Raising Peter, Chapter 11

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Raising Peter, Chapter 11 (and the fun goes on)
This a total work of fiction. The story includes incest bi-sexual, group sex, and water sports, among other things. If you are offended by any of these, this is not the story for you. If you’re reading just to make smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there. I just do the best I can and try to improve with each story. To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice and your votes.
I could tell she was excited and getting all worked up. “I want to watch up close as the cock goes in and out of each one’s mouth, and, ah, and I want to see the cum in your mouth’s. Then…ah, ah, I, I want to lick the cum out of your mouth,” Kamea said as she pulled on a tit with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other. Then she turned and kissed Kay passionately on the lips, “Can I, or should I say WE do all of that Kay.”

Kay was smiling ear to ear as she nodded her head to Kamea. “Have at it boys, I do believe you have a very attentive audience.”

James and I started to move around to get into a 69 position when Kamea pulled both of us by the arm, “Kiss him, kiss him on his mouth, stick your tongue in his mouth.” I wasn’t sure which one of us Kamea was talking too but I knew what she wanted.

James and I turned toward each other, embraced and lightly touched our lips together and started slipping our tongues into each others mouths.

Kamea moved her face up very close to ours. “Look Kay, look at them tonguing each other. OH FUCK, that’s hot, you two piss lickers make my pussy soaking wet. She moved her face over to ours and pushed her tongue into the corner of our mouths and started licking out tongues.

Kamea pushed on me and pulled on James, “Lay down on your sides so I can watch both of you sucking cock,” Kamea said as she moved over a little so we could get into the position she had described.

I reached for James’ cock about the same time as I felt his fingers wrap around mine. At almost the same time we both start licking the others cocks, from base up to the head. We licked around each others head, then sucked it into our mouths..

Kamea was going crazy, she would lean down and lick my lips and the side of James’ cock shaft. Then she would move to the other end and repeat the same thing.

I rolled my eyes up and looked at Kay. She was laughing at the way Kamea was reacting to watching us but I also noticed that she was massaging both her tits and pinching her nipples. I felt James starting to move his mouth down my shaft, taking more and more of my cock into his mouth.

I followed his lead and started sucking more of his cock into my mouth. When we were about half way down each others shaft we started bobbing our heads up and down.

I had never done anything sexual in this position and it was not the best in world for what we were doing now but we both wanted to please Kamea. That seem to be working very well because she was going bonkers.

She was on her kneed behind me, pinching and pulling on the lovely, rock hard nipples so hard I’m sure it had to be painful. She moved down toward James’ head and leaned over. I could hear her talking, “Oh PJ (Peat Junior, Kamea’s name for my cock), you look great sliding in and out of my lover’s mouth. He’s going to make you spit your hot cum in his mouth, then he’s going to share it with me.”

Suddenly, I felt a hand wrap around my balls and gently squeeze and massage them. I jumped a little, causing my cock to go a little deeper in James’ mouth . It must have brought him pleasure because he let out a loud moan around my cock shaft.

“You babies do a good job and pump lots of good cum for PJ,” Kamea said as she leaned down and licked my scrotum. I jumped and shoved my cock deep into James’ mouth again.

I could see Kamea as she raised up and started moving toward my head. Kay was kneel about even with the middle of my back. She was laughing at all the things Kamea was saying and doing. She was now using her left hand to pinching and pulling hard on her nipple, while her right hand was between her legs and she had two or three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

Kamea stopped when she got to Kay. Kamea pulled Kay over to her and their lips met in a wet, tongue swapping kiss. When Kamea broke the kiss I heard her ask Kay, “Can I please have a taste?”

Kay didn’t say a word, she just pulled her fingers our of her pussy and held them up to Kamea’s mouth. She didn’t know I was watching but she knew Kay was. She held Kay by her wrist as she very slowly licked from Kay’s palm, up one of her soaked fingers. When she reached the end of the finger she would suck it into her mouth, then slowly pull it back out. She repeated this on each of Kay’s fingers.

