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I was stretching on the floor, my legs spread wide in a splits when she sashayed into the room.

“Hey Rebecca,” she smiled at me, giving me a little wave of her hand.

“Hi Kelsie,” I said timidly, my cheeks flushing just the tiniest bit.

“You’re here late. Getting in some extra rehearsal before auditions tomorrow?” Kelsie asked, setting her dance bag aside and taking a seat across from me on the floor.

I continued with my stretches, reaching out to touch my toes on one side. “Yes, yeah, absolutely.”

Kelsie only smiled. “It’s your first year with the school. You must be nervous.”

It was indeed my first year at the Manhattan Ballet College. Auditions were being held the next day for the school’s annual performance of the Nutcracker. My older sister had graduated just last year, and she’d told me how getting a spot in the production was super hard, but if you could manage even the most minor of roles, you would be set for your next three years.

Kelsie was two years older than me, in her junior year at the school. She had been my assigned mentor for the first couple of weeks that I had been there and I’d quickly found out how amazing of a dancer she was. Far above my caliber.

Not only was Kelsie a stupendous dancer, but she was the epitome of a perfect ballerina. Long blonde hair always pulled back in a dancer’s bun, bright blue eyes and a stunning white smile. Not only that, she had beautiful long legs and a perfect slim hourglass figure that was always on full display in her leotard.

From the moment I’d met Kelsie, I’d felt awkward and shy whenever I was near her. She was the kind of girl all of the girls wanted to be, and all of the boys wanted to be with.

I just happened to wish for both.

“Uh, yeah. Super nervous,” I smiled feebly, forcing myself not to look at anything other than her face.

Kelsie flashed a smile and held out her hands for me to take. “Well, how about you let me help you? I can show you some tricks and things to help you stand out!”

“That’d be awesome,” I grinned, taking her soft hands in mine and letting her pull me forward in a stretch.

We went back and fourth like that for a minute, our feet touching as we pulled the other forward in our splits.

After that, I tied up my pointe shoes and Kelsie plugged her phone into the sound system and put on some music. I recognized it from the dozens of times I’d seen the Nutcracker at Christmas.

“Okay, Rebecca. Show me what you got.”

Taking a spot in front of the large wall of mirrors, I started the routine I’d come up with for my audition. It was simple enough that I could easily remember it, but having Kelsie watch me was more difficult than I’d thought it would be.

Just the feeling of her eyes watching my legs as they moved had butterflies erupting in my stomach. I fumbled a few times, each time as I locked eyes with her as she watched me attentively.

“That was pretty good,” she said as I finished up. “But can I give you a few pointers?”

I nodded, and Kelsie came over to stand behind me.

“You need to work on your posture a teensy bit. Suck in your tummy a little bit more,” she instructed, and her arm wrapped around me as she pressed a hand low on my stomach.

Almost instinctively, I pressed my hips forward as my stomach flattened.

“Good. Now, also try to roll your shoulders back and arch your back just a bit,” she said next, pressing her other hand against my chest.

The butterflies were flying in full force as she pressed my into the front of her body. I could feel the round swells of her breasts against my back as I leaned against her with her hands on me.

My breath caught.

“Good,” she chimed again, and I could’ve sworn her voice had a husky lilt to it. “Now turn your casino şirketleri head to the side,” she instructed.

In the mirror, I could see Kelsie had her head perched just above my left shoulder. Her eyes were bright and practically shimmering with something more than just her passion for dance.

I did as I was told, keeping my chin up as I turned my head to face the far wall on my left.

“Perfect,” she sighed and the next thing I knew, Kelsie had leaned in and pressed her full pink lips against mine.

Automatically, my eyes drifted shut as I moved my lips against hers in a heavenly way I had only dreamed about. It only took a second before our kiss became rougher, and her soft tongue grazed my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth against hers and greeted her tongue with my own.

As we kissed more and more frantically, I felt Kelsie’s hands stray from where they had been pressing me into her. The hand that was on my chest strayed to the side, instead squeezing one of my breasts as she messaged it with her palm. Her other hand had drifted farther south, until she was cupping the space between my thighs.

I moaned eagerly against her mouth, and I felt her smile.

“I see you looking at me,” Kelsie purred as her mouth pulled away from mine and instead began tracing wet kisses down my neck. “The way you stare when you see me dance. It makes me feel so hot.”

