Sex with the Ex

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Claire and I had split up about 6 months ago, but as we’d bought a house together we were still living together until it sold, and with the housing market as it was we didn’t know how long that might take.

We had separate rooms and lives pretty much, we still got on okay as friends luckily. Neither of us was seeing anyone new, it felt a bit weird to date someone new whilst still living under the same room as ‘the ex’.

Claire was asleep on the sofa, she’d been asleep for a while and is a heavy sleeper, a late night the night before with lots of booze followed by a busy day meant she was dead to the world. She was wearing a low cut vest that hung loosely over her breasts and a pair of very loose shorts. One leg was up on the sofa and the other was stretched out on the floor.

Carefully I pulled her vest forward and down to was able to expose Claire’s left breast, she rarely wore a bra when relaxing at home. I reached forward and carefully traced the soft skin from Claire’s neck down to her breast, gently stroking around the nipple while watching for any sign of her waking up.

Claire’s breathing never changed from its deep, rhythmic rise and fall. I kept up the soft touching and watched as her nipple started to get hard then I softly kissed it, making sure it didn’t get too wet in case she started to wake up.

Kneeling in front of her I reached out and adjusted the shorts until I could see her knickers clearly. She was wearing lemon yellow cotton panties and I could see the outline of her vaginal lips through them.

Softly I ran my hand up her inner thigh to her panty covered pussy, and then stroked my finger over her lips, tracing the crack up and down. Claire’s breathing still was slow and steady. I increased bahis firmaları the pressure slightly, feeling my finger getting damp from the moisture starting to soak through the material. Gently taking my finger I lifted the elastic of her right leg and eased it over, then slowly inserted a finger in-between the swollen and exposed lips of Claire’s cunt. I gently eased it in and then pulled it out, taking my time until she was very wet and the first finger had been joined by a second and both were buried to the third knuckle.

I continued to finger her whilst trying to work out how I could fuck her without waking her up. I flicked her clit with my thumb and I sense her shift. Carefully I took my fingers from her pussy and put her underwear back into place and covered her nipple, then moved over to my chair and pretended to be reading whilst hiding my hard-on.

I licked her juices from my fingers to remove the final evidence of my wrong-doing.

Claire woke up and looked flustered, she shifted on the sofa and turned to me, “I’ve just had the oddest dream” she said.

“Yeah?” I replied non-committally, not looking up.

“Very, what are you doing now?”

“No plans, just reading.”

“Well I seem to have had a rather interesting dream and am very horny,” she slid her hand into her shorts “and my fanny is very wet, would you like to have sex?”

Well I didn’t need asking twice!

I moved over to her and we kissed. I ran my hand inside her vest and rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Claire closed her eyes and moan softly while I gently manipulated her nipple. She arched her back leaning into the couch as I pulled her vest up to release both her breasts. I sucked and teased her nipples kaçak iddaa in turn and she softly moaned.

I lowered my right hand and slid it up her shorts. Pulling her right short leg up, I again exposed her moist cotton covered pussy and started to rub her wet slit softly and gently. Claire’s eyes remained closed as she lifted her hips up and moved down on the couch trying to catch my elusive finger.

Claire moaned and ground her pussy against my finger. I pulled her underwear to one side and slipped my finger up and down her wet slit. Her buttocks were now half off the edge of the couch and at the perfect height. I stood and stripped off, releasing my hard cock. Claire reached out and gave it a few gentle strokes.

“Fuck me Dan, I need to feel a cock inside me.”

She lifted off the sofa slightly and pulled her shorts off. I knelt in front of her and positioned myself between her legs; she opened her legs and carefully took hold of her pussy lips and pulled them open, totally exposing her vaginal opening.

As she held it open I started to rub the head of my dick against her wet slit, slowly going deeper, at the same time gently rubbing her clit, keeping her inundated with erotic sensation. Soon I could feel the warm, wet, velvety softness of her as I penetrated further and further into her.

She felt nice and tight as I slowly pulled in and out, carefully going deeper with each stroke. Soon I was buried as far as I could go. I reached up and started pulling and rolling the hard nipples as I built up my rhythm.

She was gone, each time I pushed forward it felt like I was splitting her open again and again, groaning in ecstasy she began to orgasm.

I felt her first convulsions of orgasmic bliss as kaçak bahis I started to ram harder into her. She moaned and cried out as she came the first time and then started to come for a second time straight away.

I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders to get a deeper angle of penetration and holding her soft ass. I began squeezing her butt cheeks together and running his fingers up the crack of her ass as she cried out again. Slowing down, I began to long stroke Claire, bringing my dick all the way out and then driving it back in as she lay there moaning.

She held one of her breasts and started to lick her own nipple, she was clearly aroused and swapped from breast to breast.

As my fingers got wet from her juices, I started playing with her anus, slowly rubbing it, getting it wet with her lubrication and then gently slipping my finger slowly into her asshole and then back out. I could feel the ring of muscle convulsing with her excitement as I carefully kept plunging the finger deeper into her ass. I went slow, carefully stretching her ass out bit by bit as I kept slowly fucking her pussy.

Claire grabbed my arm and grunted as she came again from the deep and slower fucking and the finger fucking her in the ass.

Taking my finger from her ass I let her legs drop down and spread them wider and started to rub her clit again.

By now I knew I was going to cum, I stopped rubbing her clit and sucked on her nipples, this tipped Claire over the edge and she reached orgasm again. I thrust deep and shot spurt after spurt of cum into her. I watched as she moaned and her breasts jiggled from her mini-orgasms that she was experiencing.

Carefully I pulled my softening dick from her pussy and put her knickers and shorts back on her. She pulled her vest down and we kissed again.

“I think I’m going to bed for a bit” she said whilst gingerly getting up, adjusting herself as she left she gave a little wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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