Out of Control Ch. 05

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He let his hand slide up and down her side as he waited for the light to change to green. He could feel her squirm underneath his fingertips and the thought of her growing wet aroused him.

Marcus knew she couldn’t withstand his caresses and was at the very moment creaming her panties. It was as if her body had imprinted itself onto his DNA. He knew every one of her spots and even a few that she wasn’t aware of herself. Yet more than her body, he loved her mind. He thought about all the time they’d spent just talking and as gay as it sounded, he liked that almost as much as seeing her naked. Okay, he said almost, he was a nice guy but he wasn’t dead. ‘Cause the sight of her naked and ready for him was the beginning and end of all things. He spent so much time with the uglies of the world and then to come to a woman, who didn’t seem to care that he couldn’t really discuss his job with her, made him feel pretty damn special.

HONK! HONK! Marcus jumped slightly at the ugly sound of the intruding car horn. Muttering obscenities he pressed the car into motion. Glancing at her, he saw the amusement in her eyes. Oh, she was in for it when he got her home.

Growling he told her just that. Being the woman she was, she simply looked at him with sly lust in her eyes and licked her lips. The sight of her small pink tongue was almost more than he could take. Thankfully his apartment wasn’t that far from here and he pressed on the accelerator to get there.

He quickly pulled into the small parking lot in front of his brownstone and turned to look at her. She wasn’t looking at him as he figured she would be. Instead she was gazing at the building in front of her. He couldn’t read her expression and for some reason the thought of her not liking his place filled him with feelings of dread.

As Marcus pulled the car to a stop in front of his building my stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. As much as I’d bitched and moaned before, at least then I’d been able to compartmentalize out relationship. Or should I say the lack of a relationship. I’d still had an easy out clause. Then I’d still been able to thrust the lack of personal knowledge up in his face, now not so much.

Now I didn’t know what we were. He’d dropped the “B” word with Larry but I had a feeling that had been the jealousy speaking. The thought of Marcus as a boyfriend was laughable. Nothing about him brought to mind the cute and cuddly ideas of a boyfriend. I can’t imagine going to the movies with him and cuddling in the back row, eating candy and giggling like kids as I had with previous boyfriends. The thought of Marcus eating candy, hell even sugar, was shocking.

“Well, whatcha think?” His voice interrupted my thoughts. A strange element was in his voice and I turned to face him. My eyes caressed his features. He is so handsome, I thought yet once again. He could take my breath away and had quite a few times.

“Think?” I asked, my thoughts muddling like always when faced head on with his lusciousness.

“Yeah. I know it’s not great but it is rent controlled and my precinct is just down the block. I-“

I leaned over, placed my finger against his lips to halt the flow of words. “I think it is great.”

Suddenly I knew what the look before had been about. He’d been afraid I was going to be disappointed. Why I wasn’t sure, but I took a quick look at the building before me and indeed liked what I saw.

Typical of New York, the building was an apartment building not unlike my own in fact. Yet Marcus’ looked it was older than mine by a few years. The vines covering the outside added a certain charm to the neighborhood that my 14th story building seemed to lack.

“I love it. I wished you’d brought me before. I could have used this building in my new book. It looks like just the place that a displaced socialite would live.” I turned smiling eyes on him. I could visibly see the tension release from his body. “Why did you think I wouldn’t like it?” I asked quietly as I slipped my hand behind his neck to massage the muscles there.

“Mmmm, that feels good. I’m not sure why I thought you wouldn’t like the place. It’s a lot older than your building and it isn’t in the same kinda location yours is. I mean, I’m no where near downtown, but like I said, its rent controlled and plus I don’t have to worry about the tourists as much.”

As he talked I watched his neck muscles move and silently moaned at the sight. I could just imagine that beautiful lips caressing mine, running up and down my neck, drawing my flesh between them. I moaned lowly but not low enough. He turned those beautiful blue eyes on me and in an instant he knew my thoughts. A slow sly smile crossed his lips and he grew quiet. I leaned my head back against the head rest and just looked at him. I think I could have stared at him for hours, had in fact watched him quite a lot as we were together.

“Whatcha thinking about,” he whispered playfully.

