Revenge (Parallel Universe) Day 02

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Day 2 — Saturday

Los Angeles, California 2012 — But not our universe

Ray Williams had gone to bed depressed and angry, but he awoke with a new sense of purpose.

Sure, his incredibly hot blonde wife had been gang banged by the very bullies that had tormented him in high school, culminated by the man he hated the most in all the world fucking her up the ass, but now he had a plan. His wife had only been being polite, but Ray Williams was going to get revenge.

Nick Cooper, school bully, quarterback, and captain of the football team had married the hottest girl in their high school — the captain of the cheerleading team Christine Taylor. Every boy in school had lusted after the gorgeous blonde cheerleader, but only a few had been able to catch her alone to ask her for sex.

Even Ray had tried to catch Christine Taylor unaccompanied multiple times following his eighteenth birthday, but Nick had almost always been at her side. One time, Ray had gotten close. He’d spotted Christine coming out of the girls locker room by herself and quickly descended on her. Unfortunately, Mr Jackson, the school janitor had reached her first, and before Ray could make his request, she’d been on her knees sucking the old black man’s large prick.

Christine was the key to Ray’s revenge, and the fact he’d lusted after her at high school would make his revenge even sweeter.

Nick Cooper may have fucked his wife, but Ray would fuck Nick’s wife. Then they would be even.

“Do you remember where you went with Nick yesterday?” asked Ray as he got out of bed and started getting dressed.

“Sure,” replied his wife sleepily as she rolled over onto her back. She was naked and her ample breasts jiggled slightly on her ribcage like two mountainous peaks.

“Give me the address,” instructed Ray. “I need to go and see him.”

“Sure,” yawned Melissa. “Do you want a blowjob before you go?”

Ray hesitated, although society expected a woman to agree to any and every request for sex from a man, and there was no such compulsion on him, it was still very hard to say no to such an offer.

Ray steeled himself. He had a job to do. “I don’t have time sorry sweetie,” he apologised, before grabbing a pad and pen to write down the directions to the scene of Melissa’s orgy with Nick and the other footballers.

Ray left his beautiful, naked wife alone in bed and headed hurriedly out the front door. The way he figured it, he just needed to catch Nick’s wife alone and then he could ask her to fuck him. It should be easy.

It had been almost twelve years since he’d seen Christine Taylor, or Christine Cooper as she was probably called now. Hopefully she still looked just as good now as she had looked in high school.

“Hey, Ray!” called out a voice, disturbing the memories of the sexy cheerleading captain that were filling Ray’s mind.

Ray turned in surprise to see Bill Yates, his neighbour, standing by the front door of the house next door. Bill’s young daughter Alice was standing beside him, looking particularly fine. The pretty young brunette was wearing a white blouse, knotted between her breasts and exposing her flat, tanned belly, and a tiny tartan skirt that left her long, slim legs bare. The outfit was completely by white ankle socks, black high heeled shoes and her long brown hair tied in pig tails. She was the perfect sexy schoolgirl. A walking wet dream…if she hadn’t been only seventeen.

“Hi Bill, how’s it going?” replied Ray, walking over to talk to his neighbour. He was a little annoyed by the distraction, he had a mission to complete.

“Pretty good,” replied Bill. “You’ve met my daughter Alice right?”

Ray glanced at his neighbour’s sexy teenager daughter. “Sure, of course.”

“Well, it’s her birthday today,” said Bill with a big grin. “My little darling is eighteen today.”

Ray smiled, “Happy birthday Alice.”

“Thanks Mr Williams,” she replied a little shyly.

Ray smiled, fuck she was gorgeous. And eighteen today, that meant…

“Would you like to be her first?” blurted out Bill, interrupting the conclusion that Ray was just coming to.

Ray swallowed. Although no woman would refuse a man’s request for sex, this didn’t apply until she turned eighteen. Society looked very harshly on underage sex. Likewise a man had no rights to ask for sex from an unaccompanied woman until he was eighteen himself.

Now that Alice had turned eighteen she would start getting requests for sex from men. And looking at the teenagers, tight little body it was likely that those requests would be coming thick and fast. Living right next door, it was inevitable that Ray would eventually have had the chance to ask Alice for favours, but to be offered her first, before anyone else was something special.

Ray bit his lower lip. As much as he wanted to get over to Nick Cooper’s house and fuck his wife, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Well a once in Alice’s lifetime anyway. He was already hard just thinking about it.

Ray reached out ataşehir escort bayan and took Alice’s hand. “Thanks Bill, this is mighty neighbourly of you.”

