Rick , Abbey – Lost Love Found

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Rick and Melissa had been dating seriously for a couple of months, having met through one of the new online friendship sites. Rick had been looking to meet new people as he was new to Boise Idaho, and found that most of the people in his office were significantly older, or were less than appealing when it came to personalities. The town itself was significantly smaller than Baltimore, where he had grown up, but it still had the city feel that he had grown accustom to.

Having just graduated from college, Rick had moved to start his new job as an Aeronautics Engineer. At 24, Rick was an average looking man. He was taller than most, standing at 6’3, and was a healthy 220lbs. His build wasn’t athletic, skinny, or fat, he was just your average Joe walking. He kept his dark brown hair very short, and had crystal clear blue-grey eyes.

After a couple of months of sheer boredom, Rick went online to find more like-minded people to hang out with. He had been online for about a week when Melissa had replied to him. Providing further evidence to the old adage “It’s a small world”, Melissa worked in his office on the business side in the accounting department. They decided to get together for coffee, and their friendship quickly progressed to more from there.

Melissa was an average woman as well, though a bit stockier… She was an impressive 5’9, with very long brown hair and brown eyes. Weighing 180lbs, she was far from petite, but also far from overweight. The best part about her size was her curvy figure. Melissa carried herself well, with a round yet firm rear and a set of very healthy, natural 38D breasts.

One night Melissa had suggested that he join her to meet up with a group of her friends. Rick had figured out rather quickly that Melissa was a girl of routine, and that she had certain activities that she performed at certain times. The weekly outing with friends was one such routine. Every week she would gather with a group of friends from school, and eat out and have a couple of drinks. To this point, Rick had not been invited, and was content with it as he didn’t want to encroach on her freedoms. A bit surprised at having been invited, Rick accepted the invitation, happy with the thought that Melissa was growing even more comfortable with him.

They left that evening for Landry’s, a local pub-type eatery. As they arrived, Rick was greeted by the group, 8 people in all. No one stood out as unique in the group, and as such, Rick hit it off with everyone quite nicely.

About 45 minutes into the meal, another person joined the group. She introduced herself to Rick as Abbey. Almost speechless, Rick muttered something that he hoped came out as his name. No one seemed to notice his inability to speak properly but he still felt like a blundering fool. In Rick’s eyes, Abbey was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was a very plain girl, with a “western” look to her. She was shorter, standing 5’5 tall, and had the most amazing long dirty-blonde hair he had seen. Her eyes were a deep rich brown, and her skin was a pale but healthy white with sporadic freckles. She wore a button-down cowgirl-type shirt that hung perfectly off of her 34B breasts, with the bottom of her shirt tucked in to her pair of faded blue jeans that fit very tightly, showing off her hips and perfect behind. Rick figured that she couldn’t have weighed more than 110lbs. Thinking that any of his friends from Baltimore would think him crazy for felling as he did for Abbey, he chuckled at the irony in that it took him moving across the country just to catch a glimpse of the sexiest, most pure and gorgeous woman on the planet.

The rest of the evening Rick was completely detached from himself. Still able to make conversation, everyone was completely oblivious to his new-found state of awe and lust. He snuck a look at Abbey every chance he could do so discreetly, and for some reason that he couldn’t justify, his mind told him that she was doing the same.


Time flew on from that moment… As Rick sat on the couch in the apartment he had called home for the past 5 years, he recalled that evening and many others as he waited for the next TV program to come on. Rick had become a part of the group of friends he met that night, and hung out with them religiously. 1 year after that night, he and Melissa had married. It seemed at around the same time that Abbey had all but disappeared not only from the group, but from Idaho altogether. He had heard that she went off to Europe to study abroad, and left no contact information. He thought of all the fun they had together, how close they had become, and how it became apparent to the two of them (and luckily no one else) that they were completely smitten with each other, and wanted to be with each other as much as they needed air to breathe. However, Rick was a very moral person. While he enjoyed anything taboo, lustful or sexual just as much as the next person (and probably a lot more), ataşehir escort bayan his morals told him that it wouldn’t be right to pursue a relationship with Abbey, either in secret, or leaving Melissa for her.