Kay would let out a sigh each time Kamea sucked on of her fingers. As Kamea pulled the last finger out of her mouth, Kay tilted her head back and I think she had a mild orgasm.

The two kissed again, then Kamea made her way on down until she was even with my head. She reached down and made a ring around Kames’ cock with her thumb and index finger, “Oh Junior, you look SO FUCKING GOOD sliding in and out of that hot mouth. I just know you’re gonna shoot a really big load for daddy. Then I’ll have lots of goody-goody’s to share with my good friends.

She moved around me and this time it was James who jumped and stuffed his cock deeper into my mouth. I knew that I was on the verge of filling James’ mouth with my cum and I felt the same was true of him. We were both sucking harder and faster. I hadn’t noticed that Kay had moved until I felt her suck one of my balls into her mouth.

That’s all it took for me, I shot my first line of cum into James’ mouth, quickly followed by a second and third. His first shot of cum hit the back of my mouth before I let go of my second shot.

I swallowed the first two shots but held most of the remaining cum in my mouth. Kamea must have realized, by our actions, that we were both cumming. She went wild, “Oh, Oh Fuck! Fill him up Junior, fill him up with your hot spunk. Fuck that mouth you beautiful, hot cock, Yum, Yum, I’ve got my cum” she sang.

None of us were in a position to laugh very well but James, Kay and I snickered at Kamea actions. She moved over behind James, pulled his head away from my cock, covered his mouth with her mouth and plunged her tongue in and started lapping up my cum;

It was as though she was in a feeding frenzy, she was licking the cum from his mouth so fast part of it was dripping down on her perky tits. I was so engrossed in watching this young beauty pleasuring herself with her cum feast that I jumped a little with surprise when Kay sucked my still some what rigid cock into her mouth, using her lips and tongue to strip it of any remaining traces of cum.

I looked down at Kay and even though my cock was totally hidden in her mouth, her head was tilted back and the eyes were looking up at every move Kamea made.

When she had lapped up all of my cum from James’ mouth she placed an arm around his neck and pulled his head down to lick the cum from her tits. I saw her motion with her hand and simply said, “UP HERE.” I moved up to my knees and around to the side of her. She tilted her head back, opened her mouth as wide as she could and stuck out her tongue as far as she could get it, then pointed to her mouth.

As I moved my mouth over Kamea’s I noticed Kay had moved up beside her brother to get a closer look at the action. When our eyes met for just a second Kay was smiling when she said, “All at one time.”

From the time James and I started sucking each other until now, Kamea had been making different sounds, not moans but a screech, a howl or a cry, more like a wild animal sound. She was making a crying sound when I hovered my mouth only inches from hers and spit the whole mouth full of cum into her mouth.

This made her stop her sound just long enough to swallow. Then she smiled and growled at me as she pulled my mouth down to hers. She plunged her tongue into my mouth, not trying to kiss me but running her tongue around in my mouth, licking up any remaining cum.

When Kamea was sure she had licked up all of James’ cum, she fell back on the bed, letting her arms fall out on each side. “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. It had been even better than I thought it would be. It’s definitely been a time I’ll never forget.

Kay leaned down and kissed Kamea gently on the lips, “I can assure you, it has been a great day for us also and I’m sure it’s the best birthday Pete has ever had.

Kamea had a very serious look on her face when she asked Kay, “You let Pete fuck your pussy don’t you?”

“Yes I do but he’s the only that dose. He’s my man and everyone knows and excepts that.”

“With cocks all around you, and could have had one in your pussy any time you wanted it, are you sorry you did it the way you did by holding out for the right person?”

“No, I’m satisfied with the way I held out on that part of my sexual activates and YES, I’m sure bahis firmaları Pete is the right one. It’s not the fact that he was the first person outside the family that I had sex with. I think I knew the very first time I saw him that he was the one.”

Kamea started smiling, “How would feel about letting Peter fuck your pussy while James fucks your asshole at the same time?”

