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1. …of fish and bicycles

It was a new job or rather it was her first real job after university and Pam was thrilled. She had been invited for the interview on the strength of her CV and references and had been appointed to the new research team straight away. It really was a ‘dream job’.

Her new employer was one of the new Biotech Research Companies that were springing up like mushrooms, or even toadstools, all over the world. Actually, “Toadstools” was a better analogy as some of them were quite poisonous. They handled contract research, but made their real money from the spin-offs… Some of it unexpected and much of it exotic.

She had driven up to Halesowen, just outside Birmingham in the English Midlands, to look around the facility where she would begin work on Monday: today being Thursday. Pam was a shy girl and still needed somewhere to stay: her new line manager, Dr Lockyer, had suggested that she put a card on the Staff Noticeboard – twice and so she had written one out in her neat, tiny school-girl script.

The Company was new and was still getting established to take advantage of the new developments in the life sciences and Pam was taking over a small section of four who were working on various contracted hormone-based projects. She had completed her PhD in Endocrinology and was expected to follow through several of the promising lines opened up by her thesis. Hers was a “blue-sky” section and she had a free hand to explore and extend the research that had earned her her PhD: marketable products were expected to come later.

For a Biologist, Pam had lived a rather sheltered life and had immersed herself in her studies and then her research while at University. She was uncomfortable around other people, which if she stopped to think about it, she would attribute this to her red hair. Red heads tended to get bullied at school and Pam had been no exception. However, most red-heads have a temper because of this; Pam didn’t, she had an inferiority complex.

On Friday morning Pam drove into ‘work’, or rather what would be work on Monday. The facility was housed in one of those high-tech glass and aluminium structures that architects thought that scientists needed before they could be creative. Pam was still staying at a nearby hotel, which was costing her, or rather, her employers a small fortune.

She pushed open the front door and walked into the lobby. The receptionist looked up as she walked over to the desk. “Can I help you, Ma’am?” The woman behind it enquired pleasantly and with a smile.

“I… I’m Pam Durgan: I – I work here, or rather will on Monday.” The red-head stuttered.

The woman looked at her, and then down at her desk. “Ah, yes. Dr Durgan. Welcome to our little family,” She hunted around in the pigeon holes on her side of the fascia and came up with a keycard and an ID on a lanyard. “The keycard will get you into just about anywhere while the ID is to be worn at all times that you are on the premises. Company policy.”

Pam smiled nervously as she accepted the items. “Thank you…..?”

“I’m Grace, any problems, just phone me at reception: one of my jobs is smoothing things out.”

The red-head nodded and turned to walk away, heading towards the corridor leading towards the labs. As she reached the first access door, she reached for her keycard.

She heard the click, click click of heels on the hard floor.

“Dr Durgan?” A soft voice enquired as she fumbled with her keycard.

She froze.

“Dr Pam Durgan?” It was a woman’s voice.

Pam turned slowly around and came face to face with a striking brunette wearing a severe business suit. “Y… yes?” Pam stuttered.

The woman smiled revealing dazzling white film-star teeth. “Oh, hi! I’m so glad to speak to you at last. I’m Brenda Forbes: the CEO. We met during your interview. Can you come to my office please?”

“Hi.” mumbled Pam, blushing a deep shade of red . This was only the second time that she had met her new Boss face to face. She followed the brunette down a side corridor, and listened to her four-inch heels click-clacking against the hard floor.

Pam had often wished that she could wear shoes like that but was afraid that people might stare. Pam didn’t like being noticed: being noticed had led to trouble at school.

The office, like everything else in the building, was austere. Plain grey walls, blue carpet and Ikea-type furniture. The door plaque said ‘Dr Forbes’: Pam wasn’t surprised: almost everyone here had a PhD. There was a framed poster on the wall: the only decoration in the room. It said: ‘A Woman needs a Man as much as a Fish needs a Bicycle’. There was a picture of a large chubby goldfish perched on a cartoon push-bike attempting to peddle with its tail… Pam wondered what it signified.

Brenda sat behind her desk and indicated that Pam should sit on one of the two other chairs. As she did, the redhead noticed that her card requesting accommodation was on top of the woman’s open diary. casino şirketleri

“Pam, you don’t mind me calling you, Pam, do you.” She didn’t wait for an answer, but picked up a sheet of paper. “Pam, although I am more than happy to pay your hotel bill for as long as is necessary. I don’t want too because it comes out of my budget and there are better things for me to spend it on!”

