One Stone

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One Stone

An original story by Starrynight


“Yes, Yes, Oh my God, Yes!” I cried out in overwhelming joy as my boyfriend Aaron got down on his knee and opened the little box. Tears filled my eyes and I started crying softly as I looked down at the golden ring with the beautiful stone on it.

“I love you so much babe” Aaron said as he moved in and started kissing me after a powerful embrace. The fire crackled behind us and we kissed passionately in the cool night air, a gentle breeze ruffling our hair as our lips danced their familiar tango.

“How about we move this over to the tent?” I asked him slightly out of breath.

“Should I carry you?” he asked before ceremonially sliding the ring on my finger. I looked down at my ringed finger with awe.

“I think that’s in the honeymoon” I said after a pause with a laugh and we quickly made our way to the small tent.

In the tent, we made passionate love together and I screamed at the top of my lungs. Aaron loved it when I screamed while we had sex, but sadly it was not something I could do at our thin walled apartment.

I can’t believe I’m getting married I thought to myself as we lay there naked after an amazing session of sex. I looked over at my fiancé and I felt so happy. He really caught me off guard I thought as I replayed the last few hours in my mind.

“Hey Naomi,” Aaron said when I got back from work earlier “you got any plans for tonight?”

“No,” I answered “why? do you have something in mind?”

“You know there is supposed to be a big meteor shower tonight, right? Well, I thought we could go watch it somewhere and spend the night.” He suggested.

“I don’t know,” I said skeptical “I’m pretty tired from work.”

“Come on,” he said trying to convince me “we’ll make a night of it. We’ll drive out to the lake, light a fire, open a bottle of wine, I’ll whip up a nice dinner, and then we can just lay down and look up at the sky. What do you say?”

“That actually does sound nice” I admitted and agreed. Little did I know, that by the end of the day I would be sleeping next to my fiancé and not my boyfriend. I couldn’t have come up with a more perfect proposal.

The following morning, I woke up in the tent alone. I was still fully naked and could hear and smell Aaron frying eggs for breakfast outside. I peeked outside to make sure no one was around before I stepped out of the tent. I didn’t bother getting dressed.

“Good morning” I said as I stepped out and saw Aaron standing over a pan of eggs and bacon on the fire.

“Damn!” he said after giving me a long wolf-whistle while looking up and down my nude body “Is it possible you got even hotter since last night?”

“You’re so corny” I said with a laugh while I secretly enjoyed the compliment. “I’m gonna take a quick dip in the lake before breakfast” I said.

“Skinny dipping in broad daylight, now I know I made the right call.” he said with a laugh. “How about after breakfast we continue where we left off last night?”

“I don’t know,” I said putting an innocent face on as I started to rub my C sized breasts with both hands. “I’ll have to think about it” I said with a devious grin as I started lightly pinching my small nipples and getting them hard. Aaron laughed and shook his head in amusement as I turned around and wiggled my ass for him while walking over to the lake. He knew he was going to get some.

I felt my entire body come alive as I submerged myself into the cool clear waters. I felt rejuvenated when I exited the water a minute after and walked back to our camp. I smiled as I saw Aaron ogling my naked body, watching the droplets of water as they dripped from my wet golden hair down my exposed crème colored shoulders, and from my trimmed light brown bush down my pale thighs.

“What are you looking at?” I said and started laughing, as did Aaron. I grabbed my black panties and beige bra, put them on and pulled my wet hair into a loose ponytail before seating down next to Aaron and grabbing the plate he prepared for me.

We sat there in the warm morning sun eating breakfast and talked about last night’s event, discussing the decision we made to spend the rest of our lives together. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

“Aaron, the most important thing to me is that we be honest with each other.” I said to him when the subject came up. “I don’t want to keep any secrets from you, ever. Actually, there is something I wanted to tell you.” I said to him and noticed he looked a bit nervous. “Remember a few years ago when we were in college and I spend a semester in Italy?”

“Yeah” Aaron said still looking nervous.

“Well, something happened while I was there that I never told you about.” I said to him and watched him tense.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I..” I took another breath and kept talking. “There was this guy I met there, and we became good friends. We were together for almost two years at the time and when I got back I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“Tell me what Naomi?” Aaron urged me, and I saw the look in his eyes.

“We kissed!” I blurted out before his imagination started going wild. “It just happened, and it didn’t go any further, but I felt really bad about it and wanted to tell you ever since.” I knew Aaron would be a little mad but also knew he would get over it.

“Nothing else?” Aaron asked.

“Nothing else, I swear.” I said to him, but he still looked very nervous. “What is it?” I asked him, but he stayed quiet. “Baby, you know you can tell me anything” I said to him.

“There is something I need to tell you too, but I don’t know how” he said and looked more nervous than I have ever seen him.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” I told him sincerely.

“Even if it will hurt you?” He said frightened.

“Yes” I answered and started getting nervous too.

“Ok.” he said after taking a deep breath “I also did something I regret while you spent that semester in Italy.”

“What?” I asked anxious.

“I missed you so much and it just kind of happened.” He said shyly.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I…I…I slept with someone.” Aaron admitted and looked down at the ground.

“You what?” I yelled out and jumped to my feet.

“I’m so sorry babe,” Aaron said in a pleading voice “it was the biggest mistake I ever made and-“

“With who?” I cut him off. I was completely pissed and was not expecting that.

“Come on Naomi, why does it matter with who?” Aaron said giving me puppy dog eyes.

“With who?” I asked again aggressively, looking down at him.

“Natalie” Aaron said almost whispering and lowered his gaze back to the ground.

“Which Natalie?” I asked as the horror started taking over me. “My Natalie?” I asked, my mouth going dry as I said her name. Please don’t let it be my Natalie, I thought to myself.

“Yes” Aaron said with a disgraced voice and kept looking down.

“You cheated on me with my best friend?” I practically yelled at him as tears started rolling down my cheeks.

“Naomi, please…” Aaron said as he got to his feet and tried to hug me.

“Get off me” I said crying and shook him off. I quickly put on my shorts, shirt and shoes.

“What are you doing?” he asked me as I started walking away.

“I need some time to myself” I called back to him as I quickly made my way between the trees and disappeared from his view.

Two hours later, I walked back to the camp to find Aaron just sitting there waiting. He packed up everything, loaded the car and just sat there. When he noticed me walking towards him he immediately got to his feet.

“Let’s start heading back,” I said to Aaron who still had a petrified look on his face “we’ll talk on the way.”

The first 20 minutes or so of the drive went by without a word from either of us. Aaron wanted me to be the first to speak.

