Perfect Vaction

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Amy wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face.  Glancing beside her she could see her lover still sleeping away the previous nights activities, knowing he’ll be asleep for several more hours she slowly slips from the bed onto her wobbly legs.  It takes her a moment to regain her footing her body still worn from the night before.  She feels the slight squish between her thighs as the remnants of previous night still remained inside of her.  As much as she loves the feeling, she knows it’s time for a shower.  She quietly slips past him, being sure not to wake him as she slips into the hotel bathroom.  She removes the little packet of soap from its container and turns on the water.  The warm water cascades down her tired, bruised body, invigorating her for the days activities.  She slowly begins bathing herself, the memories from last night still swirling around in her head subconsciously drives her fingers between her thighs.  She begins to slowly rub her swelling clit as she leans against the wall, aiming the shower head so the water rolls gently down her body.  She struggles to muffle her moans as she begins to rub into a frenzy, her free hand rubbing her large sexy breast.  She rolls and twist her dark pink nipple as she rubs and flicks her clit with her fingers.  She gently bites down on her small, plump lower lip as she feels her orgasm building her eyes closed tightly as images of what was done to her last night play through her head like a movie.  Her hand slowly slips down her body and between her milky white thighs, one hand now rubbing her clit as the other slowly slips between her parted lips rubbing her still tender hole.  Her fingers slowly enter her body and she begins to tickle her soft, warm insides.  Her silky folds envelope her probing fingers as she continues massaging her sensitive little clit.  Small tremors of pleasure erupt through her body as she grows nearer and nearer to orgasm.  Amy angles the shower head so that it’s pounding directly against her clit, the warm water pelting her most sensitive region, turning the small tremors into one long continuous wave of pleasure rippling through her increasingly sensitive body.  Her hand now slides up from her clit back up to her breast.  She again starts to rub and massage her breast as she slides a second finger into her clutching folds.  An audible moan escapes her lips as she starts probing herself vigorously.  Her legs starts to tremble as she feels an orgasm taking hold.  She drives her fingers into herself even more vigorously as she continues towards orgasm.  Her hand slips down from her breast and back down to her clit.  She pinches her hood between her two fingers exposing her clit to the constant pounding of the water.  She drives her fingers deep inside of herself as she she’s taken by orgasm, her entire body shaking as wave upon wave of pleasure breaks upon her body, each wave compounding on the other until finally it starts to slow down.  She grasp the bar on the shower to keep from collapsing as she tries catch her breath.  

Amy slowly steps out of the shower and peaks out of the door, still completely naked and dripping wet.  She half hoped that she’d woke him up, but he laid in the bed still lost in deep slumber, completely unaware of the lust building inside of his young lover.  Amy slipped back into the bathroom and started to dry off.  It was still pretty early, so she figured she’d take a walk on the beach.  She put on some sunscreen, to protect her delicate pale freckled skin before starting out.  She checked one more time, to see if he’d awakened.  He hadn’t.  Slightly disappointed she wrote a note and left it on the table before heading out of the room.  The beach was alot cooler than she’d expected, but still felt good.  She slipped her sandals off and put it in her beach bag.  She walked into the water just deep enough so that the water would cover her feet as it washed up on the shore.  As much as she had going on in her life, it felt like all the stress was washing away as the water receded back out to sea.  Each wave washing more and more stress away.  She glanced at her phone, it was still early but she was getting alittle hungry.  She continued walking the beach for another half hour before, finally deciding to head back up to the car.  The room had a mini fridge and a stove, so bahis firmaları she figured she’d make blueberry pancakes since she’d mentioned it when they talked about him coming down earlier.  Although they did talk about it, it never actually materialized, instead, this vacation took place, which was much better than the planned visit.  Amy went into her car and headed off to the grocery store.  She picked up all the stuff she’d need when she got a text message.  It said “I’m going to play on the beach alittle.  I’ll be right out infront of the hotel.”.  Amy smiled, thinking that she’d call him up and tell him to meet her in the room before surprising him with the delicious blueberry treat.  

