Shade Ch. 03

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I couldn’t help but think of how much everything had changed in the course of one night at work. When I had got out of bed today I was a broken sexless part-time bachelor. Yet, here I am now getting my stiff cock stroked by the girl of my dreams while two of my coworkers sit in wait for their turn on my meat stick. The surreal events of the night had transformed me from a haplessly pathetic loser to a guy who had experienced wilder sex in a night than many do in a lifetime. I caught myself staring at the bulge forming in Raven’s skin-tight leggings. The outline of his erection was well defined leaving little to the imagination.

He was ever so gently biting on his lower lip as he glanced over to me with hungry eyes. It had surprised me how little I seemed to care having been caught eyeballing another man’s package. Raven than slid his delicate fingers beneath the thin fabric of his pitch-black leggings freeing his eight-inch indurated ramrod. It was long as well as thick and was certainly the straightest part of Raven. I could fell Trina releasing her grip on my shaft as Raven began stroking his. Trina gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. My whole body shuddered with the sensation of her warm breath teasing my ear.

” Te quiero, quiero que seas mi marido.” Trina whispered seductively in my ear before planting a gentle wet kiss on my cheek and sliding out of her seat and onto her knees.

She slowly began to crawl on her hands and knees over to Raven who was gradually stroking his rock hard erection in anticipation. The hundreds of tattoos covering her sexily illustrated body appeared to sway with her shapely hips as she inched closer and closer to him. I could see that Trina’s pussy was wet from the brief glimpses I would be treated to as she crawled. I watched in agonizing horror as well as a bizarre erotic satisfaction as Trina wrapped her nimble fingers around Raven’s cock. Her piercing brown eyes flared at me as she lighting a fire in my loins. Even as she began tracing the length of his shaft with her tongue, she never broke eye contact.

She then took a deep breath and welcomed his thick rod into her mouth. I had never felt so conflicted as I did at that moment. That was my beloved Trina sucking Raven’s dick, however, as I watched her head bobbing up and down trying to get his full length into her throat, I caught myself stroking my cock. I hadn’t realized how skilled of a cocksucker Trina was until I watched her gagging and slobbering on Raven’s member. She was moaning lustfully as her head pivoted and whirled, her lewd slurping sounds only fueled my arousal. In no time was jacking off feverishly as I watched sucking and tugging his meaty cock.

I could see that Trina was playing with her sopping wet cunt almost violently through the crevice between her round bare tattooed ass and her feet that was cradling it. It was now strangely obvious to me that she was getting off just as much being watched as I was watching her. She wasn’t so much trying to get Raven off blowing his girthy pole, rather she was putting on a show for me. The longer spent watching Raven filling her throat the more I realized that she wasn’t some dream girl. She meant it when she said she loved me, and I loved her too. I turned my attention over to Danielle who was sitting in the chair next to Raven massaging her fat wet pussy lips.

She too was enjoying the show that Trina was putting on for us. I couldn’t help but watch as her purple acrylic nails with little pink hearts slid in and out of her sloppy hole. I have no idea how long I was watching before she saw me or how long she was watching me watching her but I could feel the electricity between us when our eyes met. She was biting down on her lip as her fingers furiously fucked her wet cunt. I could feel my load building for its escape as I grew closer to cumming. was stroking harder and faster with each passing second, my lust being fueled by the sights of Trina being throat fucked and Danielle’s vigorous fingering of her snatch. I was only moments away from ejaculating when Danielle stood up and walked over to me.

“Is this seat taken?” Danielle asked with a sultry tone her eyes on Trina’s chair.

“Not at the moment.” I replied as I released my hold on my swollen member.

With no hesitation, Danielle positioned herself straddling my lap before lowering herself on to my achingly ready dick. I could feel her warm sticky juices on her inner thighs as I slid my throbbing cock between her sloppy soaked pussy lips. She let out a loud moan as I plunged my dick deep into her warm fleshy pocket. Danielle slowly began rhythmically sliding up and down on my pulsating member. My mind went blank as the seemingly sweltering heat of her eager cunt engulfed my penis. I was focused with all my might in the effort not to cum. She started to ride me more hastily and aggressively as she steadily increased her pace.

“I love your dick. I could ride it all day.” Danielle huffed, as she bounced up and down in escort kartal my lap.

