Reverse Seduction Take 03

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Author’s note.

This is the third part in this story. Although it stands alone as an erotic adventure of an older woman being seduced and then dominated by an eighteen year old girl friend of her daughter, please try to read the first two parts before starting this.




“You said that Kevin’s away for few days,” Sammi said when she called me later that afternoon. “When’s he go?”


“I’ll come round and stay the night then, OK?”

I didn’t have the time to say anything for the line went dead.

I had wondered when I would hear from her again, actually I had wondered even if I would, the way she had run out on me last time. But that was, it seemed, becoming a pattern, it was just Sammi’s way.

The first time she had taken me to bed, finger fucked me to a mind blowing orgasm and then she had left rather abruptly. The second time she had made me cum again, the same way, with her fingers. Then she had made me suck and lick her tits and chew and pinch her nipples very hard, which made her cum, quite strongly, or so it seemed. Although she had been straddling my naked body, Sammi hadn’t bothered to remove her rolled up combat pants as she gave me her small tits and made me bite and pinch them until she climaxed. But then while I showered she left without even saying goodbye. And now this latest time, yesterday, she’d turned up in her soccer gear straight from training, had made me run her bath and parade round it in just my shorty dressing gown. She had made me bend over and flaunt my sex and ass at her then walk round the bath with the robe open and everything I had on display. As I did that she had masturbated. Without even touching me and certainly without trying to pleasure or please me. She had then borrowed a tee shirt and jeans of my daughter’s Sara, her close friend and ex classmate at school, and left.

The really odd thing was that although she had made no overt effort to give me pleasure or please me, I had felt both of those emotions. I was pleased that I had induced a climax for her, albeit from her own hands, and I had my pleasure moments after she left when I lay on my bed and masturbated thinking of just one thing, Sammi’s body.

Fuck was I going crazy? I seemed to get as much excitement and sexual pleasure from pleasing this bit of a girl as I did from her making me cum or my husband fucking me.

She text me several times that and the next day. They were slightly disturbing yet arousing, which incidentally, was how I was finding my whole relationship with this quite amazing young woman.

‘Thanks for the bath, I enjoyed the wank.’

‘Hope you got off after I left.’

‘I felt good in Sara’s jeans and tee with no undies, mmmmmmm.’

‘You enjoying being my sub Missus W?’

It began to dawn on me what was happening. I had read about it, of course, but had no experience of it at all. In fact I had never given such ‘sexual diversions’much thought. I had no idea that any form of BDSM or S & M applied to, or would appeal to, me, certainly not, what I was beginning to see was, a Dom and sub relationship.

I thought about it in bed after Kevin had made rather matter of fact love to me as a sort of going away present. Although I’d had no direct experience of anything like it, I did have this feeling, at times, that I wanted to be controlled. Something in me wanted me to be emotionally challenged and conquered. It was so hard to explain, but at times I felt that I wanted Kevin to conquer me, direct me, even abuse and demean me in a way.

After reading a brilliantly written piece on Literotica, I had toyed with asking him to spank me. It wasn’t the sensation of being hurt that had aroused me to the point of masturbation when I read the long, beautifully crafted piece. It was being directed that did it. It was the ritual, the dressing up as ordered me, pig tails, white cotton blouse, no bra, short pleated skirt, white hold-ups and full, cheek covering, pink, net see through panties. It was him inspecting me, making me touch my toes and then having the short skirt rolled up round my waist. It was being made to stay like that as he walked round me looking at me from all angles. It was him running his fingers across my cheeks, stroking my cheeks then slowly, so wonderfully slowly rolling my knickers escort tandoğan down and exposing me. The several times I had masturbated with this image in my mind I had cum when I had got to the point where he had rolled them down and left them round my thighs. I had yet to reach the stage where he actually spanks me.

There had been other things that had disturbed me a little about some deep, and I thought dark, secrets lying dormant in my sexual psyche. Obviously my curiosity about bi sex, well that had now surfaced and I was coming to terms with it. I also had times when I would think of being restrained, like wearing a corset that was far too tight for me, being tied to a bed and, nearly, raped, or some form of sensory deprivation, mainly blindfolded. These, what over the years I had felt were, bizarre thoughts had gone further and had become fantasies. Not things I felt I would ever do, but events that I enjoyed thinking about, particularly when I was preparing to masturbate. The main one was being gang banged, being fucked everywhere by six or seven, muscular and, of course well hung guys.

Kevin left for a two week business trip in Africa and then onto Singapore mid afternoon the next day. I hadn’t heard any more from Sammi other than a text saying ‘See you this evening.’ No time, what we were doing or anything else. I assumed thought that she would probably arrive early evening and we would have dinner and then sex. My mind wasn’t really sexually experienced enough in the ways of bi or lesbian sex to go much further than that.

