Skating Lessons Ch. 2

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He had just given me one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I felt exhausted and was afraid my knees were going to buckle. I felt him stand up behind me and he turned me around facing him.

He wrapped his long arms around me and leaned down with a big wet grin and kissed me letting his tongue swirl around mine. I could taste my juices on his mouth and I licked my tongue across his lips sucking up all the flavor.

He smiled at me and held me tight then looked at me with a big grin…”You are a real hottie…aren’t you?”

I smiled back nodding at him and thinking we were through and figured I would get dressed.

He saw I what I was thinking and he laughed,” Baby time in the penalty box isn’t up yet.”

OMG…What else did this guy have in mind? I felt my face color a little as I looked at him uncertain of what would happen next. He just smiled that lazy grin of his and began to take off his sweatshirt pulling it roughly over his shoulders.

He flashed another grin as he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I couldn’t believe how hot this guys body was. He had those six pack abs you see in commercials…not in real life. Then he dropped his jeans and slipped his boxers down over his hips.

His body was lightly covered with brown curling hair with a little trail of hair from his belly down to his crotch. His cock was already swollen and jutting forward and I shyly looked up and smiled at him.

I walked closer and reached out a hand tentatively to touch his throbbing cock. It had been so long since I had touched a man other than my husband. I wrapped my fingers around his cock letting my fingers slowly encircle his shaft.

I looked hesitantly up at him and he just stared into my eyes. I felt like he was holding his breath. Then his head slowly nodded as he urged me to keep touching him. I leaned down pendik escort in front of him and slid my wet mouth around the tip. My lips slowly sliding over his swollen knob. I could hear him suck in his breath as i tentatively flicked my tongue across his shaft and slowly down toward his balls. I let my tongue slither across his balls teasing and caressing. I kept sliding my hand up along his shaft and I could feel his cock swelling in my hand.

Smiling up at him I noticed some precum on the tip of his cock and I leaned my mouth closer. I slowly licked across the tip of his now purple cockhead like he was my favorite flavor of ice cream. Long flicks of my tongue licking all his precum as I stroked his shaft and balls. Wanting to feel and taste all of him, I slowly let my soft lips slide over his cock head and began to suck him in and out of my mouth.

I could feel him looking down at my blonde head watching his cock disappear inside my warm wet mouth. My tongue swirled around his shaft sucking him in and out faster and faster.

I felt his hands sliding through my long blonde hair guiding my mouth faster and faster. I could feel him straining to hold control and I slowed the pace and began long slow licks along his shaft. I let my mouth give his beautiful cock one last soft kiss on the tip before I stood up facing him. He slowly sat down on the bench in the penalty box and picked me up onto his lap urging my thighs wide. I felt him holding me with my legs over his forearms and I reached down to help him guide his thick cock to my entrance.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss…”, I moaned as I felt his cock start to press inside my tight wet pussy.

God he was so big as I felt my pussy wrap around his swollen hard cock. I heard his growl of pleasure as he completely lowered me onto his lap with his cock buried deep inside maltepe escort my pussy. I squeezed my pussy as I started to shift on his lap and I felt him begin to guide my hips up and down over his cock.

I put my arms on his wide shoulders trying to keep my balance as he kept lifting me up and down. This guy was incredible lifting and thrusting up into me filling me each time. I could see the sweat starting to form on his brow and temples and I felt his hot gaze as he stared into my eyes. I started to look away feeling for a moment a little guilty feeling all this pleasure. He growled at me to look at him. I looked back into his eyes and he whispered to me…” I want you to know who is making love to you…It’s me…just you and me…here and now…NO ONE else…”

I started to melt from the intensity of his passion and the sensation of his cock driving faster and faster in and out of my pussy. I was dripping so much that I felt my juices dripping down along my thighs. I felt my body beginning to tense again and I knew I was going to feel a second climax. I felt his hands caressing my ass as he thrust in and out of my pussy and his hands kept guiding my hips harder and faster down onto his cock.

I felt his pace quicken and my body began to shudder. He thrust faster up and down…deeper and harder. I felt his grip tighten on my hips and then he was holding my hips still and just his cock was thrusting hard in and out.

His rhythm faster and faster and then as I began to tingle I felt him hold me tight thrusting one last time deep inside my pussy and as my pussy began to spasm I felt his cum gush deep inside my pussy. I felt him pull me tight against his body and he held me as both of us moaned and our bodies shuddered together.

I rest my head on his neck my breath warm against him as I tried to catch kartal escort my breath. I felt his cheek resting against me and his lips softly press warm kisses along my cheek and temple. After a few moments he pulled back and looked into my eyes and the intense fierce look was once again replaced by that boyish playful grin.

“Penalty is over…”, he teased.

Then he playfully tickled me and kissed me across my face. I felt his strong arms help lift me up into the air and back so I was standing now facing him. We both stood and dressed with just the sound of our breathing and the soft music playing in the background.

Stacking our skates on my lap he picked me up and carried me to the side of the rink where we put our shoes on in silence. He turned off the boom box and grabbed our jackets. Without saying a word we both walked over toward the exit. He turned off the lights at the rink and we stood by the exit just looking at each other.

He smiled at me and pulled me up against him. “I want you to know something…I am not really interested in a one night stand.”

Surprised I just stared at him not really sure what to say. But he kept talking so I didn’t have to say anything…yet.

“Look, I know you are married, but I want to see you when I can. I have a lot of traveling the next several months but I would like to get to know you better and see you when I can…you ok with that?”

OMG…like what the hell could I say…”oh no sorry not interested…”yeah right. Who would I be kidding , this guy just totally rocked my world. He was the most sexy passionate man I think I have ever been with in my life. I smiled up at him just nodded . He started to chuckle and asked, “Does that mean you are interested?”

I laughed then finding my voice finally and nodded saying, “yes.” He told me he had to work on the next Saturday night but maybe we could get together Sunday during the day and so I told him to call me. He kissed me one last time and held my hand as he walked me out to my car.

I could hardly wait to see him again for my next…skating lesson…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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