“You’re so wet I don’t know how much longer I can last.” I replied, squeezing her plump booty as she writhed on my swollen pole.

I was struggling to keep my load. “Just a little longer, wait till she cums.” I thought. She was grinding and bouncing on my lap with nothing short of visceral aggression. I could feel the swelling of my balls and the ache in my groin as an eruption of hot sticky fluid was eminent. I looked over Danielle’s shoulder to see that Raven was laying flat on the floor, Trina hovering over him getting in position. She slowly started lowering herself on his mighty cock. He cupped her breasts as she steadily glided up and down his thick shaft.

“After you cum in me you should slide in her back door.” Danielle whispered.

I am not sure if it were the shock of what I just heard but I almost instantly exploded in her greedy womb. It was only one burst of cum, however, it was powerful enough to summon her orgasm.

“But she is fucking Raven right now.” I whispered.

“So what. She straight-up loves you and her ass is up and out for her man. Two holes two poles.” Danielle said as she sucked and kissed on small of my neck.

“What about you? It doesn’t seem cool to leave you out.” I replied.

“That’s your woman on my man. You take her ass, and I will make him eat your loads out of my holes. Trust me, she wants it.” Danielle said as she stood from my lap wrapping her short chubby fingers around my still erect cock.

I felt cool vibrations circulating throughout my body and the rapid pounding of my heart as I rose from my seat. I knew the sensation. It was a combination of nervousness and fear that I would feel when I thought I would get into a fight or face some challenges where losing was more probable than possible. To this day I still can’t fathom why I was so nervous. I had had more sex than night than any month prior. I was given the opportunity to try things that many men my age could only fantasize about. Yet, here I was being walked over to Trina by my penis like a dog on a leash and I was afraid of what was next.

Trina looked back over her shoulder at me with a devious smile, as if she knew what was coming and welcomed it. The sight of her seductive grin seemed to instantly put me at ease. The sight of her rhythmic riding and almost twerking on Raven’s dick ensured that I may never be soft again. I then caught a glimpse of the various tattoos on her beautiful round bronze ass. There were spider webs covering both cheeks with the outline of a hand on each cheek. It was like a “place hands here” sign for the man fortunate enough to take her from behind. I was utterly astonished that I hadn’t noticed them earlier in the night.

I was standing over Trina while she was slowly grinding in Raven’s lap when Danielle released her grasp on my hardened dick. I knelt down over Raven’s knees positioning myself behind Trina’s firm round ass. My cock was still slick from Danielle’s carnal juices as I pressed the head of my cock against Trina’s waiting anus. I didn’t try to slide right in, rather I was gradually pushing my way in pausing every few seconds to gauge her reactions. Trina had stopped moving to allow me enough time to finally get my member a little more than halfway in her gorgeous ass before she slowly returned to fucking Raven. I then began slowly sliding my cock in and out of Trina’s tight puckered ass hole.

The sheer ecstasy I was experiencing was indescribable. I could feel the strange sensation of Raven’s cock brushing against mine through the thin fleshy membrane between her two holes. I began to increase my momentum fucking her luscious ass while keeping pace with Trina and Raven. I could hear Trina’s moans of pleasure and painful groans merge into one seductive lustful melody. I was squeezing her firm round buns as I was thrusting my rod hard and deep within her colon. Our bodies were moving in an almost mechanical precision. Raven and I were both pumping our cocks in and out of Trina’s holes like pistons.

True to her word, Danielle walked around Trina and me and planted her sloppy sperm-soaked pussy on Raven’s face. With no hesitation whatsoever and no coaxing necessary, Raven started greedily lapping her dribbling mound. The lewd slurping sounds made by Raven eating my cream-pie from Danielle’s crotch acted a melody of lust in my ears. Waves of pleasure were coursing throughout my body as I was lunging my cock vigorously in Trina’s warm tight ass. She was soon screaming in agonizing ecstasy.

“Oh God Yes! Fuck me like a little slut.” Trina roared.

“Oh, you like it huh? You love being treated like a dirty cum-slut by two fat cocks?” Danielle Said gyrating on Raven’s face.