I let my head fall back against her shoulder. “I didn’t think you noticed.”

“Of course I notice when a hot girl is undressing me with her eyes,” she teased, her teeth grazing my neck and sending shivers down my spine. When I started rocking my hips against her hand, she laughed. “Do you want to undress me right now?”

I nodded eagerly, the thought of seeing Kelsie naked in front of me enough to pool wetness between my legs.

“God, you’re so wet,” she smiled against my skin, her hand squeezing my crotch through layers of leotard and pantyhose. “What do you say we take off a layer and see if that helps?”

Before I could respond, Kelsie’s hands left my body and began pulling down the straps of my black leotard. She pushed the stretchy fabric down until it was bunched around my waist.

I opened my eyes to see the sight of me half undressed in the mirror in front of us. My small breasts were on full display, and I could see they had caught her attention. Both of her hands came up to squeeze the small mounds on my chest. Her hands were soft against my skin as her fingers pinched and tweaked my nipples. I even watched as she rested her chin on my shoulder and let a stream of her saliva slide down over my breast. As she swirled her finger around my now wet nipple, it jumped to life and a knot of desire began to settle in my stomach.

As I moaned, her hands travelled south, pushing my leotard down over my hips until it fell around my ankles.

My cheeks heated as I watched her list filled eyes take in the sight of me in the mirror, and she smiled.

“You naughty girl, Rebecca. No panties?”

It was true. I always found it too uncomfortable to wear panties under my leotard when I was dancing. So when I thought I was going to be alone, I didn’t bother.

Now, the sight that greeted us in the mirror was me, standing in the middle of the studio topless, with my wet sex clearly visible through my see-through white pantyhose.

“Get on the floor,” Kelsie instructed huskily, pulling me down to the hardwood floor with her. I obliged happily, kneeling down beside her.

She was quick to attack my mouth with hers. Her lips moved hungrily against mine as she pushed me down until I was lying beneath her. Sitting back on her heels, Kelsie grabbed ahold of my knees and easily spread my legs wide in the air.

Then she grinned, her baby blue eyes locked on the wet spot casino firmaları that had formed against the crotch of my pantyhose. “Do I always make you this wet?”

I sat up a bit, propping myself up on my elbows, and nodded, watching her watch me. “You do,” I moaned. Even though she wasn’t touching me, the feeling of her eyes on my desperate sex alone had me growing even wetter.

Without another word, she reached out with both hands and stroked me through the ?imsy material, the sudden contact making me shutter.

Then there was the sound of ripping fabric, and I looked down to see that Kelsie had torn the crotch of my pantyhose wide open.

“Much better,” she grinned. Her eyes met mine then, locking my gaze with hers. I felt one of her fingers gently stroke down my wet slit, but I wouldn’t let my eyes close.

My mouth popped open in a little o as she slipped that finger inside of me with ease. “Tell me Rebecca,” she started, her finger slowly moving in and out of my sex. “Do you ever touch yourself after you watch me dance?”

The knot in my stomach slowly started to grow. “Yes,” I panted, recalling more times than one that I had excused myself to the washroom because my leotard was getting wet watching her.

Her finger began to move faster as she pumped it into me. “Have you ever masterbated while you were thinking about me?”

“Yes,” I moaned, still managing to keep my hooded eyes open.

She grinned as she dipped a second finger into me. “Have you ever imagined it was me making you cum instead of your hand?”

I nodded eagerly, my breaths coming out in short pants. “Oh, yes.”

Her fingers picked up the pace, curling inside of me. “And have you ever dreamed about me fucking your pretty pink pussy with my tongue?”

My vision was starting to grow hazy as I stared into her gorgeous blue eyes. I felt my climax building inside of me as her fingers smashed into me, quicker and harder. “God, yes,” I moaned loudly.

A smile twisted her lips as she finally broke eye contact and she leaned down to bury her face between my legs.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer as her hot, wet tongue slid up my slit and a loud moan escaped my lips. She eagerly lapped at my lips, her tongue feeling silky and smooth against my sensitive flesh. Her fingers were still pounding into me, fast enough that I could actually hear them.

As she began swirling the tip of her tongue around my bud, I felt the knot in my stomach begin to come undone, and when she latched into it with her lips, pulling at the sensitive bundle of nerves, I lost it.

I threw my head back and screamed her name as I felt my orgasm crash into me like a wave. Kelsie continued her ministrations as I moaned and panted and screamed, easing off gradually as I began to shake on the floor beneath her.

