Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 02

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Bailey Brooke

Chapter 2

The following weekend at home things were tense. Several times Shelly tried to tease her dad but he wasn’t having any of it. It was like a switch had been turned off. Oh sure, he called her ‘princess’ and ‘kitten’. He hugged her when he got home and kissed her forehead, but she wanted so much more. Shelly went to bed that night and cried into her pillow. ‘What did I do wrong?’ she thought to herself.

Shelly called Maddy and confided in her. Maddy listened and then responded. “It’s guilt. Your dad is feeling guilty. My dad was the same way at first. All of a sudden he wouldn’t look me in the eye.”

“Exactly. What did you do?”

“I made sure he knew I was Ok, made sure he knew that I wanted him as much as he wanted me.”

The two talked further and when Shelly hung up the phone she immediately started planning. She was going to make daddy pay attention to her. This weekend was a waste but mom was going away again soon and she would have her chance.

Mom was to leave on Saturday the following weekend for an international trip. Shelly, realizing her opportunity to be alone with daddy, went to Maddy’s house to plan while daddy drove mom to the airport. In Maddy’s bedroom the two plotted. Maddy went through her closet and pulled out a couple of sexy nighties. Shelly looked surprised. Sure, she had worn her short PJ’s around dad, but she had nothing like this at home.

“Daddy loves it when I dress up sexy for him,” she said as she held up the lingerie to Shelly’s chest. “Go with this one,” Maddy said.

Next Maddy did Shelly’s nails. “This color will look great with that purple nightie,” she giggled.

Shelly sat in front of Maddy’s dressing table mirror while her best friend put her hair up in a ponytail that hung down her right chest. Maddy finished her makeover, applying some light eye shadow, blush, mascara, and red lipstick to her friend.


Shelly left Maddy’s house and walked to her own, her nightie in a grocery bag. When she arrived she was relieved to find daddy’s car missing from the garage. She went to her room and in an unusual fashion she closed and locked her door. She dressed in the borrowed nighty and placed perfume on her wrists, behind her ears, and in a trail into her cleavage and along her belly below, just as Maddy had advised her. She looked at herself in the mirror. ‘Holy shit,’ she thought to herself, ‘if this doesn’t get him to fuck me, nothing will.’

When dad finally arrived home, he called out her name but she did not reply. He came up the stairs and knocked on her bedroom door.

“Go away.”

“Princess, we have to talk.”

“Daddy, what happened? We were having so much fun and now you won’t even look me in the eye.”

Her father sat down next to the locked door and Shelly did the same on the other side.

“Sweety, what daddy did to you was wrong. I took advantage of your youth, your innocence. I violated a sacred trust that a father has with his daughter. You didn’t do anything wrong princess, it was all daddy.”

“Daddy, I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m a woman and I love you.”

“I know kitten and I love you too but we shouldn’t be together like that. Someday you’re going to meet a man and fall in love and you deserve not to be soiled by me when that happens.”

“I know that daddy, but you’ll always be my daddy and I’ll always love you, just like I love you now. I really want to be with you like that, hugging, kissing, holding me, touching me. It makes me feel so close to you and it feels so good, so right.”

Then Shelly opened the door and stepped out into the hall. “And I want more daddy. I want you to do everything to me that you do to mom. I want to do it more… better than mom. It’ll be just you and me and our little secret.”

He looked up to see his little girl standing there. She was dressed in a sheer purple teddy with a small silk bow that was tied at the neck but opened as it flowed over her breasts, exposing her taught tummy and navel. The sheerness of the fabric allowed him to see her breasts, her firm nipples straining at the fabric covering them. It came to just over her hips where it joined a pair of matching sheer panties that barely covered her cunt and clung to the valley between her pussy lips. Her ponytail came off the right side, laying over her shoulder and draping down where its curled end caressed her breast. Her eyelids were lightly colored to match the color of the nightie and her lips glistened with color. He had never imagined his little girl as so grown up, so sensual, so sexual and he felt a stirring in his loins. He stood and towered over her. Bringing his hand to the angle of her jaw, he caressed her, cupped her head, and tilted her to him for a long tender kiss. She sighed into his open mouth and brought her arms up around him, raking her nails across the nape of his neck. He kissed her, and kissed her again, letting his hand roam over the sheerness of fabric covering her tits, fondling them, squeezing brazzers porno them, pulling at her nipples. She knew what she wanted and brought her hand to his crotch, rubbing his cock through his trousers. Her tongue danced for him, teasing him, inviting him to her lair and he willingly followed.

