Sex Resort for Rich Gentlemen Ch. 03

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This is the third story in the series about a luxury sex resort for rich gentlemen on the Caribbean island of Turks and Cacos. In the first, recent high school graduate Mandy, a sexually innocent pretty girl decided to accept being hired. Her BFF, who just returned from the resort, told her how she had paid for university tuition with the generous tips of rich men there. Mandy had a couple of eye-opening adventures on the first day. The second story told how Mandy befriended a gorgeous naïve girl, Susan and helped initiate her as a sexual plaything. Susan discovered how great sex is with a strong, virile man. Today’s episode is about Susan hooking up with Dr. Schnyder, her dentist from back home who by chance recognized her at the resort. He is intent on fulfilling his dream of fucking the sweet girl who he has seen mature as his patient, over the years into a stunningly beautiful young lady.

Dr. Schnyder sits in his room overwhelmed by his luck in seeing Susan, sweet, gorgeous Susan, a dental patient of his, at the sex resort. As the #MeToo movement has swept across American, he took pride in never having taken advantage of any female patient in his care. That was a line he never crossed even though as a man with a strong libido, he had been tempted often, never more so than with Susan. She was simply the most beautiful young girl he had ever worked on. Whenever he saw her name on his schedule, he would be horny for days in anticipation. The sexual tension in the room was palpable as she lay outstretched on his dental chair so close but so far away from any possible erotic, physical contact. He had thoughts that she was flirting with him in a teen way, but he felt that was likely his horny mind at work. But one time, he distinctly remembered when she came in wearing a very short skirt. He had stood near her feet talking with her about dental hygiene and could almost swear she deliberately spread her knees to show her cute, pink, lace panties. He fucked his dental assistant who he was having an affair with, vigorously after Susan left. After that, he knew how dangerous his inappropriate attraction was for his young patient. He told his dental assistant to be in the room at all times when Susan was there. But that was now all changed. She was here, offering herself willingly, and coming to his room for a fuck session. He couldn’t believe his luck.

The good doctor went though a divorce three years ago. He dates a number of attractive women. After all, he’s a very eligible, forty-five year-old, handsome bachelor with a tight physique that he keeps toned at his local gym. His dental practice is very successful. This is the second time he’s come to the sex resort. It’s a great winter retreat from the frigid Mid-West. He felt if he could afford it and was single, so why not?

To set the perfect erotic scene in his cabin, he had gone to the resort concierge and requested that Susan be sent certain clothes to wear, clothes that brought back horny memories. His fantasy was her in a short skirt with pink lace panties like the one she wore that day that was so indelibly burned into his primal, erotic brain. He also requested they set up in his room one of the beach lounge chairs with its thick pad. It had an adjustable back that so reminded him of his dental chair Susan was lying on so attractively that horny day. He placed a chair beside it for him to sit like he did watching her year after year blossom into the ideal physical specimen she is today.

Susan is in her room on pins and needles too. What an amazing thing was happening. She had been shocked when Dr. Schnyder, her dentist from back home had come up to her as she lay naked near the pool. Her cherished anonymity had been destroyed. He caught up to her as she went back to Edward’s room for her clothes and asked for a date. She naturally said yes. It was her big secret that she had a huge crush on the handsome dentist since puberty. When she learned about masturbation, it was often he that she fantasized about as she stroked her virgin pussy.

The company sent her an outfit to wear. They think of everything. It was a short, pleated skirt just like the one she owns at home. My God, she thinks, that brings back a memory of me wearing a skirt just like that to my dental appointment a couple of years ago. She wanted to flirt with him. He always seemed so professional and she was developing a naughty mind as her body matured. She was a virgin but loved to tease the boys that lusted after her. It was harmless fun to see their pants tent up with an erection as she flirted. She swore she saw the doctor’s do the same when she let him gaze at her panties as he stood above her. But she had closed her eyes, blushed and was too shy to watch his reaction as she exposed herself.

Somehow her mother sensed something after that and told the female dental assistant to always be in the examination with her daughter and the dentist. She told Susan, “I don’t like the way he’s looking at you.” At the time, Susan had no idea what she meant by that.

Now she showered and bahis firmaları dressed. Oh, my word, she thought, they sent pretty, pink panties and matching bra too just like my favorites at home. The white silk blouse is perfect also. She was ready early for her appointment and sat nervously on the bed thinking about soon being intimate with Dr. Schnyder.

