Sisters, One at a Time

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It was one of the nastier periods of my life, but it came with a silver lining. Recently separated, I had moved in to an apartment. And Even if it wouldn’t have made Playboy’s list of the top 100 hippest bachelor pads, it did have a big bed, a big screen TV, and a refrigerator big enough to hold my stash of Gray Goose, a generous supply of Sierra Nevadas, and enough frozen pizzas to feed this would be swinging bachelor. There was a balcony with a view of the pool, and just on the other side of that pool there lived a real cutie. She did have a live-in boyfriend. The key word there was of course, boyfriend! Her name was Jackie, and our paths had crossed. And a couple of times while slaving away in the laundry room, we’d even bantered flirtatious comments back and forth. Nothing had materialized, but I had hopes!

Well Jackie’s kid sister moved in and things heated up! And even though they were sisters, they didn’t look anything alike. Jackie was short; a brown eyed curvy brunette with shoulder length hair and a sardonic sense of humor. Her sister Jill was college bound, having just gotten out of the Army. Her hair was short; a, yippee, I’m a civilian again screaming mix of spikey blonde and blue. That blue didn’t match the deep sparkling blue of her eyes. Slim and hard bodied, she was a few inches taller than Jackie, and every bit as curvaceous. And who cared if she was almost young enough to be my daughter; after all, so was Jackie! Sure, they weren’t twins; but then, sisters were one of the fantasies still on my things to do list.

I met Jill the weekend she moved in. I’d been out enjoying a few cold ones with a couple of buddies. I made it home, and it was pretty obvious that there was a party going on. Just as I walked by the pool, a rowdy group of guys came charging out of Jackie’s apartment. Naturally I stopped, watching as they thundered down the stairs, a squealing girl carried on their shoulders. Ignoring her threats, they tossed her in, and in the resulting tsunami, I got drenched. Positioned to play the hero, wet, but laughing, I stepped-up and helped her climb out of the pool. Enjoying my reward, I eyed the curvy body barely covered by a formerly white, but now nearly transparent tank top, and a very clingy pair of extremely short jean shorts. “You’re staring,” I was told.

Looking up and in to the mischievous glint of her eyes, I replied, “Well yeah, and if I wasn’t…well then, it’d be time to bury me!”

But then, and of course before anything could develop that marauding horde snatched her, swung her back on to their shoulders and headed for the stairs. “Hey I’m Jill,” she called out, shrieking, “Oh God don’t you dare,” before adding a giggled, “OK hey, join the party!” I should have, but it was late, I was buzzed, and I could hear my bed calling.

It was a couple of days later, when I ran in to Jill and Jackie carrying in a load of groceries. They stopped, and Jackie introduced us. I offered to help with the groceries. But oops, once again I got caught staring. That time, it wasn’t only by Jill. Nope, her annoyed looking, and pouty lipped sister had noticed. And it was a frosty Jackie who declined my offer. So while they climbed the stairs, I got to ogle a pair of possibly world-class asses. Already in the dog house, I let loose with a pair of appreciative wolf whistles anyway. And of course, I got ignored!

Several days passed, without me running in to either sister. Then, when I ran in to Jackie in the laundry room, I did manage to make her laugh. It was corny, but when she coolly insisted, “Come on Bob admit it, you think Jill’s better looking,” I had a line ready.

“No way,” gosh I figured you two were twins,” I exclaimed. But it wasn’t bullshit when I told her, “For sure you’re both smoking hot!” I should have stopped there; but no, instead testing the waters, I went with, “And seriously, I wouldn’t do anything with one of you that I wouldn’t do with the other one!” Well Jackie punched my shoulder; but then, at least she was laughing!

The rest of that week passed without me spotting either sister. Then Saturday rolled along, and I got lucky. It was almost midnight, the moon was full, and I was standing out on my balcony smoking a doobie. Well that’s when a less then steady on her feet Jill banged her way through the apartment’s entry gate. A neon blue cami top left her flat belly bare above a very short leather skirt; so of course, I let loose with an appreciative wolf whistle. Jill looked around, spotted me and waved. Then, and I figured she’d smelled that doobie, because giving an exaggerated sniff, she asked, “Hey there, want to share that?”

I led Jill in to my living room, and sitting on the sofa, we reduced that doobie to ash. Jill explained that she’d been at a party, gotten bored, and walked home. She was definitely buzzed, but laughing, giggling, and bursting with energy. And when she didn’t seem inclined to beat a hasty retreat, I offered her a beer. She accepted, and I suggested she pick out some music. Only when I returned, it wasn’t the cover of a CD she was staring at.

