Sharing Bras

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Alex Tanner

Note to readers. We met on Literotica and decided to write this story together. We didn’t start with an overall plan or plot – we simply wrote alternating chapters. For this reason it might not always read like many stories on Literotica, and if you think this will bother you, please skip this story. Regardless, we had fun writing this together and really hope you like the result!


1. From Linda:

“Sharing bras” is the reason we met. Well, the reason we met for real. We had both finished working out at the gym. We were the last ones, right before Christmas. Everyone else had gone home early. We entered the locker room a few seconds apart, each totally exhausted from our workouts and perfunctorily said “hi” to each other.

We knew each other well because we had often seen the other around the gym. We had talked on many occasions about a variety of subjects, including my boyfriends when I needed a sympathetic ear. We were workout buddies and I liked Patty a lot. She was far and away the nicest of the girls at the gym, and I’d been meaning to get to know her even better.

In the locker room we talked about a variety of things, easily and freely, as usual. After our showers we each sat down on the bench between our lockers, facing opposite directions, both very tired and out of it.

As we were getting dressed Patty turned to me. “Excuse me Linda. I think we’re wearing each others’ bra?”

Startled, I looked down at the bra I had just put on and tried to remember which bra I had put on that morning. It didn’t look completely familiar, although it was extremely similar to one I owned. Then I looked closely at the one Patty was wearing and saw that it was mine. I also saw that it fit her perfectly. I suddenly became afraid she would think I was staring at her breasts when actually I was only looking at the bra. However, I couldn’t help notice that she had a great rack.

And I saw that she was right! We each had brought our clothing out of our lockers, put it on the bench at the same time, and then absentmindedly grabbed the wrong bra.

Patty then said, “Linda, you’re a 36C, right? So am I.” I nodded.

Then I said, “I’m really sorry, Patty. I guess we’re both tired and didn’t notice. But at least it looks really good on you.”

“Thanks. And mine looks great on you – it really flatters your figure.”

“Thanks. I think mine looks better on you than it does on me.”

We each took off the bra we were wearing, and when we finished, we were standing, facing each other, each clad only in our panties. I froze, trying not to stare at Patty’s beautiful body.

I had seen other women’s breasts countless times before, but somehow this time was different. It was as if I was looking at an almost naked woman for the first time. Something about the intimacy of the situation, the fact that we has just worn each others’ bra, the fact that our breasts were identical. In fact, our bodies below the neck were almost identical! My heart started to beat loudly for an unexplainable reason.

And then I saw that Patty was looking at my tits. Which made me realize I was looking at hers! This made my nipples stand out firmly, which really embarrassed me. I thought to myself that, sure Patty was beautiful, but I can’t be getting turned on, not by another girl. My nipples must just be cold.

Patty must have felt it too, because to break the tension she smiled and said, “Linda, at least we put on the right panties.”

I laughed, and then she laughed, and we both laughed really hard at our mutual mistake. As I stepped forward to hand back her bra I tripped slightly over something, stumbling forward. She caught me, chest to chest. I looked down at our breasts mashing against each others, erect nipples pressed against erect nipples. It was the sexiest sight I had ever seen.

Then, Patty, I noticed that you were looking down at our breasts. I stared at your beautiful face, and after a few seconds you looked up into my eyes, looking slightly shocked and very nervous. Our lips were only a few inches apart. By this point my heart was beating so loudly that I was sure you could hear it.

On impulse, I kissed you. Patty, it was my first girl kiss. My gosh, a GIRL KISS! I couldn’t help it, Patty, and I can’t explain why I did it, but I did.

Happily, you kissed me back. What a relief! As the kiss went on my eyes were closed as I experienced a kiss from heaven. A kiss unlike any other I’d ever experienced – so soft, so gentle, no scratchy beard, as we took all the time in the world.

2. From Patty:

Linda, I’ll never forget that kiss. It was the most influential moment of my life!

How I loved it! I kissed you back because it’s something I’d wanted to do to you for a long time. And to feel your beautiful tits pressing against mine! And I wanted more. I wanted to caress you like you’ve never been caressed before.

