Pinch Hitter Mom Ch. 01

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Pinch Hitter Mom, Ch. 01

Note: The professional baseball league, the teams, and individual players referred to in this story are fictionalized.

“An overnight? On such short notice?”

“Yeah, I’m not happy about it either. This is a really important client though, so I told Bill I would take the job. Could be a lot of money for us if all goes well.”

My wife Kelly frowned at me across the kitchen table as she gave me the bad news.

“Can’t believe you have to miss the game for this. I was really excited to watch together.”

“I know, babe. I’m sorry. I’ll still be able to watch once we finish things up and I’m back at the hotel. Maybe we can do a video call or something?”

“That could work. I’d hate to miss seeing it with you entirely.”

“Let’s plan on that then. I’ve gotta get ready to go.”

Kelly stood up from the table, came over to give me a kiss, then went upstairs to get changed for work and pack her luggage.

Just then, I noticed a text from Mom that had just come in.

You and Kelly excited for the game? Doing anything special for it?

Just going to be me, actually. Kelly has a work trip overnight.

Oh no! I’m sorry : ( That’s a shame.

I didn’t reply immediately, not knowing what else really needed to be said. I still hadn’t fully gotten over my initial disappointment that our plans for the night wouldn’t work out. However, Mom followed up her last text with an idea that cheered me up a little.

Hey, what if I drove up there for the night? Hate for you to watch alone for such a big game!

That would be cool! If you don’t mind making the trip.

Long story short, after exchanging a few more texts, Mom decided that she would leave in a couple of hours and arrive with plenty of time before the first pitch so that we could have a little catch-up time for ourselves. We hadn’t had an in-person visit since the summer, when Kelly and I drove down to see her for the Fourth of July. Now at the end of October, I was more than happy to welcome Mom for a visit.

Honestly, I should have thought of inviting her earlier. Mom has always been a huge Knights fan, and I felt a sense of shame that she would have otherwise been watching all alone at home when they could potentially clinch the Championship.

My mind drifted to the last time we had watched a game together, which had been the previous season in the Wild Card round. We had been there in-person at Brixton Park when the Knights had lost in extra innings on a gut-wrenching call at the plate. Even with our disappointment at the way the season ended, I remember thinking how beautiful Mom looked, how I had been compelled to snap a picture of her to capture her radiance in the moment. She still used it as the profile picture on all her social media.

Kelly came back downstairs with her bags packed. We exchanged a quick but passionate kiss as we said goodbye.

“Sorry again, babe. But we’ll make it work! I’ll let you know as soon as I’m back at the hotel and we can watch together. I love you so much.”

“Love you too. So much.”

I waved to Kelly from the porch as she backed out of the driveway. Heading back in the house, I put on some coffee and got ready to do some work in my office. I could already tell it would be hard to focus with the excitement of the day ahead.

As was typical of days when I worked from home, I knew I had to start the day off right with a jerk session to get my mind settled. There are three sites that I rotate among more or less equally, and this morning I felt the urge to visit one that tended to feature more family and taboo videos. Sure enough, right there on the top row were no less than three videos featuring moms and sons (some of them were step-moms, but still).

I had thought about my own mother before, even some times quite recently, but it had never been the obsession that some guys have for their mom. Mine was a beautiful woman who stayed fit well into her 50s, but thinking of her while I jerked off was a relatively occasional thing. I sat down with the intention of getting off to the women on screen, but whenever I got really into it, my brain automatically replaced every one of them with images of my mother.

Fuck it, I thought. No use fighting it.

I kept the porn site tab open but also opened another tab to run through Mom’s social media for suitable pictures. After a few minutes, I had found several that would definitely do the trick. None of them were particularly revealing, but they showed enough of what I like to get me going.

One was of Mom in her workout gear, taken just before one of her half marathons. The skin-tight active wear showed every curve on her body, including her wondrous hips and tight ass. Another picture that had my attention was a selfie she had taken recently after getting her hair done. Despite the focus being on her hair style, the picture showed an ample amount of cleavage. bahis firmaları Something about this shot really turned me on – was it the fact she had shared it explicitly to show off?

Oddly, it was Mom’s lips that always got my attention the most. While tits, ass, and legs are usually the go-to physical points of attraction on a woman, Mom’s full, plump, sexy lips are what usually did it for me. When I saw her smiling back at me in this picture, my brain was awash in thoughts of those lips wrapped around my cock.