Stopping behind Jill, pendik escort I peered over her shoulder. And after I’d pulled my eyes off the generous amount of booby exposed by that silky blue cami, I saw she was staring at a DVD from my porn collection. Well my eyes were once again busy trying to get a peek at a bit of nipple, when Jill’s excited “No way,” tugged my eyes back to that DVD’s cover.

Front and center there was a very pretty blonde with a fist wrapped around the base of a seriously thick cock. Well there was a whole lot of cock poking out above that fist, and that blonde was looking like she intended to absolutely inhale the oversized thing. Jill asked, “Well, does she do it? You know…well fuck, no way does she deep-throat that thing!”

Well in fact, she could! Only, Jill didn’t seem inclined to take my word for it. Sure it was stupid, but wanting to get her mind off that porn-star sized cock, I pressed that icy bottle against her bare midriff. She squealed, grabbed the bottle, and spun to face me. Then, surprising the hell out of me, she reached up and kissed me. Her hands were full, and by the time that kiss ended so were mine. Well I returned that kiss, deciding there wasn’t anything between Jill’s sexy young ass and my hands but leather. And when she kissed me again, that time crushing her lips against mine, her tongue popping in and out of my mouth, I reached up under that short leather skirt. Only, I’d been wrong! My fingers had fondled and caressed, sliding over the firm round curves of Jill’s silkily smooth ass; and then, oops, they’d discovered a miniscule thong.

It hadn’t escaped my attention that Jill had gone right on kissing me, and with an erotic ferocity, and a wickedly dancing tongue no less. So, encouraged, I abandoned that nearly bare ass in favor of an absolutely bare pair of tits. Firm, round, and velvety soft they filled my cupped palms. Then as my fingers closed around a pair of rock hard nipples, back arching, Jill moaned a throaty, “ooh, yes, that’s nice!” Unfortunately, she followed that up with, “But hey, can we watch it?”

Sure that a no wouldn’t be a smart move; I plucked that offending DVD from Jill’s hand. Then, while I was popping the disc in to my DVD player, Jill snagged its case. “Fuck me,” she shrieked, disbelief in her voice when she protested, “No way, it says that guy’s only ten inches! Huh, it sure looks like a foot-long to me!”

So of course, I’m thinking, only ten inches! But, I fired off a questioning, “What’s the difference?” Then, sort of hoping she’d see it as a challenge, I added, “And anyway, whatever you can’t get in your mouth is a waste!”

“Oh yeah,” Jill was quick to fire back. And I wasn’t about to argue with her, “Well, I just bet I could find something fun to do with whatever I couldn’t get my lips wrapped around…oh fuck yes!”

So we watched that movie, and pounded down Sierra Nevadas. And not long after that actress proved she could indeed deep-throat ten inches of thick cock, and right before she demonstrated that she could do it while air tight, Jill found herself down to nothing but that silky thong. Then, when fingers slippery with her shaved pussy’s wetness had her oohing and aahing, she interrupted my roaming fingers, with a squealed, No fucking way!”

Yes, way! That big ten incher’s owner had just driven it deep in to his costars ass. Well at least the cock filling her mouth was about my size. And wanting to get Jill’s mind off porn sized cock, I told her so. Then, with me working to slide that thong down her legs, Jill says, yeah, well I could handle that…oh fuck yes, piece of cake!”

I didn’t even have to dare her to prove it. Nope, Jill stood up, kicked that thong aside, and dropped to her knees in front of me. Nimble fingers that had been busy stroking my cock through denim went to work unbuckling, unbuttoning, and unzipping. My jeans got tugged down, yanked off, and sent flying. And Just as soon as she’d disposed of my briefs, with a whoop, she grabbed a fistful of hard cock. Going right for it, head bobbing, she powered her lips up and down its full length. Apparently sure she’d made her point, and rather convincingly at that, she put her tongue to work. And by the time she’d whipped it’s flicking tip up, down, and all around my cock’s glistening shaft, used it to tease my balls, and finally sent it swirling around a darkly engorged head, I was ready to explode. And when she began sucking, as she popped that head in and out of her mouth, silly me went and warned her that I was about to blow!

Jill came to a screeching stop, laughing as she lunged for her purse. Then, with me asking myself, WTF, she dropped back on to her knees. I got a cell phone pushed in to my hands, and once again thought, WTF? And that’s when Jill told me, “Take my picture! Come on, I’ve never gotten to see myself going down on a guy!”

So while Jill played an encore on my cock, I used her IPhone to capture the highlights. And then just before I began blasting cum in to her mouth, I switched to video mode. Live, and onscreen, I caught her lips rocketing down maltepe escort that erupting cock’s shaft, leaving them wrapped around its base as spurt after spurt erupted in to her waiting throat.