The second year into their marriage, it became clear that Melissa didn’t have the same moralities. Melissa was on a business trip up to Washington, which involved conferences and socializing with counterparts. One night, she had decided that it would be prudent to join a group of people in the use of a recreational drug, a first for her, and in turn lost all her inhibition.

Rick had always had one rule when it came to relationships… If you cheat, it’s over. He took this approach for two reasons: 1) “if you need to cheat, then it’s not working” and 2) “if I am not going to indulge, then you can’t either”, with the second stinging his heart because of Abbey.

Even though this had been a credo that Rick had lived by, he wasn’t comfortable with giving up on Melissa. He gave her a choice, him or the drugs & sex, and she chose him. Two months later she did the same thing twice in two weeks, which had effectively ended their relationship.

Time had passed quickly. Rick was single, and was ok being single for the time being. His work was treating him very well, having been promoted twice since his divorce. He had taken to flying like a fish to water, and his favorite pastime was taking the group on trips to Vegas, camping, or wherever the mood struck them to go. His only regret was that he had no way of touching base with Abbey, and was unable to share in any part of her life.

Pulled out of his revere by the TV show starting, Rick settled in for a nice night of doing absolutely nothing. It was September, and there was a massive rain storm coming down. While the storm itself was formidable, almost frightening, Rick was at peace, as he had always been mesmerized by storms. He found them to have a deep sensual aura about them, and found them to always set the mood for an evening of romance. That being said, an evening of TV would suffice just as well. Work had been excruciatingly busy, and this was the first evening he had had to himself in what seemed like months.


Rick must have nodded off as a massive crash of thunder startled him to full alert. It took him a second to realize that the power was out, and that it was starting to get dark out. Frustrated that he had to move, he pulled himself out of the couch to go get candles before it was too dark to find them.

He was almost all of the way inside a floor-level cabinet when he heard knocking. Not expecting anyone to come by, he reasoned that it was probably a tree branch blowing into the shutters, or a noise from the next apartment over. His reasoning changed when it happened again, with a very rapid pattern. He lit a candle and went across the apartment to the front door and opened it to find a drenched Abbey standing in the rain.

Completely dumbfounded, Rick stood there with his jaw open for what seemed like an eternity. After 4 years of absolutely no contact, Abbey stood in the doorway of Rick’s apartment. She was trembling, most likely from the cold and rain, but given the hidden, but unmistakable smile, Rick suspected that (or probably wished) that it might be from excitement.

After composing himself, Rick was the first to speak. “Abbey, I wouldn’t have guessed it would be you in 100 years. Come in, please, you must be soaked to the bone.”

Abbey stepped through the doorway and before saying a word, embraced Rick in the biggest hug he had ever received. “It’s great to see you Rick… It’s been way too long.” Abbey beamed through her angelic smile.

“I had heard that you were off in Europe somewhere studying. I tried to track you down, but to know avail.”

“I had made some poor decisions a couple years ago, but managed to muttle through… If I am not intruding, maybe the three of us could catch up?”

“The three of us?” Rick asked, wondering who Abbey had brought along with her.

“Of course, unless you and Melissa are busy tonight… I should have called first I suppose…”

“Actually, Melissa and I are divorced, for a couple of years.” Was Rick’s reply, trying to show less joy than he felt as he made the proclamation. “But a drink and some time to catch up would be more than welcome. Do you have time to stay for supper?”

“I am sorry Rick, I didn’t know about Melissa… It sounds like we both have a lot to chat about… About dinner though, I would love to.” Abbey beamed her beautiful smile as she made to take off her shoes and coat.

Coming back to a level of reality, Rick made offers for Abbey to make herself at home while he took her coat and went to the laundry room to try and find some towels in the dark for Abbey to dry herself with.