Standing there for that brief moment looking at you it was like I was looking antalya escort at myself in a mirror. Almost perfect tits, a smooth flat tummy, rounded hips covered by the cutest pair of lacy panties. From the neck down, except for the color of the panties, it could have been my own reflection I was looking at.

I placed a hand on your waist as if to pull you closer but at that moment we heard a noise at the door!

Quickly we both turned away and put on our bras. Quickly I covered up with my top then stepped into my shorts, then bent down to put on my socks and shoes. I glanced back to see you were bent over tying your shoelaces, the back of your thighs under your mini skirt looked so creamy, so exciting. I was wet; my face must have been bright red from the excitement of the moments.

Grabbing my stuff I rushed to the bathroom. Why did I run? I’m not sure. Maybe I was embarrassed because of the kiss. And I did have to relieve myself … in more ways than one! As my body subsided from my pleasure I quickly flushed and hurried out to find you had gone.

I ran outside to look for you. When I saw you getting into your car my heart fell for a moment. Darn the luck, you were leaving me – why did I hurry out of the locker room just because someone almost caught us kissing?

But you saw me and waved! So I walked over to your car. I didn’t know what to say, I just knew I didn’t want you to drive away without at least telling you how pleased I was that you kissed me. And I wanted more than just a kiss. But I had trouble finding the right words.

But you understood. As I leaned down to talk to you through your open window you gave me your hand. I took it in mine and kissed your fingers for a moment. You never said anything, you were smiling and all I saw was your lovely lips, lips that not long before and sent shivers of delight through my body.

I asked if I could see you again, and I didn’t mean at the gym. But you knew what I meant and, smiling, asked for my phone number.

3. From Linda:

The rest of that day all I could think about was The Kiss. I went to bed, but couldn’t sleep. I could only picture your beautiful face and feel your soft lips. Patty, somehow you had kissed my soul. Was love at first sight possible?

I have seen love at first sight occur — to others. And I’d read that people have in their subconscious mind their ideal, the person who is perfect for them, and that if they ever meet them, their subconscious mind tells them that they have met their soulmate. When this happens there is love at first sight.

So I did believe in love at first sight. There was, however a problem with all this. One very large problem. You were a girl! A really nice girl, a beautiful girl. But a girl!

Still, that kiss was incredible. Beyond incredible. And you were so pretty. Infinitely prettier than any man I had ever dated. Than any man could ever be. And your body — wow! So sexy! So incredibly sexy.

And it was… well, it was essentially identical to mine. Which meant that…? I too had a sexy body. Even though some men had treated me so poorly that my self-esteem was in many ways very low, seeing that Patty’s body was sexy made me realize that I too am very desirable sexually.

Why did I ever have an interest in men? No man in history has had a body as beautiful to look at as Patty’s. With Patty there was no cock or balls to deal with – only beauty. Sexy beauty. Just as Patty’s kiss was so much better than any man kiss, so was her body so superior.

In bed as I thought about Patty’s face and body, and how naughty it was to wear her bra, my fingers wandered down to my pussy. My fingers on my clit became Patty’s almost identical fingers, and then I felt her staring at my breasts, saying, “Linda, you’re wearing my bra, and that’s really sexy! I’ll kiss you while you wear my bra while I rub your clit….”

And I started to arch my back, and then my body was like a wave, arching up and down as Patty’s hand gave me pleasure. I could hear the voice of my former boyfriend Bill saying, “Linda – why don’t you ever move when we have sex? All the women in the porno’s thrash around.”

I would respond, “But Bill, that’s just a movie, the actresses are just acting.” And now, for the first time, I was doing it! I also started to moan out loud – in fact scream! Which I never do.

Again, I could hear Bill’s voice, “Linda, you never make any noise during sex. Just a little when you come. Are you frigid? The women in the porno’s always scream.”

I remember responding, “Maybe, Bill, that’s because you’re such a lousy lover!”

And with an earth shattering scream I came. So much stronger and longer than I have ever come before in my life. As different from my comes with men as a hurricane is from a light rain. Just from my hand, not from a cock. With the help of Patty. And finally I went to sleep.

In the morning I felt terrible. I regretted everything. The kiss, the hand touching, the kemer escort masturbation. It was all simply wrong. No matter how sexy Patty was, I wasn’t a lesbian or even bisexual.

