Sailing Instructor , Student Ch. 02

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Ranya was left alone with her hands tied behind her back topless, for about an hour. Her twin banded black thong was still on, her hair still a bit straggled from the wind. She wasn’t sure if she was attracted to Marta or if she was just obsessed with her warm personality and her lovely body. She thought about those abundant breasts with nipples so tasty, she couldn’t wait to get back to them, and be albe to bring her to a screaming, sopping wet orgasm. She asked for all of this, and she knew it. Ranya figured out before the day even began that Donna may’ve wanted to dominate her in some way and make her a slave for her pleasure, but she didn’t count on Marta entering the equation. She heard them talking and whispering through the thin door. She was sure they were making love, probably getting it on hot and heavy. She heard the couch springs and moans, she got aroused and felt that warm feeling below, but couldn’t do anything. There was rounded chair arm so she rubbed her wet mound against it and it felt good in a very surprising way. She had to do a half knee bend to really get in the right position, but it was better than just standing there hearing the two of them fuck in the other room, without being able to fondle herself.

Ranya drifted into fantasy about the two older women while she listened to them, in low muffled voices make love in the other room. She couldn’t help envisioning Donna drinking Marta’s juices as she lay prone to the more dominant Marta while she thrust her womanhood into Donna’s wanting mouth.

Her fantasies weren’t too far off the mark; Donna had gone down on Marta’s lovely wet pussy while she sat on the edge of the bed. She took her taut nipple and rubbed it all over her lover’s shaved pussymound and then fed the saturated breast back to her as she knelt over her. They embraced, breasts pressed hard into one another, nipples flattened against each other’s bodies. Their deep passionate kisses and caresses melted into one long loving session.

Marta wanted Ranya to join them so Donna led her towards the darkened bathroom. Donna and Marta opened the door to find Ranya rubbing her horny muff on the chair arm, her tits stood out at attention because her arms were tied behind her.

“Lets go into the bedroom now, darling I’ll make it easier for you in a minute,” Marta said as she led the hot young woman into the darkened bedroom.

Small lights glowed in the corners of the room to illuminate kartal escort bayan it, and some light leaked in through the drawn thick curtains.

“Donna, let me talk to her alone for a few minutes, ok?” Marta whispered outside the door.

“Sure, sweetie, I know she’s a bit nervous about your presence here,” Donna complied.

Marta was just selfish and wanted her first, she wanted Ranya to suck her pussy so badly, it was aching already.

Marta had put on her dark stockings and garters, her strap on was still in her hand, unattached when she came up to Ranya in the darkened bedroom by her full length mirror.

Ranya was sitting on the bed, very unhappy about being left out of the fun, even temporarily.

Ranya, you have to understand, its just that Donna and I ve been lovers for just a few months so we don’t do threesomes that often really. You’re a hot young woman, and I’m sure Donna likes you a lot, we just want feel you need some discipline today,” Marta said in her firm voice.

“But Marta, but ALL I really wanted was to fondle those lovely melons of yours!” The young woman was upset and it showed.

“Hmmnnn, you did suck them nicely before,” Marta admitted

Marta moved around to Ranya’s front side.

“Suck my nips again Ranya, take each one in your mouth slowly, and nurture my breast as if you’re a young child sucking my milk,”

“Yesss, very slowly now, yes, ahhh, ummnn,” The older woman moaned in satisfaction.

She had to let her suck on her nipples, the young Iranian was too perfect a woman to ignore. She was only into a bit of role play, for Marta, cuddling and sucking was everything. She moaned more loudly as Ranya’s warm tongue surrounded the dark half dollar sized nips with extended buds.

After a while, Marta pulled off her panties just leaving her dark stockings and garters.

“Ok, suck on my clit now, suck it hard or I ll hurt you Ranya , so don’t be nice to my pussy suck it hard!” She commanded in her best authoritarian voice. She knew she was a phony at this role play stuff, she was getting too much out of Ranya’s young but determined tongue.

Ranya couldn’t get the leverage she needed to suck those lovely tits with no hands free. So Marta mounted the bed and thrust her wanting pussy onto her face. She threw her legs over the young woman and placed her pussy right over her mouth. Despite her hands being tied a pillow escort maltepe under her back made it easier for Ranya to perform.

“Suck my pussy harder you bitch! Harder! Oh, suck my clit, suck it hard Ranya!” Marta demanded as she thrust her soaking wet mound into the young woman’s face.

