Road to the Sun Ch. 02: The Trip

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18. I would suggest that you read part 1 first. (revised version cumming soon)

I would like to thank GrandTeton for his editing and input. Thank you.


James sat quietly, awaiting an answer from Claire. They had been stuck in road construction on I-75 just north of Atlanta. Claire was doing her best to try to explain to herself why she had just jerked her brother off into the pop bottle while he was driving the large rental truck. What had also gotten to her was the fact that she had masturbated afterwards. It had been powerful and she was still feeling the effects of the wonderful orgasm.

James was still waiting.

Claire took a deep breath and held it for a ten-count before she turned towards James.

“I, um, um, I just couldn’t help it. As I held your cock, it just kept getting bigger. It felt so soft, but it was hard. The feel of your veins sliding in my hand was great. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Right, I guess, if I had been in your place and my hand was at your parts…”

“I’m not seven James. It’s called a pussy. P U S S Y, pussy,” she interrupted.

“OK, if it had been me, I would have had my fingers buried in your pussy, finding out what was there,” he said with a big grin.

Traffic thinned out a bit and they got a few dozen miles down the road. Pulling into the rest area, James announced he still needed to piss, which got a small chuckle from Claire.

They got out and stretched and wandered off to freshen up. They figured that after fooling with the road construction for almost an hour they could use the break.

When they returned they found that Melody had bought everyone a drink. Claire popped the top on her can and had a good swallow. She sloshed the pop around her mouth. She really needed a rinse.

Claire pulled out the map and everyone gathered around. Multiple fingers danced across the pages, all pointing at interesting places. Wishes for time and money were made by all, accompanied by sad sighs. No one truly wanted to get back on the road, but the sun was already kissing the horizon. They all wanted to put some distance behind them and decided to drive a few more hours.

Claire raised a brow when James pulled into a truck stop. Then she realized that the truck needed refueling. She looked in the side mirror and watched the others doing the same. She decided that she had a few minutes to shop.

She grabbed some snacks and drinks and a few trinkets. She looked at the map on the wall, and smiled. They were just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They could be on I-24 in no time and stop around Jasper.

To her dismay, they ended up stopping in Manchester. She knew well that everyone was tired. They all complained at every hotel and motel they stopped at, only to find they were full. Cindy had made a food run since it was well after midnight.


Cindy felt dirty as she climbed up into the truck with James the next morning. They had just passed out last night after eating, then overslept. Nobody had time to clean up before check out. And breakfast just sucked. All of which just added to the dismal mood everyone was in.

Cindy looked James in the eyes, “Well, I do hope today goes better.”

“We shall see, sis.”

“Aren’t we the optimist.”

“Sorry, sis. Just feels like a bad dream.”

“Look at it this way. It’s the start of a new day and a new life. A new chapter to write.”

“Right, but the start of this new chapter is a bit lame.”

Everything can’t be roses, nor can they be thorns, Cindy thought. She was determined to enjoy the ride. She had been a driver since they hit the road and had not had much chance to see the forest for the trees.

She pulled her cell phone out and took a snapshot of James driving. More photos, trying to get her sisters in the mirror, and whatever she found during the drive. James and Cindy were fairly quiet through Tennessee, and Cindy’s mind drifted back to the past.

She smiled as memories of James danced in her head. He had brought her feathers every time he found one. Not just any old feather. They all were beautiful, in good condition. He had even made a dream catcher with them, when she broke up with a long time boyfriend.

Cindy came back to the present when they crossed into Kentucky.

Police and what looked like army trucks had a road block set up. They seemed to be checking license, insurance, but also looking for something. Cindy sat still and James acted like he was sitting on pins and needles.

She knew James had never, in his life, ever driven a vehicle as large as this one. He had driven a few trucks, for friends when they moved, but this one was almost twice their size. She knew they had nothing to worry about. Well, themselves anyways. What was going on up ahead, however, was different.

She almost felt like crying when it was finally their turn, because James looked like he shit a brick. They made James get out of pendik escort the truck and must have had him open the back. She could feel and hear the door roll up and a moment later close again. Then the police let them get back under way.

“James? What was that all about?”

