Sandy’s Seduction Ch. 06

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Sandy was confused, one minute she was giving what she definitely classed as the best blow job she’d ever given, the next she was being forcefully pulled off him.

What had she done wrong? She was certain she hadn’t accidentally used her teeth and he’d seemed to be enjoying it, his cock swelling in her mouth as he thrust so hard and deep she could barely breathe, and yet he’d stopped her!

Sitting back on the bed she looked away, so much for being sexy and self assured, she thought, should have gone with my instinct and gone straight home, I’m just no good at this, no wonder Rob lost interest, clearly he could tell just from kissing me that I’d be rubbish.

Feeling him turn her face up, Sandy tried not to meet his eyes, she didn’t want to hear whatever shitty excuse he was going to give. Obviously he’d been asleep and thought she was someone else and once he’d woken up and realised it was just her he’d wanted her off him as soon as possible.

She’d been right in the first place, no one that gorgeous could possibly be interested in her.

Shutting her ears to his excuses she stared blankly forwards, wishing this was over and she could just find some hole in the ground and crawl into it until the pain and embarrassment had passed. Thank God she’d never told him her name!

Suddenly she felt his fingers stroke over her chest, his knuckles brushing against her breasts as she caught her breath. She looked up sharply and saw him grinning.

“Oh yes,” he growled,” I definitely have plans for you.”

She gasped audibly as his fingers slipped inside the lace of her bra, her nipples tightening as he stroked closer but not quite touching the hard pebbles, her rapid breathing making the lace scratch over them in a combination of pleasure and pain that had her aching for his touch.

“I don’t understand,” she whispered, searching for reassurance. If he was just playing with her this was too, too cruel. “Didn’t you like what I was doing?”

“Oh I liked it,” he replied, “I liked it a little too much! I was about ready to explode with what you were doing with that hot little mouth of yours.”

“So why did you stop?” She asked, confused. What had she done wrong?

“Sweetie if you’d carried on any longer I’d have cum right there in your mouth and that would have been me done for the night! I plan on taking my time with you. I want you screaming in pleasure and begging me to fuck you. I want you to cum so hard you can’t move afterwards, and then I wanna do it again. After all, we have all night.”

Sandy didn’t know what to say, part of her was cringing at how wrong she’d read the situation and the other part of her was turned on as fuck at what he was saying, no one had ever talked to her like that before escort ataşehir and she wanted more. She’d never thought talking during sex was a good idea, the one time someone had tried to talk dirty to her she’d burst out in fits of giggles, it just sounded like some dodgy 80s porn movie.

This was different though. He was different. And she wanted him to keep talking, his sexy gravelly voice, the way he so obviously wanted her, the semi accidental way his nails had scraped over her nipple as he spoke. She was so wet, she could come just from listening to him.

It appeared that wasn’t an option though as he pulled down the neck of her top to expose her breasts in their flimsy covering.

“Ohh,” he groaned as he saw how her hard nipples pushed against the fabric.

Helplessly she arched her back, needing him to touch her.

“Please..” she whispered.

Bending his head he bit down lightly on her nipple, the scraping of his teeth causing an echoing tug between her legs. She’d never realised how sensitive she was there, most guys did a bit of squeezing in the general area and then concentrated on the fucking, he on the other hand was alternating between licking, sucking and biting, and not just on the hard points but all over, pulling the cup down with his teeth to expose her bare skin to his mouth while his other hand made gentle circles on the skin of her stomach.

Yanking her top over her head, he unclipped her bra with one hand, for a second she wondered where he’d learnt to do that, then his mouth lowered onto her other breast and she lost track of thinking again, her hands gripping his shoulders and threading through his hair, pulling him closer, trying to relieve the ache he was building in her pussy.

The hand on her stomach moved lower, cupping her mound through her skirt and pressing down, for a second that helped and then the ache returned once more with a vengeance as he started to rock his hand back and forth, never applying enough pressure for her to be able to cum, letting it build until she was writhing beneath him.

She was lying on the bed, half naked and wriggling beneath his touch and he thought he’d never seen anything sexier. She was so hot, and so hot for him, it was like all he had to do was touch her and she burst into flames. He could feel the heat of her pussy through her skirt and he teasingly moved his fingers down, maintaining the pressure on her mound as he exposed her damp panties to his gaze. God she was wet!

He’d had gorgeous girls before, and girls who liked to fuck, but never anything like this girl. It wasn’t just that she looked incredible, or that she was sexy as anything, she was genuinely wild for him, not just enjoying the sex, although she obviously kadıköy escort bayan was, but for some reason he couldn’t explain, this felt like more than just good sex. This girl was completely uninhibited and completely his and there was no way one night was going to be near enough for him.