“Oh, you’re talking about double penetration. I think we could work that out. Just what would you be doing while all this was going on” Kay asked with that sneaky little grin on her face.”

“Well, I was hoping maybe I could stand straddled Pete and you could eat my pussy at the same time.”

“You are a slutty little bitch aren’t you’ Kay said as she leaned down and kissed Kamea again. Kamea just smiled and nodded her head.

“Okay you horn dogs lets all get into position and I expect all of you to go a little easy on me. These are three well traveled paths and they’re a little tender now.”

We were all laughed as I raised up a little to give James room to slip a pillow under my hips. Kamea moved in between my legs and started bathing our cocks with her saliva.

Kay moved around and straddled me and raised her ass in the air. Kamea wasted no time in tonguing her asshole and pussy until they were also soaked with her saliva.

Kamea moved aside and watched as Kay slid her wet pussy down over my rigid cock. Then she took James’ cock in her mouth and wet it from the head down to his balls. She turned and pulled Kay’s ass cheeks apart as James lined his swollen cock head up with his sister’s asshole and slowly pushed in .until his cock was completely buried in Kay’s tight asshole.

Kamea was like a small child who was excited over a new toy. She was on all fours with her face up nest to Kay’s ass cheeks. “Yes, junior, all the way in, can you feel PJ next door, filling up his darlings hot pussy?”
Then she moved up beside me, spreading her knees apart until Kay and I both could see the wetness between her legs. “Oh holy fuck this is hot, just look, my hot pussy is flowing like a river” she said as she run her fingers up her right thigh and across her pussy lips. When she held her hand up it was dripping wet with her juice.

She held her hand up to James and he quickly sucked her fingers into her mouth. When she pulled her fingers out, she repeated the same with her left thigh and offered her wet fingers down to me.

I licked up from the palm to the tips of her fingers, then sucked them into my mouth. Just the taste of her sweet love juice made my cock twitch. Kay must felt the movement causing her to giggle a little.

Kames returned her finger between her legs once more, only this time she pushed three fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy. They were dripping wet as she pulled them out and held them up to Kay. She sucked them deep into her mouth and as she pulled them out, licked between each finger.

Kamea let out a loud moan as her whole body trembled, “UH, OH, there I go again” she laughed.

Kamea stood up and straddled me to where her pussy was directly even with Kay’s mouth. She just stood there until James and I got into a position that would allow Kay to move her hips. When she would push into me, her asshole would slide out on James’ cock and when she would move back on his cock, her pussy would move out on my cock.

It didn’t take but a few moves for us to get a good rhythm going. Kames then pulled Kay’s hot, wet pussy to her and started lapping and sucking .

Kay picked up the pace and was moving her hips back and forth a little quicker now. I could feel a little tingle in my balls and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before what little cum I had left in me would be shooting into Kay’s waiting pussy.

I had wrapped my arms around the bottom of Kamea’s legs to help steady she as she continued to frantically fuck Kay’s face. The room was fill with a verity of sounds as we all came closer to reaching that wonderful point of sexual satisfaction.

Suddenly, Kames started making short, hard thrusts against Kay’s mouth. “OOOHHH, FUUUCK, SUCK ME BITCH, SUCK ME DRY, YESSS, YESSS, I LOVE IT, I LOVE YOU…OOOOHHH SHHHHIT.

I felt Kamea’s legs buckle a little so I held on tighter to keep her from falling. Kay was moving her hips even faster now and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer and I was sure James was in about the same shape.

Kamea was still holding Kay’s face to her pussy but she was standing back up now. Then I heard Kames giggle a little, “Uh oh, sorry about this.” I had no idea what Kamea was talking about but then I felt Kay slam my cock as deep as it would go in her and her pussy clamped down like a vice.

At about the same time I felt several drops of liquid drop down on my stomach. Kay was going wild, I could see her head moving as though she was trying to get Kamea’s whole body in her mouth.