She ended their kiss and knelt before her father and smiled up at him as she undid his trousers. His cock sprang forth, slapping her chin as she pulled his briefs down and away. He reached down and toyed with her ponytail and looked adoringly at his little one that was preparing to pleasure him. She looked deep into his eyes as she grabbed his cock and let her grip run the length of his shaft. She pumped him slowly, deftly, milking him for his pre-cum and he began to flow. She reached out with her tongue and sampled the pearl from his slit and smeared it across her lips savoring its taste. She applied soft wet kisses to his crown, her tongue capturing the steady flow of his lubricant. She took the head into her mouth and sucked gently while her tongue swirled around its base. She withdrew him and lapped his slit once again with her tongue then swallowed him again, never taking her eyes off his. She sucked on him as she pumped him in and out of her mouth. Her lips caressed his cock as more and more of his member disappeared into her mouth. She removed him once more and applied wet kisses along the length of his rod until she reached his sack. She took each of his orbs in turn into her mouth and gently nurtured them with her tongue awakening his sperm. She kissed her way back up his shaft but left her fingers behind to continue stimulating his swimmers. She pumped him in and out of her mouth while kneading his balls. The subtle makeup covering her lids, the longing love in her eyes, the sight of his cock as it moved between her glistening lips, the feeling of her nails teasing he testicles; it was all having its intended effect. He began to breathe deeper and she could feel the tension in his thighs as he began small thrusts into her throat. She knew he was close but a quick blowjob was not her goal. She withdrew him and stood and kissed him deeply so that he could taste his musk on her.

Her father scooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bedroom as he kissed her. He laid her down on his bed, his wife’s bed, her mom’s bed. She thought about this as he discarded his remaining clothing. A sly smile came to her as she thought about the fact that her daddy was going to have her in mom’s bed. This felt so naughty, so good.

She smiled lovingly as her naked lover approached her.

She parted her legs and daddy crawled between them. He wasted no time relieving her of her panties and ravaging her slit. His tongue parted her labia with each broad stroke, then lazily circled her clitoris before returning. It wasn’t long before she succumbed to his oral attention. She reached down and grabbed his hair, crushing him into her pussy as she cried out in climax. As she returned to earth, he kissed his way north.

Her strategically placed scent intoxicated him as he kissed his way along her belly to the underside of her breast. His hand came to her, squeezing her teat, pinching her nipple, as he bit and sucked the base of her mound, leaving his mark upon her. She squirmed beneath him, his bite searing into her brain but she really had no desire to escape. His lips moved to her nipple and the sting of his suction caused her to arch her back. Her hand came to the back of his head pushing him into her already crushed breast. She cried out but he was relentless.

His kisses continued, following her cleavage to the base of her neck where he once again bit her, feasted on her flesh, marking her as his. She gasped at the sweet agony of his bite. She resumed squirming beneath him, half-heartedly resisting his bite but eventually surrendered her neck to his assault.

She could feel his cock at her entrance, rubbing against her engorged vulva, poking her, prodding her, desperately searching for an entrance to her core. The entirety of her being craved being filled with daddy’s cock and she squirmed and thrusted back at him to make that happen.

His lips found hers and engaged her in deep passionate kisses while their animalistic urges to mate continued. His cock painted her sex in pre-cum, while her cunt coated him in her juices, prepping him for penetration. And then it happened. His tip found her entrance just as her hips undulated beneath it and her labia welcomed him with a wet kiss. Daddy was inside her. He began slowly thrusting his tip in and out of her as he kissed her. She had never known such pleasure as feeling the warm fullness of his cock repeatedly splaying her open then closing around his crown, swallowing it, cosseting it.

Daddy met the resistance of her virginity with every thrust and she could feel the pressure as her vault stretched to accommodate him. She thrust back at him and she cried out as he filled her. Suddenly she felt the castingcouch-x porno fullness of his member inside her as he impaled his daughter with his man-meat. He stopped thrusting, holding himself still, inside her. Their kisses stopped and he looked down to see the tears in her eyes.

“Oh baby girl. I’m so sorry.”

He started to withdraw but she held him tight, grinding into him, and kissed him softly, deeply.