Dr Forbes looked up at her. Wow, thought Pam, she’s beautiful! Pam must have stared because she was rewarded with a knowing smile.

“I’ve got a better idea.” She held up the card. “I have space at home and really would like the company. I don’t need the money, so we can come to an arrangement about rent.” She gave the redhead an appraising look. “Good, that’s settled, then!

Meet me here at two: in the meantime go and get your things from the hotel and I’ll show you your new home!”

Pam left that office with her head spinning slightly. What just happened? She wondered.

At ten past two she followed the CEO’s Ford Focus out of the company car park and up the road to a large white house on the outskirts of Romsley, a village a couple of miles away. They pulled up outside and Brenda grabbed a couple of the cases out of Pam’s car and cheerfully led her into the converted farmhouse.

“I don’t think that I will be able to remember the way on Monday.” Pam remarked as the climbed the stairs to the first floor.

“You won’t need to as you won’t be driving… We will be able to car share! I’ve adjusted your working hours to mirror mine. So that is something else that you will save money on.” Brenda said with a grin.

“Will that be alright?” Pam asked.

The response that she got didn’t surprise her. “I’m the Boss so it damned well better be!”

The flat was a large one: kitchen, dining room, lounge, study and three bedrooms each with its own bathroom. Pam’s bedroom was to be the middle one with the single bed and the two walk-in wardrobes. Brenda put the cases down and said. “While I’m changing: how would you like to make a pot of tea? You’ve seen where the kitchen is. See you back here in five: Oh, mines white, no sugar and use the mugs by the teapot.” Then she was gone.

Pam did as she was told, which was rapidly becoming the normal state of affairs around Brenda. And when she re-entered her bedroom she found the brunette busily unpacking her cases for her. She accepted the tea with a grateful smile. “You’re an angel!” She said without giving Pam a chance to comment on the unpacking.

Brenda, to Pam’s surprise, was wearing a low-cut flimsy white halter top and cut down shorts: with her long, slightly curly brown hair held back into a ponytail by a bright green scrunchy. She worked rapidly dividing Pam’s cloths up into piles.

“These won’t do at all, you know.. You may have noticed that the flat seems to be warm: that’s because I keep it at a constant temperature all year round: you have very little suitable for indoor wear, but don’t worry. I’m taking care of that.” She indicated a light summer dress that the redhead had never seen before. I’m sure that that will be more comfortable. We’ll work on your image next week!”

Pam’s clothes took up a corner of one of the wardrobes: shoes stayed in the hallway as Brenda had a strict barefoot rule. “Much cleaner! I’m sure that you don’t want to spend all of your time cleaning mud out of the carpets… I know that I don’t.”

Brenda somehow had an answer for everything, even the questions that Pam hadn’t got around to asking.

They finished and took the rest of their tea back to the lounge where Brenda sat her down. “Right, Pam, I’m a busy executive and I’d like you to share my home. You’ll live rent free as long as you help-out with a bit of light cleaning. There’s a woman from the village who comes in and does the heavy work and the laundry. I need someone to organize this place…” She swept an arm majestically around… “A companion-come-housekeeper, if you like. I noted from your CV and interview that you consider yourself a good cook: if you can organize the meals, I will be more than grateful as I am a kitchen-disaster, myself.”

Pam nodded shyly: she felt as if she was on a roller-coaster: she didn’t know where she was going, but the exhilarating ride had been planned in advance by an expert.

“A couple more things. Firstly we will need to entertain business guests occasionally: I would like you to cater for those events, act as, cook and hostess and be fairly ornamental: those will count as extra duties and you will be paid by the firm. Secondly you will get a paid day off each week to allow you to carry out your domestic duties. Your job description will be altered to include the words ‘Personal Assistant to the CEO’. Don’t worry, I am not a messy person so the household duties will be light. Deal?”

With her head once again spinning, Pam said. “Deal!” And received a sisterly kiss on the cheek as a reward. The fact that her heart seemed to flutter and her pussy was wet casino firmaları puzzled her.

