Sisters Pt. 06

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The phone rang and when I answered it. “Hi it’s Steve, Nikki has gone into work for the day and it’s starting to get hot, is your invitation for us to come for a swim in the pool still there.”

“Yeah it sure is, come on over when you’re ready.” I told Steve.

Thirty minutes later the doorbell rang, I opened the door to see Steve standing there holding a girl’s hand she was gorgeous, blonde hair like her mother’s big blue eyes that melted my heart, she was wearing a thin yellow summer dress her small breasts pushed out the thin material, her nipples were hard and visible under her dress.

“Come on in.” I told them and then locked the door.

“This is Suzy.” Steve said.

“Hello Suzy. You can call me granddad, would you like a cold drink?” I asked her.

“Yes please.” Then after a pause added. “Granddad.” Suzy said as she gave me a big smile.

“There is some orange juice in the fridge help yourself.” I told her as I pointed towards the kitchen.

“She’s fucking gorgeous, is she sexually active?” I asked Steve.

“Yes she is and very active.” Steve informed me.

“Your a lucky guy.” I told him as we walked into the kitchen.

Suzy was drinking her orange juice as she looked thru the glass sliding doors at the pool. I opened the doors and we all walked outside and Steve and I sat at a table next to the pool. Suzy walked around the pool and checked out the inflatable toys I had thrown in earlier.

“Would you like to go in for a swim?” Steve asked her.

“Yes please daddy.” As she lifted her arms straight up in the air.

Steve took hold of the bottom of the dress and lifted it over Suzy’s head as he watched me staring at his daughter. Suzy now stood in front of her daddy wearing a pink bikini. I stared at her nipples sticking out the front of her top.

“You don’t need to wear your bikini today.” Steve told her. Suzy turned and looked at me. “Your granddad won’t mind.” He told her as he removed her top first exposing her young breasts, then with her facing me he slid down her bottoms and I saw her bald pussy lips starting to part as she stepped out of them. Then when Steve gave her a smile she ran to the edge of the pool and dived in.

Steve looked at my crotch and saw my cock sticking straight up in my shorts, I looked at his shorts and could easily make out his nine inches of thick cock straining to be let loose. Steve’s hand reached over and gave my cock a squeeze thru my pants.

“Suzy has that effect on a lot of our friends.” Steve said as he smiled at me.

“Are you coming in for a swim daddy.” Suzy yelled out as she splashed us with water.

Steve stood up and pulled off his top then dropped his shorts to the ground and stepped out of them, his cock already hard stood straight out pointing at his daughter.

I followed his lead and was soon standing beside him with my hard cock sticking straight out too. I felt a bit ashamed of showing off my cock, standing next to Steve with it being three inch shorter naughty america porno than his.

We both jumped in and started splashing Suzy, she jumped into her father’s arms and wrapped her arms around his neck to hold onto him.

“Grab her feet.” Steve told me as he held her arms together.

As her dad held her by her arms I lifted her up by her feet and we began to swing her back and forth like a swing. I had a great close up view of her bald pussy lips opening up like a flower. As we threw her high into the air we let go, she screamed as she landed in the water with a large splash, then she jumped to her feet and asked us to throw her into the air again, we threw her several more times into the pool, before she had had enough.

Steve and me just stood in the water at the pool edge watching Suzy playing and trying to sit on the inflatable toys. We chatted about her and compared the other females we had enjoyed. Steve told me about other parents he had meet thru being a school teacher, and how he had visited them at their homes and talked about their daughter’s education.

He said he was always surprised by the number of parents that let their daughters run around the house naked and encouraged their daughters to enjoy the nudist lifestyle. He suggested that I should join him and his wife at one of their party’s, where they could introduce me to their friends and meet the other girls.

Suzy came over to us and when I felt her hand holding my cock I looked at her father and he smiled and gave me a nod of his head. I reached out with my hand and ran it over her back, from her neck to her cute butt cheeks, she wiggled her butt against my hand, I gave her cheek a squeeze, letting go of my cock she turned and pushed her butt against my hard cock.

Steve came closer and I watched her starting to stroke her father’s cock, this young girl was eager to play.

“Steve do you think it would be better for us to move inside?” I asked.

“Yeah that would be much better for us.” Steve replied.

Steve lifted Suzy up onto the edge of the pool and we were about to climb out.

“Daddy I need to use the toilet I have to pee.” Suzy told us.

I smiled at Steve and told Suzy. “Just pee in the pool.”

I watched as she released her bladder and a stream of pee shot out from her pussy into the pool, I broke her stream of pee by holding my hand out for her to pee on, as I watched the last few drops drip out, I rubbed her pussy with my hand. It was so soft and puffy it felt incredible and when I tried to pull my hand away Suzy held her own hands on top of mine telling me to keep rubbing her pussy.

Steve was watching and gave me a smile of approval as he saw my finger enter her tight pussy and begin to finger fuck his daughter’s pussy, she was no virgin, her father told me earlier that she lost her cherry years ago. She accepted my whole finger into her pussy I loved how her pussy lips just parted to let me add another finger.