“I’ve thought about it,” I started saying after a while and Aaron listened to me carefully “and despite what you did, I still love you.” I told him and noticed he looked a little relieved. “I’m not saying you’re off the hook, but I do still want to marry you.”

“Naomi,” Aaron started ominously “I’m thrilled you still want to marry me and I can’t express how sorry I am for what I did. But, I’ve been thinking too, and I think if we keep things the way they are now, we won’t last.” Aaron paused for a second before continuing to talk. “I think we need to even the score.”

“Hu?” I said confused.

“I think you should sleep with someone” Aaron said heavily.

“What? What are you talking about?” I asked shocked.

“Even though you still love me and want to get married, I feel like this will follow our relationship for the rest of our lives together. It will be something you can hold over my head and this is the only way that won’t happen.”

“And you will really be fine with me going out one night and just hooking up with some guy?”

“No, not even close. But, I do think that if you don’t do it and we get married, we won’t last long.”

“Ok, I’ll do it” I said after a long pause.

We kept on driving in silence until we reached our place. When we got home, we brought everything in, and only then sat down around the dining table with a cup of coffee.

“What are you doing?” Aaron asked as I took my phone out and took a picture of my finger.

“What do you think I’m doing?” I asked him rhetorically with a smile on my face. “I’m taking a picture to post right after I call my mom.” I pulled him in and gave him a loving kiss. “Babe, we’re getting married!”

The next two days were a blur of phone calls and texts from family and friends calling to congratulate us on the engagement. Among the calls, naturally, was one from Natalie, my best friend. The same Natalie who fucked my soon-to-be husband.

I calmed myself down as I saw her name on my phone screen and answered. I kept it short as she started chirping giddily. I told her I didn’t have much time to talk and we agreed that I would come over the following evening. I wanted to confront her in person.

I could feel my anger buildup as I climbed the stairs to Natalie’s apartment. I still could not believe that she would do this to me and I had no intention of speaking to her after tonight. Natalie has been my best friend since the first week of college and we knew everything about each other. At least that’s what I thought.

I knocked on her front door and waited in angry anticipation as she came to unlock the door and opened it.

“I can’t believe it” Natalie screamed and hugged me as soon as I stepped through the door. I gave her a cold smile and walked in, Natalie closing the door behind me. “I can’t believe you and Aaron are getting married” she said in a tone that drove me mad. I just couldn’t help myself, and as she finished the sentence and put that stupid grin on her face, I slapped her as hard as I could.

Natalie just went quiet, an expression of pure shock on her face as she starred at me blankly and rubbed her red cheek.

“What the fuck was that for?” she said angrily after the shock wore off.

“What was that for?” I yelled at her. “Are you serious? It was for fucking my boyfriend behind my back you fucking whore!” I yelled at her. Her expression changed instantly into a subdued one, she knew she deserves much worse.

“Naomi, I’m so sorry, I was-” she started saying before I cut her off.

“I don’t give a shit” I kept yelling at her. “I don’t ever want to see you again you fucking bitch!” I said to her and headed for the door.

“Naomi, wait…” she said just as I reached the door and turned around to her.

“What?” I asked, my face red from the yelling.

“How come him you forgave?”

“What?” I asked, not understanding at first what she was talking about.

“Aaron. You two are getting married even though you know he cheated on you. How can you forgive him and not me?” she said, and I noticed she had tears in her eyes.

“Who said I forgave him?” I answered haughtily.

“Even if not completely, you forgave him enough to agree to get married right? So why does he get a pass and you’re here throwing away 8 years of friendship.” Natalie said, and I realized she had a good point.

“We came to an understanding” I told her, feeling my anger cool a little.

“So why can’t we come to an understanding?” she said pleading. “I love you so much Nao, I’m so sorry for what I did, and I would do anything to make it right between us.”

“I don’t know” I said feeling less angry and a little confused.

“Seriously,” Natalie said “punish me, anything. I don’t care how hard or painful, I’ll do it. I can’t lose you” she said and started crying. I felt tears fill my eyes and wanted to get out of there.

“I’ll think about” I told her.

“That’s all I’m asking for. But please, don’t keep me hanging, let me know what you decided no matter what” she begged me.

“Ok” I said with a dry mouth and eyes full of tears. I opened the door and got out as fast as I could.

I was overwhelmed with thoughts as I drove to work the following day. I kept thinking if Natalie really did deserve my forgiveness, and if so, what I would ask her to do in return. In addition to that, I still needed to find a worthwhile guy and get it over with. I thought of not going through with it and just telling Aaron I did. But he was right, if I wouldn’t do it, there is no telling for sure that I wouldn’t use it against him in the future.

“Morning Naomi” said a voice that woke me up from my thoughts. I was already at my desk even though I barely noticed walking in the building.

“Morning” I said back trying to put on a smile.

“I understand congratulations are in order” Jeremy said with a big smile. He took a step towards me then gave me a big hug. “I’m so happy for you” he said and sounded sincere.

“Thanks Jeremy, I appreciate it” I said holding back a few tears. He let go of me and with a wide smile walked away. As soon as I took a seat it hit me. Jeremy!

Jeremy was a guy I worked with for the past two years and we became quite friendly. We started out working in the same department, but a few months ago he got promoted and moved to another department. Jeremy was older than me by 9 years, but even though, we got along great. We would hang out during lunch and coffee breaks and even meet up outside the office occasionally.

I always had a feeling that Jeremy, who was divorced with no kids, had a little crush on me. It was not something obvious, a quick glance here and a head turn there, and to be honest I liked it. Jeremy was average height and build and leaning more to the skinny side. He had short black curls, wore a pair of stylish spectacles and had a black short trimmed beard. Also, he was an excellent dresser, always wearing quaint jackets and shoes. First time I met him, he looked to me like a British poet. What girl would mind having a guy like that tastefully check her out from time to time.

How come I haven’t thought of Jeremy the second Aaron brought this up, I thought to myself. He was the perfect choice, and although he might not approve of the situation, he was a man after all, and I knew that in the end I could make him find his way inside my panties.

It was funny, I was beginning to feel excited about a possible rendezvous with Jeremy.

One solved, one to go, I thought to myself as I moved my thoughts to the other issue I was dealing with, Natalie. I still felt anger while thinking of her and what she bahis firmaları did, but it was not so strong as before. I do believe I can forgive her eventually, I thought to myself, but I wanted her to pay for what she did. I wanted her to feel hurt and humiliated, just like I do. It’s too bad she doesn’t have a boyfriend, I could have fucked him and made sure she caught us together, that would have been epic. But then, I wouldn’t get a chance with Jeremy.

