Sisters in Sin

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Big Dicks

Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story and second entry into the April Fools contest. This story is extra special to me because it not only features another peek at my “Circle” series, but I am bringing back an old favorite. Allison is the main character in several of my first stories here and it was fun to revisit her. Enjoy. LC68.

Allison Saunders jumped at the sound of her cell phone going off on her chest. Slipping it from where she had tucked it into her bra she saw it was Cindy and answered groggily, “I’m up.”

“Okay,” her assistant’s annoyingly upbeat voice chirped in her ear, “But don’t doze back off, Victoria is due any minute and the girls will be here in a half hour.”

“Yes, mom.” Allison ended the call and putting the phone down, sat up on the small couch in her office. She hadn’t been tired, but always took a power nap before all her big pitches and was too superstitious to stop now. As always, she’d gone out like a light and was glad she’d told Cindy to call her.

Allison stretched her arms over her head; the familiar feeling of anticipation running through her at the chance to land another big client. The ‘girls’ as Cindy referred to them were Jasmine and Simone and they weren’t just a large account to land, but one that had the potential to drastically change A&S advertising’s old fashioned reputation.

Jasmine Sinn was a former porn star who’d made a name for herself by only performing with women. After retiring she had met and fallen in love with fashion designer Simone Sachon, who gained notoriety for creating lingerie specifically for the BDSM community.

The two women were gorgeous, oozed sex appeal, and two years ago combined their business savvy to launch Sinnsatiable. The company catered not just to the lesbian market, but specifically lipstick lesbians.

That had caused some negative feedback from a faction of the lesbian community who were offended they were being represented as hot female porn stars, but Jasmine and Simone had chosen well. Just as many men were buying their products for their girlfriends, effectively gaining them two markets.

Sinnsatiable’s latest product was an as yet unnamed pheromone based perfume, and not happy with their original marketing company had decided to shop it around. As soon as Allison caught wind of it she approached the President of A&S, Edwin Blake about going after them, but he refused.

Edwin was in his late sixties and adhered to family values. In the recent past Allison had gotten him to go with some racier themes to keep up with the competition, but he said he was drawing the line on a lesbian porn star.

Allison had been disappointed and thought of pursuing them anyway, but she didn’t want to piss off Blake, whom since she had landed several large contracts recently, had pretty much given her free reign in the company.

However, when Jasmine contacted her directly things changed. Jasmine had discovered Allison had been behind Rapture’s ‘No boys Allowed campaign’ which featured supermodel and fellow Circle member Victoria Redding, in a spa with two other women, suggestively rubbing skin cream onto each other’s shoulders. That campaign had put the stagnant A&S back on the map and inspired Jasmine to give them, and Allison specifically, a chance.

Getting the rest of the senior execs behind her, Allison had again approached Blake. After a hard fought battle she had received permission to try to bring them aboard and called the LA based company. To date she had not met with either Jasmine or Simone and had only had one conversation that lasted more than ten minutes.

Neither provided any specifics, giving Allison only two things to go on. The first; it had to be as erotic as she could get away with and the second was what Allison was afraid was going to be a sticking point; Simone wanted Victoria to be part of the campaign.

Not sure if Victoria would commit to something that racy, but knowing Simone was used to getting her way, Allison had gambled and guaranteed her Victoria.

She called Victoria and when she refused. Allison asked her to do it as a Circle favor. After all, wasn’t one of the biggest purposes of the group the advancement of its members?

After a long pause, during which she imagined Victoria calling her names under her breath, she had answered coolly, “Very well Lady Pandora, The Lady Felicia will honor our groups mission and will look at your proposal.”

Allison had begun to thank her when she’d added, “But keep in mind no one will ever be asked to do a favor that could in turn destroy their own career unless it is a dire emergency and adding to your client list does not constitute such an emergency.”

She’d hung up without a goodbye and Allison had been tempted to call her back and hiss and meow on her voicemail, but decided against it. In the year she’d known Victoria they’d become close and she always referred to Allison as the little sister she’d always wanted. If need be Allison would beg her big sister to help her.