The doctor was also nervous in his room pacing back and forth beside the lounge chair beautiful Susan would soon be lying on. Breaking the doctor-patient barrier that he’d so faithfully respected was proving difficult. Plus, Susan’s beauty was intimidating. This was leading to a feeling of weakness that the doctor was not used to feeling. He was always in control. Even as he envisioned her young, ripe body, his cock stayed limp. To set his mind right, he decided to call her room.

Susan’s Viewpoint.

It seems like forever for my watch to move closer to 4:00 o’clock. I shouldn’t have gotten ready so soon. My stomach is full of butterflies. Is this really happening?

The house phone is ringing.

“Hello, this is Susan.”

“Hi Susan. This is Doctor Schnyder.”

“Hello Doctor.”

“Are you getting ready for your appointment, young lady?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Take a really good shower. As you know, I’m a big believer in good hygiene.”

“Yes, doctor, I will.”

“Good. Now, just to be sure, what color panties did they send you?”

“They are a nice, light pink, sir.”

“That’s perfect. I’m expecting you in cabin 9, exactly at four o’clock. Don’t be late for your appointment.”

“I won’t be, doctor.”

The line goes dead.

His voice is so strong, just like I remember it. Jeez, my crotch is tingling. Susan, calm yourself. You’re an adult now, a junior in university, not a ditzy, teenager with a silly crush.

Dr. Schnyder’s Viewpoint

That was the right thing to do. Now I feel like I’m back in control. The way she talked she was so compliant. I got a chubby listening to her sweet, feminine voice. That’s perfect. This is going to be a great experience. I’ll take a shower, get my clothes on and lay down to relax until she get’s here.

Susan, some time later, walking to her appointment.

There’s cabin nine. Sweet Mary, I’m so nervous. Should I knock or press the ringer. I’ll knock. Oh, that was so weak. I hope he heard me.

The door swings open and there he is. “Hi, Susan. Come on in. Right on time, very good.” He’s wearing a white dress shirt that reminds me of his white dental uniform.

He steps back and I enter. I feel so naughty. I can’t look him in the eye.

“Doctor, you must think I’m a complete tart being here. Please believe me. I’ve never done anything like this, ever. In fact, I hardy had any sex at all before I came here yesterday. It’s just that I needed money for university. I hope you understand.”

“Susan, I completely understand. I’ve known you since you were a little girl and I know you have a fine, church-going family. This will just be our little secret. Please, sit on this lounging chair and lay back.”

Dr. Schnyder

There she is lying so sweetly just like in my dental chair. I’ll pull up the chair and sit near her head just like I have so many times. I can see her chest rising and falling as she breathes nervously. The hem of her skirt is a perfect four inches above her knees. There is a faint color of pink of her bra showing through the white blouse. It is buttoned to the top. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen her and those breasts have filled out wonderfully. She is the most beautiful patient I ever worked with.

“Just relax Susan. It’s all good. Just do what I say and everything will be fine. Is that clear?”

Biting her lip, she says, “Yes, doctor.”

I’ve never broken the patient-doctor barrier. I need a clear go ahead to overcome my professional training.

“You want to do this. I mean having sex with me, right?”

“Yes, doctor, I do. I do want to have sex with you.”

“Good, I don’t want you thinking I’m a pervert or something. I’m a just a man with normal sexual needs and I’ve found some of my patients very attractive. However, I’ve never crossed the line. You especially turned me on as you grew up to be a very desirable young lady. Seeing you lying in my dental chair just like you are now was crazy making.”


Oh my god, he had strong feeling about me. Just like I had about him.

The sexual tension in the room is amazing. I can hear his heavy breathing and even feel it on my ear as he talks. I don’t know what I should do so I’ll just close my eyes and lay here waiting. Jeez, I just heard his zipper pulled down and I can smell a slight, musky, male odor of a man’s crotch. My god, this is really going to happen.

“Undo three of the buttons on your blouse, Susan.”

I comply with my hands shaking nervously. I remember the bra is the push-up type that makes my breasts spill over the top of the cup.

“Very nice. Very, very nice,”

I can hear his belt buckle and the swish of his pants being kaçak iddaa pushed down and off.


That’s better. My pants are off. So, freeing. My erection was painful in those clothes. Her cleavage is so perfect with just three buttons undone. I can see her snow-white breasts trying to burst out over that pretty, pink bra.

“Pull your skirt up a couple of inches, sweetheart. Not too far, just a bit. Good, just like that. You have wonderful legs. I’ve admired them for years.”