My mind wondered back to Jeremy and how I would do this. I started picturing him naked and before I knew it, my hand was in my panties right there in the office. I scolded myself, pulled my hand out before anyone noticed and tried to get some work done.

That’s it! I thought to myself after two hours of not getting any work done and only thinking about Natalie and what I should do with her. I felt a knot in my stomach at what I thought about doing to her.

“Could you really go through with it? she your friend, your best friend, and has been for years” I heard the voice of my inner angel whisper in my ear.

“Sure you can do it. She fucked your boyfriend, your fiancé, your soon-to-be husband. She should accept whichever punishment you choose for her, nothing is too harsh.” Another voice spoke up, it was my inner demon, and she was right.

I’ll do it, I decided finally with a deep breath. I wasn’t sure of the details or had a plan yet, but I was sure I would go through with it. I was going to kill 2 birds with one stone.

“Knock knock” I said out loud as I knocked on the glass office door and stepped in. “Am I interrupting?” I asked sweetly.

“Not at all” Jeremy said with a smile from behind his desk.

“Sorry about being a little…distant, this morning” I said as I looked him straight in his deep green eyes.

“Don’t worry about it” he said casually.

“Thanks,” I said “It’s just that I’m a little overwhelmed with all that has happened over the last few days.”

“Yeah, I get it,” he said “if there’s anything I can do…”

“Actually…” I caught him “I could use your help.”

“Sure,” he said as his face lit up “with what?”

“Tips for the wedding planning. I don’t even know where to start” I said trying to sound hopeless.

“Really? No problem, but why me?” he asked and looked adorable.

“You’re the only friend I have who got married” I said to him.

“No need to rub it in,” he said with a joking smile “but my wedding was indeed amazing” he said modestly as he agreed to help. We agreed to meet up at his place on Thursday at 7 pm. He objected at first and suggested we meet somewhere closer to my place, but after I reminded him that he was helping me, and the last thing I want to do is make him go out of his way for me, he agreed. Step one was a go.

The following day, when I got into work, I sent Natalie a text saying I will come over to her place after work to talk. She sent me back an emojy of praying hands.

I was much calmer as I walked up the stairs to Natalie’s apartment this time. She opened the door and we hugged before we walked to the small living room and took a seat across from each other. Natalie offered me something to drink, but I declined and started talking.

“I’ve thought about it a lot these last few days.” I told her as she listened nervously. “Were you serious that you would do anything to make me forgive you?” I asked her. She looked at me cautiously and maybe even a little scared.

“Yes” she said not very convincingly, and I raised an eyebrow. “I’m mean, aside from killing someone or robbing a bank,” she said jokingly and saw I was not amused. She went back to a serious tone “I would.”

“Good,” I said “because I really hate you right now, but I think I can forgive you in the future. That is, if you do what I ask.”

“What do you want me to do?” Natalie asked looking frightened again. I picked up my phone off the coffee table and sent her an address.

“I want you to be at that address this Thursday at seven fifteen” I told her.

“What is that place?” she asked scared.

“Just a regular apartment” I answered truthfully.

“What are we going to do there? Should I bring anything?” she asked.

“I’m not telling you what you’re going to do, but make sure you get waxed before” I said plainly.

“Whaaat?” she let out as her voice turned high.

“Yeah, make sure you’re nice and smooth all over when you get there” I said again.

“What the fuck Naomi. What am I going to do there?” she asked again.

“I’m not going to tell you” I said coldly “and that’s part of it.”

“What do you mean?” she said in an attacking shrill voice.

“I mean,” I told her raising my voice a little “that until Thursday, I want you to think of fitting things for me to do to you. I want you to imagine what you would do to me if things had been the other way around, even though I would never do something like that to you.” I was yelling now.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic?” Natalie said and drove me mad.

“Dramatic!” I yelled at her “You think I’m being dramatic you fucking bitch! Because of you, every time I look at Aaron, all I can picture is his naked body on top of yours. Now either you show up on Thursday and be ready to do whatever the fuck I tell you, no matter how horrible, or you don’t show up I never speak to you again. You won’t even get a fucking Christmas card from me.” I was still yelling at the top of my lungs and stopped to take a breath. “And trust me,” I said in a lower volume “whatever I ask you to do, it will still be going easy on you compared to what you did to me.”

With that I turned around and ran out of there, slamming the door behind me on my way out. Only when I reached my car I noticed I was trembling. That’s when I started crying my eyes out.

I barely slept Wednesday night, and when I got to the office on Thursday, I had a very hard time concentrating on work. I kept on picturing what will happen later at Jeremy’s and kept playing every possible scenario in my mind. I wasn’t sure if Natalie was going to show up. My gut told me she would, but I decided I would go ahead with my plan either way.

“We still on for later?” Jeremy asked as he passed by my office at around three o’clock.

“Definitely” I said with a nervous smile. He was wearing a brown suede jacket and black jeans. I felt my heart pounding as he walked away.

I left work at four and went home to get ready. I was glad to find the apartment empty and took my time getting ready. I shaved my legs, took a warm shower and stood for half an hour in front of the mirror trying to choose what to wear. It was six thirty when I was finally ready to leave.

I tried to stay calm as I took the elevator up to Jeremy’s place. I had already been to his place before and knew he had a gorgeous three-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor of this fancy apartment building.

“Wow, you look great” Jeremy said as he opened the door and welcomed me in. I had decided to go with a long black skirt, a loose light blue blouse and black leather sandals.

“Thanks” I said blushing as I walked in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asked as we walked over to his elegant living room.

“Sure, a glass of wine would be great” I said as I took a place on his burgundy sofa.

“Oh, wow, ok. A glass of wine coming up.” He said with a nervous laugh. I blushed when I understood his intention was more like a glass of water. He returned a few minutes later with a large glass of red wine.

“Thanks,” I said as he gave me the glass and took a seat on a couch next to me “Your place is still gorgeous by the way.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not bad” he said with a grin and looked me in the eyes. He was wearing a short black t-shirt and the same black jeans he wore to work. I looked at his arms and noticed they were a little more muscular than I thought. “So, where should we start?” he asked.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” I said as I looked at him sitting there relaxed “a friend of mine might join us in a bit.”

“That’s cool” he said in a confident tone, but he’s look told a different story. It seemed like he was disappointed that it wasn’t going to be just the two of us. “Is she helping you with all the wedding preparations or something?” he asked.

“I guess you could say that” I answered, just before the doorbell rang.