Allison antalya escort had come up with two ideas that weren’t too racy, but not all that exciting. The third was absolutely lights out, but the issue would be how racy it was. Edwin had signed off on it, saying Allison could sink or swim and if he caught a lot of backlash, she would take the heat, but Victoria was going to be an issue.

Allison slipped on the pair of black stiletto heels that matched the inappropriately short black skirt she’d chosen to wear. Jasmine and Simone were all about the female form and Allison had decided to play to that the same way she would if they were men.

Standing, she walked over to the coat rack and looked at the short sleeved black blouse she had hung up before she took a nap. All she had on right now was a red sleeveless shirt that revealed her ample cleavage and was short enough to have a tendency to rise and expose the emerald pendent dangling from her naval. She debated the shirt, then figuring leaving it off would be a bit too obvious, decided to compromise and slipped the shirt on, but left it unbuttoned.

Opening the closet next to the rack, Allison stared into the mirror set into the inside of the door and checked her make up to make sure it hadn’t smeared around her eyes.

Although the rest of her assets so to speak were quite impressive, by far her eyes were her best feature. They were a deep shade of emerald green and so bright she had been asked countless times if they were contacts.

So many people had commented on them resembling cat’s eyes that at eighteen Allison had a pair of matching eyes tattooed on the small of her back along with the nose and whiskers of a cat.

The line “Would you like to look into my eyes?” had become a standard one she used with her boys and one they never answered in the negative.

Both sets of her eyes stood out even more due to her fair complexion which in itself was a sharp contrast to her long curly raven black hair. With the right make up, Allison could pull off the goth look-and had on several occasions for the right boy-but otherwise went for a more fun and playful appearance.

Hopefully the girls would think she looked fun and playful because she may need every edge could get if Victoria couldn’t be brought on board. Allison gave herself an up and down look smoothing her skirt and taking in her long shapely legs.

The heels did good things for them and turning, she looked over her shoulder. Allison was far from chubby, but she wasn’t slender either.

Allison’s hips were full and her ass was well rounded. Her breasts were large and as part of her busty figure her thighs were full and soft. Several men over the years had described her body as soft and inviting, others had used the word, ‘lush’.

That was a word Allison enjoyed, far more than the term one of her pets had used when he said she was nice and ‘thick’. For that remark he’d been made to lick his nice ‘thick’ load from her toes and thank her for the honor.

Taking a moment to pull her tight undershirt down so that even more of the tops of her breasts showed she closed the door and made her way to the area behind her desk, Allison looked at the framed poster on the wall of the No Boys allowed campaign.

Victoria wearing a towel wrapped around her with her long legs crossed and laughing as the red head behind her rubbed her shoulders.

The third woman, a beautiful brunette, was watching them with a sultry smile on her face that declared there was something more going on than met the eye. Otherwise the ad wasn’t all that racy and Allison felt her confidence in Victoria’s saying yes slipping away.

Turning from the poster Allison walked over to her desk and opening her lap top started the power point presentation. Looking at the screen on the wall across from her, she skipped over the first two ideas and for the fifth time today watched what she already knew would be the winning ad.

The first image being shown was the perfume in its black bottle with hot pink lettering declaring the name she had chosen for the campaign, “Sisters in Sin” The next was two professionally dressed women, one brunette, one blonde, sitting at a small table sharing a drink.

The camera had panned back far enough to show the brunette’s heel off and her foot running playfully up the long skirt of the blonde.

A sultry female voice uttered the phrase, “Partners in Life”

Turning her back to the screen, Allison mentally counted to three and mouthed the next words as they were spoken “Sisters in Sin” Turning around she stared at the last image. It was the same two women, sitting on a floor before a fireplace.

Their legs were bent, the blonde’s over the brunette’s and they were embracing. With the exception of matching black thongs they were naked; their breasts pressed against each other, and their heads were cocked; their red lips parted as they leaned in for a passionate kiss.

Allison thought the ad was perfect if Jasmine and kemer escort Simone would settle for the models that posed for it, but she’d already been told it was Victoria or bust.

She stared at the women’s breasts; fully visible except for their nipples and with their legs up a good deal of the curve of their ass was showing.

It was a far cry from no boys allowed, and again she felt the butterflies in her stomach. The biggest problem was Victoria hadn’t seen this yet. Allison had just about finished it when she had left for Europe for two weeks.

