Roommates Get Acquainted Pt. 02

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Each girl thought of their new experience in a different way. For Sheela there was appreciation for her roommate opening her world to new pleasures and embarrassment that she only just found out. For Hailey it was fixation on the other’s body. She was not interested in her roommate in any romantic way, but those curves and tone and the image of her face in orgasm were incredibly sexy. The question about her sexuality unnerved her as only certainty existed before. Sheela was not fazed by the attraction that she felt because it was wrapped in more general discoveries – by far the most exciting things that ever happened to her sexually.

On the weekend, Sheela for the first time accepted an invitation to go for a jog with the other two. Surprising both of them, she wore a sports bra with nothing over it as they did.

The bra compressed her large breasts and crossed over her back, leaving way more skin shining in the sunlight. Hailey was engrossed in its smooth, beautiful shade to the point she felt the taste in her mouth. Her eyes moved down to the shorts as she imagined the pubic hair which she had glimpsed a few days before. Alex was also watching having never seen this much of her and being curious about the change in behavior.

Finishing up the run, glances and brief stares were exchanged. Hailey snuck a few touches in under the guise of helping Sheela stretch. Their slick sweaty bodies were enticing, but the presence of Alex would prevent any fun and games in the afternoon. After arriving back at the apartment they washed up and went their separate ways for the night.

It was not until Monday that the stage was set for more sensual playtime. The girls were coy for most of dinner, unsure of what to say. Both were pretty sure that more would happen tonight. Sheela had removed her bra upon changing from her work clothes leaving her noticeably free beneath her shirt. She took the initiative to speak.

“I got a little something yesterday in Dupont.” She smiled.

“At the farmers market?”

“No, not at the farmer’s market.” (Damn, I forgot to go to the farmer’s market, but I got something like a banana. Ha.)

“What’s in Dupont then?”

“There’s a, uh, toy store. I got a toy.”

“Oh really. And what toy is this?”

“I’m excited. I want to show you.” She dropped her fork and skipped to her bedroom, returning with a bag. She handed over a still-packaged vibrator.

“Wow. This is really something. You seemed to really like the simple one I have. Are you feeling so advanced already, young student?”

“Oh, no no. Yours is amazing. And I’m not quite ready for this. I did want one of my own, but also I thought it be nice to have something different that we could try.” “We” hung in the air between them. There were no illusions between them about having shared sex toys and masturbation, but it was quite different for this to be directly stated.

“Let’s finish dinner first and digest. The night is young.”

As they were cleaning up the kitchen Hailey spoke of a new early 30s guy in her office. He was cute and so well dressed. She spent part of the work day devising a way to “totally jump his bones”. While expressing her crude desire for dick, though, her eyes were drawn towards the movement of nipples against shirt. It was way more of a tease than Quan in the research department.

Sheela interrupted her thoughts:

“You know my skin has been getting terribly dry.” – “Really? It’s not even cold yet.” – “Oh, no it’s definitely dry. Needs some care.”

“Oh, I see what you mean,” she said smirking. “Seems mine is too.”

She cut the new device out of its packaging while Hailey went to her bedroom. She returned with lotion and both of her vibrators dressed only in black panties and a cut off top that looked like something out of a drunk girls on spring break video. It was a change from how she started last time, but not beyond how she finished. She sat closer this time, but still far enough to spread out.

Despite their excitement, both girls started slowly by applying lotion to their legs. Sheela wore soft jersey shorts that could easily be pushed up to access her entire leg and more. Hailey began commentating her actions. (“Sometime I press more forcefully into the muscles…”) Both were wet enough already that they could detect their own scent, though not quite enough to reach the other.

“I actually could use a little help with the lotion. On my upper back, that is.” (A genuine request.)

“It gets dry and itchy all the time. Probably from doing yoga, showering, then heading right outside.” – “Where exactly?” – “The shoulder blades and in between.”

Hailey took some lotion and slid her hands up underneath the tshirt, revealing about half the girl’s back. Her fingertips reached the top of the shoulders and her palms moved in a circle. Sheela could hear her breath as she focused her attention on the contact with each of the fingers. They enjoyed this together. Though not explicitly sexual, the bostancı escort slow motion was incredibly sensual and they were already turned on. Hailey traced the outline of the shoulder blades and moved her thumbs up between them giving a little massage. Just before finishing she ran her fingers down the side of the outside of the ribcage to spread the excess lotion. She leaned in pressing herself against the Sheela’s back saying, “Is that better?” They resumed their self care.