“I guess that’s her” Jeremy said and I looked down at my phone. It was seven fifteen, right on time.

“Let me get it” I said sweetly and walked over to the front door. I peeped through the eyehole to make sure it was her then opened it.

“I’m here” Natalie said with an awkward smile and walked in. She looked relieved when she saw I was there, I would have paid a hefty sum to know what she thought was going to happen here tonight.

“I’m glad you came” I said to her as she walked through the door and followed me.

“Whose place is this?” Natalie asked impressed as she walked over to the living room behind me.

“Mine” Jeremy said right as we entered the living room.

“Natalie, this is Jeremy. Jeremy, Natalie” I said giving an introduction. They shook hands while mumbling a nice to meet you and I noticed the way Jeremy was looking at her.

Natalie was a petite brunette with olive colored skin, and a big mouth. She was 5’6 and had a great body. Her tits were about the same size as mine, but on her slim figure they looked much bigger. She had quite a few boyfriends over the past few years, using her enticing appearance to catch more than one hunky guy in her net, but every time the story would repeat itself. They would start dating, things would go well, and at some point, she would open her big mouth and they would break up.

Tonight, Natalie was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a black and red flannel shirt that hugged her figure and large breasts nicely. She took a sit on a couch across from Jeremy and I could tell she was nervous.

“So, what have you started checking out?” Jeremy asked still thinking it was about wedding planning.

“Jeremy,” I said in a soft voice “I have to be honest with you. This evening wasn’t really about wedding planning.”

“Ok…” Jeremy said intrigued and moved his gaze between Natalie and myself.

“Did I tell you about my boyfriend’s proposal?” I asked and immediately continued to talk. “Friday, when I got home from work, he suggested we go watch the meteor shower out by the lake. It all seemed very spontaneous but quite nice, and I agreed.

“We drove out, lit a fire, opened a bottle of wine and Aaron made a nice meal. I was just lying there looking up at the stars when the next thing I know, Aaron gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. I was so happy and of course said yes. After that, we moved to the tent, proceeded to undress each other and made love.”

“The following morning,” I continued “After taking a morning dip in the lake while still completely naked. Aaron and I got talking about all kinds of things including honesty. I said I wanted us to be honest with each other no matter what, and that’s when he told me something he kept from me.” I looked over at Natalie to see the disgraced reaction on her face as she understood what was coming.

“Aaron told me, that a couple of years back, when I was studying a semester abroad and we were together…” I took a long pause before I said it “He cheated on me.” I could see the anger filled expression on Jeremy’s face when I said it.

“Are you serious?” Jeremy asked and gave me a pitying look as I nodded, holding back tears.

“At first, I couldn’t speak,” I said a little choked up “but then we talked. I realized I still love him and want to get married, but we can’t have something like hovering over our marriage. That’s why Aaron suggested something unorthodox” I said, largely underestimating it. “He suggested, or more like insisted, that I sleep with someone else too.”

“What?” Jeremy asked as his mouth fell open, suddenly starting to realize why I was here and telling him all this. “So, you’re here to…?”

“Yes,” I answered in a calm voice “I’m here, so we can have sex.” I said trying to sound confident “That is, if you agree” I added. I wanted him to think he had a choice in the matter.

A long silence filled the room as Jeremy and Natalie just absorbed the situation in silence while I waited patiently.

“And why exactly is Natalie here?” Jeremy asked breaking the long silence.

“Don’t worry about her for now, that’s for later” I said in a reassuring voice.

“So, if I say yes, which I’m not, we are just going to have sex?” Jeremy asked like he wasn’t quite fathoming the idea yet.

“Exactly” I said straightforward.

“Here?” he asked.

“Yep” I said again.

“With her just sitting there watching us?” he asked pointing at Natalie. I could tell the idea was turning him on.

“You’re right, it might be a little weird.” I agreed with him as I understood what he was getting at. “Natalie, please take your clothes off” I said hoping she will be compliant.

“No, that’s ok” Jeremy said nervous, but luckily Natalie didn’t listen to him and started stripping.

We both kept our seats and watched as Natalie got to her feet and started taking her clothes off. She started out by taking off her shoes, then removed her shirt, revealing her flat dark stomach and sexy red bra as it cupped her large breasts so beautifully. She continued by shimmying out of her tight jeans, exposing her skinny legs and matching red panties and finally, she pulled down her red panties and removed her bra, revealing a tight looking, freshly waxed pussy and releasing her beautiful tits. Her breasts indeed looked huge on her small frame.

Natalie did not even try to cover herself up and stood there on display for Jeremy, her dark succulent nipples turning hard as he moved his gaze along her body. The slut gave him a deviant grin and took a seat. She knew just as well as I did, what Jeremy was going to end up doing.

“Is that better?” I asked in a sweet voice as Jeremy turned his glance back over to me. When he didn’t answer, I got to my feet and started to slowly unbutton my blouse, while giving him my best seducing look.

“How about this?” I asked him sexily as I completely removed my shirt and threw it on the couch, showing him the black lace bra that I put on especially for him.

“You’re serious about this?” Jeremy said to my amusement as I unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it, revealing a matching pair of black lace panties.

“Uh huh” I answered as he looked at my feminine body. I was not as skinny as the bitch sitting next to me, and like any girl I would always tell myself I could lose a few pounds, but I was relatively happy with the flat stomach, toned legs and firm ass I achieved from over two years of regularly going to the gym.

After stripping down to my underwear, I looked straight at Jeremy and took a step towards him. I could see the growing erection in his pants and got on my knees in front of him. I placed my hand on his pants and rubbed his hardening member then looked up at him and saw the lust in his eyes.

I could feel the wetness growing between my legs as I teased Jeremy a little then started taking his pants off. I unbuckled his brown leather belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, Jeremy propping his waist a little to help me.

The shape of his hard cock was very visible in his tight black boxers, and without hesitation I pulled them down kaçak iddaa too. His erect cock sprung free and I eyed it with lust. It was a little shorter than Aaron’s, probably around 5 inches in length but visibly thicker. Jeremy also trimmed all the pubic hair around his cock, something Aaron never did, and made his nice cock, look even more inviting.

Jeremy groaned quietly as I grasped his penis with my right hand and started stroking it. I could feel it pulsing in my hand as I stroked it gently and brought my mouth to its tip.

“Oh god, Naomi!” Jeremy moaned and threw his head back as I engulfed my mouth around his cock and started sucking it slowly. Jeremy looked back down at me and pulled my blonde hair back, watching me as I closed my lips around his shaft and bobbed my head up and down. Another moan escaped his lips as I swirled my tongue around the head and started playing with his balls.