I blushed, still unable to talk about the things that had come so easily on the internet and even when I wanted to shock him. However when I wanted escort bostancı to tell him my fantasies I still blushed and giggled like a 12 year old with her first crush.

“Nothing,” I said, unable to put my thoughts into words. “Are you ready to go inside?”

“Nope, at least not until you tell me what made those soft cheeks of yours suddenly flame as red as a fire truck.” He smirked at me and I knew then what this was. He was punishing me, just like he said he would for the Larry incident.

“I can’t,” I whispered, knowing that if I did, I’d never be able to look him the face once again.

Marcus sighed, cutting his eyes away from me, yet before he did, I was able to see the disappointment in them. The thought of him disappointed in me cut me to the bone. I didn’t want to make him sad or unhappy with me, yet I knew that if he knew what I was thinking, I’d be so embarrassed. Yet the longer I sat in the silence of the car, feeling the oppressive weight of disappointment, I didn’t care if I got embarrassed. I knew in my mind that fantasies between lovers ever normal, hell, our relationship was anything but normal yet I was afraid that with those few whispered words from me, he’d look at me with a whole new light and that made me scared as hell.

Looking at him from beneath my lashes, I murmured, “If I tell you, you have to promise not to laugh, cause I’m going to kick your ass if you laugh and I’d rather not do that right now.”

I watched as a grin spread across his gorgeous face. “Ok, I’ll bite. I promise not to laugh,” he said monotone.

I quirked a smile before turning to face him fully. “I was thinking how I’d like you to take me right here, with the world walking around us, not caring if someone sees us or not. I want you to pull my clothes from me, even though I protest and slide your hands over my body. I want you to hold me roughly, almost harshly, and force me to perform for the passing crowds. I want you to call me names and hurt me until I beg you to stop.”

As I spoke I watched his face looking for any kind of disgust. The look never came though. Instead his eyes filled with an unholy gleam and I knew he found nothing wrong with what I said. It was amazing how two people with totally different backgrounds and deals could be so intoned sexually as they seemed to be.

“Oh, I get it,” he said, his voice husky and smoke filled. “You want me to hold you down, make you want it even if you say you don’t. You want to be my slave?”

“Yes,” I said simply.

“Someone been naughty, haven’t they,” he laughed gruffly. “Do you need me to spank you, little slut?”

Right then I knew he definitely wanted to do what I wanted. “First, I have to make sure this is definitely what you want. I don’t want you to take anything I say or do to heart in there. You know I’d never do anything to hurt you.”

I smiled at him, always the cop, always wanting to make everything okay. “Yes I know you don’t like to hurt me. Remember the other night and the bruise,” I said thinking back to a few nights before when he’d been a little bit too rough and I’d winded up with a bruise the size of Montana on my thigh.

He growled and frowned. “Yeah I remember. Maybe we shouldn’t do this though. You’re so damn fair skinned, I feel like every time I touch you I have to wear kid-gloves.”

I leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. Once, twice, and then pulled back from him. He groaned and tried to pull me closer. I laughed and pulled back further. “That’s what it would be like if you didn’t touch me the way you do , and I wanted you to touch me.

“I want you to do this. You’re the ONLY person that I want to do this. Why do you think I was so nervous to tell you in the first place? It’s not really something that you can tell a passing stranger.”

I crossed my arms and looked away from him. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. I mean, it would make this relationship very strange if he didn’t go through with it, not matter the reason for it. Suddenly his hand came up and grabbed my chin, pulling my face around to look at him. “I’m not backing out. I just don’t want to cause you any pain. I want this just as much as you do.”

I could see the truth in his eyes. “Then don’t over think it. Let’s just do it.”

As I spoke, I climbed over the seat into his lap. Looking down at him, I was once again hit with just how great this man was and I knew I was definitely in love with him. For some reason, that really didn’t fill me with gladness. We would have a hard row to hoe and there would be times that we both would want to quit. But I knew I’d never be able to let him go, just like I had a feeling he would kill before he’d let someone else touch me.

Marcus placed his hands on Amie Marie’s hips and pulled her closer to him. He’d thought she was going to cry there for a few seconds and he would have done anything to make sure that didn’t happen. Even if it meant doing something that he wasn’t all too sure she actually wanted. Oh, sure she was curious but they both knew that she had never done this with ümraniye escort someone else. Just thinking about someone else putting their hands on her, HIS woman, pulled him with so much malice, he felt like he could break something in half.