“No problem,” replied Bill. “Treat her nice. And Alice, be nice to Mr Williams, remember your manners.”

“Yes Dad,” replied Alice, smiling shyly at Ray. He noticed a slightly wicked glint in her eye.

“Let’s use your room,” suggested Ray. His wife wouldn’t complain if he brought her back to their place, but he thought it might be a little rude after he’d turned down a blowjob from Melissa only minutes earlier.

Ray’s sexy eighteen year old neighbour led him back into her house, her tight ass swaying in her schoolgirl skirt as she walked. Bill’s wife, and Alice’s mother Jane was in the kitchen as they went past. She was a lovely looking middle aged woman that had given Ray a blowjob by the mailbox last Tuesday. He could definitely see where Alice got her looks from.

“Hi Ray,” greeted Jane Yates as Ray was led by her daughter upstairs.

Alice’s room was a small, pink painted room with a single bed and a few posters of some good looking actors and rock stars on the wall. Ray noticed a little bitterly that there was even a picture of Nick Cooper cut from a movie magazine near the eighteen year old’s mirror. The ass.

“You’re very beautiful Alice,” complemented Ray as he kicked the door shut behind him.

“Thanks Mr Williams,” she replied, blushing a little.

“Please, call me Ray,” he replied, stepping up to her. Ray put his arms around the hot, sexy teenager and pulled her against him, kissing her eagerly. Alice obligingly melted into his arms, pressing her firm young body against his as her tongue slipped into his mouth.

Ray moaned into her mouth, running his hands down her back and cupping and squeezing her firm young bum through her short skirt. The hard bulge of his cock was pressing insistently against her thigh as they kissed.

When they broke off their kiss, his hands moved to her chest, untying the knot of her blouse and pulling it off her, revealing her perky young breasts. They were a nice size, not as big as his wife’s of course, but still considerably more than handful, probably a C cup in Ray’s estimation. Not that he knew a whole lot about bra sizes.

Ray cupped Alice’s firm tits in his palms and squeezed them eagerly. Her skin felt so warm and soft and youthful, she was incredibly sexy.

“Undo my pants,” he instructed as he squeezed her generous tits, rubbing his thumbs across her nipples and feeling them stiffen at his touch.

Alice unbuckled Ray’s belt and then opened his fly, pushing his trousers down around his knees and then sliding her hands down into his underwear to take hold of his stiffy in her soft hands.

“Uh!” grunted Ray at the touch of her soft fingers on his prick. He was incredibly turned on, he’d have to be careful here or he would be cumming in her hand.

“Wow,” breathed Alice, gently stroking Ray’s four and a half inches. “It’s so hard… and so big.”

Ray smiled, that was the advantage of a virgin. Although she’d no doubt seen other cocks from the frequent public coupling that went on, she had limited first hand basis for comparison when it came to penises.

“Kneel on the bed,” instructed Ray as he kicked off his shoes and stepped out from the trousers around his ankles.

Alice climbed up onto her bed and knelt on her hands and knees, arching her back slightly so that her deliciously round ass jutted out invitingly. Her soft rounds breasts swung beneath her and Ray reached out to cup and squeeze one round orb before kneeling on the bed behind her.

Ray moaned in admiration as he ran his palms up the fact of Alice’s firm, tanned thighs. Her skin felt so soft. His hard cock was jutting out towards her, trembling in anticipation.

“You’re very beautiful Alice. You’re going to be getting a lot of attention now that you’re eighteen.” Ray lifted up the back of Alice’s short skirt to reveal her spectacular ass, clad in a skimpy white cotton g-string. The firm round cheeks of her buttocks were absolutely flawless.

“Thanks Mr…I mean thanks Ray,” replied Alice as Ray ran his hands over her ass, stroking the smooth globes of her buttocks.

Ray pulled down Alice’s g-string, revealing the slit of her cunt, the lips moist in anticipation. Ray cupped a bare ass cheek in each hand and squeezed, glancing at the puckered entrance to her tight little ass. He was a little tempted to fuck her ass, but figured that could wait for another day. Her first time should be her pussy.

“This is great,” he murmured as he guided the tip of his trembling erection to Alice’s tight eighteen year old pussy. With a breathless grunt he slowly pushed forward, the lips of her cunt opening as he penetrated her, clutching at his shaft as he slowly pushed inside her.

“Oh Ray!” moaned Alice at his entry.