Amy made her purchase and headed back to the hotel.  She had just cleared the entrance when she felt something wrap around her throat and close tightly around it.  She immediately dropped the groceries as she was flung roughly into the bathroom.  She struggled to get the belt from around her throat as her attacker quickly tore her shorts down.  A sudden blow to the stomach brought her to her knees as she’s forced down, leaning over the bathtub.  Not a word is spoken by her attacker as she struggles to get the belt from around her throat.  Her attacker reached over and turned the water on full blast, before leaning over her with all of his weight.  She slowly started to fade a bit as she struggled against the constricting belt, but it was latched very securely and she couldn’t see how to undo it.   Her attacker press her head down as far as it would go in the tub then without warning or ceremony , he jams his large thick cock inside of her tight, unprepared little hole.  As worried as she was about being raped, her being strangled to death was the most important thing on her mind.  As the water rises the steaming hot water starts burning her hands and face slightly.  Amy’s attacker savagely pounds himself into her, crushing her body against the edge of tub with each powerful thrust.  Amy feels the belt loosen from her throat and immediately gasps for air.  She manages to get several gulps of air before her head is forced into the hot water.  She puts her arms down and tries to push herself out of the water, her attacker was to strong and heavy for that.  Amy struggles wildly as she again feels herself weakening, her body slowly shutting down from lack of oxygen.  The only other thing she could feel was the increasing pleasure from her now wet and clutching depths.  His large cock managed to fill every inch of her warm velvety depths as he plunges himself inside of her.  She feels one of her arms being pulled back behind her back as she weakly struggles against him.  In her mind she knew who her attacker was, they’d talked and fantasized about it for quite some time.  She knew he’d let her up soon as he continued to plow himself into her.  Instead of resisting, she slowly slid her fingers to her clit and started rubbing herself vigorously as he pounded her.  She could feel her body starting to tremble as she grew progressively weaker.  Any moment he’s going to let me up. She thought to herself, but that moment never came.  Instead he just kept pounding away, driving himself deep inside of her with each thrust.  Suddenly it dawned on her that he might not know when to let her up.  With that thought suddenly running through her head she starts to tap on his leg, hoping he’d get the hint and let her up, but instead he pounded her even more forcefully.  Amy’s limbs starts to flail helplessly as she slowly starts to fade, the only feeling left for her to feel was the building fire in her loins as she was forced ever closer to orgasm.  Her silky folds began clutching his cock like a warm velvet glove as she her body starts to tremble and spasm uncontrollably, stuck somewhere between orgasm and death throws.   She’s suddenly pulled from the water and takes gulp after gulp of precious air.  She the sudden onset oxygen flooding her system drives her to an incredibly intense orgasm as blood rushes to her head intensifying her already intense orgasm.  She fells his large cock expanding inside of her as her body literally sucked the cum from his gushing rod, draining every drop of cum from his body.  She hadn’t even recovered from her orgasm as she’s roughly dragged by her hair onto the bed face down.  His strong kaçak iddaa hands quickly wrap around her bruised throat and he begins choking her and boucing her head off of the bed.  Amy claws and grasp at his hands as he throttles her on the bed.  After a few moments, he stops, but quickly seizes Amy’s hands as she tries to recover.  He quickly zip ties her hands behind her back before standing up off of her and looking at his prize.  Amy’s body still trembling slightly, his fresh cum dripping from between her gaping pink little cunt.  