With my balls drained and my cock on the retreat, I tossed Jill’s phone aside, and pulled her head up. Then, while she bounced my balls on her palm, I looked in to her eyes, and delivered the requisite, “Awesome, that was just fucking awesome!” Then, and it definitely wasn’t a question, I told her, “You know you’ve got a fuck coming…right!” And that, I hoped, would be just as soon as I could get it up again!

No rush, I figured that would be right after my tongue had launched her in to multiple orgasmic orbit. And that, with our positions reversed, was just what I did. Then, with my hands pushing her thighs up and apart, exposing the wet and glistening pink of a shaved bare pussy to my anxious tongue, she cried out an insistent, “Yes, yes…do it!” But not taking any chances, and even with my fingers twisting inside her, my tongue darting, and whipping a clit swollen in to a tautly stretched nub, her shrill screams demanded more. And at last, when she’d panted out “No more…oh dear God no more,” I licked the taste of pussy off my lips, and stumbled to my feet.

Jill swung around and clambered on to her knees. Then, with her arms crossed on the back of the sofa, she waggled her ass, calling, “Come on, fuck me, yeah, lets fuck!”

Hands firmly locked on Jill’s hips, I took her! I took her hard too, hard and fucking fast in fact! And even if it was an out of control, self-indulgent fuck, I sure didn’t hear any complaining. Instead, having received a huskily growled rave review, later, we did it again!

Well that later rolled around after she’d blown my mind by telling me that she’d like to watch me fuck her sister. Well me too, but I hadn’t been about to tell her that. But when I did ask, “Have you ever caught Jackie doing the nasty,” all she did was snicker. So yeah, I smelled a story, and I was curious! But by then Jill’s teasing fingers, and a pistoning fist had revived my cock.

I tossed a sofa cushion on the floor, and got a giggling Jill positioned on it. With me on my knees, and her ass up on that cushion, legs draped over my shoulders, she was in one of my favorite positions. After all, not only did it leave Jill’s G-spot perfectly positioned, but it left a nicely exposed clit accessible. So we were a team, an eager Jill treating that clit to some rapid-fire flicking, while my hard, penetrating thrust butted the head of my cock against that sweet inner spot. So I held her thighs spread wide, and watched my cock’s head penetrate her, hard twisting thrusts driving deep in to her vagina’s liquid fire again and again. And I knew better, but had to wonder, has she been saving up orgasms or what? It was unreal, she just kept cuming, her vagina’s rhythmic convulsions squeezing my cock. And she went right on cuming too, which meant she went right on screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me,” over and over. Well I lost it, climaxing as I hammered thrust down in to her like an out of control pile-driver. She took that pounding fuck, still climaxing as she franticly bucked and thrashed, her screams ordering, “Cum in me, yes, yes, oh god just don’t stop!”

Much to my surprise I woke up in bed. And almost immediately I remembered, and began looking around for my missing playmate. I heard a flush, and relaxed. Only, like on most mornings when I wake-up needing to piss, an important part of my anatomy was anything but relaxed. In fact I was slowly pumping my fist up and down seven inches of wide awake cock, when I heard Jill giggling. She was watching from the door of the bathroom. Then, as she slowly walked towards me, she was throatily purring, “That’s nice…but yeah, I’ve got a much better use for it!”

I believed her! And that was even before she knelt beside me, swung a leg over, and in one fluid move dropped a slippery cauldron of molten pussy down on that seven inches of hard cock. She knelt there impaled, casually insisting, “Just lie there, I’ll do all the work!”

I put my hands behind my head, grinning as I watched Jill begin to rock back and forth. She braced her hands on my chest. Then, twisting and rocking her hips, she ground hard against me. She came quickly, that time with shuddering gasps , and a barely audible, “Oh God!”

With a giggled, “Ready,” she straightened up, and began bouncing. Then, riding me like a pogo stick, she used a fingertip to rub out another orgasm. That one had her back arching, as she shuddered and shook, a guttural growl hissing through her lips. But she wasn’t hissing when she put her hands behind her back, caught my eye, licked those lips, and then almost snarled, ” Do it…come on, fuck me hard!”

That was as far as Jill got, before I grabbed her ass. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, I rocketed her up and down, watching her tits jiggle and jounce,, barely believing it when she wrapped herself around another cock clutching orgasm. Figuring it was my turn, I went right on powering a kartal escort squealing Jill up and down, only I began bucking up, seriously slamming my cock up to meet the pussy I repeatedly brought crashing down to meet it. That time it was me who got loud, growling a few yeses, before bellowing, “Oh fuck…yes, take it bitch!”