He began a slow steady rhythm and she joined him. Soon she was moaning to the depth and synchronicity of his thrusts. Their kisses became deeper and more passionate as daddy fucked his little girl. She could feel him growing, swelling inside her. His cock head crashed into her cervix and she felt as if he was trying to enter her womb. His breathing deepened and his body stiffened. From somewhere in her haze of ecstasy she remembered ‘Kegels’ and she did her best to grab her daddy’s cock with her vagina.

Men have a threshold, a cliff whose edge is constantly approaching as they fuck. With each stroke they peer over the edge and see the abyss below. Feeling the soil giving way beneath them, they withdraw to safety, only to be pushed forward again on the next stroke leaving them continuously teetering between control and an unsurvivable plunge to their ultimate fate. This threshold, once crossed, leaves them to the will of nature, unable to stop their impending release. A women, being inseminated, has her own uncontrollable natural response. She will grab her mate’s pulsating cock, her vaginal walls fasiculating around him, pulling at him to enhance his release. While it is man who finds that cliff, it is his woman who leads him to the edge and pushes him off and who provides the pillow on which he will land. Shelly brought daddy to the edge and then she pushed him off.

Suddenly he straightened up and withdrew from her. She looked up at his contorted expression, wondering if she had done something to cause his sudden departure.

“Arrrggghhh,” daddy grunted as the first spurt of his sperm erupted and landed on her breasts. The next spurt laid a line of cream along the center of her tummy. Two more spurts filled her navel. He began milking himself and produced two more squirts that covered the tuft on her mons, then he dribbled onto her vulva.

Daddy leaned forward, kissing his princess, his spent cock smearing his seed over her taught tummy. It was warm and thick and slippery and she was glad to have pleased her daddy, glad to be covered in his cream, but secretly she wanted more. She wanted to feel him erupt inside her, wanted to feel him filling her tummy with his seed and was disappointed and left needing.

Daddy, rose off of her and settled to her side. She reached down with her fingers and retrieved some of his cream. She brought it to her lips and licked it from her fingers, savoring its taste. She turned toward her daddy smiled and kissed him, making sure he could taste himself on her. Then she turned away from him and spooned back into him. He placed his arm around her and, as they drifted off to a well-earned sleep, Shelly planned her next seduction.


Shelly awoke to the disappointment that daddy had already left to mind his store. When she finally wiped all the sleep form her eyes (she had never slept so well before) she noticed a little yellow sticky note attached. See you tonight. Love –daddy.’

After making the bed she returned to her own room and got out of her nighty. There was a crust of cum sticking to it and her. Daddy’s cum. She brought the nighty to her nose and inhaled daddy’s musky scent, mixed with her own, then she carefully hid her trophy at the back of her bottom dresser drawer beneath some rarely worn clothes.

She showered, washing all traces of their incestuous liaison away. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself and returned to her room, sitting down in front of her dresser table mirror to apply her makeup. She suddenly noticed the love bite at the base of her neck and a second on the underside of her breast. ‘Daddy’s girl,’ she happily thought to herself. Then she applied makeup to conceal, as best she could, her father’s mark of ownership.

She texted Maddy but she was nowhere to be found. She settled into a seat in the living room. “Whr r u?” The text read. Almost a minute elapsed before the reply awakened her sleeping phone.

“M’s at the store so I’m hanging with D;).”

“I fckd D,” Shelly texted back.

“STFU! Really? Was it good?”

“OMG!!! ?,” Shelly texted back, “but he came on my tummy ?”

“Next time. Gotta go. Ds coming :*”

And with that, Maddy was gone, and Shelly was jealous. Maddy and her daddy would be playing all day while Shelly was alone. She puttered around the house and laid out in the sun. She had been wet all day, running last night over and over in her mind.

Her daydream was interrupted by the ding of her phone.

“ru thr,” Maddy’s message appeared.

“Call me,” Shelly returned clips4sale porno the text.

The phone rang and Shelly answered.

Maddy began the conversation as soon as Shelly answered. “OMG, what a day. This is so cool, just lying around fucking all day. We fucked in bed, we fucked in the shower, we fucked in the kitchen standing up. I’m actually starting to get sore.”

“Really? Daddy’s away at the store and you call to tease me?”

“So he popped your cherry?” Maddy said.

“It hurt for a minute but then it was awesome. It felt so warm and full.”

