a slut looking to be skull fucked. I about spit my coffee out hearing that. She went on telling me when she did anything with them it was wham bam thank you, Mam.

”They leave me hanging mom,” Megan said with a serious look.

”It might take a hundred men to find that one special person,” I said to her.

”So that leaves you about 50 to go, Megan,” Stacy said to her laughing.

”STACY, I am not a slut,” Megan yelled at her.

”Sorry mom no disrespect meant,” Megan added.

I smiled telling her none taken as I took my coffee and went to the family room. I did so for two reasons. The first was my daughter’s comment had in away hurt me.

My daughter knew all about my slut bar days. I had sat her down and explained it to her after her grandmother had died. I also explained my own search for that special man. She also knew I still needed the attention of all men. She knew I loved to tease just not I loved to please as well.

The other reason I needed a drink as I didn’t know my daughter as well as I thought. Nothing goes better with coffee than JIM BEAM VANILLA whiskey. It hides nicely in coffee while giving you that taste of sweetness while reminding you of fond memories.

I overheard the girls talking. They seemed to be checking scorecards so to speak. They were rating boys to the enjoyment they got from them.

It seemed they both were quite the sluts. Neither were virgins. Thank God my daughter was on the pill. From their talk, both had a very healthy sex life just not a happy one.

Sucking dick and handjobs seemed to be at the top of their lists. Both agreed fucking wasn’t always the greatest as it never lasted long enough to give them pleasure. I heard them tell each other that the other was better than any boy they ever had.

That sort of soothed my mind as deep down I felt better with my daughter becoming a lesbian than a slut like her mother. However, as I thought back to being the slut my pussy tingled.

A few weeks later I would find out first hand just what they both had been up too. Keith and I had to work at two different sites on Saturday. Megan had the day off. She had asked if Stacy could come over after she had done her chores. We both agreed that she could

Most Saturdays we would work till 4 or 5 in the afternoon. This Saturday I only work till about 11. I called Keith telling him I would meet him at home. He told me it would probably be after 6 before he got home.

I returned home to find a strange van in our driveway. I went out back thinking the girls had some other girls over to go swimming. As I rounded the corner of the house I saw no girls only two boys.

They had a big blanket laid out in the yard. The girls were paired off with a boy. Everyone was naked. The boys were 17 or 18 average looks maybe even a little below average.

However, they were twins. Andy and Hank were their names, school mates of the girls. I had met them a few times while at the grocery store where they worked part-time. At first, I couldn’t tell them apart.

However, I did know that they both were perverts as they were always gawking at me. I enjoyed teasing them just making sure Megan didn’t catch me. This was the first time I had seen their equipment so to speak.

The only difference was one had a very nice size cock while the other was average or even smaller. They both were sporting raging boners that throbbed as they stood before the girls. Stacy naked on her knees with her chubby hanging out everywhere. Her hand wrapped around a very nice maybe seven-inch cock.

Megan on her knees in all her beauty. Her hair blowing in the wind with her toned suntanned body and white tits hanging out. Her mouth engulfing that smaller cock.

I hid watching as they each sucked cock. The boys were reaching down pinching at the girl’s nipples. Stacy was bobbing her head and hand on the big cock. Stacy’s cheeks going in and out as she sucked hard on that cock.

Megan was going up and down that cock hands-free. She took it all into her mouth as her cheeks moved in and out as she sucked at it. Megan stopped sucking long enough to push the boy’s hand away from her tit telling him they were attached.

Megan’s hand pumped at his dick. She kissed at the head of his dick. His pre-cum dripping upon her lips. She kissed and licked at his pee hole while playing with his balls. This girl knew how to suck cock.

Megan let go of his cock as she laid down on her back on the blanket. She parted her lovely legs then tossed them into the air making a V with them. Her blonde karabağlar escort hairy open pussy glistening in the sun with her wetness as her hands rubbed over her big tits.

Andy climbed between her legs. His face went between her legs. He started to lick wildly at her pussy. Megan’s hands went to his head as she pumped her pussy into his face.

My attention went to Hank the other twin. Stacy was now on her hands and knees. Hank got behind her with his cock in his hand. He rubbed it at her pussy and at her asshole. Hank told her he understood she liked a cock up her ass.

”Fuck my pussy then you can have my ass,” Stacy said to him looking over her shoulder.

Hank slipped his cock into her fat hanging open pussy. He rammed his whole cock up into her in one motion as his hands went to her fat hips. Stacy only slightly moaned as she took all of his dick.

I turned my attention to Megan. Andy had climbed up between her parted legs. I thought he had barely tasted her pussy. Andy sort of stabbed that little cock at my daughter’s cunt.

Megan finally reached down guiding it into her pussy. Her long legs wrapping around his back. Both boys went to town fucking the girls. I had jeans on with no panties and my pussy was dripping my own juices into them.