I orally pleasured Jeremy for a short minute, getting his cock hard and wet before getting to my feet and taking the rest of my clothes off.

I stepped out of my sandals and looked at Jeremy and his penis as I removed my bra, slowly taking it off and placing it on the coffee table behind me. Jeremy looked at my nice round breasts with hunger, and I pinched my hard-pink nipples gently, sending a jolt through my body.

Following it, I placed a hand on my damp panties and gave my pussy a quick rub through them before sticking a finger in the waistband and sensually pulling them down and along my legs, completely exposing myself to him. I then took a step backward, sat down on the sofa and spread my legs while starting to rub my begging clit.

“God, you’re beautiful” Jeremy said, looking mesmerized at my trimmed bush and intimate folds as I touched myself. “I fantasized about banging you so many times.” he admitted as he leaned down to remove his shoes and pants completely. “But I never thought it would happen” he said and pulled his shirt off, standing completely naked in front of me.

As I studied Jeremy’s nude body, I noticed Natalie get to her feet and sit on the couch’s broad armrest for a better view of Jeremy’s naked body and a first glimpse of his hard cock. Jeremy noticed it too, glanced over at her and was awarded with a sight of her lovely breasts wiggling enticingly as she moved around, before turning his horny gaze back to me.

I looked at Jeremy’s smooth chest and impressive abs with shameful excitement, noting that it looked like he started working out since the last time I saw him without a shirt on at the beach.

Also, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on through Natalie head. She looked relaxed as she sat there naked, watching us, and I was perversely eager to see her reaction once I told her why she was here.

Jeremy took a sit next to me on the sofa and placed his palm on my thigh. He started to gently rub it while slowly moving in and starting to kiss my neck. I closed my eyes in pleasure as I felt his warm lips kissing my neck, his trimmed beard rubbing against my shoulder as he did so.

“Uh” I moaned lightly after Jeremy slid his hand from my thigh, up my stomach and over to my left boob. He brushed his thumb along it and then pinched my sensitive nipple, causing me to moan.

I opened my eyes just in time to see him lean down and take my right nipple in his mouth. I moaned again as he flicked it with his tongue, then started sucking on it hungrily. He brought his hand back to my thigh, and with his mouth still over my tit, he moved his hand up until he reached my vulva.

“Oh Jeremy” I called, taking in a deep breath as he started to rub my pussy and clit with his hand. I let out another moan as Jeremy kept sucking my breast and playing with my vagina.

Jeremy kept this up for a minute, enjoying himself, before releasing my nipple and pulling his hand away. He then got to his feet and I looked at his hard cock. In return, I spread my legs a little wider, eager for him to penetrate me.

I looked at Jeremy as he towered over me, thinking he was about to mount me, but apparently, he had different plans. Instead, he got down on his knees and brought his head between my legs.

“Oh fuck” I whispered, and a shiver ran down my spine as Jeremy’s tongue snaked out and ran along my slit. Aaron didn’t like going down on me and would only do it on special occasions when I asked. It excited me that Jeremy just did it, and I moaned again as I looked at his tongue slyly moving into my craving cunt.

I watched Jeremy as he masterfully studied my inner folds with his tongue and lips, tasting every part of my pussy while causing my body to tremble with sexual pleasure. His beard felt nice down there, tickling the region as he moved his tongue around.

I looked over at Natalie briefly to see her touching herself feverishly. She didn’t even notice I was looking at her, her gaze concentrating on Jeremy eating my pussy. I smiled to myself and looked back at Jeremy who now brought his hands over and used them to spread my lips, allowing him to insert his tongue even deeper.

“Oh my god” I groaned and closed my eyes as Jeremy started rubbing my clit with his thumb while pushing his tongue deep inside me and curling it up, intensifying the pleasure I was feeling. Jeremy kept rubbing my clit but pulled his tongue out. He gave my pussy a playful bite that felt amazing, then moved his thumb higher up to my pubic mound and closed his lips around my burning clit.

“Oh wow, oh yes” I moaned, letting out short sharp breaths as Jeremy sucked on my clit.

My orgasm caught me off guard. I groaned weakly as my legs shivered while the blazing sensation of my climax surged through me. It was not a very powerful one, but it felt amazing, and got me hungry for more.

“How was that?” Jeremy asked breathless as he got to his feet and looked at my body.

“That was amazing” I said panting as my orgasm ended.

“Good” Jeremy said with a content smile. His glasses were all fogged up and he picked up his shirt to clean them. “I’ll go get a condom” he said after putting his glasses back on.

“It’s fine, you don’t need one.” I told him “Just fuck me already.” I said, ready for more. Jeremy looked very pleased by my words and immediately acted.

“Here” he said grabbing my waist and helping me down on the sofa. I took a place on my back, perching my head on the armrest of the sofa as Jeremy climbed onto the sofa and got in place. I was positioned so that I faced the opposite direction from Natalie, who was still sitting on the couch maybe 2 feet behind me to my left. From where she was sitting she couldn’t see my face, but she could perfectly see Jeremy and his cock as he would start thrusting it into me.

Suddenly, looking at Jeremy as he positioned himself and started rubbing his penis against my pussy and bush I started feeling bad. Jeremy would be the first guy to fuck me besides Aaron in five years. I knew that Aaron cheated on me and asked me to do this, and although my pussy was screaming that it wanted this, my mind was uncertain.

“Oh god Naomi!” Jeremy said, pushing the thoughts out of my mind as he pushed his cock into me.

“Oh my God!” I groaned as Jeremy filled me, my vagina screaming in pleasure as his thick cock made its way inside it until it was all the way in. I moaned again as he pulled it out, stretching my pussy with his fat shaft then ramming it back in.

“Oh, fuck Naomi, your pussy feels amazing!” Jeremy said, and he placed his hands around my waist, speeding up his plunges into my dripping snatch. We started fucking intensely, and as Jeremy’s animalistic thrusts into my pussy strengthened, I brought a hand down and started rubbing my clit. We looked each other in the eyes and Jeremy brought a naughty hand to my right nipple, pinching it hard.

“Oh fuck” I called out as Jeremy pinched my raw hard nipple, causing me a mixture of pleasure and pain as he kept blasting his dick into my tender twat. “I’m gonna cum again” I announced with a yell.

“Yes Naomi, cum for me!” Jeremy said still fucking me hard.