Several more drops landed on my stomach and I finally realized Kames was pissing in Kay’s mouth. Kay didn’t remove her mouth from Kamea’s pussy but she did manage to get out the words, “Ass and pussy hard”

I felt James shove his cock to the hilt in her ass and I could feel it moving in and out through the thin tissue that separated her pussy form her ass.

I could hear Kay, Kamea and James and I joined in as we filled the room with the sounds of ultimate sexual pleasure.

As the sounds quieted there was only the sounds of heave breathing and sweaty bodies touching together. Kamea stepped back a little, then just flopped down to the bed with her leg stretched on either side of my shoulders.

Kay leaned forward and gave me a passionate kiss. When she pushed her tongue into my mouth, I could still taste the mixture of Kamea’s piss and cum. It was such a turn-on that I could feel a little movement in my now flaccid cock.

Kay let out a low moan as James’ cock slipped out of her ass, then he moved around beside Kamea. I rolled Kay over to where we were laying on our sides.

We all laid there until we had caught our breath and cooled off a little. Kay got up on all fours and crawled over to Kamea. She kissed Kamea on the lips then smiled at her. “I’ve saved a little something for you sweetie.”

I had rolled over and set up to watch Kay as she straddled Kamea’ face, pulled her ass cheeks apart and lowered her cum dripping asshole down onto Kamea’s mouth.

James had rolled over on his side watching the two girls. We could hear Kamea sucking and licking at Kay’s asshole. Kay raised up just a little and we watched as Kamea started licking Kay’s ass as though it was an ice cream cone.

Kay raised up a little more, still holding her ass cheeks apart, she moved her hips back and lowered her pussy down to Kamea’s mouth.

Once again we could hear Kamea licking and sucking my cum out of Kay’s pussy. Kamea reached down and started rubbing her fingers through her own pussy. James quickly moved over between her legs, pulled her hand out of the way, he pushed two fingers deep into her wet pussy then sucked her clit into his mouth.

She wrapped her legs around James’ head and her arms over Kay’s thighs and pulled her harder against her hungry mouth. It was obvious that Kamea was very skilled at eating pussy. She already had Kay on the edge. I’m not sure what she was doing but she started moving her head from side to side and pushing her mouth even harder against Kay’s pussy.

I moved over and sucked Kay’s rock hard nipple into my mouth and bit down. That was the last straw, Kay threw her head back and let a loud throaty moan. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tighter to her breast and I bit down even harder.

Kay screamed and I could feel her whole body quivering. Then she pushed me back and her body went limp as she fell against my chest. Kamea’s mouth was still covering Kay’s pussy but she was only moaning into it now. James had her at the peak of a heart stopping orgasm.

As Kamea’s orgasm subsided she relaxed her legs, let them fall from around James’ head and she stretched out on the bed. Kay just set where she was, with her head resting on my shoulder and straddled Kamea’s head.

Everyone was quite and relaxed for a few minutes. Then I heard Kay start to giggle and Kamea jumped a little. Then she started giggling and I heard her gurgling I gently pushed Kay back and looked down to see her flooding Kamea’s mouth with a hard stream of her warm piss.

Kay and Kamea were both giggling like little girls. Kay raised up a little higher and moved forward, spraying all of Kamea’s face and even into her hair.

Kamea had closed her eyes when Kay started spraying her face. She kept them closed as the last of Kay’s golden fluid dripped off her outer lips. When she moved out of the way I could see there were two small puddles in the corner of Kamea’s eyes. I call this to James’ attention. He was smiling as he moved to one side and I moved to the other. We leaned down at the same time and gently sucked and licked the small pools of piss from her eyes. This caused Kay and Kamea both to start laughing.

“Now I guess I’m been christened as a genuine piss slut” Kamea said with a big smile. “Tell me slut, did your pussy get wet when I pissed on you?” “OH HELL YES, DRIPPING WET.”

James kaçak iddaa spoke up, “That would make you a part of the Piss Slut Society and you should know that I love all it’s members.” I’m sure Kamea picked up on what James had said about loving all the members because both of them was blush a little.