God she was tight. Ray moaned as pushed himself the rest of the way inside the hot young brunette, holding her by her slim waist as he gently escort kadıköy started to fuck her.

As far as Ray was aware he’d never fucked an eighteen year old girl before. Typically the younger girls would be accompanied in public by their father or boyfriend so there was little opportunity to approach them for sex, especially if they were pretty like Alice. This was a sweet moment indeed, almost enough to make Ray forget about Nick Cooper fucking his wife yesterday. Almost.

Both Ray and Alice moaned as he started to thrust against her from behind, his hips slapping against her firm posterior as he pumped his below average cock in and out of Alice’s tight pussy. It felt amazing, Ray was definitely going to have to make sure he made frequent use of his neighbours hot young daughter.

Unable to resist the temptation, Ray reached out and grabbed Alice by the hair, a ponytail in each hand. He pulled on her hair for leverage as he fucked her doggy style, jerking her head up and causing her back to arch and her ass to push back harder against him.

“Oh Ray!” groaned Alice, clearly enjoying his thrusting cock as he pistoned against her from behind.

She was so tight and so hot that he wasn’t going to last long. Fortunately, much like size, Alice didn’t have a lot of reference in terms of stamina, so hopefully she wasn’t going to be disappointed.

“Oh, that’s it Alice!” he grunted as he humped against the perfect eighteen year old. She felt so good.

“Oh Ray!” gasped Alice, her breathing hard and fast as he bucked against her, shunting her forward on the bed with each thrust.

“Is it okay if I cum inside you?” asked Ray, yanking on her pig tails as he slammed into her.

“Yes, fill me up,” gasped Alice, clearly enjoying the feel of his cock in her tight pussy. “I’m on the pill.” Ray was nothing, if not polite. With the possibility, or in the case of someone that looked like Alice probability, of getting asked to have sex whenever they walked down the street alone, most women were on the pill. But in Alice’s case she had only just turned eighteen so Ray thought it would be best to ask first.

“Oh fuck!” groaned Ray, his hips madly jackhammering against the teenagers perfect bum. “Here…it…comes!” With a loud cry Ray exploded inside the beautiful eighteen year old’s pussy. Thick ropes of his seed flooded her snatch as Ray orgasmed wildly.

Alice herself cried out in pleasure as her older neighbour shot his load into her cunt. Whether she was genuinely climaxing, or just being polite Ray didn’t know, and didn’t really care truthfully either.

“Yeah, that was good!” groaned Ray as he left go of Alice’s pig tails and squeezed the firm cheeks of her ass, rolling his hips and squeezing the last drops of his sperm inside her.

“Wow,” breathed Alice, pushing her butt back against her neighbour’s crotch. “That was great Mr Williams.”

“Yeah,” breathed Ray in agreement. “But call me Ray.”

Ray pulled out and rolled onto the bed beside the pretty brunette, catching his breath. As sweet as that had been, he had a mission to complete, and someone else to fuck. Hopefully he wouldn’t have any trouble getting it up again.


A couple of hours later, following a shower and then a coffee with Bill and Jane Yates, Ray got back in his car and drove to the address that his wife had given him from her encounter with the football team the previous day.

It was a nice split level house in the suburbs, way nicer than Ray’s house, but perhaps not quite as fancy as he’d been expecting from a celebrity actor.

Ray approached the front door and knocked determinedly. He prayed that Nick wasn’t home and he’d catch Christine alone.

The door swung open and he was greeted by a gorgeous brunette. She was still beautiful then. Perhaps not quite as amazing as he’d remembered from high school, and her blonde hair was now dyed brown, but still very attractive.

She was dressed like she was just on her way to the gym, it a pair of clinging black sweat pants, that were low slung on her hips, revealing a hint of a toned flat stomach and the sides of her pink g-string straps. Her top was a skin-tight orange tank top that clung to an impressive pair of beautiful round hooters that thrust out from her chest demanding attention and seemingly defying gravity.

“Can I help you?” she asked in surprise, showing no sign of recognising him from twelve years ago.

Ray looked over her shoulder into the house. “Are you alone?” he asked.

She nodded. “Yes, my husband is at football practise…”

“Good,” said Ray, inside he was whooping with joy. “I want to have sex with you.”

“Oh,” the woman seemed surprised at this. “Sure, I guess I can help you out. My husband will be back soon though so we’ll have to be quick.”

She stepped back at let him step past her and into the house.

“So, um, what do you want to do then?” she asked as she followed him into the lounge.