The young Iranian goddess was doing her best, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy Marta’s middle aged needs. Her muff tasted sweet and Ranya enjoyed her flowering labia with her trimmed bush, but she couldn’t get the leverage she needed without her hands, and was highly aroused but frustrated. In her fantasies she was always making her female lovers feel so completed.

“Unnghh, yes keep doing it that hard, yes YES I’m so close!”

Donna came back in the room with her camera and took some excellent noir photos of Marta thrusting her pussy into Ranya’s mouth. Donna took off her bikini and put down the camera and joined in.

The horny older woman got off her and fingered her own delicious pussy mound and got into a position so she could fuck Ranya and make both of them come together.

Marta took some lubricant and carefully dripped it over the tip and the shaft of the dark skinned

phallus and strapped it on. It had that nice gentle curve that some guys had with their erections too.

“Get on your back with your legs hang off the bed, Marta commanded lightly. Ranya was still wearing a thong, but was topless. She obeyed without giving hear any talk back.

“Donna, why don’t you get on your knees suck this babe, make her whine for more of your precious tongue!”

Donna dropped to the floor, pulled off Ranya’s thong and parted her dark pussy lips. She inserted two fingers slowly and tongued her pink clit. Ranya moaned loudly her ass wiggled into Donna’s face.

Marta moved closer to them and carefully mounted Ranya’ s chest she placed the phallus between her nice mounds and fucked her tits with a deliberate motion at the same time she held onto Ranya’s sweet arms for support. Marta held those luscious mounds together tightly as the dark phallus pumped between those lovely orbs.

“Oh yes, Marta fuck my tits with your big cock, yes it feels great, oh how I want to taste you wetness now, I bet your cunt is flowing with your juices,” Ranya moaned to her.

“Oh, yes talk dirty to me Ranya, yes keep talkin dirty, you slut I want to fuck your pussy soon,Unnggh,” Marta loved it when pendik escort women got nasty with their words when she fucked them.

“Donna, how are you doing down there, are you enjoying our little Iranian goddess?”

“Ummmnnn,” Donna gulped away ferociously at Ranya’s cunt. The young woman was extremely ready for a good pussy pounding now and Donna pulled away, Marta got off her and came back to the edge of the bed w her well oiled phallus to fuck this young woman.

“Donna dear, why don’t you get on your back and let’s have Ranya grind her tits into your pussy while I fuck her luscious pussy from behind with my huge dildo?”

“Yes, Marta I like that plan!” The horny sailor concurred.

“Come here darling, lay on top of me and fuck my wet cunt with your powerful nipples, I want to feel those luscious nips going all over my mound, especially my throbbing clot and I want you to enjoy getting fucked by lovely partner Marta!”

Marta parted Ranya’s wet mound with the well lubed phallus slowly as the young woman kissed and tongued Donna’s lower abdomen while she moved her body in a circular motion, which made her pouting breasts fall into Donna’s wet pussy mound. Ranya was on her knees, her wet pussy fully exposed to the pounding which Marta was delivering with deep hard thrusts. The strong bed shook with every thrust. The older women fell into a nice rhythm of satiation. Marta pulsed her wide hips and drove the dark hard rubber cock into Ranya’s pussy with more and more force as the young woman alternated between sucking Donna’s tasty clot and rubbing her tits into her soaking shaved pussy. Donna enjoyed the view, she felt Ranya’s panting, her guttural moans revealed her needs were coming close to climax.

Ranya’s tits jiggled as they massaged Donna’s cooze, her arms flayed to and fro and her restraints weakened and finally fell off, her arms now free, she pushed herself back and deeper into the path of Marta’s forward thrusts. The young woman massaged her own clit furiously as her intense orgasm spurt out of her deep pussy all over the dark phallus.

“Fuck me fuck me hard Marta! YES YES!” Ranya cried and she got her wishes as Marta fucked her and Donna took her saturated nipples into her wanting mouth and tongued and suckled her as her girlfriend fucked her hard one more time.

After her intense climax, she rolled over and caressed Donna as Marta rested. The three of them fucked into the night and most of the next day. Ranya left for her mother’s house the next afternoon leaving Marta and Donna to plan their next adventure with the Iranian woman who took them by surprise with her over sexed needs for lesbian love. But what type of adventure would come next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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