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Big Tits

She had on these flat-soled casual shoes, so very cute, but out of place in this glamorous setting. I wondered if anyone else noticed she had them on. More likely they just noticed how she was dressed. With all the bare-shouldered women with their long glittery dresses and high luscious cleavage out on display, it felt as though the girl in the worn shoes was inappropriate although I could not keep my eyes from the smooth pampered skin and smooth shiny perfect curls of the women around me that was so erotic. My dress was simple, lacey vintage, not low cut but very short showing off my long legs. I tucked my feet under my chair. I loved my heels, with their heavy binding around the foot balanced by the delicate shape they created with my legs. A woman whose pearls ran down her back into the valley her shoulder-blades made turned from the stage to the man she was with. I instinctively scowled a bit and broke my stare from her.

My head turned again to under the room across from me where the girl with the shoes was tapping her foot, impatience maybe? I looked antalya escort up her slim jeans, to the chair and to her loose-fitting tee that seemed barely just opaque enough. Too bad, I thought, I could tell her when she breathed in and out that her breasts were the perfect size, round and soft..I looked up to her face and saw with surprise that she was staring back at me. I was taken aback, frozen. she smiled, stood up and walked to the door at the back corner of the room. I was confused, then saw it was the entrance to the hall where the restroom was, and I saw her hand linger for a second on the frame of the door before she disappeared inside, like she was signaling me. My heart beat fast, did anyone else notice that? is this really happening?

I scanned the room, the glittering bodies with their monochrome dates still sat staring ahead, engrossed in what I’m sure was the ballet performance of the century. I was there alone, so I had no obligation to stay in my seat. The man next to me was old and wrinkled, I pressed by him hurriedly. The lara escort doors to the hallway opened smoothly and there I was. It was quieter back away from the action of the performance. Slowly pulling the plush restroom door open, I softly walked into the powder room. There she was, sitting on a chair, she was, of all things, tying her shoe. She heard me come in and looked up, i couldn’t help but smile as she did, with a devious glint in her eye. Before I knew what had happened, she had me pinned to the wall, her tongue deep inside my mouth, mine playing, fighting with hers as we kissed. I could feel our breasts rub against each other, my nipples hardened from the contact. Her hands held my arms back against the wall so I could not move and she moved down to kiss my neck, her lips feeling so good on my skin. I bit my lip as I grew even more wet, soaking my tiny black panties.

One of her hands let go from me and softly rubbed my left breast. I moaned and reached my now free hand to take off her shirt. She laughed, stepped manavgat escort back and stripped it off in front of me. I was right, absolutely perfect, I don’t think anyone else noticed that from under her tee. She was about a c-cup, larger than I had seen from afar. My tiny b-cups couldn’t compare to the fullness of how they moved when she walked towards me. She left on her tight jeans, which fit her perfectly and framed her stunning stomach. My dress buttoned down the side and I started to undo the buttons, but she walked up and moved my hands away and helped unbutton them for me.

I felt an electricity when she touched me, and a passion I hadn’t felt in a long time. The grace and beauty of the ballet dancers and the glamorous audience usually excited me, one of the pleasures of attending the ballet, but it was nothing compared to this. I wondered why someone like her would be at the most famous theater in the world. ‘What brings you to the ballet?’ I asked with a smirk. My hands were stroking her back, feeling her skin tingle with my touch.

Half-way done, concentrating on the buttons, she kissed the side of my now-exposed breasts, ‘The sight-seeing, same as you I suppose,” she replyed. We both laughed and then my dress fell off and I pulled her up and held her close to my almost nude body as we kissed again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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