They’d spoken on the phone and Victoria wanted it e-mailed to her, but Allison wanted to speak with her in person where it would be harder for her to refuse. Victoria kept asking how racy it was and she had been vague about it.

Victoria had arrived back in New York two days ago, but had been unable to make it to see Allison until today, meaning she was going to see this about a half hour before the girls, which left Allison very little time to convince her to, or if need be, out right beg for her help.

The phone on her desk beeped and Cindy’s voice declared, “Allison, Victoria is here.”

Thumbing the speaker, she said, “Send her in.”

Picking up her compact from the desk, Allison flipped it open, pushed her lips out in a pout and whispered, “Please Vicky? Please help your little sister!”


“Absolutely not!” Victoria exclaimed.

“But Vic….”

“Don’t but me!” Waving her hand at the image on the screen she asked, “Are you serious, Allison?”

“It’s not that bad,” she said lamely, “You can’t see….”

“What can’t you see?” Victoria demanded, her blue eyes flaring, “My nipples, that’s about all you can’t see,” she grunted disgustedly, “For Christ’s sake why don’t you just ask me to spread my legs for Hustler?”

“Now you’re just being a drama queen.” Allison forced a laugh.

“I have a reputation to uphold!” Victoria told her, “This is far too risqué for me!”

“You did No boys!” she pointed out even though she knew what the response would be.

“I’m covered by a towel and yes it’s a little suggestive, but it’s not blatant. These women are ready to start playing tonsil hockey in the buff!”

“Look Vicky,” Allison put her hands up to calm her irate friend down. “I understand it’s more than you’ve done in the past, but you’re one of the most successful models in the country! It’s not going to cost you anything,” she put her arms out, “It’s not like you’re a sponsor for the damn family channel!”

“My reputation is built on having standards and adhering to those standards.” She crossed her arms over her chest, “Victoria Redding is not a piece of meat and…”

She stopped when Allison burst out laughing, “Oh, get off your horse!” she said , “In your last video you told that kid the only way he could fuck you was to suck another man’s cock and you watched him do it! So don’t give me that standards crap!”

“What I do as the Lady Felicia has no bearing on my public persona.” Victoria told her coolly. “I take my career seriously and represent myself professionally.”

“I can see that.” Allison nodded as she took in Victoria’s outfit.

Allison had expected Victoria to show up dressed to kill like she often did when they went out for lunch or shopping, but today’s ensemble was different. Victoria was wearing a knee length black skirt with matching blazer and a white blouse beneath it.

Her long honey blonde hair which she normally wore down was pinned up and Allison noted she was wearing little make up. Even her shoes were plain black pumps with a low heel.

Victoria looked down at herself, “You have a problem with my attire?”

“You look like my high school librarian.” Allison laughed, “Where are your glasses?”

“I came here for a business meeting.” She told her seriously. “When it suits me I play the sexy blonde bombshell, I’ll even widen my baby blues, giggle and look vacant if it’s called for, but when it’s time to negotiate its different.”

“I’ll say.”

“Don’t mock me Allison. I also don’t feel like being ogled by the bitches in heat you’re bringing in here.”

“Well that was catty.” Allison pointed out.

“I want to be taken seriously, not drooled upon.” she rolled her eyes, “But I have no worries, you’re showing enough for both of us.”

“Sex sells.” She shrugged.

“It does,” Victoria looked back where the last image of the ad was on the screen on her wall, “And that will sell, but without me.”

“Vicky, they don’t want anyone else.”

“Bullshit. What will happen when I refuse? You think they’re going to scrap a perfect campaign because they can’t have me?”

“They might, they’re hardcore, they get what they want or they walk away.”

“Then they’re idiots because this is a hell of an image.” Victoria walked closer to the picture. “I love the way they’re looking at each other and the pose is excellent.”

She placed her hand over the image and traced konyaaltı escort the curve of the brunette’s ass. “I like the contrast, this girl has some curves the other’s well toned, and the hair color,” she nodded, “Its hot Allison; you can sell this without me.”

“You’re really going to refuse?”

“I believe absolutely not means no.”