“Oh fuck!!!” I moaned as I exploded mere seconds later. My eyes closed, my back arched, and I felt a torrent of overwhelming pleasure shoot through my body. Animalistic grunts escaped my lips as another intense jolt took me and caused my chest to heave while I gasped for air. Jeremy kept fucking me as I climaxed, each thrust causing another wave of pleasure followed by a small spasm to take over my naked body. I couldn’t believe he made me climax again so fast.

Jeremy stopped fucking me as my orgasm neared its end, and sat up on the edge of the sofa, giving me time to recover. His dick was still rock hard, and he started to stroke it while altering his gaze between Natalie and me.

It didn’t take me long to recover, and once I did, I sat up on the sofa and signaled Jeremy to move closer. Once he was sitting next to me, I took over his cock and started stroking it, feeling my slick juices on his hard member. I looked over at Natalie who abandoned her poise sitting position and was now slouching on the couch with her legs wide open as she fingered herself rapidly.

I stroked Jeremy’s penis for a bit, until I felt ready for some more and got to my feet. I looked down at Jeremy and his hard dick before climbing onto his lap. I sat down on his knees with my legs on both sides of him then raised myself over his cock while facing him. I continued by grabbing his shaft with my left hand, guiding it to my entrance and finally impaling myself completely on it.

“Oh fuck!” Jeremy called out and I saw his eyes widen with pleasure as I engulfed his cock with my tight snatch and started riding him with passion. Jeremy wrapped his hands around me and squeezed my ass with both hands. “You have such a great ass” he whispered in my ear and I couldn’t help but smile as I kept riding him and another moan escaped my lips.

We kept fucking like that to our mutual pleasure and I noticed Jeremy looking fascinated at my bouncing boobs as I continued to jump up and down his cock. Our eyes locked once again in an intense sexual stare and I sped up my riding of his cock.

I moaned aloud once again and ran my fingers through his dark hair as he leaned down and took my nipple in his mouth. I gasped in surprise as I continued to embrace his dick with every downward motion.

Jeremy kept sucking my tit to my delight then stopped and without warning, pulled me in and kissed me.

I did not intend to kiss him, but as his lips closed around mine and his tongue snaked into my mouth, I could not bring myself to pull back from the hot kiss. His mouth had a faint flavor of coffee and he moaned into my mouth as we kissed.

“Naomi, I’m going to cum” Jeremy called out in the throes of passion after breaking our sensual kiss.

“It’s okay, I want you cum inside me.” I whispered in his ear and started riding him as fast as I could, smashing my pussy down on his cock with force as I rode him.

“Oh fuck, oh my god…” Jeremy started to moan while taking sharp deep breaths. “I- fuck, Naomi, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMING!” he called out and began moaning like crazy as his cock started squirting inside me.

Jeremy looked down at my cunt swallowing his cock and I saw his face contort in sexual bliss as my pussy started to fill. I moaned at the incredible feeling as he shot load after load of hot sperm deep inside my soaked pussy, filling it to the brim with his cum while grunting in intense pleasure. I kept riding his cock until I milked every last drop of his cum. Only then did I climb off and take a sit next to him.

“That was incredible” Jeremy said out of breath and looked down at his receding penis as he sat there panting heavily.

“Yeah” I said breathing heavily as well and looked down at his cock. “How long does it take you to get it back up?” I asked to his surprise.

“You want to go again? Already?” he asked wide eyed before completely catching his breath.

“Not me” I whispered in his ear sexily and he immediately looked at me with an unbelieving look.

“If that’s the case, just give me a few minutes.” He said.

“Good” I answered content and looked down at my freshly fucked pussy. His cum was dripping out of it and onto the sofa.

“Natalie” I called to her, acknowledging her presence for a first time in a while.

“Yes” she said obediently as she stopped fingering herself and sat up in the couch looking at me. She still didn’t realize what she was doing here, but she would soon enough.

“Come here,” I told her “I want you to lick all of Jeremy’s cum before it stains the sofa.” I said in a condescending voice and pointed to my pussy and the cum that already dripped out. Jeremy looked at me shocked but said nothing as to my relief she got on her knees in front of me and started licking the cum from the sofa.

Natalie quickly licked the cum off the sofa and I spread my legs as she moved in and started licking my pussy and lapping up Jeremy’s sperm as it leaked out of me. Jeremy watched in perverse amazement at the demeaning sight of Natalie licking every drop of his cum from my vulva.

I let out a high-pitched moan as Natalie stuck her tongue inside my coochie and licked the last drops of spunk like a good little bitch.

“Thanks,” I said to her after seeing the humiliation in her eyes at what she just did. “Now please lick Jeremy’s cock and get it clean.” I ordered her, and her expression seemed to lighten as she liked what she heard.

Jeremy didn’t say a word, just watched with caution as Natalie moved over to him and took his mostly limp cock in her mouth. He let out a sincere moan and looked straight down at her while she ran her tongue all over his dick. She put it in her mouth again, pulled it out with a loud suction sound, then smiled when it starting to turn hard again.

“That’s enough” I told her coldly and she looked up at me in anger as she stopped sucking his dick and took a sit on the couch where Jeremy was sitting before all the shenanigans started.

“Jeremy” I said, noticing his cock was already semi erect, “Do you think Natalie is pretty?”

“Yes” he said without hesitation and looked at her naked body with lust.

“Would you like to fuck her?” I asked him.

“Uh huh” Jeremy said and his dick hardened a bit more.

“I thought you would.” I told him with a smirk “What guy wouldn’t like to fuck that tight little body of hers.” I said while emphasizing the last part. “And Natalie, would you like Jeremy to fuck you?” I asked seemingly innocent.

“Yes” she said cautiously and rotated her look between Jeremy’s naked body and my face.

“Well, that’s too bad,” I said while keeping my eyes on her “because he’s not going to fuck you.” I told her coldly. “At least not in the way you think.” I added and noticed the look of confusion mixed with disappointment on her face.

“What?” she asked me confused but I ignored her.

“Jeremy,” I said moving my look to him “have you ever done anal before?” I asked him and noticed his cock was almost completely erect as he nodded enthusiastically.

“What?” Natalie said in a whimpering voice and looked at me with pleading eyes. “Please no” she said almost begging and it looked like she was about to cry as she understood where this was going.

For as long as Natalie was my friend she was never shy when it came to sex. When we were both in college and she was my roommate, she would constantly bring guys over to our room and have loud indiscreet sex, regardless if I was in the room or not. kaçak bahis We talked about sex often back then, and she told me way too much about her sexual experiences, fantasies and fears. She would share with me the gruesome details of threesomes she had with guys and girls, and even got me to join her in a threesome with a guy she brought over to our room one drunken night.