Abbey made herself at home just as suggested, giving herself an informal tour of the main level of Rick’s escort kadıköy apartment. She was amazed at how tidy he kept his residence, and noted that while it was decorated a bit, it had a level of Spartan-ism to it. A subconscious thought surfaced through her mind, thinking of how she would love to give it a bit of a woman’s touch. As quickly as she thought it, she chastised herself… After all, it had been a long time since she had seen him, and she shouldn’t think that she would be able to win him over so quickly.

Abbey had known that Rick and Melissa had divorced… While she had no ulterior motives in coming to Rick’s apartment other than reuniting, a very large portion of her mind and heart harbored a hope that they might find that attraction that had once captivated her in what seemed like a lifetime ago.

Since Rick had met Abbey through Melissa that night, Abbey had always kept her feelings and desires around Rick a secret deep in her heart. As the time passed, what started out as a high school-type crush turned into a deep and passionate secret love and lustful craving. She desired to be with Rick in every way, to love him and provide for him.

A part of her thought that Rick felt the same for her… There was a twinkle in his eye every time he looked at her that told her that he wanted her in every way she wanted him…

She never told Rick, or anyone for that matter, about how she wanted him in every way, for fear of ruining the friendship that everyone in their old group. She had to be content with living out her fantasies in her mind (and trough other means) as she wanted to have some level of contact with Rick, even if not the level she needed.

The day after Rick and Melissa married the devastation was fully realized by Abbey, and she carelessly ran to hide from it, as far as she could. For a time it helped, but it was less than a year before she realized that the pain of love lost would never go away, and being away made it worse. Nevertheless, she continued as she was, until last month when an errant email from a family member told her of the well-beings, fortunes, and life events of her old group of friends. As soon as it registered that Melissa was the Melissa of Rick & Melissa, she made arrangements to once again put her life on hold, and came home as quickly as reasonably possible.

She had landed last night, and made way to her family’s house. A joyful reunion and dinner ensured, with catching up on what has happened over the past four years. Sometime mid dessert, her younger sister gave her the complete details of what happened to Melissa. Abbey made her best effort to act as shocked, disturbed, and concerned about Melissa, her heart was more interested in Rick. Her sister told her in great detail of what happened in Washington… Of Rick’s devastation and effort to maintain their marriage, of the second occurrence (and third), and of the group’s decision to support Rick and part ways with Melissa. Ultimately it was unclear as to what happened to Melissa, though given her choices in life, her outlook was less than civil. Abbey inquired as to Rick’s well-being, to which Stephanie was unsure due to her having gone to college out of state.

From what Abbey could tell in the darkness of dusk and lack of electricity, Rick had managed to keep his life going, and was even thriving. As Rick approached with some towels, Abbey did her best to suppress another smile, and failed miserably. She was glad at it though, as Rick returned a smile of his own, which only helped Abbey realize that her feelings for him had remained, and even intensified, over time.

“Here you go… It looks as if you just got out of the shower.” Rick joked as he handed the towels. “I would offer you a cup of coffee, but given the circumstances, would a cup of juice suffice?”

“Still the juice-king I take it… I suppose some things will never change.” Abbey retorted hoping that her message between the lines was received through her joke to counter his.

“Some things do… But those things that are most important to us never will…” Was Rick’s reply, which lingered before he added “…Hence my generous and diversified juice selection.”

Abbey was so overwhelmed, confident that Rick shared her feelings that she was at a loss of words, and quietly reached for her juice, her hand still trembling, though she was plenty warm.


Rick’s heart was pounding so hard that his pulse was almost defining in his ears. As he handed the glass over to Abbey, he put his other hand over hers as it closed over the glass. In more or less words, he had just confessed that he still loved her deeply as he had so long ago, he didn’t know if she knew that he did.

Her skin was soft under his touch, and very warm despite having just come in from the storm that was starting to break. He couldn’t remember when (or if) he had touched her hand before, and while he had intended to show the strength and bostancı escort friendship he wanted to offer by holding her hand around the glass, it had quickly become an extremely intimate contact for him. His mind reasoned that even if it was a one-sided feeling, he felt enough electricity to power the entire city.