To cut out most of the needless details, I worked myself up to the point of orgasm over the course of about 20 minutes, changing up the speed of the strokes and firmness of my grab to keep things interesting. As I was nearing the release point, my phone pinged again with a text from Mom.

Leaving now, no reason to wait around. See you soon. Love you!!!

“Oh,” I said aloud as I stroked steadily. “Oh Mom… I love you. I love you too. So much. Gonna fucking cum for you, Mommy. So much cum. Oh, fuck. Take my cum. Take all that huge fucking load. That’s it, good Mommy.”

I shot my load into a handful of paper towel that I had near my desk. It was as intense as any orgasm from masturbation I’d ever experienced, and I managed to keep my eyes focused on Mom the whole time. I stared into her eyes as I gave her a torrent of cum, her smiling sweetly back at me from the photo. Had the target of this load been her face – as I was imagining – she would have gotten a good glazing.

Wow, I thought. Glad I got that out of my system.

Mom arrived around 3 o’clock. She let herself in, since she had her own key. As I heard the front door opening, I put my work on pause and went downstairs to greet her.

“Hey! Sorry if I got here a little early. Just didn’t want to wait around doing nothing all afternoon.”

“No worries. Glad you’re here.” I took Mom’s overnight bag and sat it by the steps, then wrapped her in a big hug, nearly lifting her off the ground as I did. I felt a twinge of guilt for noticing how good her body felt against mine, especially having just jerked off to her pictures not too long before.

“Oh honey, so good to see you. Seems like it’s been so long.”

“I know, it really does. I’m just finishing up some things for work, then I’ll be down to catch up and chat. I’ll put your bag in the guest bedroom for you.”

“Thanks. I have a few more things to grab from the car while you do that, then I think I’m going to get changed into my game gear. Go Knights!”

Mom changed into a pair of her running shorts and red-and-white t-shirt with New Jersey Knights – Est. 1953 across the chest. Even on her relatively petite frame, the shirt seemed stretched to its limits by her perky breasts. I tried to avoid staring.

“Hope you don’t mind I’m in my lazy clothes.”

“Of course not! Glad we can just relax.”

“So, I brought wine if you hadn’t noticed.”

“Ha, I did notice! Four bottles? What kind of night are you expecting?”

“With Woodford getting the start? Maybe a stressful one.”

“Excellent point. Good thinking ahead.”

Nick Woodford was a righty with an overpowering fastball and an intimidating presence on the mound, but a pitcher who often struggled with control. He had a wicked curveball on his best days, but these same pitches had a tendency to hang over the plate on others. For every dominating performance he turned in during the season, there was another start that was just as frustrating for its high numbers of walks, hit batters, and home runs surrendered. Essentially, it was feast or famine when Nick Woodford took the mound.

“I heard on the radio in the car that Guerrero is at second today.”

“Really? I haven’t been checking up on anything today. Trying to stave off excitement.”

“Mhmm. I’d prefer to have Grijalva in for this one I think.”

“Would certainly make me a bit more at ease.”

Hector Grijalva was veteran utility infielder who had been acquired in a trade for a few prospects over the previous offseason. His bat was nothing special – batting .247 on the year – but he was a rock defensively. Javier Guerrero, who was getting the start today, was much more of an offensive asset in the lineup, but was a liability on defense, leading the league in fielding errors this season. It was certainly a gamble having him in.

“Let’s go sit down and chat! Let’s put on some pre-game.”

I followed Mom to the living room, where she picked a spot in the middle of the couch then patted the adjacent cushion, indicating for me to do the same.

“Thanks for letting fill in for Kelly,” Mom said with a wink. “Hope she doesn’t mind.”

“Oh, not at all. She’s happy I have you to watch with in person. She might want to do a video chat later during the game.”

“Oh,” said Mom with just the faintest, barely noticeable sound of disappointment. “So I don’t have you all to myself?”

“Well, for most of the time you will.”

“Okay. kaçak iddaa That sounds perfect to me.”

We both turned to the TV as a sports pundit predicted a loss for the Knights in this game, and another in the subsequent game seven of the series, giving the championship to the Columbus Capitols.