Kay asked if we were ready for a little sleep. We all agreed, so Kay moved over the far edge of the bed with her back to the bedroom door. I spooned up behind her and wrapped my arm around her waist. She pulled my hand to her mouth, kissed it, then moved it to her left breast.

Kamea spooned up behind me and I could feel her pubic hair as she pushed her hips up to my ass cheeks. I felt James’ hand against my shoulder and knew it was covering Kamea’s breast. Kay raised her left leg, reached down and placed my soft cock between her ass cheeks. I saw Kamea’s leg raise up and knew she was doing the same with James’ cock. We were all asleep in just seconds.

I slept so sound it seemed only a few minutes had passed when I awoke to the sound of the bedroom door opening. I could see the bright light coming through the window and knew we had been asleep for several hours.

I could hear footsteps as someone walked around to Kay’s side of the bed. I slowly opened my eyes to see Susan stand by the bed looking down at us. She had a frown on her face and was holding her nose.

Before she could speak, Kay said, “Good morning Mother, how are you doing this morning?” “Probably better than you. What the hell did you do in here last night, this room smalls awful?”

“Nothing you haven’t smelled before Mom.” “Maybe so but I don’t think we aged it. You kids get you stinking bodies out of bed and get in the bathroom. I’ll strip the bed and get the mess in the washer. All of you need to clean good, inside and out. Then all of you come to our bedroom. Kamea, your Mom has something special she wants you to do with her and your Dad.”

The four of us rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Kay went straight to the cabinet and took out two disposable douches and two enamel tubes and the bottle of lube. James spread a couple of towels on the floor.

We had asked Kamea what her Mother wanted her to do. She was all smiles but she played dumb and told us she didn’t know, we would just have to wait and see.

With that in mind, it didn’t take long for us to get cleaned up. I gave Kay her douche and she gave me an enamel while James took care of Kamea’s douche. Kamea give Kay her enamel while I cleaned the other tube and got it ready. Then James took care of Kamea and I ended it all up by giving James his. We all hit the shower and there was very little playing around this time. We all dried off and headed the master bedroom.

I don’t think we were prepared for the things that were going on in the middle of the bed. Evan was stretched out on his back and Alex and Maylea was on each side of him. They were licking and sucking up and down his enormous cock while Susan was setting on Evans face. He had his big hands on each side of her hips, encourageing her to fuck his thick tongue even harder.

Kay and Kamea walked up to the end of the bed and James and I walked around to the side, next to Maylea. She saw us standing there and she turned her ass toward us and started wiggling it. James and I looked at the wiggling ass for just a second. Then James dropped to his knees and started licking his tongue up and down her dripping wet pussy.

I leaned over James, pulled Maylea’s cheeks apart and pushed my tongue into her lovely brown asshole. I could hear a low moan along with the sound of her sucking up and down Evans cock.

James and I hadn’t been enjoying Maylea’s tasty orifices very long when I heard Susan moaning through what sound like a mind blowing orgasm.

As soon as she was somewhere close to normal, Maylea shook her ass from side to side, “Okay boys, time for the next act. This is by special request and I hope all of you enjoy it.

Susan rolled off Evan’s face and set up on the bed next to him. Kamea reached in her Mom’s hand bag and pulled out a small bottle of lube then climbed up on the bed.

Maylea laid down on her back next to Evan. She lifted her leg a little then Susan took hold of the left leg while Alex took the right leg and together, they pulled them back toward her head. This raising her hips, totally exposing her pussy and ass.

Kamea moved up next to her ass and poured small amounts of lube over her pussy and asshole. Kamea then poured some of the lube in the palm of her hand, set the bottle aside then rubbed the lube over both of her hands, up to just above her wrist.

She used one hand to spread the drops of lube over Maylea’s pussy and the other hand to spread it over her sphincter. Once both areas were well covered Kamea slipped the index and middle fingers of both hands into Maylea’s pussy.