His hands tightened and she seemed to take that as a good sign. “So we can do it?” she asked breathlessly. Already he could see she was enjoying this, and just knowing that she wanted him was enough for him.

After the day they’d had, it didn’t take much to set him off. He grabbed the back of her neck in a tight hold. “I want you to listen to me carefully. I want you to take my key and head into my apartment building. I’m on the 24th floor, apartment 24D. I am going to be right behind you. I want you to wait until you see me get off the elevator before you put the key in the lock. If you are going to do this, I want you to do it right. Plus I don’t want to have to do this particular fantasy more than once,” he muttered under his breath. Looking up at her, her face glowing from the thought of him with her, he could only smile. He leaned up and placed his lips on hers. He felt her breath gush out just like always when they kissed. He’d asked her once why she did that and she’d told him simply that she couldn’t breath when he was that close to her. He’d kissed her just seconds after that as well.

Marcus ground Kitten’s pelvis into his groin and almost came in his pants. The feel of her in his hands was without a doubt one of the best things that he’d ever had the pleasure of feeling. Her cries and moans were enough to drive him crazy and he couldn’t wait until he had her locked in his room, spread out on his bed tied to his bedpost. Knowing he had to stop or he’d take her right there in the car with the whole world to see, he pulled back. Kitten cried out and tried to stop him from leaving her but he pushed her roughly against the steering wheel causing her to open her eyes and look at him. The malice had returned to his eyes.

“Get out the car and go now. If you don’t listen to my instructions, there is going to be hell to pay, do you understand me, little girl?” When she continued to stare at him as if she was having second thoughts, he reached up and grabbed her by her hair. “Do. You. Under. Stand?”

Looking at him with lust-filled eyes, she said she did. He thrust her from him into the other side of the car. If he was going to get through this, he was definitely going to have to do some thinking.

I got out the car all the while unsure if my legs were going to hold me. He was so forceful sometimes, and even though he didn’t want to do this, he had gotten into character quickly. He was a natural predator so it was not a big leap but I could still tell he wasn’t sure if he liked where he was headed. I gripped the keys in my hand tightly, afraid I’d chicken out if I looked back at him.

I crossed the parking lot and let myself into his building. The lobby was decorated just as millions of lobbies were decorated; white walls, two over stuffed leather chairs with a metal table low to the ground between them, a few magazine scattered around the top. Unlike my own building there was no guard on duty, yet there was a desk in front of the elevator where one would go.

As I waited on the elevator, I glanced over my shoulder and saw him enter the building. I wanted to smile at him, reassure him that this was in fact what I wanted but the look on his face stopped me. He didn’t need me to reassure him, he was in character full force now. If I had seen him and not known him, I would have been scared out of my wits. The look of deep concentration was settled heavily on his face but also I could see in his eyes he was looking forward to the play just as much as I was.

Turning away, I saw the doors open and quickly got in. Just as the door was about to close, he stepped on, crowding me. I knew this trick, had in fact been intimidated quite a few times with it during the last few weeks. I looked up at him and noticed just how much he towered over me. The difference between 6’4 and 5’2 was quite staggering. However, he never complained about having to bend down to kiss me like many of the men I dated before him. He seemed to like that he could stick me in his pocket, as he’d joked one time I was complaining about my height.

Instead of turning and facing the door of elevator, he continued to stare at me, trying to rattle me. It didn’t work, I’d faced his wrath head on before and had not squirmed. I smiled politely at him just as a stranger would and his gaze landed on my lips. Angelina Jolie had nothing on me when it came to plump lips. I liked the fact my lips were so plump especially when I was using them to torture him.

I moved my eyes from him and watched the numbers slowly climb. Only one more floor and it was disappearing quickly. DING! The elevator came to a smooth stop and the floor glided open. I whispered excuse me and went to step around Daddy. However, he stepped with me and we did the awkward dance until he moved to the other side of the elevator. I smiled at him one last time kartal escort bayan before telling him goodbye and stepped out.