“I want to fuck you up the ass,” growled Ray. “Get your clothes off.”

She bostancı escort raised an eyebrow at that. “Okay then, whatever you want.”

She reached for the bottom of her tank top and tugged it up over her head. Beneath she was wearing a black sports bra that was restraining her impressive rack.

As she bent forward to unlace her sports shoes, Ray moved behind her and ran his palm across the smooth expanse of her buttocks, feeling the firm cheeks through her sweatpants. She had a nicely toned ass and obviously kept in shape. Perhaps not quite as firm as Alice’s, but still very impressive for a thirty year old woman.

“You’re very eager,” she commented as she peeled off her pants, revealing her pink g-string panties and long, nicely-toned legs. “Were you just passing by or did you see me on my way home from the gym?”

Ray unzipped his pants. “I know your husband. I used to be on his high school football team.”

“Really?” she replied, looking him up and down more deliberately. “You don’t look like a footballer, and I don’t remember you from school.”

Ray scowled. That pissed him off a little, not that there was any reason she should remember him.

“Just shut up and get naked!” he snapped.

“Hey!” she protested. “Be polite!”

Ray swallowed. She was right, here she was being all nice and letting him fuck her in the ass, and he was acting like a rude prick. “Sorry,” he quickly apologised. “I had a rough day yesterday.”

Her anger immediately softened at his change of tone. “That’s okay. So, um, we’d better get on with this.”

Still wearing her bra and panties, she stepped forward and reached inside the open front of Ray’s trousers. His cock was already hard, despite the workout that his neighbour’s eighteen year old daughter had given it. Probably the anticipation of fucking the one and only Christine Taylor was motivating him into stiffness.

“I see this little man is polite and at attention,” she grinned as she pulled out his erection and stroked it in her cool hand.

Ray grimaced slightly at the term ‘little man’, but didn’t let it put him off the mission in front of him. He reached up, running his palms up her sides, over her ribs and cupping her ample breasts through her sports bra, giving them a firm squeeze.

It might have been the sports bra, but her tits felt amazingly firm. Ray moaned and squeezed them again, this time harder, letting his fingers sink deep into the ample round melons. She gasped slightly as he roughly mauled her big jugs, his cock lurching in her soft hands.

“You said you wanted anal right?” she asked him for clarification.

“That’s right,” breathed Ray. He was so looking forward to tapping the sweet ass he’d lusted over through all his teenage years.

“Fine,” she agreed. “But I’d better go get some Vaseline from the bathroom. Back in a minute.”

She pried his hands off her big tits and hurried off towards the bathroom. Ray admired the sway of her g-string framed buttocks as she left.

He quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes before she returned, a small tub of Vaseline in hand. She handed him the tub and with her other hand stroked his erection.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done anal so make sure you use plenty,” she advised, glancing down at the four and a half inches in her hand. “At least you won’t rip me up with this little man though.”

“Lie down on the couch,” instructed Ray as he popped the lid off the Vaseline and scooped some out onto his fingers. He ignored the comment about the size of his cock.

She peeled off her g-string, but left her bra on as she lay face down on the couch. Ray caught a brief glimpse of her neatly trimmed landing strip, he couldn’t help be a little disappointed it wasn’t blonde as he’d always imagined it in his high school masturbation fantasies. But maybe she dyed it like she’d done with her hair.

Ray straddled the back of her thighs and used one hand to grab hold of her ass by her left buttock. His other hand liberally applied the Vaseline to her tight asshole, tentatively probing a few fingers inside her causing her to gasp in slight discomfort.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to use my pussy?” she offered.

“No, this is what I want,” grunted Ray, sawing his index finger in and out of her ass, it felt nice and tight, like Alice’s teenage snatch had been.

Ray scooped out some more Vaseline and rubbed it on his cock for good measure before positioning himself on top of the gorgeous cheerleader. He ground down with his hips, his erection sliding up through the crack of her ass as her soft buttocks sheathed his shaft.

“Here we go Christine,” he breathed in her ear, reaching down between them and guiding the head of his lubricated cock against her anus.

“Huh?” she asked, then suddenly cried out as Ray pushed his dick into her ass.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped, burying her face in the pillow of the couch.

“Shit that’s tight!” groaned Ray as he pushed more of his cock into her tight bum. Only about half of his length was inside her vice like passage.

“Uh!” she gasped as Ray shoved again, wedging more of his stubby length inside her. She was become slightly more used to his presence, her ass relaxing somewhat and the Vaseline working wonders to ease his entrance.

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