Since college, Natalie naturally cooled down when it came to sleeping around, but she was still not shy about it, and whenever she was not steadily dating, she would gladly let a good looking fella take her home for the night.

Despite being very open and active when it came to sex, Natalie had one red line she said she would never cross, and that was anal sex. When the subject came up for the first time, she said she would never let any guy in there. She believed it was the most humiliating sexual act a guy could do to a girl. She would say, that beside it hurting like hell, she did not believe anal felt anywhere close to as good as real sex. Her overall take on it was that at the end of the day, anal is standing there on all fours like a bitch while the guy painfully sticks his cock in your ass. And all that just so he can have a slightly tighter hole.

Since our first time talking about it, I heard her defend her belief on a few occasions while stating proudly that there was no way she would ever do it. That’s exactly why I wanted her to do it. If she believed it was the most humiliating thing a guy could do to her, then maybe if she went through it, she would feel remotely close to what I feel.

“What’s going on?” Jeremy asked puzzled as he rotated his look between Natalie and me.

“Jeremy,” I said in a tender voice while looking into his eyes “I’m sorry, but there is something important I didn’t mention.” I said to him and gave Natalie a quick glance.

“What’s that?” Jeremy asked with an intrigued yet careful look.

“I’ve told you that Aaron cheated on me,” I said, my voice trailing as I said it again “but what I didn’t mention is, who he cheated on me with.” I said, and Jeremy’s eyes widened as he understood.

“No!” he said stunned and whipped his head to look at her.

“Yes, with Natalie.” I said in a mournful tone and looked at her too. Natalie on her part looked down at the floor with a shameful face.

“But what does that have to do with all of this?” he asked, and I took a deep breath before answering.

“I told her that the only way there is a chance we will stay friends, is if she comes here today and does exactly what I tell her to.”

“And you want her to have anal with me?” he asked quizzically.

“Yes” I answered.

“Can I ask why?” Jeremy said still trying to grasp the situation.

“No” I said firmly, knowing that if he knew why he might not agree to it. “So, do you want to do it or not?”

“I do,” he said and looked directly at Natalie “but only if Natalie does too.”

“Natalie,” I said in a stern voice “what do you say?” I asked with a voice and expression to make her understand I wasn’t going to change my mind.

“Ok” she said in hushed tone and looked petrified.

“Are you sure?” Jeremy asked her sweetly, knowing there was something he was missing without knowing exactly what. Natalie gave me another pleading look but all she received from me was a blank nod.

“Yes, I’m sure.” she said in a more confident tone while looking Jeremy straight in the eyes “But please go slow, I’ve never had anything in my butt before.” she said in an innocent begging voice.

“Of course.” Jeremy said tenderly, but I could sense his excitement. I got up from the sofa and walked over to my bag as they both watched me curiously.

“Here,” I said pulling out a small bottle of lubricant I brought and placed it on the table “this will make it go smoother.” I added and took a sit where Natalie was sitting after she got up.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Jeremy asked, still hesitant.

“Yes,” she said with a nod and started climbing on the sofa next to Jeremy “just make sure you use a lot of that.” she said pointing to the bottle and got on all fours on the sofa.

“Sure” Jeremy said while looking mesmerized at her tight bum as it hovered in the air. “I’ll start slow and get you ready,” he said to her reassuringly “tell me if at any point you want me to stop.” he added.

“Ok” Natalie said and waited on all fours for Jeremy to have his way with her.

“I’m going to start with a finger” Jeremy said to her before he climbed onto the sofa behind her and got on his knees. He then grabbed her ass with both hands and after squeezing it briefly, he spread her buttocks with his hands and bend down.

“Oh my god, is that your tongue?” Natalie asked when Jeremy brought his tongue down to her asshole and started licking it. “Oh, that feels so good” Natalie said with a moan as Jeremy licked the rim of her tight hole. He kept licking her for a bit, moving his tongue all over her asshole and sneaking down occasionally, to get a quick taste of her smooth pussy.

“Don’t worry, that’s still my tongue.” Jeremy said with a laugh as Natalie jumped in alarm as he apparently pushed his tongue into her butt for a second. Jeremy reached for the small bottle on the table and opened it. He squirted out a bit of the oily liquid on Natalie’s ass and placed it back down. “I’m going to put a finger in” he told her and licked his index finger. He then used it to spread the slick liquid around and into her hole and started slowly pushing his finger in.

“Aahh, go slow” Natalie said with audible terror in her voice as Jeremy inserted just the tip of his finger into her hole.

“Ok, I’m going slow” Jeremy said and gently pushed his finger up to the first knuckle and paused briefly before he kept going. He slowly inched his finger to Natalie’s quiet screeches until it disappeared all the way inside her anus.

“God you’re tight,” Jeremy said turned on “I could barely push one finger in.” He continued as he slowly pulled his finger out of her.

Natalie let out quiet grunts as she stayed there on all fours while Jeremy began to finger her asshole. He fingered her for a bit, pushing and pulling his finger out of her tight hole until it widened a bit and his finger could easily slide in and out.

“I’m going to use another finger” Jeremy told her, and I watched as he put two fingers together and started pressing them into her rump.

“Aahh” Natalie called out in pain as Jeremy pushed two fingers inside her.

“Relax” Jeremy said with a soothing voice as her asshole unwillingly took his fingers in. “You will enjoy this much more, and it will hurt much less if you relaxed.” Jeremy told her as he slowly pushed two of his fingers inside her. He kept them inside her a little while before pulling them out, Natalie letting out a painful groan as he did.

Jeremy fingered her ass a few more times, until even I could see that her asshole widened noticeably. Jeremy gave her ass and pussy another lick and then grabbed the bottle off the table.

Jeremy proceeded to rub the lube all over his dick and in the meantime, I stepped over and took a sit on the couch across. I took a sit and was now looking at Natalie who starred at me with frightened eyes.

“Just relax” Jeremy said to Natalie as he brought the tip of his ragging cock to her ass and grabbed her waist with both hands.

Natalie cried out in pain as Jeremy pushed the head of his cock into her dark hole. He held still for a little while, then started pushing his cock deeper inside her.

“Aahh” Natalie yelled and I could see tears in her eyes “Fuck that hurts!” she cursed and started sobbing gently.

I watched Natalie’s horrified face and for the first time felt bad for her. She looked like she was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t look her in the eyes.