“What porn do you like?” (This was uncharacteristic from Sheela, but not nearly as much as it would have been a week or two ago.)

“Oh, you know, nothing too unusual. Something where they are not gross or too campy. The worst is fake moaning. Sometimes I’ll watch a threesome.”

“Threesome, eh? I had watched a little before, though I started exploring a little more recently. I prefer simple stuff, but they have to be hot and no ridiculous surgery.”

“I have some ideas. I’ll go get my laptop.”

The video she put on had minimal talking. A couple, white and cleanly shaved, kissed then slowly removed each other’s clothes piece by piece. Professionals, good production value, large breasts and cock, nothing unrealistic – they did little talking or acting. Given the girls’ state it probably was not necessary, but it was a nice addition nonetheless.

Hailey’s hands were on her chest. The cutoff concealed even less, occasionally giving a glimpse of a nipple. After a couple minutes one hand dropped to her crotch, leaving most of her upper body exposed. She leaned back with her eyes closed rubbed herself through the panties.

Sheela’s attention was split between her body, her roommate’s behavior, and the tv, in that order. She slid the shirt up her smooth stomach to her chest, giving herself access to her breasts while revealing part of them to the room. She felt their fullness – a good handful in each hand – and then rolled the nipples back and forth. Briefly the image of Hailey’s tits being in the place of her own jumped into her head. She looked over to see her roommate’s right nipple visible as the hand covering it had been lowered. The smell of sex was strong to her as she watched Hailey’s fingers sliding up and down the outside of her underwear.

Hailey’s eyes traveled up Sheela’s tan body, from her feet all the way to her eyes which were clearly looking back at her, focusing on her fingering. When their eyes met, their focus softened, then Sheela moved one of her hands down to the waistband of her shorts. She paused only briefly before slipping them in, still gazing at the other girl. Hailey’s legs opened wider showing the thin strip of cloth and the outer edges of her lips.

Sheela made the next move, discarding her shorts, though keeping her underwear. This gave the hand more freedom of movement as it slipped back in. Not to be outdone, Hailey pulled hers to the side. The wetness of her slit as well as nearly the entirety of her chest was on display, giving quite the show to her roommate.

After some more manual stimulation she eyed the new toy. “Are you sure it is ok for me to use it first?”


“But you bought it.”

“I want to see it in you.”

With that Hailey removed the last of her clothing and grabbed the vibrator hungrily. She turned it on the low setting and moved it in a circular motion on her torso. When she brought it up to her breast, she tested a few of the settings and let out a moan.

“Oh, this thing has got my dripping already.” (It did the same for Sheela too, actually.)

Sheela took a few minutes to watch the spectacle in front of her. Her roommates face was beautiful and consumed with lust as the toy started making its entrance into her. Her athletic legs were wide open and pressing her feet against the couch and the floor. Perspiration was evident on her creamy skin. Her body bending slightly in the sexiest way.

She grabbed the remaining vibrator and dropped her panties with anxious excitement. This was the first time anyone would see her like this. Her heart pounded and she was overwhelmed with desire. She wanted to fuck herself. She wanted to show herself to Hailey. She wanted to lose control. She plunged the toy in with abandon and moaned loudly.

They each had worked up a rhythm intently monitoring each of their own sensations. As their attention turned outwards, they began staring at each other intently. Hailey followed the slight rocking of Sheela’s hips, the hand lifting her breast and tugging on the nipple, and movement of the vibrator against the folds of her lips. Sheela watched Hailey’s gaping mouth, her hand sliding down her thigh opening her legs wider, and the other hand desperately driving the toy in.

“Oh my god, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.”

“Ohhhh, I’m cumming too. I’m coming for you” Hearing this push Sheela way over the edge and Hailey did the same a split second later.

Both gasped for air feeling nearly paralyzed, but smiling at each other.

Hailey ümraniye escort bayan caught her breath first. “I am totally going for round 2 and you have to try this one.”