Both boys were enjoying themselves. Andy fucking Megan while Hank was fucking the hell out of Stacy. She was backing that fat cunt back into his cock in perfect time.

Fat slaps filled the air as he pounded that fat little slut. Stacy’s pussy farting as he fucked her. Just as I started to rub at the damp crotch of my jeans. I saw Andy tensed up.

”No not yet Andy,” Megan screamed out.

Andy fell forward gave a couple of pumps then moaned her name as his face went beside hers. He lay there on top of her. I saw that disappointed look in my daughter’s eyes. I had that same look many times myself before finding Keith.

Andy rolled off her, his slimy cock going soft as he did. Andy got up and jumped into the swimming pool. Megan lay there with sadness over her face. I felt sorry for her because I knew that feeling all so well.

Hank and Stacy were still fucking like wild dogs. Hank slapped at her ass as her pussy started to burp her wetness. Stacy’s fat hanging tits were flopping wildly as they fucked.

About five minutes later Hank slammed his cock deep in her. He grabbed her hips pulling her back against his cock. His hanging balls flexed as he pumped his load of cum in her.

Hank pulled his wet softening cock from her pussy. I watched as her pussy convulsed. It then leaked his cum her fat cunt.

Hank then ran and jumped in the pool joining Andy. The boys splashed and dunked each other playfully. Stacy moved next to Megan on the blanket.

Stacy kissed and licked at Megan’s tits then they slipped into a 69. They cleaned the boy’s cum from each other. The boys were no longer playing but watching the girls.

I had seen enough I thought as I walked back around the house and went in through the front door. I make my way to the family room. I made myself a drink sitting down on our sofa.

I thought about what I had just witnessed. Megan knew no boys were allowed here when we are not home. She had broken daddies rule. Something she never did. However, I also felt bad for her as I could tell she had not gotten any pleasure from Andy.

As I made another drink I thought about what should I do. Do I go off on them or play like I saw nothing. Telling Keith was out as Megan could lose everything. About this time I noticed a pile of clothes. So they had started here I thought. I moved their clothes next to me.

Three more drinks later I heard laughing as they all walked in the back door. All four of them walked into the family room. They froze buck naked in front of me as their laughing stopped.

Andy covering his privates while Hank stood there with it hanging down limply. The girls just stood there as neither of them was modest in the least. I had on a custom tank top which proudly showed off the girls. Hank started to get a boner as he gawked at my tits overflowing my top. Andy’s cock was hiding swallowed up back inside of him. Only his dick head showing.

”Mom, how long have you been home?” Megan asked.

”Long enough to know you have been up to no good,” I replied.

”Sorry mom we were hot and decide to go skinny dipping, we weren’t doing anything, I swear,” Megan said to me.

”Megan I saw your beach blanket bingo,” I replied giving her that look.

Megan looked at her friends. They all looked to her as well. Megan told Hank he was disgusting for popping a boner. His cock stood proudly out in front of him throbbing.

”Sorry but your mom is fucking hot,” Hank replied smiling smugly rubbing his hand on his dick.

While his words and actions made my jeans wetter than they were. I didn’t like his arrogance about the situation he was in. I also didn’t like the fact that Megan had lied to me. I looked at him sternly while glaring at the others.

”KEITH, could you come in here,” I yelled.

His arrogance turned to panic. That boner turned into a little boys dick. All four of them looked at each other.

They all said, ”Shit we’re in trouble now.”

They all hid their private parts as they swayed nervously. I allowed them to sweat for a few minutes before I tossed their clothes to them.

I told them to get dressed. As they got dressed I noticed Hank cock was getting hard again. I believe he thought himself as being quite the stud. I told them they all were lucky Keith had gotten hung up at work.

”I told you this wasn’t a good idea,” Andy said to Hank who was smiling and sporting another boner.

I looked to Hank as I said, ”I suggest you control your manhood before I mount it on the fucking wall.” ”Believe me I have seen you fuck and you ain’t that good at it,” I added causing him to wipe that smile from his face.

Once dressed I told the boys to get out. If I ever caught them here again they would face Keith’s wrath, not mine. Once the boys left I gave Megan and Stacy a stern lecture. I explained if Keith had found them instead of me I didn’t even want to think of what he would have done to those boys.

Megan kept telling me she was sorry. She begged me not to say anything to Keith. Stacy begging me not to tell her mom as she would kill her.

I told Megan if Keith had caught her he would have disowned her. I told her to take Stacy home as their weekend was over. I also told Megan she was grounded for two weeks.

”You better be back before your daddy gets home or it will be four weeks,” I said to her.

The girls left and I went to our bedroom. I removed my clothes. My jeans and panties were soaking wet. Perhaps the wettest they had ever been. I slipped into bed. I know it was wrong but I was so fucking horny after watching them.