“They’re looking for a bunch of escaped kids from a juvenile detention center out of Tennessee.”

“And the army?”

“No army. They are all popos.”

Cindy then remembered all the goings on with Ferguson. Suddenly she grabbed the map and looked at their route. Yep, I-70 runs right past all the riots and protests. Now, she felt a bit worried. It must have shown.

“Cindy? Are you ok?”

“Worried about going through St. Louis.”

“Why St. Louis?”

“Duh! The riots, in Ferguson,”

“Oh right! Well, how about we make damn certain that we don’t stop?”

“Thank you, James.”

“No problem!”

Click, click, went her phone as they passed a huge lake. Her heart slightly fell as they passed, kinda wishing they had the time to go play. Her mind had wondered off on other wishful thinking before noticing a sign for St. Louis. Her eyes darted everywhere, scanning for problems. The closer they got, the more she scooted closer to her brother. When they got onto I-70 she was almost in his lap,

“It will be fine Cindy. I promise.”

Her arms wrapped around his chest and she held on for dear life. A kiss to the top of her head as her brother put an arm around her shoulder. She felt secure and warm in his half hug. She loved the closeness to her youngest sibling. She knew beyond a shadow of doubt that she was safe.

James had always been a ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ for her. Her knight in shining armour. Ready and willing to slay the dragon. She didn’t want to move, didn’t need to move, so she stayed.

She laughed to herself as she remembered what took place in grade school, when a bunch of boys had called her names. When they had started throwing rocks at her, James stepped in, out of the blue. He used his body as her shield. Too many to fight with, he blocked the rocks. He got her home safe although he had taken quite a beating.

Oh, and that loser boyfriend! God! She loathed that prick! The son of a bitch had the audacity to claim he had his way with her and Melody at the same time, bragging about it during a gymnastics meet, while she and Melody were doing their routines.

James had overheard all of it and beat the snot out of him right there and then.

Cindy came back to the present as they pulled into a motel. Once again it was past midnight.

No one wanted to go after food so Claire called for pizza. They ate and talked and had a fairly good time till they got ready for bed. Cindy was last this time; she lost at rock-paper-scissors.

Standing under the pulsating spray, hitting that one particular spot at the base of her skull, the one that causes you to tingle and melt, she thought of her rock. Yes her rock, the only man she has ever trusted. The last month had taken its toll, but the rock still stood tall and firm. When money got tight, he sold his stuff, not theirs. He wouldn’t let them: ‘Guys don’t need all that crap’. She smiled to herself just thinking about James. He was sweet and obnoxious, smart and dopey. He surprised her at how quickly he had become a man. Like flipping a switch.

James is 18, born just 11 months after Melody and she were, which meant that for one month they were the same age. She could just picture James’: brown hair, blue eyes, make that deep blue eyes. Eyelashes longer than any woman she knew had. He had a small cleft in his chin and the dimples, that pop out of nowhere when he smiled. His body bronzed by the summer sun.

James in the shower wet flickered in her mind’s eye. The night he fell. His nakedness next to her, almost touching. His tall and lean body glistening as the water trailed down his tanned hide.

As the images of James flowed through her mind, they started a warmth deep down. It grew in intensity as her hands slowly washed her body, caressing her breasts and pulling on her nipples. Her frothy soap covered hands swirled delicately around her aureoles. Her mind turned her hands into his tongue. His teeth, pulling on her nipples. Her head leaned back and she push her chest into her own hands and let a soft moan escape.

She felt hot and excited as a hand traveled down. Soap bubbles trailing her fingers across her taut stomach and then down deep into her. She was wet and slick with her own arousal. Her breath came in short shallow gasps. Her skin flushed as she slid her fingertips between labia. Her finger brushed her clitoral flesh and she shuddered.

Cindy could feel her oncoming release as her fingers worked in her. She leaned against the wall for support as her legs began to weaken. Fingers moving faster and faster, stoking her, pushing her further onwards. She furrowed her digits through her foaming box and then furiously rubbed her clit, as she imagined his tongue doing the work.