After I got back from the gym around six I started getting ready for my young lover. I bathed, washed my hair painted my finger and toe nails and pampered my body with a range of powders, creams and lotions that the sucker I am I fall for from the ads on TV and women’s mags.

I felt tinglingly excited as I went through my ‘ablutions.’ I was getting ready for my lover, preparing myself for sex. I half hated myself. Not so much due to being unfaithful to Kevin for, to be truthful, I somehow didn’t see what had happened with Sammi in the same light as I would had she have been a young man. Odd logic I know, but being fucked by a girl doesn’t seem quite as sexually unfaithful as having sex with a man; lack of a penis and penetration maybe?

I was drying my long, unruly, chestnut coloured hair when I got a text from Sammi saying she’d been delayed but would be with me in an hour or so. I smiled and felt a series of little shudders as I looked at my watch and saw that it was just after seven.

“Will you want dinner?” I text back.

“Maybe, I’ll let you know when I get there,” she rather unreasonably text back.

I had a glass of wine. That settled my nerves.

Finishing my hair I wondered what I could do for dinner if she wanted something. I’m not a very good cook, but recalled I had some steaks in the freezer so I got them out to thaw.

I got dressed, she shouldn’t be long now, I thought.

I absolutely amazed myself when I looked in the mirror. Without hardly even thinking about it, I had slipped into the red silk, shorty robe I had worn each time I had been with Sammi. Fuck was that fate or what?

Eight fifteen and I began to think she wasn’t coming. I had another wine.

Nearly nine, I text her, no reply.

Nine fifteen and now almost ten.

I text her again, still no reply.

Just as News at Ten ended and the delicious Julie Etchingham faded from my screen my mobile rang.

“Be there in five minutes, open the gates,” came down the phone.

All my bad thoughts went away. Bad in the way I had been thinking about her. They were replaced by good thoughts, well they were really bad thoughts, for my body was pulsating with the anticipation of what would shortly be happening. I opened the gates and the front door. I also loosened the tie on my robe so it would need just the lightest of pulls to undo it. Shit I was getting into this with my youing lover wasn’t I?

“Phew that was some fucking journey, got a beer for me?” she said marching in, past me and making no acknowledgement of me at all. I felt a little hurt.

As usual she was dressed in dull colours, she had a sort of grungy, at times almost, but not quite Goth look about her. I didn’t really like her style of escort tunalı dress or her gelled hair, tattoos or ear rings, but thankfully no other body piercings, but I didn’t like to sound like a nag or, even worse, a mother by telling her, so I kept quiet. She was wearing a lightweight, vee necked, short sleeved sludge green sweater with a chocolate brown tee under it and quite short, tight black shorts. On her feet she was wearing what looked like witches boots. Above the ankle, almost mid thigh, they were laced up the front, had very pointed, steel capped toes and high, high steel coloured heels.

I went to get her beer as she strode into the lounge. Unfortunately there was no beers in the fridge.

“Won’t be a mo, just got to go into the garage,” I called out.

“Ok but hurry for fuck’s sake I’m bleedin’ thirsty and fucking horny,” she called back

I picked up a case of Becks and carried it back to the kitchen and fitted halfg a dozen or so into the fridge, even though they were reasonably cool. I flipped the cap on one and went into the lounge. It was dark the only light coming from the outside lamps in the garden and a table lamp in the hall.

As my eyes acclimatised to the darkness I saw that Sammi was sitting on the end of the arm of a sofa. I saw the steel capped toes of her boots some way apart, but nothing else. That is until I got closer. Then I saw more, much more.

I saw that her legs were parted.

I saw that she had removed the sweater.

I saw that she had one hand inside her tee shirt.

I saw that she was fondling her breast and then as I got even closer I saw more4.

I saw that her shorts were round her knees.

I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties.

I saw her hair covered mound, which I knew from seeing her in the pool she didn’t trim.

I saw her lips and her open pussy.

I was stunned, I was also thrilled and excited.

What a strange girl she is, I though, wondering at the knack she had of always surprising me.

“You like?” She said, taking the beer, swigging from the bottle and then rubbing herself on her pussy with the end of the bottle.

Sounding ridiculous, but I was at a loss as to what to say I replied.

“Yes Sammi, you look very nice.”

She almost snarled back. “Very nice, what do you mean fucking very nice?”

“Just that luv, I think you look good.”

Amanda, I don’t do ‘looking nice’ I don’t want to be told I look good.”

Totally perplexed I asked.

“What do you want me to say?”

“Tell me how fucking horny I look. Tell me how fucking horny I make you feel, go on.”

I felt that I had to go along with her.

“You look very horny Sammi and yes you make me feel horny.”

“How horny?” she asked reaching forward to where I was standing a metre or so away from her and undoing the tie on the robe. She pulled the edge where it had got caught on my nipple and looked at that. Of course it was hard, stunningly so. “Hmmmm yes, nicely horny, good. And what else?”

“What else, what else do you mean?”