I reached into the nightstand. I removed lube, that butt plug, and my favorite big dildo. I lubed that butt plug and turned it on slipping it deeply up into my ass hole. I waited until my ass muscles gripped around it.

Vibrations shuddered through my body. I lubed that big dildo and rubbed it at my hairy pussy. I thought back to watching the girls getting fucked. I slipped my dildo into my pussy.

Visions of Hank fucking Stacy doggie style filled my mind. I closed my eyes thinking that he was fucking me. I was soon pounding my own wet pussy with my toy. I was using both hands shoving it in and out deep and hard. Wet toying sounds filled the bedroom.

”Ahhhh fuck me, Hank,” I moaned out.

That loss of control came over me. I removed one hand from the toy. I pinched and pulled at my nipples with one hand while fucking my pussy with my toy.

I was soon flopping and squirting all over the bed. My orgasm had come hard and fast. The toy slipped from my pussy as juices shot onto the sheets. Those vibrations in my asshole only added to my orgasm.

Suddenly I pictured Megan’s face in my mind. It was that unsatisfied look she had as Andy had fucked her. My orgasm ended quickly I returned the lube to the nightstand. I grabbed my toy and went into our shower.

I took my toy into the shower cleaning it. By now I had learned to pop that butt plug from my own ass. I bared down and it popped to the shower floor almost giving me another orgasm.

However, it didn’t as my mind was on Megan. I thought back to all the men I had who were lousy lays. I felt sorry for her as I cleaned myself up. I dried myself and my toys returning them to the nightstand.

I dressed and returned to the family room. I had another drink. Megan returned walking into the family room. I told her she had some explaining to do.

She explained she was not thinking and believed that they won’t get caught. She also apologized to me about Hank popping a boner. She told me he thought he was god’s gift to women.

”He isn’t as he is like all the other boys they never give me pleasure,” Megan said as she started to cry.

I took her in my arms giving her comfort. I explained not all men were skilled lovers. Some had to be taught. I told her to tell them what she wanted and if they didn’t give her pleasure then she won’t give them pleasure in return.

Perhaps I should have yelled and tanned her ass for what she had done. However, I felt sorry for her. I knew how she felt. In a way, I was a slut looking for that golden orgasm such as Keith gave me.

”Are you going to tell Keith?” Megan asked wiping her eyes.

I told her there was no reason to as it would only spoil his image of her. It would be our little secret. After all, I was the slut, not her.

”But mom I am a slut just like you,” Megan said. ”I fuck most guys that I date, I have fun with Stacy and I enjoy the tease….., ” Megan added.

I stopped her pressing my finger to her lips. I told her it did not matter. Just don’t let daddy know or we both would be in trouble.

Megan hugged me telling me thanks. She told me if I ever needed her to cover for me she would. I broke her hug.

”Megan, I am truthful to Keith about my fun with others and I have his blessing as long as he knows the truth,” I said to her.

Megan shook her head yes telling me she understood. I thought she had as well. However, my speech to her set in motion something I hadn’t planned on. I told her to help me make something quick for supper as her daddy would be hungry.

As we were cooking Keith came home. He kissed me but Megan sort of avoided him. She did not hug or kiss him. Dinner was soon ready. We rather all ate in quiet. Thinking now that probably was our biggest mistake.

After dinner, Keith asked Megan to help him down in the barn. He told her your mom can handle dishes. I didn’t think anything of it as there were chores to be done.

About a half-hour later Megan came running in through the back door. She was crying, rubbing her ass and I saw that her jeans were unzipped and unbuttoned.

Between her sobs, she cried out, ”Daddy knows the truth,” as she ran for her bedroom.

Keith came in as he said, ”Kate into the family room.”

Keith was on the sofa as I walked to him. He grabbed me pulled my jeans down before I could react. With bare ass hanging out he laid me across his lap. I screamed bloody murder as he paddled my ass with his hand.

I cried and protested telling him I had none nothing wrong. He told me I had as Megan told him of the pact we had made not to tell him about her. I had not been truthful with him. His spanking ended and he released me.

”Perhaps you both had learned a lesson,” Keith said.

I stood up with my jeans still down. I looked back at my ass his handprint stood out brightly red. I slapped him hard across his face. I told him how dare he treat me like a child.

”When one acts like a child they get treated like a child,” Keith yelled at me. ”If you ever don’t tell me the truth again I will leave you quicker than you think,” Keith added as he got up and walked out of the house.

I sat down on the cool leather sofa hoping it would take the sting from my ass. Believe me, it didn’t. Why had Megan told him? It would have just been between her and me. There was no reason I could think of why she had told him the truth. I was still squirming on the sofa when Megan walked in.

Megan turned her back to me. She dropped her jeans and showed me the same red handprint across her ass. She told me she was sorry I had gotten the same treatment.