Sparks escort pendik flashing in her eyes, she slid down the wall. Orgasmic ripples washed over her body as wave after wave crashed down. Lying in the bathtub, spent but satisfied, she smiled. ‘Wonder what the real thing would be like?’

She crawled in behind James and cuddled his back, arm around his chest, the other under her head. She could smell his scent, not the shampoo. She felt secure next to him, warm, too. She fell asleep dreaming of her knight.


Soft kisses trailing down her neck, skirting alongside her hairline. Strong hands that gently cupped her breasts and fingers that tweaked her hard nipples. Hard bodies pressed and molded and intertwined. Moans and soft whispers that lovers share echoing through Melody’s dreams.

She couldn’t take it anymore and gave up on sleeping. Opening her eyes she was greeted with the drab sight of the wall. She needed release from the lust filled dreams of knights. As gently as she could she exited the bed and snuck into the bathroom.

She removed her clothes and sat on the toilet lid, leaned back against the tank, and started to play.

Her fingers found her box good and wet. With two of her fingers, she spead her moisture around her inner lips and across her hooded maiden as she thought about sex.

Melody had always assumed that she was a lesbian, from the time she and her twin discovered the workings of their bodies. She never really found men to be sexually arousing. All through school she never dated. She would have a fling with some girl every now and then. The only ‘dates’ she did have were with her brother.

James had always taken her out to movies or dinner, especially when their sisters had dates. They would hold hands while walking around. Share little inside jokes. They had a blast every time.

Melody was sure that the knight in her dream was indeed James. After all, she knew that she loved him. The only man she ever did love. And she knew that she was in love with him. She had never really considered sex with James, until she had seen him hard trying to wiz a while back. She had enjoyed sex and making love with her sister, and missed it dearly. They had heard that it was incest and illegal. That had scared them into stopping.

As she got older, she realized she no longer cared about the morality and legality of incest. Her mind drifted off, and her hand had stopped. The only thing she could picture was a knight.

Melody hung her head at the loss. ‘A knight, what the fuck?’ she thought. Sure, she had erotic dreams, but this one was, well, it was just so different. The more she thought about it, the faster the images left her memory.

She just shook her head in disappointment, used the toilet and then tried to sneak back.

What she found was James, sitting on the edge of the bed and watching the weather. She glanced at the clock, 7:47 a.m.

“Morning,” he whispered, while patting the bed.

Melody sat down softly on the edge next to him. “You make a better door than you do a window, sis,” Cindy chimed.

“Sorry,” and she moved to the bed with Claire. “Yep, definitely a door,” came Claire’s giggle.

“Sorry. Good morning!”

“Morning!” came in unison from her siblings. She moved back and set herself against the headboard and resumed watching the weather report.

Chance of thunderstorms in the late afternoon. Highs in the mid 70s, lows in the lower 50s.

A little after 9 a.m. they were on the road. Melody decided to ride with Cindy part of this morning and with James later.

She sat silently watching billboards pass like the slats of a wooden fence. Most were advertising the cheapest and largest selection of fireworks. Melody was just about to ask Cindy to stop, when Cindy suddenly hit the gas and passed James, got off at the exit and made for the fireworks store.

They picked up a few things they each wanted, James included, even though he whined about the money. They took an early lunch or late breakfast and joked. They pored over the map to refresh everyone on the route, and Melody noticed a look in James’s eye. It was sad but loving, and his eyes had the color of the morning sky. They all too soon finished and she jumped back in the pickup with Cindy.

“I thought you were going to ride with J.”

“I will but after we stop again.”

“Something bothering you, Mel?”

“I, um, mm… got a bit worked up this morning. I wasn’t able to find relief.”


“So, I need some fucking relief. That’s what I need.”

“Go ahead.”

“I can’t. I mean I could but I just…”

“Spit it out.”

Melody hung her head and just started to sob quietly. She scooted over to her twin sister and wrapped her arms around one of Cindy’s. Melody slowly sank on the seat and laid her head on her sister’s thigh. She could feel Cindy’s hand running through her hair and rubbing a shoulder.