But I was strong and far too iron willed to give into her romantic kisses, her beautiful face and her sexy body. I was 100% straight and that was that. The rational part of me took over. What happened yesterday was impossible. She’s a girl. It never happened.

I dressed knowing I would be going to the gym later that day, wearing lacy, matching undergarments (I told myself I did it to make sure I didn’t accidentally switch bras or panties with anyone).

After work I almost chickened out and went home. But then I decided I should go the gym and let Patty know that from now on we would just be friends. Even though she was the best kisser ever, and was so much sexier in every way than any man in the world. And even though she seemed so much nicer and more interesting than Bill or any of my previous boyfriends. I would tell Patty that I was 100% straight.

4. From Patty

I had trouble sleeping that night. All I could think of was that kiss. I tossed and turned thinking of you and how your kiss had been so arousing.

I placed a hand between my legs and curled up in the fetal position and felt myself through the thin fabric of my baby doll jammies.

It was no use. I felt my own wetness and knew you were the cause. You dominated my mind and soul. I thought naughty things, wanting to touch you all over, to feel your lovely breasts pressing against mine, to run my hands over your rounded bottom, to find your love hole. I prayed it would be wet with desire for me.

I cupped my hand over my vulva, my middle finger finding the grove in the middle and gently stroking it. I’m sure I whimpered as I stroked myself, finally putting my hand inside to feel my wetness, letting my fingers caress and finding my clit. I couldn’t help myself, I had to pleasure myself enjoying the sensations my hand produced till finally I fell asleep.

I waited all day by my phone thinking of you, my body tingling with hope and desire. But it didn’t ring. The silence was so deafening it was maddening. And saddening.

That night when I changed from my work clothes into my track suit to go to the gym, I put on the skimpiest bra to support my tits along with a matching lacy thong that left nothing to the imagination. I grabbed a towel and my workout bag containing my hairbrush, deodorant, change of underwear etc., and hurried to the gym. On the way I prayed you’d be there and hadn’t forgotten that kiss. And that you would want to see me again!

5. From Linda

As if I were preparing for one of my arguments in court, I planned carefully what I would say. I’d be very polite of course. But honest and firm, leaving no doubt that The Kiss was a mistake that would never be repeated.

I would apologize, tell her I was 100% straight, and we would move on. I hoped we could still be friends because she certainly was one of the nicest and most fascinating people I had ever met and we had a lot in common. Mentally I got into “lawyer mode” and rehearsed my carefully chosen words.

And then I saw her. Just as I was approaching the gym, I saw Patty. She was walking quickly, rounded a corner, and we came face to face.

At the sight of Patty I froze. I couldn’t remember a word of my speech, and for a very long few seconds all I could hear was my heart pounding. And then “Hi, Linda. How are you? I’ve thinking about you!” in a voice so sweet I almost cried. From a woman with the warmest, friendliest smile imaginable.

I peered into her glowing eyes and felt like a tongue-tied school girl having her first crush. The confident, experienced lawyer had vanished. I couldn’t breathe and felt my hands shake, and then my knees started to buckle.

“Are you OK” Patty said, putting an arm around my waist to steady me. Pressing me against her. Which made me remember her body? My gosh, her body! Still unable to speak, I stared at her. Smelled her. Absorbed her essence.

And then I kissed her. For the second time! I couldn’t help it. I just did it. I was helpless.

We kissed as if we were long lost lovers. We kissed and kissed for the longest time, not worrying whether anyone would discover us. A kiss for the ages. A kiss of souls, not of lips.

As we kissed we wrapped our arms tighter and tighter around each other. We ran our hands over each others’ body, and I marveled how her body was exactly like mine, so soft, smooth, and curvy. No wonder men loved to touch us so much! No wonder men paid huge sums of money just to be with girls for short periods!

I also marveled at how delicious it was to feel breasts against my body while I kissed someone. Every sensation I was feeling was new. And every sensation was wonderful.

Then I became conscious at how hard my nipples were. Never had they become so erect, not even when konyaaltı escort I’d had sex with my boyfriends. I could just feel them as they pressed against the confines of their bra. Which made me feel sexier than I had ever felt in my life? As if each nipple was showing off, and also begging Patty to suck them. I was almost sure Patty could feel them poke against my flimsy bra, which made me feel even sexier.