Teasingly he ran his fingers under the crotch of her panties, lifting them away from her without touching where she wanted to be touched and he smirked as he saw how her hips lifted from the bed, so needy for his fingers.

Pulling her skirt down and tossing it across the room, he grabbed her hips and pushed them down into the mattress, feeling her struggle beneath him as he tugged down her final covering with his teeth.

He could smell her arousal as he held her immobile and ever so softly blew over her damp lips.

He felt her jerk beneath him, trying to get closer.

“Please,” she moaned helplessly, her needy pussy aching for him to touch her there, but he wasn’t done yet.

Spreading her legs he bit down on the inside of her upper thigh and she squealed, again she could feel his hot breath so close and she moved her legs even further apart, pleading with him with her body.

With one hand he scraped his nails up the inside of her leg from her knee up until his knuckles just grazed her sopping lips and she gasped at the brief touch, sobbing as he did the same to her other leg, before following the route with his tongue. Her muscles clenching and releasing as she fought against his restraint.

When he licked up her sodden slit she bucked off the bed and it took all his strength to hold her still while he explored her musky wetness, finally flicking the tip gently over her clit.

Thrusting two fingers inside her he licked her again, feeling her tense on his hand as his tongue slid over her, causing her to tremble against him.

Circling her clit with his tongue he heard her begging him, repeating “please, please, please” incoherently as her head thrashed from side to side.

With a half cry half moan he felt her ripple around his fingers and he slid them out, her desperate “no” turning into a moan of pleasure as he replaced them with his throbbing cock.

The last tremors of her orgasm clenched him tight and he almost came himself, but he caught control just in time. God, she was so tight and wet.

Easing into her he felt her muscles twitching with aftershocks as he slowly but relentlessly filled her with his rock hard dick. He didn’t stop until he was buried in her as deep as he could, his pelvis pressing against her clit and making her muscles twitch around him when he moved.

Taking a deep breath he remained still, letting her adjust to the feel of him inside her as escort bostancı her orgasm subsided. Then he began a slow rhythm, pushing in and out, watching as she bit her lip when he bottomed out against her sensitive spot.

Reaching up she dragged his head down to hers and kissed him furiously, all thought forgotten now, all of her being concentrated on the feel of him inside her, against her. She dug her heels into his butt, wanting him to move faster, to assuage the ache that was building inside her again, but he wouldn’t be rushed.

Maintaining his slow thrusting he bent his head and suckled her nipple again, the sensation making her pussy tighten around him and he groaned, he wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. He was losing his mind here, she was so hot and needy, even though she’d cum once she still wanted him again and the thought that she was that into him damn near made him lose it.

He pulled out until just the tip of him was inside her then slammed deep into her. She screamed, digging her nails into his shoulders as he slowly withdrew then repeated the action, the pain of her nails digging into his back more of a turn on than he’d expected, it was like she’d completely lost control and with that so did he, pummelling into her hard and fast, feeling the ache in his balls and the need to cum hard.

“Fuck baby,” he groaned, breathing hard, “the things you do to me!”

In response she bit down on his shoulder as he felt her cum again around his cock, squeezing him even tighter before as she screamed into his neck. With a cry he buried himself deep in her, his cock pulsing inside her as he filled her with his cum, each spurt causing an answering squeeze of her muscles around him until he collapsed on top of her breathing hard.

She buried her head in his shoulder, sobbing from the release as she wrapped her legs tighter around him to keep him inside her and he felt like he’d never cum so hard in his life.

“I’ve never…” she trailed off, seemingly lost for words.

“Me too,” he agreed, seeming to know exactly what she meant, “That was goddamn fucking amazing.”

He stayed inside her until he softened and fell out, not wanting the feeling to end. He didn’t know why but this girl was special.

Rolling onto his side, he put his arm around her and she trustingly snuggled up on his chest.

“Honey,” he whispered, “won’t you tell me the name of the girl who just gave me the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life?

But there was no answer, once again, Sandy had fallen asleep on him.

With a resigned sigh he wrapped his arms around her tightly. This was getting to be a bad habit of hers.

Tomorrow though he and this girl of his were going to have a good long talk, the kind they should have had before jumping into bed together. He wanted to know everything about her, but most especially he wanted to know her name. And then they were going to spend the rest of the weekend in bed, because once sure as hell wasn’t enough for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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