“Come on Vicky!” she implored, “Please do this for me!”

“No,” she shook her head, “I won’t compromise my principles Allison, even for you.”

“Principles?” she rolled her eyes, “Give me a….”

“Yes principles!” Victoria snapped at her. “You forget that years ago I was barely paying my bills while girls with a fraction of my looks and talent were getting assignments left and right and you know why they were?”

“You’ve told me this before, because…”

“Because their auditions started on the casting couch and I refused to whore myself! Even when I was approached by the Circle I hesitated because to me that initiation was just a hardcore audition.”

She shrugged, “But then I decided what the group was offering were the chances I should have been getting all along and went with it.”

Still staring at the image on the wall Victoria said quietly, “But professionally I am proud to say I have never sold out and done anything along the lines of appealing to the meat market.”

“Then what about the Circle?” Allison asked as she glanced nervously at her watch, the girls would be there soon.

“What about it?”

“We’re supposed to help each other!”

“And I didn’t help you with No boys allowed?”

“You offered me that to get me into the group.” Allison reminded her, “That wasn’t just a favor to me, that was you playing me.”

Victoria gave her a small smile, “Good point, but ultimately you benefitted greatly from that campaign and stand to benefit even more today from it.”

“Not if you won’t help! Besides, since when are there limits on favors?” she asked, “Just because you helped me once shouldn’t mean you can’t again. Honestly Victoria that’s not being very fair!”

“Fair?” Victoria asked, her blue eyes widening, “How dare you say that!”

“What do you…?”

“I am your sister in the Circle, but I am also your High Lady and it is not for you to continue to make demands upon me!”

“So I should tell Mistress Scarlett that Lady Felicia is above helping her sisters?”

Victoria turned from the wall and walking up to her, fixed her now cold gaze on her. She spoke quietly, but with an intensity that surprised her.

“You want to play the game with me Pandora?” she asked, “Okay, I’ll play. First the rule is nothing in the Circle is free so tell me oh, grabby one, when did you repay me for the No boys ad?”

“Well I…”

“And what of the huge favor I did for you on Mark’s behalf to even let you stay in the group? And let’s also address how I got you out of granted time with The Texas Circle’s enforcer because you were afraid of his reputation. Shall I go on?”

“Okay, but you…” Allison started, but Victoria was now on a roll.

“And who took you under their wing? Who explained all the rules to you and made sure you didn’t get yourself in trouble? Better yet, who handpicked the member you were pledged to at the conference last year? Who made sure you ended up with an older member who was just looking to have some fun rather than one of the others who live to tear apart new members?”

She pointed at herself, “And what have I gotten in return? What have you done for me, Lady Pandora? Or am I supposed to think the gift of your friendship should suffice to even the score?”

“That’s pretty harsh.” Allison said, taken aback at her attitude, “You’ve never asked me for anything. If you did than I would…”

“And fact is Pandora you tricked me into coming here.”

“Well, I may have been a little vague, but…”

“No Allison, you knew damn well I would not agree to this. Knew that if you had sent me this when I was in Europe I would have refused, so you stalled and strung me along and now here we are with your clients on their way and you’re trying to put me on the spot, thinking I couldn’t possibly make you look bad!”

She waved her hand disgustedly, “You tricked me, no more than that you used me Pandora, you’re trying to manipulate me and for that alone, I am not going to help you.”

“Y…you’re right.” She said softly, “But I really need this Vicky! I’ve been thinking of getting my own agency in a couple of years and a client like this could…”

“All about you, isn’t it my bratty little sister?”

Allison’s reply was cut off by her phone. Walking past Victoria, she hit the button, already knowing what Cindy was calling for.

“Jasmine and Simone are here to see you, Allison.”

“Give me a minute, Cindy, I’ll be right out.”

“Why don’t you have Cindy take them into your conference room so they don’t see me leave?” Victoria picked her purse up off her desk.

Allison nodded, but instead of calling Cindy looked back at the women on the wall. Turning to Victoria she began,

“Vicky I’m sorry; you’re right I played you dirty. But the Circle’s all about games and I get caught up in them sometimes. I really want this and if I have to tell them I couldn’t get you then…”

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