”Why did you tell him the truth?” I asked rubbing my ass.

Megan told me she thought that was what my little talk to her was about. That maybe she should tell him the truth before he found out on his own. She had told him of us keeping it our little secret. That explained my spanking.

”I am so sorry mom, that I got you involved,” ” I didn’t know you would be punished too,” Megan said crying again.

”Truth can be as painful as the lie it hides,” I said.

”Believe me, mom, I know,” she replied as she also rubbed her red ass.

I had her to sit on that leather sofa next to me with her bare ass hanging out. It helped a little to cool the sting. She told me she had never seen daddy so mad. He even threatened to send her to private school.

”Unless I told him those boy’s names,” Megan said.

”Megan, you didn’t tell him did you?” asking her thinking what Keith would do to those boys.

”Mom, I might be stupid but I ain’t crazy,” Megan replied.

I told him they were strangers we had picked up at the mall. That we didn’t know who they were. I even told him that this was not my first time having sex.

”I lost my car and I am grounded till school starts. I have no crew to manage and I am to be with you or him at work at all times,” Megan said to me.

I hugged her giving her comfort. I told her daddy will cool off sooner or later. I told her he threatened to leave me if I ever lied to him again.

Megan cried as she said, ”She didn’t mean to get me in trouble as this was all her fault.”

I told her it was ok as I had been trying Keith’s patience for some time. After all, she herself had warned me. About how his spanking was not very enjoyable.

We gave each other comfort through the night waiting for Keith to return. It was after 5 in the morning before he arrived back home. Megan asleep in my arms. Keith poured himself a drink. He drank it down.

”Does nothing for the pain in one’s heart,” Keith said then walked to the bedroom.

Megan and I slept on the sofa in the family room. The next day Megan and I awoke at the same time. At least my ass didn’t burn any longer. I looked to see that he had not bruised me in any way. That man knew how to spank an ass. I asked Megan if she was Ok.

”Just ashamed for what I have done plus I got you in trouble as well,” Megan said.

I told her that was water under the bridge. I explained to her I hoped she had learned from her mistake as I had from mine. Perhaps we both had this coming I told her.

Megan and I walked to the kitchen island where Keith was sitting. He glared at us as we went for coffee. Megan and I sat down sipping at our coffee.

”Sorry daddy, I will accept my punishment and only hope you can forgive me for my bad judgment,” Megan said as she handed him her car keys.

Keith looked to me and I said, ”There is nothing I can say as I was only trying to stop pain from filling your heart.” I was wrong and I made a mistake and like Megan, I hope you can forgive me.”

Keith finished his coffee then replied, ”The daggers of silence last longer than any spoken word,” before walking outside.

Megan cried as she told me she had caused pain to daddy. He hated her and she had caused him to hate me. I comforted her telling her we both had caused the pain he feels but wounds heal with time. I did have one problem just where in the hell he had been all last night.

I found out at work Monday he had driven to Linda’s and Sara’s place. Linda explained he was super upset and told them what had happened. They in returned reminded him that despite the fact that we rarely speak about sex in our daily lives, sex is a huge component of our quest for happiness, about connection, intimacy, and pleasure and this is the reason why we all love it in or out of relationships.

Keith asked them who in the hell taught them that. Linda told me Sara took his hand and told him the wisest man they both knew, that being him. Linda told me they talked the night away hoping to calm him down before he did something he would regret.

”Don’t distrust that man with your problems Kate, for he has the solution to all of them just not to his own problems,” Linda said to me.

”How do I fix it?” I asked Linda.

”Give him time he will fix it when he is ready but not before,” Linda replied.

Megan was now my responsibility at work. I took her with me to the job sites I had to go too when not at the office. I showed her my new job and she seemed to enjoy it as I allowed her to run my crew. We both rather avoided Keith at work. Our home life suffered a bit as well for some time.

Keith was somewhat distant to us both. We both gave him the time he needed. Megan told me it had to be a shock finding out his Princess was nothing but a fucking slut. I told her she was still his Princess and someday he would replace her tiara.

It seemed that overnight Megan became a different person. Megan no longer wore anything sexy, she threw those custom made tops away as well as her short skirts. She dressed in work clothes or western wear never showing any of her lovely girlish charms.

There was no stay over at Stacy’s and Stacy did not stay here. That car sat idle in the garage. As to our sex life not much changed there.

Except for one thing. I had Keith spank me again. But this time it was a sensual spanking and quite enjoyable. I found I loved my butt tingling as he fucked me.

By labor day everything was normal again. Except Megan still kept her body covered from head to toe and was still grounded until school started. She also still worked with me and I must admit she was a great helper. We were even going to have a labor day party with Linda, Sara, and Danny. I was looking forward to it however I now wish it had never happened.

As always love to hear your comments.

Chapter 12 soon

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