Mom shook her head and raised a middle finger toward the TV.

“Fuck you! Go Knights!”

“Mom, language!” I joked. “Be a lady.”

“Don’t tell your mother what to do,” Mom laughed back, punching my arm playfully.

My brain jolted back to the dirty things I had been telling her to do in my head during my earlier jerk session to her pictures.

“Hey, I’m being assaulted here.”

“Let me kiss it and make it better.”

Mom playfully kissed my arm where her hand had impacted it. She looked up at me as she did it. There was an unexpected sensuality to it, having her look up at me like that. It was over in a moment, but it was definitely there.

Mom sat up and composed herself, possibly feeling silly for what she had just done. She looked back at the TV screen before continuing.

“By the way, thanks for liking all those pictures earlier. Made me feel good.”

I stared at her, dumbfounded.


“Yeah, the ones on my profile. You liked, like… six of them at once. I got the notifications on my phone in the car. Good self-esteem boost for me.”

Oh fuck, I thought. Had I accidentally somehow liked all of the pictures I was jerking to? Was I that stupid?

“Oh, yeah, just… um, just feeling nostalgic and looking through those old pictures.” Dumb answer, I thought.

“Mhmm… so the one of me in the bikini in South Carolina? The one where I’m almost having a wardrobe malfunction? Nostalgia?”

“Um… yeah, that was a good trip.”

“Mhmm, I see.” Mom gave me a knowing look and a little smirk. “Don’t worry baby, I know what guys do with women’s pictures online. Secret is safe.” She made a show of zipping her lips.

Was Mom saying that she knew I jerked off to her? And saying she was okay with, no less?

“Well, that’s embarrassing.”

“It shouldn’t be! You like looking at women. Just be careful with those like buttons when you’re doing it.” She winked at me theatrically. “Plus, I’m a little bit flattered honestly.”


“That you… you know, that you like looking at me. There are so many hot women on the Internet, and you choose to spend some time looking at me. Your old mom.”

“You’re not old! I mean, older sure, but you’re still so sexy!”

Mom looked at me strangely then. It was a long, contemplative look. She wore an enigmatic smile as she thought things over, then finally spoke again.

“I’m so glad you think that. It makes me feel good about myself. Now, I need some wine to get this party started. When is first pitch?”


“Perfect. We have some time to have a little fun until then.”

I knew that she probably just meant catching up and chatting, maybe playing a board game. But that small voice in the back of my mind also considered other options for what she could mean by have a little fun.

Fast forward to two hours later, when were almost two full bottles deep and nearing the end of a tight game of Scrabble. Mom was clearly beyond the point of being tipsy as she made a theatrical show of glancing from her letters, to the board, to me, back to her letters, and so on. Finally, she smiled triumphantly and began placing letters. Playing off of the D in ideal, she added “I”… “C”… “K”.

“Mom! Are dirty words allowed in this? I don’t think you get points for that.”

“Oh, come on! Please?”

“Mmm, I don’t know…”

“Oh well, you’re going to win anyway, I think. I just wanted to see some dick one way or another. I definitely haven’t been seeing it otherwise.”

Mom looked truly sad as she said this, though she tried to make it sound like a joke. I couldn’t believe how directly she was discussing this private issue with me.

“I, um…”

“Sorry, you don’t want to hear about that. I think I’ve had too much wine too quickly. It’s really hitting me. I might go lie down until it’s closer to game time. About an hour?”

“Yeah, just a little bit over.”

Mom stood up from the couch and faltered a bit, nearly falling over into the coffee table. I managed to catch her just in time. One of my hands ended up right on one of her tits, due to the awkward angle.

“Mmm… baby, looking is free but I usually charge extra for touching. Help me get to bed.”

“Of course,” I said, quickly moving into a position to better support her as we walked. We made it up the stairs and into the guest bedroom, Mom grinning the whole way.

“Feels so nice being taken to bed by a handsome young man. It’s been too long,” Mom said as I directed her on to the mattress. She flopped down into a reclining position on the bed, but she surprised me by gripping my wrist hard as she did, pulling kaçak bahis me down nearly on top of her.

Our faces hovered inches apart for a few moments before she pressed her lips to mine. I couldn’t react at first, but as she forced her tongue into my mouth I snapped out of my daze and began kissing her back.