When the final wave hit, I felt one last gush between my legs as I soaked her face and fingers in my juices.

Soon enough, Kelsie pulled away from my sex, her face glistening in the fluorescent lighting of the dance studio. A beautiful smile was painted on her lips as she happily licked them for me to see.

“Have you ever tasted yourself?” She asked casually, hovering her face over mine. When I shook my head, she ducked down and kissed me hard. Her tongue slipped inside of my mouth and I was overwhelmed by the salty sweet taste of my own cum.

She pulled away after a moment, still smiling. “Now that you’re a little less wound up, care to see if I look anything like I do in your dreams?”

I pushed off the floor quickly, rolling over so that I was the one hovering over her. Kelsie had her back flat against the wood floor as she looked up at me with lust filled eyes.

Slowly, I let one of the thin pink straps of her leotard slip off of her shoulder. güvenilir casino At this point I just wanted to rip the thin pink fabric from her body, but I refused to look entirely too eager.

So instead, I sat up straddling her hips, and wrapped my fingers up in the thin straps. Slowly, I began pulling her leotard down over her small, perky breasts. As I did, the friction of the fabric brought her nipples to life and she moaned softly. I continued until, like mine had been, it was bunched around her waist.

Like most of us at the ballet school, Kelsie didn’t have particularly large breasts. But she did have enough for me to cup in my small hands, squeezing and massaging them until I felt her grow warm against my sex.

Leaning down, I flicked the tip of my tongue against each of her nipples, before I latched onto them gently with my teeth. Kelsie squirmed beneath me, moaning quietly.

“Stand up,” I directed her, climbing off of hips.

In a haze, she followed along, getting to her feet while she stared at me intently. Once she was standing in front of me, I slipped her pale pink ballet skirt up so that it was cinched just under her breath rather than around her slim waist. Then I made quick work of sliding her leotard down over her hips until it hit the floor.

As it turned out, Kelsie and I had a few things in common.

“No panties, Kelsie? How very naughty,” I mocked her with a smile, letting her skirt settle in around her waist again.

Kelsie stood in front of me now, wearing nothing but her see-through ballet skirt. And she looked so much better than I could have ever dreamed she did.

“Over to the bars,” I instructed, not taking my eyes off of her glorious naked body. “I want you to put one leg up on the one bar, and you other leg up on the other bar.”

Kelsie laughed as she made her way over to the two bars at the back of the room. They were sturdy enough to hold her lean body up as she positioned herself in a split between the two. It wasn’t a position she could hold for very long, I knew, but at the rate my heart was pounding in anticipation, I was sure she wouldn’t have to.

Once she was steadily in place, I ducked down in front of her and found myself face to face with her glistening sex.

It was a moment I had fantasized about since I had met Kelsie a month ago, and now it was actually happening. Before I could pop my own bubble, I leaned in and slid my tongue between her slippery folds.

The taste of her exploded in my mouth. She was sweet and bitter at the same time, like nothing I could’ve imagined. I lapped eagerly at her, craving more as I all but attacked her smooth mound with my mouth

“Oh, fuck, Rebecca! Oh my god, that feels so good,” she moaned, squirming against my mouth.

I dipped my tongue into her depths, thrusting it in and out for a moment as she cried out in pleasure. Her wetness practically dripped down my chin and onto my breasts as I continued to devour her sex, not slowing down.

I was determined to leave her bud until the end, much as she had. Once it seemed like she was about to burst, I gave her one final lick at her slit before suckling her swollen bundle between my lips.

“Oh god, oh god, Rebecca!” She screamed, just as a wave of warm juices erupted from inside her, drenching my face and in her sweet wetness.

As a testament to her abilities, Kelsie managed to stay upright on the bars as she shook with her climax. I simply held out my tongue and she ground herself against my face as she finished.

With a final sigh, Kelsie flipped herself off of the bars and onto the floor beside me.

“God, you’re very good at that, Rebecca,” she sighed, leaning in and kissing me again.

This kiss was softer, gentler. After all, we’d both had a very pleasurable workout that night.

My taste on her tongue mixed with her fresh wetness all over my mouth, creating our own unique flavour as we kissed on the floor.

When we finally pulled apart, Kelsie smiled. “I guess I owe you a new pair of pantyhose, huh?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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