She Wants the D Pt. 01

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Emma was a lonely woman. She lived in her apartment, apart from society. With no friends or relatives, Emma used to spend long days by herself without much to do except work.

Emma was a religious woman. She would pray every night for a better life, for a message from above that showed her the path to take. She used to go to church, until she was caught masturbating while confessing. Then she had to stop attending for shame, and now her memories haunt her to this day.

Emma was a sexual woman. Even though she blamed herself for being like this, and prayed every night to be changed, she would masturbate often, and dream about big cocks and strong men who would rape her. She was sexually frustrated. A woman, raped in her youth by a man she do not remember anymore, constantly thirsting for someone, but there isn’t anybody there for her.

What a sad woman she was. She had no one to love her or to love. She lived through her days by doing the same boring things and constantly looking down at people through her apartment window, on the second floor of a small, dirty building.

One night, After she had prayed and gone to bed, Emma had a strange dream. She dream with the letter D. The letter appeared before her, imposing and strong.

“I can solve your problems, Emma dear,” the huge D said to her. She tried to touch it but it slipped between her fingers and started to get away from her.

“Stop!” she yelled at it.

“Not quite. You need to catch me. Love can’t be created if pain isn’t involved,” the letter told her, as it drifted farther and farther away.

Emma opened her eyes and found herself sweating a lot, drenching her pajamas. She thought about this absurd dream. At first, she wanted to forget about it, but then she understood. Emma realized that her life was miserable in her current state, and that she wanted to take her life instead of living her stupid existence. She was now dreaming with letters that could solve problems, that was the last straw.

At 4am that morning, Emma walked to a high bridge that was close to her apartment. She approached it trembling, hating herself, but also afraid to die. She stood on the edge ready to jump, when suddenly a group of people was passing by, and she hurriedly got down from the unstable arm rail and back to safety. In their state of drunkenness they did not notice the suicidal woman, but she did notice them. She heard someone mention some Mr D. This called to her attention and thus, like a confused zombie, she followed this group closely as they walked down the road, and listened to their conversation.

“…that’s what she told me, I don’t know. I hear he is some sort of myth. The sexiest man in the city, fucks anyone he wants. Ladies are constantly looking for the guy a willing to pay anything to sleep with him, but I hear that finding him is the hardest part. The guy is a ghost, but Rebecca said she saw him. I think it’s bullshit.”

“Bullshit, ha! Nah bro that shit is real. I’ve heard ’bout him too. That guy’s my idol. They say he’s into some weird shit, man, and that to reach the guy you have to go downtown, to Ledger street. Problem is, that place is fucked up,” said another guy in the group.

“Ledger street?! Yo, you need to really be in a huge need to find that nigga if you are willing ataşehir escort to go there,” said someone else.

“You’re all a bunch of pussies, that’s why you’ll never be like him!” said some girl.

“Shut up hoe!” said one of the men in the group, “and who the fuck are you?” he said turning, noticing Emma who had been following them and closely listening.

“I-I’m sorry I just-” she said.

“Bitch get the fuck out of my face, hoe!” yelled the man, the rest cheering him, and Emma went away hurriedly. The next day, she went to Ledger street.

Even during the day, Ledger street was a nasty place. Prostitution and drugs were the thing there, but usually it was also a place where normal people went to hook up and have some crazy experiences without compromising their social status. Normal couples were seen going into orgies or married men or women had their gay relationships there without fear of being discovered. For some paradise, for some, hell, but Emma now wanted to find D, and nothing more.

She walked down the street and looked about her surroundings. She was afraid to ask the wrong person about D, and thus remained a silent observer for a long while, before she finally decided to go into the most popular place in that street, The Second Circle, to inquire about him.

The place looked like a bar. People were sitting and standing about, and drinking or flirting with whores. Some were sitting at a table, talking to some friends, while underneath you could see someone sucking their dicks off. It was dirty and very loud. Our Emma got close to the bar, where a beautiful, half-naked redhead was serving drinks.

“What’s it gonna be, babe?” said the redhead.

“I’m looking for someone…” replied Emma.

“Bah! Ain’t we all!? Ha, ha! Have a drink first and then you can ask me sweetheart, otherwise go bother someone else.”

“Alright… let me have… w-what do you recommend?”

“The fuck should I know?”

“I’m just not into drinking, so I don’t know what should I have. Beer, I guess?-“

“First time here, babe?” said the redhead, this time a little less roughly, “first-timers are always cute. We ain’t got no beer. Here, drink this,” she said, and gave her a transparent liquid. Emma smelled it, and with a worried face, swallowed it. She felt the cold liquid burn her insides and pump blood directly to her face. She coughed and made stupid noises.

“At least it’s better than cum, eh? Ha, ha, ha!” joyfully laughed the redhead.

“Um, can you tell me now…” Emma said timidly.

“Wait a sec, I gotta serve that ugly fuck over there, and I’ll be back for your question.” Emma waited while the barmaid attended other drunk costumers, and started to feel more at ease. That liquor she was given had some effect on her, and for some reason she felt at peace for the first time in a while. When the redhead returned, she also looked a little more friendly than before.

“Alright babe, you can ask me now but make it quick, ok?” the barmaid said, “My name is Dorothy, by the way. It’s useful to make some friends in this part of town, and you start by learning their names. So, are you looking for a whore? We got some here. Or is it a pimp? You looking for a job?”

“I’m Emma, and no I’m not looking for any of that. kadıköy escort bayan I’m looking for a man known as D, or at least people call him that?” said our heroine. The expression of Dorothy changed a little from relaxed to interested. She started to display an alluring look in her eyes.