“Mmm… so good… kiss me baby,” Mom said during a brief moment where the connection was broken between us. Saying nothing, I pressed my lips to hers again, wrestling her tongue with mine as we embraced.

We made out for probably two or three minutes before Mom broke away and shifted over a few inches on the bed. She looked up at me with a serene smile, her eyes barely able to say open.

“Okay, baby. Thanks for getting me to bed. Don’t let me oversleep.” Without waiting for my reply, she rolled over with her back to me. I sat dumbfounded for several seconds before I got up and exited, closing the door behind me.

What the hell was that?

The next hour was a blur. I sat on the couch watching pre-game coverage, but mainly just processed what had happened and tried not to get too aroused.

She was just drunk, I told myself. It doesn’t mean anything. She might not even remember.

About ten minutes before the game started, I heard the upstairs shower running. I had been just about to go up to wake Mom so she didn’t miss the first pitch. Just as things were about to get going on screen, she descended the staircase, hair still wet from the quick shower she had taken.

“I didn’t miss anything? Good! Hope you don’t mind I used your shower quick. I just needed to freshen up and re-set.”

“No worries! Perfect timing, too.”

Nick Woodford opened the game with a fastball low and away, followed by two more taken for strikes right over the plate. Despite getting out to a 1-2 lead in the count, he ended up walking the leadoff batter, putting the speedy Matt Mason on first base for the Columbus Capitols. Within a few pitches, Mason had stolen second. Following another walk, the Columbus first baseman Paul Krauss hit a bases-clearing double down the right field line, putting the Knights in a 2-0 hole early.

“Well,” said Mom, taking a sip of her new glass of wine, “I’m glad I brought all this.”

“Me too,” I responded.

“Even though it makes me do crazy things like in the bedroom earlier?”

“I… uh… wasn’t sure if you’d remember that.”

“What, you think I’d get blackout drunk from a few glasses of wine? Please. It’s just that I was feeling a little crazy and… well, I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable.”

“Not at all, just a little surprised. Seemed like you really wanted it and I didn’t want to let you down.”

Mom gave me a mischievous smile.

“Would you do it again?”

“Kiss you? I mean, yeah, of course.”

“And put your hands on me… make me feel loved and appreciated.”

“Anything you want,” I said as I leaned in to kiss her.

“Now that’s dangerous,” Mom responded after a few seconds of passionate kissing. “What if I want… a lot more. What if I want to do things that a mom and son really shouldn’t do?”

I was unable to respond, mind racing with possibilities. I nearly passed out when Mom reached over to grip the bulge in my pants.

“Show me your cock. Take it out. I know it’s so hard for me right now and I know you want this just as much as I do. I know you think about this.”

She was right. I stood and removed my pants, then did the same with my boxers. I took off my shirt as well, for good measure. I turned to face my mom, fully naked and sporting a massive erection.

Mom’s mouth opened wide in delight as she saw my stiff cock. In the back of my mind, I vaguely noted the TV commentary from the game indicating that the Knights had somehow gotten out of the first inning without giving up more runs, but my mind was far from the game at this point.

“Bring it here. I’m going to suck you dry, baby.”

I moved toward the couch, offering my cock to Mom. She ravenously deepthroated it right away, causing me to gasp in surprise. I nearly had to pull out from the sensation.

“Oh God, Mom, that’s so fucking good.”

“Bet you weren’t expecting I could do that, huh. Your old mom still has a few surprises left.” She throated me again effortlessly, taking my pretty sizeable cock all the way down to the balls. She held me down for about ten seconds before coming back up for air, gasping and drooling saliva onto my cock and the couch.

“I bet a cock like this, with these big balls, shoots thick and creamy loads. Is that right? Do you have a nice load in there for me? As big as the one you shot for me earlier when you were jacking off to my pictures?”

“Oh Mom… yeah, it’s gonna be a big one. Nice and thick for you.”

“Can’t wait. Just let me know when you’re going to cum. Don’t try to hold back either, just let it go. We have all night and I’m going to get a lot out of you.”

Mom continued to suck and stroke me expertly. She worked my entire cock like a professional, all the way up and down the shaft. She also paid loving attention to my balls, sucking and licking them to coax that orgasm out of me.

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