Kamea started fucking her fingers in and out of her Mother’s pussy. Each time she pushed in she would pull her fingers wider apart, stretching Maylea’s pussy a little at the time. Kamea pulled her fingers almost all the way out, added the ring finger of both hands then pushed back in and pulled Maylea’s pussy even wider. This time she twisted her hands half way around, with one hand at the bottom and the other hand at the top with her middle finger pushing against Maylea’s clit.

It was obvious Kamea had done this many time before, she knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Maylea didn’t seem to be in any pain as she laid there with a smile on her face and an occasional moan when Kamea would push against her clit.

I couldn’t believe the tight pussy I had a finger in the day before now had six fingers easily going in and out of it. Then I glanced over at Evan laying there beside Maylea slowly stroking his massive tool and realized that huge monster had been going in her pussy for years.

Kamea pulled the fingers of her left hand out of Mayles’s hole, folded her thumb into the palm of her right hand and started pushing. She would twist her hand from side to side as she pushed.

We all watched in amazement as Kamea’s hand slipped into Maylea’s stretched pussy. She pushed her hand up to her wrist then started fist fucking her Mothers hot hole.

Kamea moved her left hand down to spread the lube around her Mon’s brown eye hole. She pushed one finger deep into her hole, bring a loud moan from her Mon. Kamea started pulling her finger up and down then side to side, stretching it little by little.

When Kamea pulled her finger out of her Mom’s asshole, she had James take the top off the bottle of lube and pour some in the palm of her hand. She applied it over and around her Mom’s ass. She twisted and turned her hand around in the slick oil then pushed three fingers against the slightly gaped open hole.

While she was pushing the three fingers into the potty hole she was still fist fucking her Mom’s stretched pussy. She twisted and pulled with her three fingers for a short while, then she pulled the finger out and started pushing her entire hand up her Mon’s asshole.

I was expecting to hear screams of pain from Maylea. Instead all I heard were loud moans and groans. I was watching with my mouth hanging open in amazement but I was hearing comments from the others, holy shit, oh fuck, totally amazing and unbeleiveal. I agreed with all of them.

After a few minutes of Kamea’s double fisting and one good orgasm for Maylea, Kamea pulled both her hands out of her Mom’s holes. This was something totally new for five of us and we were all staring at the gaped open pussy and asshole before us.

Maylea rolled over, raised up and straddle Evan, aligning his giant pole with her slick, gaped open pussy. Even place his hands on her hips to help support her as she slowly lowered herself down his long shaft. I simply couldn’t understand, when we were in the shower the day before her pussy was almost as tight as Kay or Kamea. Now she was taking this monster poll to the hilt.

Once Evan’s cock was completely buried in Maylea’s pussy, Kamea moved back behind her Mom. She massaged her Mom’s ass cheeks as Maylea moved up and down on Evan’s long shaft.

Maylea stopped when she was about half way down Evan’s shaft. Kamea moved her right hand back to her Mon’s asshole and started pushing again. She continued to push until she had her hand pushed up to her wrist again.

Kamea started slowly moving her fist in and out of her Mom’s ass and she had Maylea and Evan both moaning. “I’m rubbing Daddy’s cock while I fuck Mom’s ass” Kamea said with a big smile.

“OOOOHHHH, baby girl, you’re gonna make your Daddy cum” Evan said as he raised his hips off the bed, pushing his cock a little deeper into Maylea’s pussy.

I noticed Maylea pulled her legs in tighter on Evan’s sides. She grabbed both her nipples and squeezed hard as she let out a loud throaty moan. Evan pushed a little deepen into her pussy but didn’t move in and out at all.

Kamea started fucking her hand in and out of Maylea’s asshole faster and she was massaging Evan’s cock through the thin tissue that separated Maylea’s anal and vaginal passages.

Evan suddenly started moving his hips up and down just a couple of inches and his moans grew louder. Then I heard a squishing kaçak bahis noise coming from between Maylea’s legs. We all looked down to see large amounts of cum flowing out of her pussy, down his shaft and across his balls.