The sensation of Raven’s hard cock brushing up against min was nothing short of intense. Trina’s ass was much tighter than that of Danielle’s. She was thrusting hard and violently back into my groin maltepe escort as I continued to penetrate her dirty star with my thick meaty dick. I felt her whole body tense up int a tightly clenched mass. She began to conclude wildly as she reached her explosive climax. Even though Trina was experiencing a life-altering orgasm at the hands of her horny male coworkers, it did nothing to slow the aggressive penetrations that Raven and I were giving her. Trina was in the midst of pure bliss as she found herself being thoroughly impaled by our cocks.

The air was pungent with the scent of sex and sweat. Trina’s warm sticky fluids were all but pouring from her abused crotch on to my swinging balls and Raven smooth slender belly. I squeezed hard on Trina’s firm shapely ass thrusting my hard dick into her with all my might and as fast as I could. Raven started tapping rapidly on Danielle’s thigh prompting her to get up freeing his face.

“I’m gonna cum!” Raven shouted.

Trina sprang up freeing herself from both Raven and my cock. She crouched down next to me, spat on her hand and started jerking my cock. It was then that Trina would truly surprise and horrify me. Trina, Danielle, and Raven were all looking at me with devious smiles on their faces as Trina was positioning the head of my cock against Raven’s soft anus. I could almost hear the alarms of protest going off in my head. Everything about the moment felt wrong to me, however, my body offered no resistance while Trina was guiding my dick into Raven’s ass. I was sincerely terrified, yet also strangely aroused.

“Go on Papi, show him who’s the big man in the room.” Trina said, licking her lips.

“Hell yeah, Matty, fuck him like the little sissy faggot we all know he is. He does have a cute little ass like a girls ass don’t you think?” Danielle added playing with her wet pussy with one hand and fondling her plump titty with the other.

“Hmm, yes, please Daddy. Fuck my sissy hole. Make me your cum dumpster.” Raven said staring at me with a vulgar hunger in his eyes.

Danielle was right, Raven did have a cute feminine ass. In fact, he had the ass of a college coed. If it wasn’t for the giant cock in his lap, he could easily pass for a girl. All I found myself caring about in that instant was my unresolved erection. I knew I was crossing a line into uncharted territory when I started sliding my cock in and out of his ass. Raven was whimpering and moaning as I slowly increased my momentum. Danielle returned to sitting on Raven’s face while I was repeatedly plunging my rock hard member in his delicate rectum. Raven was licking and lapping on Danielle’s sloppy mound as if it were absolute ambrosia.

Trina stood and removed a bottle of Olmeca tequila from the large cooler before taking a seat in Raven’s chair. She spun the cap off the bottle with her thumb sending it twirling through the air like a Frisbee. I could hear Raven slurping and moaning beneath Danielle’s crotch. Trina sat there watching and masturbating while drinking her tequila straight from the bottle. I again felt the surge of excitement from being watched. I grabbed ahold of Raven’s slender hips pulling him towards me while I plunged my cock deeper into his famished sissy ass hole. His skin was amazingly soft like a baby’s. It was as if I were the first person ever to touch it.

His anus was warm and inviting and his girlish moans made it easy for me to forget I was sodomizing a boy. Our rhythmic humping and thrusting seemed to synchronize perfectly, making his experience as a sissy cum slut all the more obvious. I could tell that he was getting close to his climax by the subtle little breaks in rhythm. I could see his legs curling and writhing like snakes and he was squeezing Danielle’s thick milky white thighs like talons. Raven started letting out a loud bellowing moan as a long thick creamy stream of cum erupted into the air before falling back to the ground.

I was both irritated and aroused as I felt the warm slimy goo oozing down my chin onto my bare hairy chest. I looked down at the dick responsible for the cum on my face. To my surprise, semen was still pouring out like a leaky faucet on Raven’s slender belly. I was at a complete loss for the moment. Both wondering how to proceed and realizing that you can ejaculate from anal alone.

“Don’t stop Papi. Bust your nut baby.” Trina said still drinking booze and messaging her dripping twat.

“Please Daddy, cum in my dirty queer ass.” Raven added while he peeked at me from under Danielle’s fat mound.

With no further delay, I resumed fucking Raven’s supple ass. I started with long slow strokes sliding in and out of his thoroughly worked anus. I had never had sperm on my face before, let alone someone else’s. I felt dirty, nonetheless, I couldn’t honestly tell myself that I wasn’t enjoying fucking a femboi like Raven, or getting down and dirty when I built my entire life around a nice tidy order. His ass felt amazing. There pendik escort bayan was no denying it. The hollow smacking sounds our bodies made as they collided filled the room. What was once a quiet sales floor for rich entitled teens had now been christened the site of a bisexual orgy.