Until, finally, we came up for air. Patty took my hands in hers and gazed into my eyes. She whispered, “Just to be sure you’re OK, Linda, you shouldn’t exercise tonight. Why don’t you come back to my place? We’ll relax and get to know one another better.”

Numbly I nodded my head. “It’s a date,” I replied, realizing with excitement that up until that moment I’d only had dates with guys.

“I’ll follow you in my car.” As I drove my heart resumed its racing – what would this evening bring? I was scared and excited. In fact, I was getting more and more terrified even though my reluctance over what might happen with a woman had vanished. Over and over I told myself, “It’s not that I’m attracted to a woman. I’m attracted to Patty.” Somehow the fact that it was with Patty, incredible Patty, made it OK. After a few minutes we reached her apartment. She unlocked her door, pushed it open, and invited me in.

6. From Patty

Now I was really excited. My heart was racing because she had kissed me again, and what a kiss! It sent shivers of excitement racing through my body. For that brief moment I hadn’t cared if anyone saw us or not.

Why I invited her to my apartment I don’t know, it just seemed the thing to do at the time. How often I’d wanted to be with another girl and now it seemed I’d found not only a girl who liked kissing, but a mature woman. How often I’d looked at other mature ladies and wondered what it would be like to make love to one. I’d never done it, never had the nerve. But now here was a very pretty lady who had actually kissed me not once but twice.

Often when I jilled myself I’d fantasize about making love to a woman. Kissing and caressing her beautiful breasts. Feeling her hands on mine. Now it seemed the opportunity was not at my door, but actually in my apartment.

I felt awkward and stupid, so just said, “Take a seat Linda, would you like a drink? I have some wine”. You didn’t answer me, just went and sat on my sofa, carefully smoothing your skirt down as if you were shy. Funny how I noted it was pleated, like those short skirts tennis players wear. You sat with your knees together, your legs were so smooth and tanned, with your feet in white socks and gym shoes. I found that to be very erotic,

I took my time in the kitchenette trying to calm down, to think of something to say as I poured us some wine. Returning, I handed you a glass as I turned and sat down, raising my glass in a toast to you. I was nervous. I could hardly speak. What I said was more like a whisper. “Here’s to our friendship, I hope it gets stronger” or something like that.

You touched your glass to mine, “Yes” you replied, your lips were slightly parted in a smile, so red and moist looking it made me think of those kisses you gave me. Now sitting so close to one another in light of what had happened, I was so nervous I couldn’t keep eye contact with you. I looked down and that made it worse. I was mesmerized by your lovely bare thighs. The way your skirt dipped down between them seemed to emphasize their beauty.

We sipped our drinks for a moment, and as if sensing my discomfort you put your glass on the table and whispered, “I really like you.”

I was too scared to look at you and just nodded my head for some reason, as if that answered you. You placed a hand on my chin and gently turned my face to yours, looking into my eyes for a brief moment before placing another kiss on my lips.

Now I just melted. It was what I’d wanted, what I needed. As we kissed each other deeply I wrapped my arms around you as if to stop you from getting away.

7. From Linda

I remember our first time in your apartment so vividly. Because it was the most romantic evening of my life.

It wasn’t just soft music and lights, great conversation and wine. The longer we talked the more you fascinated me, the more you became the only person in my universe.

And when you reached over, picked up a grape, and offered it to me… as I ate it out of your hand I realized that I was yours to do with as you pleased. I was helpless, totally under your spell.

I didn’t know what to do or say. I was afraid of scaring you off, so all I could say was, “I really like you.” I actually wanted to say, “I think I’m falling in love with you. In fact, I know I’m falling in love with you.” But I was afraid of scaring you off. So I restrained myself.

You looked so scared, maybe even more scared than I was. And nervous – I could tell we both were hesitant to take it to the next level. But I had to. I simply had to make it clear to you that I wanted you to be more than a friend to me.

But you looked so scared and I was afraid that the moment would pass so I decided to take charge. And our kisses were pure heaven. Time stood still as the only thing that mattered was our lips and my beating heart.

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