I walked down the hallway, keys in hand and looked for apartment 24D. It was a good thing the elevator was located in the corner. At least I wouldn’t have to wander up and down the hall looking for the door. Finally I found the right door and inserted the key. Without looking, I knew he was right behind me. I could feel him, had been able to since that first meeting. As if worried, I quickly opened the door and tried to slip through. Marcus was too fast though and before I knew it, he had me wrapped in his arms. He twisted me around and had me pressed into his front with seconds. One hand was behind my back, the other was wrapped around my mouth for keep the quick scream from coming out.

I looked up at him and could see the flash of sexual energy just seconds before the light went out of his eyes. He whispered, “Don’t say a word or I’ll have to hurt you” all the while moving both of us out the hallway and into the apartment. I was pressed against the door as soon as it was closed. The pressure of the hand on my face changed slightly as Marcus relaxed his hold.

“Hey, baby,” he whispered, “did you miss me?”

I could only stare up at him in confusion. This wasn’t the way I’d pictured this happening. He was changing the plan! It wasn’t suppose to happen like that. He continued without letting me speak.

“I know we’ve had a few problems lately but you didn’t have to stop talking to me, stop answering the phone when I called. Since you wouldn’t talk to me through normal means, I figured I come over and see what’s going on. And what do I find when I do? You, wearing some slut outfit and flirting with other men. I can’t believe that.”

Suddenly a light bulb went off. Seems like we’d been here before though. Just thinking about our first time together made my juices begin to flow. Sometimes he was just too much. He had thought of a story line for this and it wasn’t even a unique one. I made myself go stiff and glared up mutinous at him. His lips quirked at the face I presented. He released my hands and I brought one up to pull his hand from

my mouth.

“What are you doing here?” I said, pushing against his chest to put more room between us.

“I told you, you wouldn’t talk to me, so I had to do something.”

“And I told you when you left, that I didn’t want to talk to you again. I’m tired of playing second fiddle, Marcus. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for you. You work so many damn hours that you only want to sleep when you get home. That leaves no time for me and I’m tired of it.”

He growled at me and leaned closer. I could see myself reflected in his eyes and the rebellious look that I had had since birth was clearly seen. “I’ve told you that I was sorry about that. I can’t help that I have a job that takes a lot of time. Do you want me to change jobs?”

I rolled my eyes. Yeah, like that would really happen, even if he was just being in character. “No, I don’t want you to change jobs. I told you before, I am just tired of not being able to compete with the other things in your life. You know we haven’t been good together for a long time. I just think that we both need to move on. Please, just leave.”

I sighed and tried to push by him. Marcus wasn’t having any of that though. He grabbed my elbows in a hard grip and pulled me until there wasn’t any room between us. “I told you I’m not leaving so shut up. We have a good thing going. You know you love it when I touch you. There hasn’t been one time when I haven’t been able to make you cum gangbusters.”

I squirmed knowing that we both were pulling too much from our relationship into this scenario. What I had said before, I’d meant. There were times that I felt like I was alone even when he was right beside me in bed. However, I wouldn’t change him or the fact that he loved his job. Since I loved him, I would learn to put up with it. Right now though, that wasn’t important.

“Let. Me. Go. Now,” I snarled.

“I don’t think so.”

“Why are you doing this?” I whined, my voice rising slightly at the end. I knew he loved it when I used that little girl voice and instantly I could feel his arousal. The feel of his hot hard body was making mine react in ways it had never done before. This was what I wanted, that arousal that was so sharp that I couldn’t tell which was pain or pleasure.

“I’ve missed this,” he whispered, his eyes running over my body. “I’ve missed this hot body pressed up against me. You know how many times in the last few weeks that I’ve had to jerk off just thinking about you, wet and supple beneath me? I’ve got cock-burn for you baby.”

“You sure its not the crabs? I’ve heard they have much the same symptoms,” I said sarcastically.

He laughed loudly. “Oh, how I’ve missed this mouth. But instead of spitting barbs at me, I’d rather you be spitting my cum from these lips.” That said, he wrapped a muscled arm around my ass and lifted me from the ground. I squealed just like he knew I would and I almost said put me down before you hurt your back but I knew that wasn’t part of the scenario. He backed me through the apartment not giving me the time to really see what was in the place. I knew that I would get the chance later to tour it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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