Melody calmed at her sister’s touch, just enough to slowly fall pendik escort bayan asleep. She dreamed of days long gone, of kids playing in a yard. Of a little boy with a towel pinned around his neck, a pot on his head, cardboard shield and a fly swatter as his sword. He turned into a man in full plate armour, a sword and shield.

Her knight came in behind his princess, with his powerful hands, and took hold. He caressed her shoulders and neck before running his hands down her arms, to her waist and lower belly. His hands moved slowly and firmly but oh so softly. Her legs parted to allow her knight access to the treasure hidden.

Ever so softly the hands ran over her mound and touched her wet lips. Her breath deepened and temperature rose as fingers probed. The fingers entered her womanhood and her hips started to grind. She was getting hot and could hardly breathe. The overpowering sensation caused her to wake.

With glazed lust-filled eyes, she spied Cindy’s hand undulating between her splayed out legs. She closed her eyes and let out another moan as her back arched and her pelvis rocked in sync with her sister’s plunging probes.

Melody could feel the release of her fluids as a small tremor started in her womb. The feeling intensified as the much needed orgasm overtook her.


Her ass lifted off the seat with the arching of her back. Her legs trembled. Her whole body vibrated, adding to the motions of Cindy’s drenched digits. Her body was frozen in time for just a few fleeting seconds then dropped like a rock back to the seat. She breathed deep a few times until her breathing changed to quick pants. Her heart slowly returned to normal, and finally her breath.

She looked up just in time to see her sister sucking on her own fingers. Melody watched as she slowly drew them out and begin to lick off the rest.

Melody said: “Thank you very very much. Just what I needed.”

Cindy look down at her and said: “You’re welcome. Ah… Hmm… what’s with calling me James?”

Melody’s flushed skin went from one of pleasure to embarrassment. She sat up quickly and covered her face with both hands. “My, god! I am so so sorry. Please forgive me.”

“No problem sis, but you didn’t answer the question.”

“I did just kinda, didn’t I?”


Melody chuckled a bit then said, “That was good sis.”

“Glad you liked it.”

Melody did not truly want to talk about it. “Oh, look it’s Kansas City.”

Melody sat staring out the windows watching traffic build into rush hour. She knew then that she should have gotten in the big truck and kept James company. Claire and Cindy both had told her that he got freaked out in Atlanta and just about every city since.

It wasn’t too bad, she thought, hopeful that James was ok. After an hour or so they found themselves on I-29. She was happy when the truck’s blinker came on. She was a bit surprised, though, as he pulled into a supermarket parking lot.

Cindy rolled down her window and asked James what was up and he just said piss. Melody jumped out and joined him, as did his other sisters. When she came out of the restroom she hurried over to them and joined in some shopping. Fruits, lunch meats, bread, cheese, chips and dips and finally drinks. They headed to check out and Claire grabbed a handful of candy bars.

Melody spent the rest of the day in the rental truck. She and James joked, listened to music, talked about the trip and sat quietly. Melody also thought about how to deal with her feelings.

Melody knew she liked the feeling of being with a woman, especially if that woman was her sister Cindy. The time they spent together was special, and always had a loving quality to it.

Melody also knew her feelings for James. She loved him as much as she loved Cindy.

James was not a jock. He was not particularly interested in sports, either. He was, however, good with his hands. He made quite a few things for her and for his other sisters as well. It was probably what caused him to take carpentry at the technical center.

Melody’s thoughts went back to her feelings for James. Even though she thought she preferred women she wanted James. She was only concerned about how he would react.

Her eyes drifted back over to James as her thoughts played out. How was she ever going to deal with her feelings for him?

That night they stopped around Sioux Falls, South Dakota, just off I-90.


James was a bit surprised to find the girls’ panties hanging all round the bathroom. He took the hint that they needed to do a bit of laundry. He collected what dirty clothes they had, stuffed them into a pillow case and headed to the laundry.

He cursed under his breath at the two dollars cost for a one use box of detergent. When he started to throw all the clothes into one machine, Claire startled him by yelling at him to stop.

She took out all the clothes and sorted them, explaining the whole time why things couldn’t be washed together. He had heard all of this before. In fact, he had heard it multiple times. He didn’t really care to hear it again, but he did. A few moments later Cindy came in with more.

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