Kamea pulled her hand out of her Mom’s ass and Maylea immendently started fucking up and down on Evan’s cock and his cum continued to flow. Maylea plunged down and took the full leinght of Evans cock as she reached another mind blowing oraasm.

Except for the heavy breathing from Evan and Maylea, the room was in total silance for several minutes. Finally, Maylea raised her body up and Evan’s cock popped out of her cum soaked pussy,. A very large gob of cum started to flow out of Mayle’s hole. Kamea quickly moved between her Mom’s legs and started lapping it up..

Susan and Kay started licking the mixture of cum and love juice from Evan’s slightly rigid cock. Susan looked up at James and me, telling us to come join them, there was plenty to go around. James joined his Mother licking his shaft while I helped Kay clean his balls.

Alex, not to be left out had straddled Evans head and was enjoying the skills of Evan’s very talented mouth. We were winding down when the phone rang. Alex answered, talked to someone for quite a while. After he hung up he told us it was his brother Chuck. He said he had filled him in on everything that had happened to date. He said we would have breakfast, then he needed to go meet Chuck and he would like for Evan, Maylea and Susan to join him.

I had not heard much about Chuck but I did know that he and family was part of the family secret. Sience
Alex had asked Evan and Maylea to join them, I assumed he had told Chuck about their involvment with his family.

We had a great breakfast, with lots of good food and good conversation. Once we were through , Alex called Chuck back and the four of them left us to clean the kitchen. Alex told us they would be gone most of the afternoon and Kamea, her Mon and Dad would be leaving as soon as they arrived back home.

We were all very excited to know we were going to have some extra time together. The four of us pitched in and cleaned the kitchen. Then Kay and I went and set on the couch in the den. James and Kamea remained seated at the kitchen table. We could hear them talking and laughing from time to time but we were not sure what they were talking about.

About thirty minutes later the two of them come walking into the den. Both had big smiles on their faces and looked as though they knew something the rest of the world didn’t know.

James sit on the couch next to Kay. Kamea walked over in front of me, spread her legs and set straddling me, pushing her pubic hairs up against my stomach. We both glanced over at Kay and James. Kay gave us a curious, questing look but not the first sign of jealousy or anger.

Kamea put her arms around my neck and gave me a long, lingering kiss on the lips. Not hot and sexy, more like love and friendship. When she broke the kiss she looked deep into my eyes. I could see there were questions, things she wanted to say but not sure how to say them.

I gave her a quick kiss on the lips, smiled and said, “Hello my best friend. Tell me, what’s on your mind.

Kamea smiled back at me and seemed to relax a little. “I guess there is a more elegant way to ask but I would reather do it down and dirty so that you know exactly what I’me asking” “Go for it” I replied.

“When you and Kay first had sex she told you couldn’t fuck her pussy and why. How did you feel about that?” “I felt like I was the luckiest boy in the world when she just kissed me. ANY THING beyond that was just out of this world.”

“Did you understand her reason for feeling the way she did about not letting anyone fuck her pussy?” “Yes, and I respected her for that. Look, this is the boy whom had never had oral sex, no blow-job, no eating pussy and my only anal sex was when I finger fucked myself in the ass. What Kay was willing to give was by far more that I had ever had and besides, I was fairly sure I was already in love with her. I would have waited to have any sex with her but thankfull she didn’t.”

“When she did let you fuck her pussy, did you understand what it ment and how important it was to her?” “Yes and it was just as important to me. That first time, when I looked into her eyes, I knew, if she would have me, this was the person I would merry on day and have children with. AND YES, I stell feel the same way today. Everytime I stick my cock in the wonderful pussy I’m awair that that is the same hole that our child will come out of one day.”

“For the rest of your life could be a long, long time. How did you know for sure that Kay was the one and only?” “I don’t really know, it’s a feeling, the kind you’ve never had before and even as young as I am, I knew I don’t want to go through the remainder of my life without her.”