Her knees are apart and a person standing at the end of the chair would be able to see her panties up her skirt. What a horny thought. My stiff cock is begging for my hand. I’ll give it a few strokes as I gaze at this beautiful creature. No need to rush. Her face is so pretty with full lips and impossibly long eyelashes. Let me cup her breast under her blouse as I watch her eyes. Very good, her mouth opened and she gave a sweet sigh as her eyes darted back and forth under her closed eyelids. Her breast is firm and a full handful. I can feel her hard nipple though her clothing.


His hand feels so wonderful. My mind is swooning.

“Open the rest of your buttons, my dear.”

I rush to open them. The bra opens from the front and I undo the clip and free my breasts. They are begging to be touched.

“Oh, aren’t you the naughty girl showing off your breasts without me even asking. Do you want me to feel them?”

“Please sir. Yes.”

I feel two strong hands cup my breasts roughly and pleasure them like nothing I’ve felt before.

“Fuck, I’ve wanted to feel your tits for years. My god, they are even better than I dreamed. MMMmmmmm. So wonderful. MMMMMmmmmm. So soft. So very, very soft.”

His dirty talk is so erotic. I can’t help but moan in pleasure as his strong hands work their magic. I open my eyes a bit and see his face is a vision of contentment with his eyes closed and his mouth in a big smile as he kneads my chest. Glancing down, I see his erect penis. He’s naked except for his white shirt. A thrill of panic and lust shoots through me. I can feel my face burn with a deep blush. Lying prone in the doctor’s dental chair, year after year getting horny in an adolescent way, fantasizing about him touching me is coming true. My pussy is getting wet and aroused.


Her face is so beautiful. I’ve seen her beauty blossom over the years. I’ll caress her cheek with my palm. Oh, so soft. Her lips are so lush. I swipe my thumb over her lush lips. I’ve dreamed of those lips surrounding my cock. Glory of glories, I’ll do that today.

“Open your mouth Susan.”

She opens obediently like she has so many times in my office. Her teeth are perfect, some of my best work. I slide my index finger in and feel along her teeth. Her pink, tongue has always been off limits but not now. I run my figure over its wet surface. This is the tongue that will be pleasuring my cock.

“Suck on my finger.” Her lips wrap on it delicately and I can feel her sucking. “Use your tongue to pleasure my finger just like you’ll use it on my cock later.” The lip of her tongue tickles my digit. Her eyes are closed. “Open your mouth.” I withdraw my finger so it’s just at her lips. “Lick my finger again.” Her pink tongue shoots out and the point of it travels up and down my finger. What a horny sight. A low animal groan escapes from my throat. Holy fuck, I need that tongue on my cock.


Doctor Schnyder stands up suddenly, leans close and pulls the back of my head towards his naked crotch. His penis looks so large close. It bumps against my lips and I open them.

“Fuck, oh FUCK, that is so fucking unbelievable. That’s right, wrap your sweet lips around my cock.” His member slides in and out slowly. I fear he may push in too far so I put my hand on his bare thigh. I look up and see his face is twisted in lust with his eyes focused on his penis and my mouth. It’s a bit scary. He reaches down and grips the shaft, withdrawing it. “Lick the head of my dick. Oh, yes, fuck, oh yes, just like that. Hold my balls. They are so sensitive.” The two eggs inside his ball-sack shift away from my grip. “Good girl. Very good.”


I’m in man heaven. I’d better stop or I’ll cum, way too soon. Susan is laying with her boobs exposed like a harlot licking my dick. She is mine to do as I wish. Her short skirt hides some delicious wonders. I’ll reach down and run my palm up the inside of her thigh. Ah, her knees instinctively snapped shut at the touch of my hand on her knee. Nice, she is relaxing and parting them as an invitation to go higher. Her skin is so smooth as my hand slowly travels to her panties. Her eyes shot open when I reached her girlie parts. The crotch is damp. What a horny girl. My hand is under her skirt whose hem is still mid-thigh.

“Pull up your skirt, sweetie and show me the pink panties you told me about.”

She reaches down and pulls the hem over her stomach completely revealing her panties. A blast of pussy odor hits me. They are a lacy pink with a silk bow at the waist, kaçak bahis so feminine. It’s like a Christmas present to be opened. The crotch has a large damp spot that makes the silk fabric semi-transparent and I can clearly see the camel-toe notch of her young pussy. She is so in heat. My lust meter is hitting the red zone.