“Give me just a minute”

The nude girl had already started touching herself again. She did not lie to herself, she was getting off on the sight in front of her – the sight of a post-orgasmic woman – and she was beyond caring.

“OK, give it to me.”

She got more than she asked for when Hailey slid closer, put a hand on her thigh, and used the other to run the toy over her vagina. Her friend was touching her. She was very close to her exposed pussy. The toy was still wet with her juices. And she was about to fuck her with it.

All she could do was look her in the eyes and say… “yes”. As it shook, still outside, Sheela slouched further and brought her hands to her chest. A minute later she would be rid of her shirt, her body contrasting that of her fair skinned companion, both nude. Hailey worked the vibrator up and down then gradually in. The feeling of the vagina pushing back against the toy on which she had her hand was exhilarating and incredibly hot. This girl was lost in what she was doing to her. Her body twisted and turned as it rode the device. The sensation of pushing onto the dildo that was then pushed back by Hailey’s hand… doing something sexual with a woman… it was wild. It was thrilling. As the clit stimulator made contact, she bucked forward onto the other’s shoulder holding onto her with her left arm. As the climax pulsed through her she ground her breast into Hailey’s arm, who had a small, unexpected orgasm of her own.

The intensity subsided leaving her loosely hugging her roommate’s upper torso. She breathed deeply, looked into her eyes and said, “that is a favor I must return.”

She took the toy in her own hand. It left a mess as she clumsily ran it over the front of Hailey’s supine body. She turned further towards her by throwing her far leg around and over the other girl’s thigh. She upright position put her squarely facing her prey (as it seemed). They were face to face and conspicuously close. Sheela did not want to give this girl an orgasm so much as yank it out of her.

The vibrator soon found its target and tenderly worked its way in. The muscles were well primed to accept it, though tensed by the unfamiliarity of the experience. Their positions reminded Hailey of a guy she had been with a few months ago who had lifted her up to a seated position with him. It was great and she was very attracted to him, though it did not compare to the intense attraction she felt right now. How did she get so turned on?

Sheela leaned further in pressing their bodies together. She jockeyed the toy in deep. Hailey could feel pubic hair moving slightly up and down her thigh. This was too much for both of them. They orgasmed again, simultaneously with arms wrapped around each other.

After their hyperventilating ceased, they dozed together in bliss. Slipping in and out of sleep, Sheela examined the nude body next to hers while staying still. Directly in her view was her roommate’s neck and upper chest. As she stared at the curve of her clavicle, she felt the small of Hailey’s back against her hand and legs on either side of her own left leg. It was like a meditative state, searching the sensations in her own body without moving.

When Hailey started to come to, she held her lips against Sheela’s forehead. After a few seconds Sheela tilted her head back and brought her lips up to meet them. A slow, gentle kiss followed.

It was not exactly Pandora’s Box, but the etiquette in the apartment shifted. Hailey’s attire in the house went from tank top with bra and shorts to tank top or bra with panties. Sheela dressed similarly, sometimes with long tshirts instead, but this was a more dramatic change for her. Neither girl made much effort to cover up after a shower. When Alex was not around they would make excuses to remain half naked and openly touch themselves and each other. Alex’s presence put a limit to some of this behavior, but she noticed pretty quickly that the girls were much more friendly and that pants had become optional. She also got her first full view of the impressive tone of Sheela’s thighs.

Hailey got a thrill from her exhibitionism in front of the others. Sheela was easily distracted by a shake of her tits or ass, something she tested at every opportunity. Alex too watched the girl when she bent and stretched in almost see through underwear.

With the bedrooms somewhat paired together, Hailey and Sheela were not reluctant to pass into each other’s rooms regardless of where Alex was. They incorrectly assumed that Alex would not notice the amount of time the spent together in the bedrooms.

The day Alex left for a trip, Hailey came home from a happy hour around 7:00. Despite the early hour, they had had at least 4 rounds of drinks at a dive on 14th st. After entering the apartment, an article kartal escort of clothing was dropped with each step. Leaving her in only panties as she made a b-line for the bathroom. After returning to the living room, she noticed she was alone. She scrolled through a few Netflix genres then fell asleep on the love seat.