Faster and harder I thrust my rigid dick in Raven’s ass watching as he would jolt forward on impact. I could feel the swelling in my balls, the pressure in my groin, and my legs growing weak informing me that I was seconds away from a climax. A surge of pain coursed through my urethra sending a powerful tremor that seemed to rock my body to its very core as I came hard into Raven’s baby-soft ass. I let out a loud discernible grown as what felt like a gallon of sperm was pumping into his hungry rectum. He had arched his back like he was possessed while he greedily received my load. The room was now calm, filled with a symphony of heavy panting and erotic moans.

I sluggishly pulled my now ever softening member out of Raven’s delicate ass hole. I was weak famished and in need of a break. Looking at my coworkers I could tell that I wasn’t alone. I stood up and staggered to the chair by Trina taking a seat next to my queen. Just like the Goddess of mercy that she was, she handed me another fiercely chilled beer even popping the cap off for me. In true euphoric satisfaction, I brought the ice-cold beer to my lips. It was by far the best that I have ever tasted. Like bottled water given to a man in the desert, I had been saved.

By this time Raven and Danielle had also pulled themselves together. They were visibly exhausted when they took the chairs across from us. We were all something of a sad sight of flushed faces, sweaty sticky bodies, and disheveled that moment, the employees of Shade were the vision of rode hard and put away wet. Despite our obvious fatigue, we were all smiling and chuckling blissfully like children. I found myself looking around the store seeing if I could spot all the evidence of our sexual exploits. There was cum almost everywhere in the room. On Trina and I, Danielle and Raven, the carpet, the counter, our chairs, and even little globs on a T-shirt hanging on a nearby rack.

“Who was the marksman that made that shot?” I asked, laughing as pointed to the jizz stained shirt hanging just behind Raven.

The room seemed to explode with guilty laughter made even more amusing by the large “Not the Face.” Logo written in bold red letters. The room literally stank of sex and we were loving it. For me, it was a lifetime of repression released in spectacular fashion all in one night.

“My bad, Boss. I hope you have some sort of hard discipline in mind for my carelessness.” Raven said as he squeegeed a slimy glob of semen off his belly and coated his soft lips with it.

“Oh my, Matty. It looks like you made a friend.” Trina said laughing and smiling gleefully.

“Well that was wild” Danielle added.

We all sat laughing and drinking like we were all lifelong friends. We laughed and talked about life in retail, difficulty with relationships, and a whole lot about sex. We had all discussed our various kinks and fantasies. Raven wanted to be raped and abused by two guys outdoors. Danielle wanted to be the guest of honor in a gangbang. Trina wanted to be spontaneously fucked while playing Susie homemaker. I couldn’t say it, but all I wanted after everything I had been through that night was Trina in my arms and in my bed. I just said that road-head would be sweet.

It was odd to me that I had never taken the time the time to get to know Raven and Danielle. I discovered that Raven too was married once, however she passed away from pancreatic cancer in their second year of marriage. He could never bring himself to pursue another serious relationship so he has spent the last year just experimenting sexually. Danielle had a bachelor’s degree in microbiology that she put on the back burner to help Nick get his various endeavors off the ground. She had spent the last year working one minimum wage job after another.

It was only about an hour or so until sunrise and I could see that some of us still had the itch. I thought for sure that it would be Danielle or Raven that would be bold enough to say something. However, it was Trina that would speak up for the consolidated lust of the crew.

We had begun our evening simply doing a store inventory but it had escalated into something so much more. However, the raw fornication that we were all endeavoring in was built on the premise that as of sunrise, Trina and I would be an exclusive couple. By this time she had already polished off all but a few swallows of her bottle of Olmeca.

“I don’t know about you guy, but I could definitely go for one more.” Trina boasted loudly.

“What did you have in mind, Chica?” Danielle asked as she placed another empty corona on the floor at her feet.

“Dick.” Trina said laughing before she continued. “I still got the party bag over there with some wigs and sexy outfits. We could play some dress up. Hell, a good old fashioned fuck-for-all would be just the ticket for capping off the night.” Trina added pulling a black and pink plaid skirt from her black duffel bag with her toes.

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