“I know. There’s nothing else like it.”

“He pulled out of me just before he came. He shot all over my tits and tummy. Actually it was kind of cool seeing him cum, and how hard and far he squirts, but I really wanted to feel it inside me.”

“So, next time, don’t let him pull out. Get on top of him. It will be harder for him to pull out. Then just hold on as tight as you can and make him cum. Maybe you should get on the pill. Now that I’m taking it, daddy cums inside me all the time. I love feeling it inside me.”

“Listen, I know you and your dad are playing house today but I was hoping that I could stop by for some more ‘advice’.”

“Actually, that would be perfect. Daddy is going away on business. In fact he just left for the airport and he’ll be gone for a couple of days.”

“I’ll be by in a few,” Shelly said, as she ended the call.


Shelly picked up her purse and headed toward the door. She bounded down the stairs. Shelly turned and headed out the door.

“God, it was so amazing. He was on top of me and I could feel his cock pushing at me, trying to get inside me. I wanted it so bad. I just started pushing back at him, squirming around so that he could find his way in. Then all of a sudden, I felt him inside me. It was so much bigger than my fingers. It felt so good. But then he pushed into me and I got this tearing pain as he went all the way inside me. It really hurt.”

“That was your hymen tearing. You’re not a virgin anymore. It won’t hurt like that anymore. Sometimes when daddy puts himself in me it pinches a little but once my pussy gets him all wet, it’s like heaven. If you make sure he’s wet before he puts it inside you…”

Maddy held her clenched fist up to her mouth and made a gesture like she was giving a blow job. “He just slides right in.” With that they both fell into each other’s arms laughing.

“I felt so full of him,” Shelly continued. “It was incredible; feeling him slide in an out of me. I get chills just thinking about it.”

“So then why aren’t you home fucking your dad instead of being here with me?”

“He’s at the store. Weekends are the busiest.”

Maddy gave Shelly a sly grin as she ran her finger along her neck. “Nice hickey!” Maddy giggled. “I see daddy likes to mark his possessions.”

The two of them giggled.

Just then, they heard the door to the kitchen open. “Madeline, are you home sweetie?”

“We’re in here mom,” she replied as her mother came around the corner.

“Oh, hi Shelly.”

“Hi Mrs. Smith.”

“Madeline, your room is a mess. I went in there today to get your laundry and it’s everywhere.”

“No worries mom. I’ll do my laundry.”

With that the two girls got up and headed out past Maddy’s mom toward the stairs to Maddy’s room, Shelly being careful to adjust her hair to hide daddy’s mark.

“Maddy, mom’s got Bunko tonight so I’m going to leave you girl’s money for pizza and soda. Ok?”

“Sure mom!” The girls disappeared into Maddy’s room as they heard a horn beeping outside. “Mrs. Peterson’s here dear. See you later.”

“Bye mom”, Maddy replied as she stuffed clothes into a laundry basket. Turning to Shelly, Maddy confided, “you’re not the only one with mom problems. I hate it when she’s here. Daddy and I have to sneak around. I want him all to myself. Not to mention that if she ever found these,” she held up a pair of crotch-less panties to finish the sentence.

“Any chance they’ll get divorced?”

“Not likely. Daddy says that he and I are just playing around until I fall in love with some boy.”

“What about Danny?” Shelly asked.

“What about Danny? I mean he’s cute and all but… the last time I saw Danny at school, I was going to give him a blow job but when I pulled out his cock and started stroking it he just lost it and came all over my hand. The boys our age are so immature. I mean, how will I ever get him to go down on me and make me cum if he can’t last long enough to get a blow job.”

Shelly nodded her head.

“Your dad’s pretty hot,” Maddy said. “Now there’s a guy I could fuck,” she said as headed out the door to the laundry room.

Shelly winced, and then she followed.

“That is, if you didn’t mind. I mean, I’d be willing to share my dad,” Maddy continued.

Shelly thought about Maddy’s dad. He was pretty good looking and was obviously keeping Maddy satisfied. “Maybe. We’ll see,” Shelly replied.

“So when’s your mom back home again?” Maddy started the machine.

‘Two more days,” Shelly’s shoulders fell.

“Well, at least you some time,” said Maddy. Maddy went over to her dresser and picked up a set of keys. “We’re going to the mall to get you some nighties.”

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