Sheela returned from dinner and drinks with a high school friend to find her roommate nearly nude on the couch in front of an idle TV. (“Sexy, sexy”, she said.) She put her bag in her room, stripped, and put on a sleeveless long tshirt with nothing under. The image of the exposed girl stayed in her mind, inducing some wetness. It was Thursday and already a very long week. Tonight could be set aside for some relaxation.

As she looked at Hailey, she thought of fun ways to wake her, while mindlessly caressing herself. A vibrator would jolt her awake. Or maybe a certain strong scent? Curious about how the latter would work, she started working her finger into her bare vagina. When she felt it was wet enough she moved it under the girl’s nose, giggling. Hailey moved her head up slightly then back down, seeming to smile, making Sheela laugh more and pull away.

Knowing that Alex would be out and Hailey would probably be down, she went to get the toys and lotion. At this point she knew where her roommate’s fun drawer was, so after raiding her own, she opened it. Neither were itching to use the plug, but it seemed like a funny idea to have it on the table daring them. Hailey was in the same position when she returned.

In no rush, Sheela put on some music and flipped through a news magazine. As she did, she began running her hands over herself. The remaining articles she had not read were of little interest to her so she moved on to Alex’s fashion catalog. The curves hugged by dresses reminded her of her passed out roommate, bringing a tingle to her exposed crotch. She resisted the urge, deciding instead to start slowly with the lotion. The moisturizer felt nice on her legs as did the extra pressure to ease some soreness. Her left hand continued to turn the pages as the right moved its way up her hips and to the bottom of the shirt. She reached under her left ass cheek to squeeze and make a close pass at her clit, teasing herself.

It was the first time Sheela found herself looking at women sexually aside from porn or recent mutual sessions which were explicitly sexual. The women in the magazine looked somewhat unreal, but very sexy. Airbrushed or not, the sensual poses of the women turned her on. Her glance lingered at a black woman in a tight skirt/short top combo who appeared to be caught in a dance move. The model’s moderate tone was only slightly darker than Sheela’s. She stared at the bend in her waist and the smooth, exceptionally flat midriff. Her finger dipped into her slit as she imagined the model’s smell, and her taste.

She continued lazily pleasuring herself nearly bring herself to orgasm. Feeling a little tired, she flopped onto the couch and let out a sigh.

The sound of Sheela hitting the couch woke Hailey, but did little to jostle her up. She picked up the phone that had been sitting in front of her fact. Catching her breath again, Sheela’s gaze turned to Hailey exposed crotch. “There is no way you don’t want some of this,” she thought. It occurred to her that her roommate was finally conscious, but either unaware or unconcerned that her vagina was on display for the room.

“Well hello, vaaaag!”

“What. Uh, oh. Ohhhh, i see. You took my underwear off.”

“What?? You wish. I walked in to find you wide open like the Grand Canyon.”

“Well, I guess I… misplaced them. How about you? [the shirt had ridden up and wet lips were looking right at her] You look like you are getting a nice breeze in there. Did your panties wash away in a flood? This whole place smells like your cunt. God damn.”

“[after a pause] Oh I can’t imagine how that happened. All I did was finger the shit out of myself while you missed out.”

“Miss out? I never miss out. [She rips her shirt off and walks off] I am going to kick this up a notch!”

Hailey left the room and returned with one hand furiously fingering herself and the other carrying lube. She dropped it roughly on the table and grabbed the large vibrator.

“Mmmm, I’m about to get real raw here,” she said, self-consciously over the top. “And you, who started with out me can go fuck yourself. Actually, stay and fuck yourself.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I would not want to miss the show, especially with the frisky mood you are in.” The sight of spread vagina drew her in and she slowly stepped up to the table to take the little vibe.

Hailey turned the toy on and jumped as she put it directly on her clit. She stood and walked towards Sheela, keeping it in place. She made a raunchy show of gyrating in the seated girls face and moaning loudly. Sheela keep her device on low and gently made circles around her crotch. The smell and sight in front of her was intense. It was as hilariously exaggerated as it was sexy. It was through this humor that they could test the waters and see who would go further, or rather how much further they’d each go beyond their previous acts. There was really no contest, especially with Hailey drunk.

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