“You know,” Brenda said, breathing in the fragrance of her hair, “you really are a very attractive girl! Your hair is such a beautiful rich golden copper and you pale skin is so flawless that I bet you have the boys queueing up to take you out?”

“N… no!” Stammered Pam. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Then when she asked. “Girlfriend, then, perhaps?” Pam wondered what on earth she meant.

Brenda noticed the confusion and the slight blush and smiled knowingly. As she gently stroked the red-head’s face.

Later that afternoon, Pam cooked a simple chicken casserole and served it with buttered new potatoes. Brenda helped her to clear away afterwards and loaded the dishwasher. “That was fantastic: tell you what, why don’t we go out for a drink to celebrate? You’ve found somewhere to live and I’ve found the house mate from heaven: so quick shower and change and the taxi will be here at seven.” Brenda squeezed her hand. “It seems like I’ve known you for ever!”

2. Clubbing and Afterwards

The taxi took half an hour to get them to a secluded building in Edgbaston, just south of Birmingham’s City Centre. Brenda nodded to the driver and hustled Pam inside. It was still quite quiet as the live band did not begin playing until eight. Brenda escorted her to the bar and got them a couple of stools without any trouble.

“What would you like to drink?” she enquired.

“Oh , I don’t drink very much. Mummy did not believe in alcohol!” Pam answered innocently.

Brenda leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “Well your Mummy’s not here to disapprove, is she?” Brenda said and ordered them a couple of ‘Buck’s Fizzes’.

“You’ll like this, its mainly orange juice, mostly. It’ll help you relax.”

Pam smiled and downed half of it. Suddenly feeling a little light headed. She looked around and saw that most of the people in the bar seemed to be women: all ages from early twenties to quite old. She mentioned this to Brenda who just shrugged. There was a large bas-relief over the glass shelves behind the bar: a fish riding a push-bike. “‘s rediculus.” Pam slurred.

“Many things are, my darling, many things are.” Brenda answered mystically. Then she grabbed Pam’s hand. “Come on, bring your drink: I’ve just seen some friends: let’s join them.”

There were four of them at a table over by the dance floor. Pam recognized two of them from work. They were Dr Lockyer, her line manager and Janice, one of the juniors from her new section: they were holding hands.

“Hya, Bren!!” Lockyer said enthusiastically. “You’ve got her then? Can’t say I’m surprised.”

“Of cause, Alanna: if anyone else had so much as looked at the card she put on the noticeboard, I would have broken their fingers before handing them a P45!” She was still holding Pam’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

The other two young women were Kimi and June who worked for a rival biotech firm. Pam wondered just how much business was done in the club.

Suddenly Brenda pulled her onto the dance floor just as the band were playing a smoochy tune. ” Won’t it look odd? Women dancing together?”

Brenda pulled her close and whispered. “Take another look around, darling.” And kissed her on the neck long enough to leave a ‘love-bite’.

As the evening progressed, Pam became more and more relaxed and danced with all of the women at her table, although most of the time she found herself on the floor with Brenda who was the clear leader of the group. She cuddled with Brenda as they danced close and personal. Brenda’s body was soft and well-toned and her hands seemed to be everywhere. Pam had never realised that it was possible to get drunk on fruit juice before.

At ten, after wishing the others a cheery goodnight, Brenda helped her into the taxi that had brought them and gently snogged with her in the back seat as they were driven home. The driver offered to help her into the house with Pam, whose legs seemed to have developed minds of their own. Brenda declined the man’s offer and helped Pam in through the front door and up the stairs. They kicked their shoes off in the hall and giggling, headed for Brenda’s bedroom.

“Its a bit late to make your bed up, so you might as well share mine.” Brenda said as she played with Pam’s breasts.

Pam moaned as her boss lowered her onto the bed and gently undressed her. She threw Pam’s panties into the rubbish bin then carefully helped the naked girl into her toilet seating her on the pedestal gently drying her after she had emptied her bladder.

“And so to bed!” She added forcefully.

Needless to say, Pam did not get a lot of sleep as Brenda introduced her gently to lesbian sex. The two of them enthusiastically explored each others bodies with hands and mouths. Pam hadn’t got much of an idea of what to do but the brunette was a fantastic teacher and together they shared orgasm after orgasm. The first one frightened Pam in güvenilir casino its intensity and the second one surprised her: she hadn’t known that it was possible. At five she lost count and at ten she was past caring.