“One last question, you know their family secret and now you are a part of the family.” I held up my hand to stop her from completing the question. “The answer is YES, without a doubt.”

Kamea smilled, kissed me again, jumped up and went over to James and straddled him the same way she had me. They hugged and kissed each other. Then Kamea laid her head on Jmaes’ shoulder and James wrapped his arms around her shoulders and they just set and cuddled for a few minutes.

Of course, none of us has bothered to dress. While James and Kameas were cuddling I had my arm around Kay’s shoulder with my hand down over her brease, gently massaging her nipples between my fingers while she gently stroked my cock.

I heard Kamea giggle, then slide off James’ lap and down between his legs. His cock was rock hard as Kamea began to immediately bathing it with her saliva. When she had it as wet as she wanted, she opened her mouth wide and took James’ cock all the way down her throat. James put his hands on the couch and pushed his hips up to meet Kamea’s hot mouth while he groaned through clinched teeth.

Kay moaned and squeezed tighter on my cock when I pinched down harder on her nipple. I saw her lick her lips a couple of times and knew she wanted to get in on the action.

Just a slight nudge from me and Kay was down on the floor behind Kamea. She leaned down and started giving Kamea little love bites on the cheeks of her ass. Kamea moved her knees futher apart and Kay reached between her legs and pulled two fingers up past her pussy lips.

“Oh fuck, she is soaking wet” Kay said as she pulled her fingers back and held them up to my mouth. I quickly sucked the warm juice from her fingers.

Kamea didn’t stop bobbing her head up and down on Jame’s cock but she did wiggle her ass from side to side to let Kay know she wanted more.

I stepped across and starddled Kamea’s back, facing Kay. I pulled Kamea’s ass cheeks apart and Kay pushed her finger back into Kame’s pussy. She pulled her dripping wet fingers out of Kamea’s pussy and sperad the wetness over Kamea’s little brown rosebud, causing her to let out a muffled moan.

I pulled Kamea’s cheeks a little wider apart as Kay pushed a single finger into Kamea’s asshole, then pushed three fingers back into Kamea’s pussy. It was almost like Kamea’s entire body went in orbit. Her head was bobbing up and down, taking James’ cock from the tip, down her throat to the base of his shaft. Her hips were rotating around, grinding on Kay’s fingers.

Kamda let out a loud groan as she cum on Kay’s hand. I felt her body relax against my hands and I heard her say, “This is so hot and so good. I love you James Junior, I love you a lot and I love your daddy also.

I heard what she said but I didn’t know if James and Kay had noticed. Kay looked at me and mouthed “LOVE”. There was not a sound from anyone for a few seconds, then Kamea pushed James over on the couch, stood up, causing Kay’s fingers to slip out of her pussy and ass. She straddled James and lined her asshole up with her wet asshole.

Kay and I set on the floor next to coutch and watch as Kamea buried James’ cock in her asshole. While she was giving his cock a great work out her eyes were locked on James; eyes. I noticed a tear trickling down her cheek.

“I love you James Morgan” Kamea said as she raised up enough for his rigid cock to slip out of her ass, She grabbed it with her hand and lined it up with her cunt lips. She was about to plunger her hot, wet pussy down on his cock. At the very last minute, James grabbed her by the hipps and pulled her forward, causing her to set down hard on his stmach.

Kamea really started crying then, “I was going to give you my pussy. I love you and thought you loved me too. I guess I was wrong.

James pulled her down and wrapped his arms around her, “Yes my sweet Darling, I do love you and it is truly an honor that you would offer this wonderful prize to me. I hope you’ll understand when I tell you that I want this to happen as much as you. I just don’t want it to happen when we are at the peak of passion. I feel sure it’ll happen but I want you to have more time to think about it and know beyond a shadow of a doubt this is what you want.”

“I know that it is but I understand what you’re saying and I’m willing to wait but the end result will still be the same.”

“Okay lovers, we need to all get a shower, our parents will be home soon and Kamea, you will be leaving as soon as they get here” Kay said as she stood and headed to the bathroom.

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