“Pull your panties down. I want to see everything.”

She lifts her bum up and pulls them down as far as she can reach, to her knees.

“That’s good enough. Just keep on sucking me off while I look at your beautiful body.”

I want to remember this incredible scene for the rest of my life. Here is the most beautiful young girl I’ve ever met, sucking my cock laying with her tits exposed and her panties down to her knees. She is rubbing her knees together and shifting her hips. This girl is in heat. Her bald camel-toe notch is sweet, but I want to see and touch everything. I reach down and place my hand on her lower stomach which trembles. She let’s out a little squeal of surprize. Her cock-sucking stops as she concentrates on my hand.


Oh, yes, you read my mind. Please touch me. My crotch is vibrating. I’ll spread my knees to give you a sign of my desperate need.

“You little tart spreading your legs like that. You want me to stroke your pussy. You horny girl. Tell me what you want.”

Yes, it’s true. I’m acting like a slut with Doctor Schnyder. I can’t help it.

“Yes, doctor. Please feel me down there. I’m going crazy.”

His flat hand slips over my mons and on to my entire crotch. I gasp with the intense pleasure that explodes there. His index finger traces my slit on the way back up and when it touches my clit, I scream and clamp my legs around his hand. It’s simply too much.


I’m so fucking horny, I’m dangerous. My breath is coming in pants with my nostrils flaring. My brain is on fucking fire. Time to FUCK this tart.

“Get up. Strip off those fucking clothes and get your bare ass over on that bed. It’s time for some husky fucking girl.”

I unbutton my shirt as she rushes to take off her blouse, steps out of her panties, shimmies out of her skirt and lays on her back on the bed. I’m standing at the foot of the bed looking down at her perfect body, ready to be mounted.


That crazy, lusty look on his face worries me. It’s so unlike him. I feel like covering my private areas but I know that’s a no-no. He looks down, eyeing my naked body up and down, licking his lips while a big shit-ass grin breaks out on his handsome face. That’s better. Not so scary. A feeling of overwhelming caring towards him washes over me and I reach up my hands to beckon him.

He kneels on the bed and crawls towards me making animal grunting sounds as her comes. His eyes are drilled into my vagina.

“Open your legs. I’m too fucking horny for foreplay. It’s time to fuck that pussy I’ve been lusting over for years.”

He mounts me with his strong, muscular body. His weight in on his knees and elbows. I can feel his manhood dangerously close to my crotch. I clutch my arms around his torso and spread my fingers on his muscular back. I kiss his chest in total surrender as he positions his weapon at the entrance to my vagina. A mixture of terror and overwhelming lust shoot through me as I prepare to be taken. My center is filled with a slight shot of pain at his size, and I can hear my scream bounce off the walls as my sweetheart makes animal sounds in my ear. Sweet mercy, pain and pleasure that feels so right. I lock my heel behind his legs to gain deeper intimacy.

“Doctor, yes, do me. I’m yours. Please, please.”

He pumps his sex into me over and over. I’m on a magic carpet ride of joyous pleasure. Suddenly a tsunami wave of sensation wells up in my crotch and explodes.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. OOOOooohhhhh, MY. Oh yes, YES. Don’t stop. My love, don’t stop.


What a horny minx, a screamer too. Gotta love it. Thankfully I’ve learned how to delay my orgasm. Susan’s super tight pussy made that a challenge, but I want to do a lot more fucking. I’ll just prop myself up on my arms, stay balls deep and look down at her pretty well-fucked face. Yes, she is so gorgeous. Her hair is all akimbo and wild. Her breasts are so full and perky. What’s this? She’s turned her head and is kissing my wrist. I was worried I was fucking her too hard. Years of horny lusting after her spilled out and I couldn’t stop thrusting with all my might. I guess she liked it. My god, she’s looking up at me with love in her eyes. Let me take a handful of this breast. Ah, she closed her eyes and smiles as I massage it. What a hedonist.

“Doctor Schnyder, I have a confession. I’ve had a crush on you for so long. I used to look forward to my dental appointments just to see you. I had fantasies about you touching me and I even wished that it would be you who would be my very first lover. But of course, you were always the perfect gentleman.”

“Well, Susan I have a confession too. I noticed you and how you were becoming a true treasure, a beautiful soul with a beautiful body. I’ll never forget the day you wore a short skirt and I was standing by your feet and I could see your pretty, pink panties. It drove me crazy for weeks after.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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