“So, the little kitten is looking for some major business? May I ask where did you hear that name, babe?”

“I heard someone on the street…”

“You shouldn’t believe everything you hear!” and Dorothy got closer to Emma, putting her elbows on the bar and her hands on her face, “Tell me Emma, do you like women?”

“I… w-what do you mean?”

“Sexually, do you like women? You know, tits, pussy, that kind of stuff.”

“I’m straight, sorry. But why are you asking me that? I’m just looking for-“

“That’s a shame, you know? A green sprout like ain’t got no chance. Mr D is a myth, babe.”

“He isn’t. I’m sure of that. Thanks for the help,” said Emma with a conviction that was strange on her. She was ready to leave when Dorothy caught her by her hand.

“Listen, the way you are right now, you won’t go far. I can help you,” she let go of Emma’s hand, “come back anytime,” she said with a smile.

“Hey bitch! Bring me my fucking beer, will you!?” was heard from across the bar.

Emma left that wretched place with her head down, and went home. She felt she needed a shower, and after taking a long bath, she went to bed. Again that loneliness. She was sick of it.

Next morning, skipping her job, she was there again, at The Second Circle. In seeing her, Dorothy smiled. She said she had something for her, and grabbed her by the hand and took it to the back of the bar and into a long hallway. The hallway was actually a place to have sex. Emma could see how inside both walls many rooms extended all the way down to the end, each open, with no door, and inside most of them there were couples making love, or in the VIP rooms, orgies taking place. Emma got a little scared, but for some reason, decided to trust Dorothy who was the only living person with whom she had a conversation in years; besides, the day before Dorothy had called herself a ‘friend’.

They walked down the hallway while Emma tried not to see everything that surrounded her. The loud moans that intensified the atmosphere, and the damp air and smell of sweat mixed with all kinds of perfume. Emma tried praying but it didn’t work. She repented for her actions, but it didn’t work. She was here now and she had to deal with this. She and Dorothy got into one of these rooms. Only when inside, Emma noticed how small they were. There was only enough space for a small, round table at the center, and a couple of small sofas to each side of it, and opposite each other. Emma remembered the question Dorothy asked her the day before, and got nervous, but said nothing, as if accepting her fate. She was ready for Dorothy to make a move.

“Be a good girl and wait here, ok?” said Dorothy softly, kissing her cheek with a wet kiss, “I’ll bring you what you want.”

Emma sat in one of the sofas and waited there. The was left alone in the sea of lust. Women could be heard having orgasms all over, and men too. Dirty things were shouted, and a chaos of moans came from all directions at escort maltepe once. Emma was going crazy.

About 15 minutes had elapsed when a couple comes into the room. They seemed drunk senseless, and with huge smiles on their faces. They saw Emma here and then looked at each other. They looked disappointed. They came in anyway and sat on the sofa opposite her. They young couple sat there awkwardly waiting for something to happen, while Emma tried her best not to make eye contact with them. After a while the unknown girl spoke.

“Umm, are you some kind of service lady? Are we supposed to hook up or sumthin’?”

“No… I’m just waiting for someone here. Umm, don’t…mind me…” said Emma growing afraid.

“Oh! Ok! We thought… never mind,” said the girl. The couple looked at each other a little happier this time, and again sat there for a while. Not a long time went by, however, when Emma noticed the hand of the girl reach for the guy’s pants. They started to kiss softly. Emma noticed they were starting to relax a little too much. The couple kissed more and more passionately. The girl used both hands and unzipped his pants quickly, while he licked her perspired neck and softly parted the top of her dress and showed her bra. Emma looked away quickly, but curiosity called her eyes back. By the time Emma looked again, the girl had his dick in her mouth and was sucking it with a passion. Eyes closed tight, cheeks sunk in her face, and her hand jerking him off while she slurped and licked her boyfriends penis. Emma felt a rush of adrenaline at seeing this. Flashbacks tried to come to her from her first time, but it was useless. She cared not for those moments, but for this one. She had been masturbating all her adult life, longing for a man’s dick to break her pussy apart, and it never came to her, and now, she was sitting right across this couple, having the sex she so desired. She felt infinite envy, disgust, pleasure, anger, joy, shame; all at the same time. As Emma kept watching, the couple took it a step further. She stopped sucking and kissed his lips. While doing this, the guy spread his legs and sat comfortable in front of Emma, while the girl, after glancing at Emma for a second to check if she was watching, let that cock slide right into her cunt. The girl started riding it while she moaned and called him a beast. She let him lick her nipples and slap her ass, while she jumped up and down on him.

Emma felt a huge need to masturbate, and so she did. She, not caring anymore introduced her hand in her panties and started beating an already wet pussy. She introduced her fingers in and with a back and forth motion, made herself cum while not looking away from the young couple. The guy quickly lifted her girlfriend up, and with a huge moan let all his cum splash on her face.

Panting and laughing, the couple got dressed and went away. Emma was left there. She was a mess. Her panties were drenched and she had lost all strength in her body. For a moment, even forgetting what she was doing in such a place.

She pulled herself together when a black man of high stature came walking down and noticed her there.

“Who’re you?” he asked her.

“I’m Emma, I’m…”

“I didn’t ask you your name, hoe! I mean what the fuck are you doin’ there?”

“I… D-dorothy…”

“Man, look at you. You are a mess. We are closed, bitch, you gotta go.”


The man grabbed her and dragged her to the end of the hallway. She was pushed and thrown outside through a door that led to an alley.

To be continued

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