Buried deep inside Jill, back arching as I tried to push even deeper, I felt my cock swell, jerking as it blasted loose what sure felt like a Guinness Book sized ejaculation. Then, and without having actually decided to do it, I pulled-out, and with Jill screaming “Do it, yeah, do it,” I sent the rest of that orgasm’s fountaining geyser splashing over her belly. And while I gawked, my laughing playmate leaned back, and began rubbing the gooey stuff in to her belly’s tan skin.

I’d been looking forward to hooking-up with Jill again, but didn’t see either sister until late the following week. Then, I walked in to the laundry room and there was Jackie pulling clothes out of a dryer and tossing them in to a basket. I said “Hi there,” and got ignored. So I got my laundry started, and then I asked if I could carry her basket for her. Things were looking up, she didn’t bite my head off! Instead, she shrugged, and with a growled, “Why the fuck not,” she gave the basket a kick that left it at my feet.

Upstairs, I dropped that basket, and watched Jackie kick it in to a corner. Then, hands on her hips she turned to face me. She was glaring, and her frosty, “You’re fucking my sister,” was most definitely not a question.

Denying it was out of the question, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t stall. And of course I couldn’t stop myself from grinning! Anyway she responded to my silence with a dismissive, “Uh-huh!” Then, and while I wondered what the fuck she was up to, she walked over to the desk, and fired up a laptop. Well up pops a really sweet picture of Jill winking up at the camera, her lips snugged around the base of my cock. So of course I’m wondering, just how the fuck did Jill’s pictures wind up on Jackie’s computer! Meanwhile, unable to maintain her pretense of anger, a giggling Jackie was watching video of Jill going wide-eyed as I exploded a hot load of cum in to her mouth. Then, back to sounding dangerous, Jackie told me that I could do whatever I wanted with her, just not anything I’d done with her sister.

We were in the bedroom, and it was right there! And honestly I was sort of looking forward to fucking Jackie on the bed she shared with her boyfriend. Only she mistook the glance I gave it for reticence. And that’s when she told me something that seriously blew my mind. “Don’t worry about it,” she said , snickering as she breezily announced, “After all my asshole boyfriends been fucking my sister on it! Yeah, and that would be from the day she moved in too!”

All I managed was a muttered, “No shit!” Then realizing that she didn’t look at all pissed, was grinning in fact, I just had to ask, “And OK, that’s not a problem?”

Jackie replied with, “Oh Hell no, ” and a mysterious sounding, ” And anyway, for Jill it’s payback!”

Mystified , all I could do was shake my head. And that’s when Jackie, not sounding the least bit reluctant, told me about the time she’d banged one of Jill’s dates.

It happened on the night of Jill’s senior prom. Jackie had been home, and met her sister’s date at the door. Only of course Jill wasn’t ready, and Jackie had led him in to the living room to wait. Well she stuck around, supposedly just to keep him company. Right, and it was just a coincidence that all she had on were panties, and a sweatshirt that barely hid them. And of course, the unsuspecting guy had been caught staring!

Jackie claimed it was totally spontaneous. Yeah right, except, I wasn’t buying it! But I kept my mouth shut, and listened to her describe the way she’d yanked her sweatshirt up, flashing a pair of bare tits. Some flash, Jackie was chuckling as she told me she hadn’t even paused, just pulled it off over her head. Well with that sweatshirt out of the way,, while Jill’s boyfriend gawked, she’d stood there teasing her nipples. And what was the poor guy supposed to say when she asked him if he liked her tits, especially after she told him they were bigger than her sister’s!

Naturally she hadn’t waited for an answer. Instead she stared at his crotch, and slowly teased those panties down over her hips. Merciless, the tease had turned her back, bending over, before pushing them down her legs. “Gosh, I didn’t know,” she told me; right, as if I was going to buy her, “How did I know, maybe he’d never seen a pussy before!”

I was picturing it, and it really had me hot; and of course, Jackie knew it! And after making me sweat through her dramatic pause, she proceeded to tell me, “Oh my God, it looked like that guy’s boner was going to explode right out of his pants! So I walked right up to him, reached out, and pulled down his zipper. Well he was muttering ‘Oh fuck,’ when I reached in and wrapped my fist around his fucking cock. For sure it was the biggest cock I’d ever wriggled out of some boy’s pants…well, the longest anyway! Anyway, I never even kiss the fool, just asked him if he wanted to fuck! And when he got through looking around the room, and finally managed a nod, I bent over Dad’s recliner, spread my legs, and told him to go for it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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