Her attacker, who she know realizes is wearing a ski mask lifts her onto the bed and rolls her on her back.  He crawls atop of her and presses his lips against her small soft pink lips, forcing his kiss onto her.  As he kisses her, she feels something cold and hard pressed against her cheek.  Her eyes slowly open as he pulls his face away from hers.  Amy freezes in fear as she sees the blade pressed against her cheek.  Her pretty green eyes locked wide open with fear as the blade is only inches away from them.  Tears start to stream down the sides of her face as he presses the blade roughly against her soft skin.  He slowly traces the blade against the flow of her tears, catching them on his blade before slowly putting it to his lips and licking her sweet tears from the blade.  Amy’s body begins shaking uncontrollably as fear grips her.  From what she can see, her attacker is not her lover.  Her lover has facial hair and is black, from what she can see, this man has no facial hair and what skin she can see is that of a white man.  As she inhales to scream, he presses the flat of the blade against her lips and “Shhhh’es” her.  She slowly nods her head “yes”.  Her attacker smiles before he slowly cuts the shirt from her body, cutting it down the middle.  Amy jumps several times as she feels the tip of the blade scrape against her skin.  He opens her shirt, exposing her completely too him.  A smile crosses his face as he looks down at her.  He forces her legs apart and spreads them on either side of his body, before leaning on top of her.  Blade in hand he slowly starts kissing her on the neck as he presses the flat of the blade against her throat.  He starts kissing and blowing behind her ear, sending a slight chill through her body before he starts kissing down her neck, then into her cleavage, his blade following the trial of kisses until he reaches her breast.  Amy tries to close her eyes, but every time she does, memories of her being stabbed run through her head and her eyes spring open again.  Her eyes lock onto the blade as it traces down her cleavage and slowly slides up her left breast.  She’s nearly completely oblivious to anything else until she feels the tips of his canines pressing ever more firmly into her right nipple.  Her attacker then starts licking, sucking and nibbling her right nipple as he prods and scrapes the left one with the blade.  As much as she’s terrified, she can’t help but moan slightly as her attack continues manipulating her breast with his mouth and tongue.  He pulls his warm mouth away from her moist, erect nipple before blowing forcefully onto it, chilling the saliva, sending yet another chill through her.  This one makes her jump slightly.  Amy yelps in pain as the blade bites shallowly into her left nipple.  Her attacker slowly makes his way towards her left nipple and begins to lick and suck the blood from the minor cut.  He slowly starts tracing the blade down the her body, the blade slowly scraping against her skin as he continues down her body.  Amy’s body jumping ever so often.  He slowly slides the blade down below her belly button.  Amy again tries to close her eyes, but instead of being stabbed all she can think of is being raped by the blade.  Again her eyes shoot open as she feels the flat of the blade sliding around her clit.  Amy softly begs, keeping her voice down to avoid angering her attacker, but her pleas fall on deaf ears as he presses her clit with the wide part of the blade before gently stroking her sensitive clit with the very point of the blade.  Amy freezes solid, praying that she could stop herself from moving.  This goes on for several minutes until her body couldn’t take the suspense anymore.  Amy breathes a sigh of relief as he pulls the blade away from her clit, but tenses up again as he starts kaçak bahis teasing her lips with the blade.  He slowly starts teasing her with the blade before he takes his gloved hands and spreads her little slit open, gazing at the cum still inside of her.  He slowly inserts the blade inside of her.  Amy squeals in terror as she feels the blade enter her, praying that she can keep still and that he doesn’t rape her with the blade.  After probing her with the blade a bit, he fishes out a glob of cum from her gaped cunt and slowly brings it up to her lips.  Amy slowly parts her trembling lips as the cum slips between them into her waiting mouth.  He does this several more times before finally stopping.  Amy tries her best not to struggle as he starts probing her ass with his fingers, spreading her tight little hole with his fingers.  Fortunately for her, her lover had used her ass the night before and although she wasn’t a fan of anal sex, him using her last night made what was being done to her now alot less uncomfortable.  After stretching her out for several minutes, his eyes lock onto hers.  He tells her not to move before slowly inserting the blade into her ass width wise.  She struggled as much as she could not to clench.  Fortunately since he pushed the blade almost all the way in, the dull part at the back the blade was inside of the part most likely to clench.   

He slowly drives himself into Amy’s trembling body.  He starts with slow gentle thrust, allowing Amy to adjust to the feeling before he started thrusting harder.  Although she’d just been raped by the man about a half hour ago, she’d never been dped before and especially not with a blade involved.  She focused as much as she could on keeping her ass open as he drove his thick cock inside of her.  His hands slowly slide up around her throat and he slowly begins to apply pressure as his thrust slowly starts to get harder.  Before long he’s thrusting inside of her at almost full force, her legs kicking wildly as she feels herself once again start to fade.  Fortunately for her, the blade seems to be relatively dull and doesn’t split her asshole open as it clenches around the blade.  He starts savagely pounding Amy again as her strength starts to fade her pretty green eyes staring into his dark brown eyes, pleadingly, begging him not to kill her.  Amy could feel her traitorous body start to respond to his sexual assault as her wet, whorish cunt starts to grip and spasm around her attackers long, thick cock.  Each of his forceful thrust drove the air from her body as she gasped desperately, trying to get as much air as possible as she again started to fade.  Amy’s kicks got weaker and weaker as her body started to shut down.  Her face was bright red as she gasped with all the strength she had left, her attacker now wildly pounding himself into her.  Amy’s oxygen starved body began clutching and seizing around his cock as her legs spasmed, too weak to even raise up all the way.  Everything starts to get fuzzy as Amy tries to summon enough strength for one more breath of air, but instead her greedy, sexy crazed body used everything it had in an explosive orgasm, seizing firmly around her rapist throbbing cock, again driving him to orgasm.  He quickly releases Amy’s throat as he shoot load after load of hot, sticky cum into Amy’s wanting cunt, each wave load breaking against Amy’s cervix, the only barrier between his sperm and her fertile womb.  Amy again began to gulp down air, trying desperately to breath through the moans induced by her forceful orgasm, that continued to rack her body with pleasure.  Her attacker slowly took the blade from her ass, then pulled her hair back and held the blade down in his hand and raised his arm up.  Amy’s attention immediately focused on the blade as he raised the blade above her face.  Amy cried out as the blade came crashing down towards her, just to land against the pillow by her head.  She laid on the bed wide eyed as the attacker slowly removed his mask to reveal that it was infact her lover.  He wiped the light makeup from his face and smiled down on her trembling terrified form.  He quickly cut the zip ties and wrapped her trembling form in his arms.  The beating of his heart slowly began to calm Amy as she laid shaking against her attacker…her lover.  She drifted off for the moment but she knew that he had much more in store for her.  A smile slowly crossed her face.  She’d never been so terrified and yet felt so safe in her life.  

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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