Shawna Enjoys Her Flight

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Typing away on my laptop at 40,000 ft. as I picked at the dry, tasteless dinner that had just been served, the couple across the aisle wer laughing at something. It was then I noticed they were quite attractive.

Smiling to yourself, they appear to be newlyweds who were quite happy! Their conversation unending, the long stares into each other’s eyes, the excessive kissing and feeding each other! “Do I really need this for the next four hours?”

As the evening progressed, the lights dimmed for the movie and gave the couple a chance to snuggle up close under their blanket. You don’t want to stare, but yet, I cannot help but wonder at their story! It also doesn’t hurt they are attractive and people watching is always fun.

A little while after the movie started I look over and think, “HEY what is going on over there under that blanket?” a smile creased the dimple of my left cheek.

The couple were definitely not watching the movie anymore!!! They were locked into a passionate kiss and by the movements of the blanket; they both had their hands busy!

Removing the earpiece closest to them, I can just hear the soft kittenish moans from the woman, the low grunts of the man, and the casino şirketleri rustle of clothing being moved around as they groped each other.

I closed my eyes for a moment to concentrate on their verbalizations. I could feel my nipples hardening against the light sweater I was wearing! The familiar tingling was happening between my legs so I squeeze my thighs together, crossing and uncrossing my legs a few times, feeling the tight fabric of my jeans working to excite myself as it rubbed against my bare, smooth pussy.

Looking over again I see they are whispering to each other! Their hands had stopped moving! “What could they be planning?” I thought as I let different scenarios play through my mind!

Suddenly, they move the blanket aside and adjust their clothing! The man who is closest stands and begins his way to the back of the plane! The woman, adjusting her short skirt as she stood, gave me a wink as she walked by! I notice her nipples are hard!

Looking back, I catch them entering the same bathroom. Grabbing my purse, I almost run to the room beside theirs!

I lock the door and listen for their voices! I can hear them through the adjoining wall, it sounds like casino firmaları they are kissing!

Not wanting to miss this opportunity to listen to these two fuck and get myself off at the same time, I get my little pocket rocket from my purse, setting it on the counter at the ready!!

“Turn around”, I hear him say.

I can only assume she is now facing away from him in the small space!

I close my eyes and imagine his fingers pulling the little skirt over her hips, her hands reaching back, unzipping his jeans!

I get into the same position as what I think she is in, my hands busy on my nipples, squeezing them through the thin grey sweater. I press my mound against the edge of the counter, sliding up and down, creating friction with the fabric of my jeans to tease my cunt.

“Put your cock in me,” you hear her say!

“Your so wet Stacey,” he says!

I imagine his cock easing up to the lips of her pussy, sliding himself into her tightness, her juices coating the thick cock, her hands on her nipples as mine are!

I unzip my jeans, slid them over my ass, bend over the counter further so I can press my little vibrator against my clit! I love listening güvenilir casino to other people fuck; there is something so real and mischievous about it.

I am still again so I can listen to them. I hear him grunting and assume that with each thrust he grunts; I can also hear her moaning.

“YYYESSSS, your cock is SSSOO big in me Greg. I’m so close to coming!”

“Come for me Stacey, come all over my big cock.”

Hearing how close they are I start to really work the little vibrator on my clit!!! I want to come with them, and all three of us don’t wait long! Short, fast grunts end with one long one from him, she makes a funny squeaking noise and I moan out as orgasms begin for all three of us. I ignore how loud I am moaning, concentrating on the couple next door and listening to them coming!

Turning off my toy and putting it in my purse, I hear their door open and close. I’m zipping up when the toilet flushes. Time to head back to my seat!

“Sorry” you say as you bump into the pretty redhead.

“That’s Ok” she replies with a wink.

I follow her up the aisle and back to our seats, enjoying the view of her ass and replaying in my mind what happened to it a few moments ago.

We sit down and all three of us share a smile before looking back at the screen to watch the movie.

From the corner of your eye, you see her whisper in his ear and the blanket is pulled up again. Perhaps round 2 before the next movie starts?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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