Seeing Clearly

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I was scared shitless every moment of every day. I wasn’t the kind of person that liked to try new things. I preferred to stick with the things that I knew and I really hated my job as an Optician’s Apprentice but it was the stupid path that I had chosen because I didn’t know what else to pick. I’d had glasses since I was a child and I guess I was hoping to make another kid’s life as special as mine was being called names like “four-eyes” and “geek.”

I hadn’t counted on Manny being the Optician that I would work for. He was the hottest man I had ever met in real life and he knew that he was sexy. The way he strutted around it was obvious that he knew women wanted him. I wanted him so much and yet I hadn’t had the courage to let him know that I wanted him in any way. I was so fucking shy and I hated it. I wanted to get up the courage to let him know how I felt but I just couldn’t seem to get my shit together.

“Maggie, are you even paying attention?” he asked me.

“I…I…I’m trying,” I stammered. He made me so nervous. His lab coat was open again. I could see the bulge in his pants and I couldn’t stop staring at it. I knew his cock must be big with a bulge like that. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted all of him but there was something holding me back, I just couldn’t remember what it was.

“Can you please finish this for me,” he asked and that was when it dawned on me that we were still at work. This was really happening and I was losing my mind. I’d had so many fantasies about Manny that I wasn’t even sure which were real and which were pretend anymore.

“Sure,” I said and I took over, remembering what he had taught me. I’d been his apprentice for six glorious months. I had been escort bostancı in his presence admiring that buldge in his pants and I hadn’t done a damn thing about it. I hadn’t given him even the simplest indication that I wanted his cock. I was being professional but there wasn’t much time left. What if I was his apprentice for a year and I didn’t even make a move? What then? He was the whole reason I had taken this job. I needed to do something and so I got up the courage I had been lacking since I had been there and I said what I needed to say.


“Yes, Maggie?”

“How many apprentices have you had?”

“You’re my third, Maggie. Why?”

“I was just wondering if anything inappropriate has ever happened?”

“Inappropriate? What do you mean by that?” He looked genuinely perplexed by this but I didn’t stop. I wanted him so much and I knew that my courage wasn’t going to get stronger than it was at that moment. I pushed forward, trying my hardest to get what I came for.

“Have you ever had an apprentice try to have sex with you?” There. I had said the word sex to my boss. I waited for his response, my pussy dripping with excitement.

“I never have. I don’t think too many interns are focused on sex while on the job.”

“Oh, I don’t know. You’re a pretty sexy boss. I’m sure they were all thinking about it if they were girls of course.”

“Thinking what exactly?” he asked and I blushed deeply, turning away. He had called me out and I wasn’t going to let this stop me from getting what I wanted.

“Thinking about what it would be like to have sex with you. I know I’ve thought about it.”

“Well, Maggie, that would be wrong. I wouldn’t ümraniye escort jeopordize both of our careers that way.”

“What if no one ever found out? What if we just sampled one another a little bit?”

“I’m pretty sure my wife would frown on that idea,” he assured me.

“Your wife?” I hadn’t been planning on that.

“Yes, I’m married. You ever been the other woman, Maggie?”

“No, but I’m willing to try if it means I get to be with you.”

“Come here,” he grabbed me and pulled me to him. I reached out and grabbed the bulge in his pants. I rubbed it with one hand while I wrapped my other arm around his neck and let him kiss me. “Maggie, keep touching my dick like that.”

“Yes, sir,” I said with more reverence than I had ever given him. I knew he was my boss but there was something sexy about getting naked with him that made him so much more to me. He pushed my head down to his dick as he pulled it from his pants.

“Suck on my dick, Maggie. Suck it!” he commanded and so I did. I opened my mouth and I let him fuck my face violently. I was shocked at how deep he plowed the back of my throat but I took it, unable to stop his long, slow strokes as he took what he wanted from me. I thought that he was going to cum down my throat, but just before he did, he stopped. “Get naked, Maggie. I want to see your body while I fuck that pussy.”

“Okay,” I agreed and I shed my lab coat and then my clothing. He watched me as I peeled off layer after layer of clothes until I was naked. He bent me over the counter and spread my ass cheeks. He bent down and I could feel him inspecting me.

“You have a nice ass, Maggie.” He pushed his cock into my pussy from behind kartal escort bayan and I enjoyed the way he gripped my waist as he began to pound me. It wasn’t so hard at first but as he continued it became more and more forceful. I cried out as his pounding went from painful to brutal. I couldn’t take how hard he was fucking me but I had no choice but to hold on and take it. I screamed as he pounded me, unable to believe that a man would really fuck me as hard as he was fucking me. I let out a series of desperate screams that made his cock surge with energy.

“I’m cumming in that pussy!” he screamed and I let it happen. I didn’t stop him and I didn’t warn him that I wasn’t on the pill and that he probably shouldn’t have cum up inside of me like that. I just wanted to feel his cum inside of me so badly that it didn’t matter to me if I ended up pregnant. It didn’t matter if he was using me and this was the only time we would ever have sex. This was my moment and I let it happen, letting his cum up inside of me into all of my empty spaces. I felt so full in those moments after he had used me. I forgot all about his wife and the fact that he was my boss. In those few moments after he had cum in me I felt like he was mine and I was his, if just for a moment.

It was that feeling that I would chase for the rest of the time that we worked together. From that day on, I would let him use my body sexually in between patients. I would let him teach me the dark art of fucking in between filling orders. I gave myself to him, body, mind, and soul. Of course, all he did was take from me and in the end, I guess it was what I signed up for. I knew he was married. I knew he was out of my league, and I knew that I would only be his apprentice for a year. When the year was up, my pussy had to say good-bye to the daily fuckings and the fun times. I went on to be an Optician and sometimes I think I might want to take on a male apprentice, you know, pay it forward a bit.

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