She loved the taste of Brenda’s pussy and finally fell asleep while the older girl was licking her out. Brenda covered her up with the lightweight duvet and whispered. “Sweet dreams, my pet!”

Next morning Brenda propped herself up on one elbow and enjoyed the spectacle of the red-head’s confused awakening. It began with a puzzled frown as the green eyes opened and stared at the strange ceiling. Then her head turned sideways and her gaze fell on Brenda; or to be more accurate, on Brenda’s breasts.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” She gasped. “We did, didn’t we? I shouldn’t have. I never have before! It was wrong, so wrong!”

Brenda chuckled and shuffled over towards the redhead and gathered her up in her arms. “Says who?”

“Well everyone!” She looked confused. “That’s what they taught us at school!”

Brenda hugged her and kissed her full on the mouth. The kiss lasted a full two minutes. “You are mine now, Pam, I’ll say what’s right and what’s wrong. You don’t need to worry about it.”

Pam relaxed. “I like being yours… I like being… What do I like being?” She sounded confused until Brenda kissed her again.

“My pet. What else?” She stroked the red-head’s hair. “Everything we agreed yesterday will stand but there are a few changes for instance this is where you will sleep: this is your room too. You will not wear clothes around the flat when we are here together and at other times you will wear what I tell you. You are mine and available for sex at all times: I’m adventurous in that department, so I will expect you to accommodate me. If you don’t like something, tell me.

“Clothes: panties are out; you will never wear panties at anytime. Do you understand?”

Pam giggled. “What about my periods?”

Brenda frowned. “You are not to have a period while you live here. Do you understand? You know enough about hormones to make sure that you obey me. Have a look at our product range: there’s a good selection from it in your bathroom: I expect you to be clean, hygienic and available at all times.

“When we entertain: you will dress appropriately: don’t worry I am taking you shopping this afternoon and I intend to buy you a whole new wardrobe. But at three you have an appointment with my beautician: your hair will be styled. I like it long so you will grow it at least to your beautiful backside.” She ran her hand over Pam’s chest.

“What are you? 34?”

Pam nodded.

“By the end of the month, you will be a 40! I like girls to be big! The plastic surgery will not be drastic, but I want my domestic goddess to look like a real Goddess!

“Oh and when my friends come around for cards, I expect you to serve the drinks wearing a pair of black thigh-high silk stockings with elastic lace tops and nothing else. If Alanna brings Janice. Then she will be subordinate to you. I’ll not have anyone undermining your position at work!”

“One thing: you will address me as Mistress or Mistress Brenda when we are alone and around the flat. At other times, you will address me as seems appropriate. Do you understand, my darling pet?”

The day was a whirlwind that left Pam reeling. Brenda must have spent several thousand pounds on her and everywhere she went she was showered with affection.

That evening they went back to the club and Brenda had her wear a dress that was so short that it only just covered her pussy. It was green spandex and hugged everything. On the dance floor it kept riding up but no one complained, in fact she got a cheer every time that it did! Janice was wearing one in bright red.

“Don’t they look gorgeous dancing together: we’ll have to have a group session after Pam’s plastic surgery so that she can show you what she’s learned. How’s it with Janice, by the way?” Brenda asked.

Alanna shrugged. “She’s not as good a pet as I thought she would be: not submissive enough. I’ll take you up on the offer of biochemical conditioning: altering her brain chemistry should help tame her.”

Brenda spent the taxi ride back to the flat playing with Pam’s pussy: and once inside they left a trail of clothes on their journey to the bedroom. “You are still a virgin: if you let me, I’ll do something about it.” Brenda said gently

Pam nodded and her mistress arranged her so that she was kneeling on the floor with her chest gently resting on the bed.

Brenda came into her field of vision wearing a bright blue strap-on. “This is not a big one because I don’t want to cause you any undue pain or discomfort; but it will hurt to start with.”

Gently she mounted the redhead doggy fashion. The girl gasped as Brenda eased into her and then began to moan as she was ridden to the first of several orgasms.

Life settled down over the next few weeks with Pam adapting to the roles of Sex toy, pet, companion, assistant, housekeeper and wife. She found her duties to be pleasant and fulfilling: she knew exactly where she was with Brenda and that was the key to everything: Brenda was definitely on top!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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