Steve nubiles porno had climbed out the pool and said. “Let’s take her inside.”

I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and Steve picked her up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I followed them and when I entered the bedroom, Steve had his face buried into his daughter’s pussy, Suzy was moaning and her body was squirming around the bed, her father’s tongue was getting her excited.

I watched as she started to squirt her juices over her dad’s face and when he stood up.

He told Suzy. “Why don’t you show granddad how you can suck cock.”

I moved forward and watched as Suzy took hold of my cock and brought it to her mouth and took it all in deep, her nose was rubbing against my pubes each time she pushed her mouth down, then she pulled her mouth back up then push it back down, over and over she repeated this, she was great at sucking cock, I wondered how many times she had done this before.

Then I saw Steve lift her legs wide apart his cock rubbed against her pussy slit as he pushed it towards her love hole, I watched in amazement as her pussy accepted her dad’s thick cock, her lips stretching around his shaft, he was only half way inside her when he pulled back and then pushed in again, over and over again I watched as his cock was thrust in and out his daughter’s pussy. I held her head by her hair just giving it the occasional push down onto my cock before pulling back and repeating the action over and over.

There was no rush for either of us to cum, it just felt great going slow, plus watching her enjoy herself made it all worthwhile. I loved how her eyes looked up at me as if she was asking am I doing it right, hell yes she was doing it right, I knew of much older females who couldn’t suck a cock like Suzy could. Then I remembered Nikki her mum and how good she was at giving head and wondered if her mum had taught her.

Even at a slow pace her mouth sucked my cock desperately wanting my cum and I couldn’t stop from cumming my first load went into her mouth and I watched her hungry swallow it into her belly. My second load was to much for her she took most of it into her mouth but couldn’t swallow fast enough and had to release my cock from her mouth to catch her breath. Without any warning my cock squirted all over her face and hair, my last squirt I aimed for her breasts and covered her small breasts with my cum.

As she wiped up my cum with her fingers and sucked them clean, I heard her father give a grunt and watched as his cock erupted filling his daughters pussy with his cum, with a couple more thrusts he pulled and shot his load all over his sexy looking daughter, she had never looked as sexy as she looked now, all covered in our cum. She laid there on the bed motionless just smiling at us.

Steve asked me. “Do you want to fuck her now or wait till she cleans herself up?”

“I need a rest first so she can have a shower if she wants, what olgun porno time do you have to be back home?” I asked.

“There is no rush Nikki finishes work at four and she knows we are here with you.” Steve told me.

“Your such a lucky guy to have two gorgeous females in your life.” I told him.

While Suzy was having a shower and cleaning herself up, we sat there in the lounge drinking beer and having a chat, Steve explained to me how Nikki was fucked by her father and an uncle when young. When he meet her she was a student in his class and they started living together and fucking most nights, but told no one until she finished school.

He loved watching her having sex with her girlfriends and he joined in a few times. It was one of Nikki’s girlfriends that told her that she was active with her parents and her younger sister. Nikki was invited to join them and was fucked by her girlfriend’s father the very first time he meet her. After that happened it was easy for him to approach Nikki’s girlfriend’s father and ask to be allowed to join them as well.

As we kept chatting my cock was getting harder and as if she had been waiting for us to finish Suzy came into the lounge all nice and clean and sat between us on the couch, she had used the scented shampoo and she smelt lovely and her naked body looked and felt so smooth.

Steve ran his finger over her slit and pushed it inside then told her. “You have cleaned yourself up nice for granddad, now what would you like him to do.”

“First I want him to suck my pussy making me all wet, then I want to feel his cock inside me.” Suzy told us, she knew what she wanted and how to get it, how could anyone refuse her requests.

I dropped to my knees as her dad held her close and played with her breasts, she parted her legs as wide as she could, I then lowered my mouth onto her slit and my tongue darted inside her pussy, licking from top to bottom and back again. I felt her hips squirming around as she tried to hump my face, my fingers pulled her pussy lips apart and showed me her open hole.

I pushed my tongue in as far as it could go, then I pushed my two fingers inside her and twisted and moved them around feeling every part of inside her pussy.

Suzy was getting wetter by the second and soon her pussy was oozing out her juices. Now she was nice and wet and ready for my cock, it started to twitch as I pushed it towards her love canal. As I thrust into her pussy I felt her pussy muscles wrap around my cock shaft. After a few more thrusts I got into a rhythm of thrusting in and pulling back out, over and over.

Suzy was enjoying it as her moans and screams got louder, my thrusts became faster, with one final hard thrust I pushed all my cock inside her and felt my cock squirting my cum into her tight hole, squirt after squirt went in. When I pulled my cock out I watched as my cum start run out of her pussy then watched as her dad start to lick her pussy clean, he was sucking up his daughter’s juices mixed with my cum.

She was incredible, I never knew a girl could do what she had done. I felt like I was in love with her, a older man with a younger girl, I just wished she had been my daughter. We had both fucked her and she had sucked us both and she still she wanted more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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