“What else can you see?”

“I can see your body.”

“Yes but what part?” She asked putting her fingers under one of my breasts and lifting it.

I so wanted her to take me in her arms and kiss me, caress me, lick my tits or anything rather than make me stand there as she pleasured herself by playing with my breasts. It was sort of demeaning standing there being a plaything for her. That said my heart was punding as she touched me.

“Amanda, what part, what part of me can you see.”

I knew then what she wanted me to say. “I can see your mound.”

“And?” She asked continuing to rub the end of the bottle on her slit and presumably her clit too.

“Your pubes,” I gasped as she pinched my nipple quite hard.


“Your pussy?”

“Don’t call it that, call it by its proper name.”

“Vagina?” I asked.

“Don’t be a stupid bitch, use its basic name.”

I got what she meant.

“Your cunt,” I said softly as she pushed my boob up much further than it should really go.

“Yes my cunt, that’s what it is, you can see my cunt can’t you Missus W?”

“Yes Sammi I can.”

“Look at it then,” she said sounding cross as she pulled my nipple very hard.

“I escort türbanlı am Sammi.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, yes of course I do.”

“Have I got a nice cunt?”

I really had no idea what constituted nice in relation to cunts, but thought it would be unwise to get into such semantics.

“Yes Sammi you have a lovely cunt.”

“Good I am glad you like it for what you are now going to do is take that fucking robe off, move closer, kneel down on the floor and suck my cunt until I cum.

Nobody had ever said words anything like that to me before. Nothing as crude certainly, but it was more than that. It was how they were said. It was the way Sammi put it to me. It was by no means a request. Suck my cunt was an order, there was no doubt about that. I had no say in the matter and that was the key thing. She knew it and as I slowly slid the robe off and let it fall to the floor so I stood before just in my mid height heeled pumps, I knew it as well. But suck my cunt was even more than her ordering me around. It was the way, bit by bit, piece by piece and layer by layer she was removing my dignity and control. Yes, as she watched me strip naked for her, she knew as well as I did that by ordering me to ‘suck my cunt’ she was demeaning and abusing me, as a woman, as a lover and as a human being. And that made my heart pound and pulses race, something else I just couldn’t fathom.

I sank to my knees. Somehow for some bizarre reason it felt right, but I felt so incredibly nervous at the prospect of what I was about to do, suck her cunt.

“Take my shorts down first, stupid,” she said when I leaned against them. I slid them off and she shuffled forward on the arm of the chair. I was so close to her. So near to sucking her cunt. It was just inches from my face. The lips were open and glistening. I had never seen a girl’s vagina in close up before, I couldn’t really recall even having hardly seen one in a photo either. I simply had never been interested.

But now I was, I had to be, for I was about to suck a cunt for the first time.

I can’t say that I looked at it as being beautiful. It was exciting and arousing, interesting and intriguing. I was pleased to see that she was wet and it was thrilling that she was appearing to be thrusting it towards me, but mainly it was my nervousness and the enormous anticipation that filled my mind.

I shuffled closer. I reached up and put my arms round her, my hands found her buttocks, her firm, tuned muscular bum. My shoulders were pressing against the inside of her widely spread thighs. I pulled myself even closer to her. I saw all the folds and yes they were like petals. They were sort of beckoning to me, sending me an invitation.

Instinctively I knew what to do, after all it had been done to me often enough.

I removed one hand from Sammi’s tight, highly toned buttocks and brought it round the front between her legs. My nerves were in control, although my fingers were shaking slightly as they touched the folds of her pussy. I went for where I knew her clit was hidden. I was feeling better as what must have been my dormant bisexual tendencies took over. I parted the folds and beneath the stretched, pink skin I could see that bud, which has no other purpose than to give sexual delight. And that was exactly what my heart and mind wanted to give to Sammi, my young, lesbian lover.

As my tongue touched a woman’s clit for the first time, so three amazing things happened.

Firstly, I felt at home. It seemed natural and right. I wanted to do it, I knew how to do it and it felt lovely to do it.

Secondly Sammi erupted. Up until now she had been so cool about everything. But grabbing the back of my head, pulling me closer, thrusting herself against my face, letting out a deep animal-like growl and arching her back was anything but cool.

“Oh fucking hell yes,” she growled, exciting me even more because I was causing that to happen.

I ran my tongue all round her clit flicking onto it then off and then licking all the way round it. She ground herself against i.

“Oh Amanda, you bitch, you dirty, fucking, cunt sucking bitch. Suck me, suck me, you slut.”

And boy did I.

Again I was amazed at how natural it all was. Licking and sucking her clit, running my tongue along and all round her lips and into the slit between them. Smelling and tasting her blatant womanliness, revelling in her overtly female sensations. It all came so naturally and easily to me. Kissing her all round that area and then, as she started to cum sucking her clit as I shoved three fingers right up her cunt.

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