After a couple of long seconds of standing silent, Rick pulled his hands away, and Abbey thanked him for the drink. As if on queue, the power returned, with the loud chirps of the smoke detectors making both Rick and Abbey jump. Laughing at their jumpiness, they walked to the kitchen.

It had been a half hour since the power had come back on… Abbey found that she was starving as the smells of the dinner Rick was preparing teased her senses. In all of the time that Abbey had known Rick, she had no idea that he liked to cook. Furthermore, from what her nose was telling her, he was a stellar cook at that. Her mouth was almost watering as she took in the smells of the pasta sauce he was preparing from scratch. As they caught up, Abbey couldn’t remember ever feeling so happy, even if it was just a friendship that she had missed, and not a love.

They had laughed and smiled as they shared the kitchen, with Abbey helping wherever she could. Finally they had completed the meal. Rick brought the food out to the dinner table, sat Abbey and went in to the kitchen to come back with two glasses of red wine. A feast ensued as they ate and continued to catch up. Time passed seconds for hours as they talked and shared the happenings of their lives. It was only when Rick had gone back to the kitchen in search of more wine that Abbey became aware of time passing.

Rick had noticed the time as well as he spoke from the kitchen… “Can you believe that we have been chatting for almost five hours?!? It is just past midnight.”

“Time flies when you are having fun.” was Abbeys reply as she finished her fourth or fifth glass of wine, she had lost count.

“I have a spare bedroom if you would like to crash here… Given the late hour and the bottles of wine, I would imagine you must be bushed.”

“I couldn’t, I don’t want to intrude, I have already spend half of the day here as your unannounced guest.” Abbey stated beside herself. The last thing she wanted to do was leaving him, but thought it best not to seem too needy.

“I insist. You couldn’t intrude, and having you here tonight has been wonderful. Besides, you are always welcome here, anytime.”

“If you are sure I am not invading, I think I will take you up then.”

“I am sure.” Rick replied, with a smile that hadn’t seemed to leave all night.


Rick gave Abbey a tour of the apartment. Showed her where she could find the guest bedroom and washroom. All the while, he pondered what his next move should be… He didn’t want to ruin what had been a great rekindling of their friendship with a misplaced act of affection. He figured best to keep it down-to-earth, and not risk the future.

After the tour, Rick made his way out into the rain to retrieve Abbey’s effects. It was still pouring, and the thunder was starting to pick up again. Rick made his way back in as quickly as possible, and dropped the suitcases with Abbey.

Standing in the doorway of her room, Rick offered his goodnights, and was given another bear hug full with strength that a woman Abbey’s size shouldn’t be capable of. After a bit of silence as they assessed each other, Rick left off to his room to try and catch some sleep, with hopes of dreaming of Abbey… Hopes he was sure would come to be.


Abbey rolled restless to look at the clock beside her bed. She had been lying there awake for close to two hours. She wasn’t upset that she was restless, quite the contrary in fact. She lived over and over again the evening that had just ensued. And every time she did, she radiated with joy.

She also thought of where to go from here. She had almost leapt at Rick and kissed him passionately as he wished her goodnight. Even thinking about it put her in a shear state of lust and desire. She thought of going to his room now, waking him with kisses and gentle caresses. She thought of him waking up and embracing her in his arms as he returned her kisses.

Her fantasies carried her to a new state of pleasure… She caressed herself, envisioning Rick’s fingers exploring her body… She started with one hand caressing as if it were Rick’s, with her other hand gripping the sheets and mattress so as to not lose grip of the moment… Caressing her hair and the sides of her cheeks… She moved her hand down slowly across her ear and the side and back of her neck…

Moving even further she caressed down the top of her chest with the backs of her fingertips, gasping when she reached the top of her hardening nipple as if she was surprised by someone else’s touch. She stayed there for a moment, caressing her breast, areola, and nipple… Soon after, her caressing turned into a gentle kneading a then a deep massaging. As her hand passed over her hardening nipple, she captured it between the sides of her thumb and hand. She squeezed it and rolled it between her finger, imagining it to be Rick’s lips and teeth.

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