“Oh god, your ass is so fucking tight.” Jeremy said in pleasure and I noticed him moving his left hand to her pussy. “This might help a little” he said and started rubbing her vulva from below. He gave her a few moments, and then, after his shaft was only a little over half way in, he started to slowly thrust it in and out of her.

“Oh my god” Natalie said while crying in pain and let out continuing cries as Jeremy began to pump her tight asshole.

I couldn’t look at her anymore and stepped back to the second couch. From there I could clearly see Jeremy’s cock going into her ass and stretching it painfully.

Jeremy moaned and kept banging Natalie’s ass to her cries of pain. He was going slow, trying as best he could not to hurt her. Eventually, Natalie’s cries weakened and instead of groans of pain, it sounded like she was starting to enjoy it.

“Aahh” she let out as Jeremy moved his hips forward, shoving his cock inside her and shortly after she let out another moan.

“Natalie, are you okay?” Jeremy asked her.

“Yeah,” she answered with a quiet moan “you can go a little faster if you want.”

Jeremy didn’t have to be told twice as he quickened his thrusts and started fucking her not-so-tight-anymore asshole harder while moaning loudly. Jeremy removed his hand from her pussy and grabbed her waist again as he pounded himself into her with loud sharp moans.

“Oh fuck” Natalie cried out in what now sounded like pleasure as Jeremy fucked her ass with gusto. “Harder!” she ordered him with a high moan and Jeremy quickened his pace even more.

The room filled with loud sexual noises as they fucked intensely. They groaned and moaned as Natalie’s asshole accepted Jeremy’s fat cock with little resistance.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh my god Aaahhh!” Natalie called out and started squealing as her body started to shake. It started out with her legs trembling, then her ass and then her torso until her entire body shook uncontrollably with Jeremy’s cock still deep inside her ass. She shrieked, and her face dropped down as her body continued to spasm. I knew that Natalie had just experienced her first anal orgasm and by the look of it, it was a strong one.

Jeremy watched with awe as Natalie’s body twisted in pleasure. He kept plunging his cock into her as she cried out in rapturous ecstasy and kept fucking her with force.

As her orgasm ended, Natalie was so exhausted that she fell and just lay there moaning. She was no longer on all fours but was now laying down on her stomach while Jeremy shoved his cock into her asshole from above, going hard and fast while moaning and groaning.

“Oh fuck, Natalie, I’m gonna cum” he called out as he kept fucking her ass with the last of his stamina. Natalie was so worn out she just lay there motionless as Jeremy proceeded to thrust himself deep inside her ass.

I watched the hot act, touching myself, and saw Jeremy’s face twist in pleasure as he orgasmed, squirting his sperm deep inside Natalie’s virgin asshole. He kept thrusting into her while he came and moaned like a wild animal.

“Oh yes” I moaned myself as rubbed my begging clit to another orgasm while I watched Jeremy’s end. He kept he drained cock inside her until it went completely limp and he pulled it out easily.

“Holy shit” I said out loud as all three of us sat there numb with the aftershock of what we just did. Jeremy was sitting on the sofa next to Natalie. He was breathing heavily and had a very satisfied smile on his face. Natalie on the other hand, was still lying motionless on her stomach.

“Natalie, are you okay?” Jeremy asked her and put a hand on her calve.

“Yeah” she said in a hoarse quiet voice and very slowly started getting up to her feet. “Where is your bathroom?” she asked Jeremy with red eyes and limped over to it while putting a hand over her butt.

“What about you,” Jeremy asked me after the bathroom door closed “are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m great” I said nodding and breathing heavily.

“It sounded like you were enjoying the show there at the end” Jeremy said cockily and eyed my sweaty naked body as he talked.

“I was.” I said in a cheerful voice and played with my nipples provocatively, “Are you glad we came over?” I asked naughtily.

Jeremy chuckled softly and threw his head back. “You do know this was crazy right?” Jeremy asked in a gentle voice, “Even if I wanted to tell someone about tonight, which I wasn’t planning on, nobody would have believed me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said putting on my best innocent face and voice “nothing happened here tonight.” I said and we both smiled.

“Well, if you ever have another night you want nothing to happed on, I’m your guy.” He said and gave me a smile. It was obvious to us both there would not be another night.

After what seemed like a long time, we heard the bathroom door open and a few seconds later, Natalie entered the living room. She was walking a little funny, but she seemed much better. She looked both of us in the eyes before she started dressing.

“Nat, are you okay?” I asked sincerely.

“I will be” she said and walked over to where I was sitting in just her bra and panties. I got up from the couch and we hugged powerfully. I could feel her warm slender body against mine and I hugged her trembling body tightly.

“I’m really sorry for what I did,” Natalie whispered in my ear and I felt my eyes fill with tears. “I hope that after tonight we can go back to the way thing were.” She said.

“I’m sorry too” I told her while holding her tight. “And I forgive you” I said, realizing I did, only as I said it. Shortly after, Natalie got dressed and left, leaving me alone with Jeremy.

We talked for a bit, both of us still naked, then one thing led to another, and we found ourselves fucking again. There was no more tension at that point, just pure primal sex as Jeremy fucked my pussy raw, giving me two more, mind blowing orgasms before cumming in my pussy for the last time. As I lay in Jeremy’s arms, glowing in post orgasmic bliss, I promised myself he will be the last guy I ever have sex with who is not Aaron.

After that, I cleaned myself up, got dressed and left his apartment. I felt strangely at peace, like a heavy load had been lifted of my shoulders, as I drove home and joined a sleeping Aaron in bed. It was the first time that I looked at Aaron since Saturday morning and did not see an image of him and Natalie together.

Eight month later, on a sunny April afternoon, Aaron and I got married. The stressful months leading up to it, were mostly spent planning and organizing everything with my best friend Natalie.

We never talked about what happened that night, but after it, I felt like I could trust her again. Suddenly, what she and Aaron did, didn’t seem so terrible to me.

The ceremony itself was lovely and after it I walked around the wedding tables with Aaron. We were going around greeting the guests when we got to the table where Natalie was sitting. When we arrived she immediately jumped up and started hugging us with excitement. I went around the table greeting everyone, when suddenly, I see this guy in a tux, walking over with two drinks. He gave one drink to Natalie, took a sit next to her and she awarded him with a loving peck on the lips.

“Oh my god!” I said in amazement as I looked at the guy sitting next to. “This is the guy you’ve been seeing?”

“It is” Jeremy said with a care free smile as he raised his drink. He shook Aaron’s hand firmly then gave Natalie a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

As I looked at him surprised, Jeremy looked back at me briefly. He smiled at me and gave me a wink before looking away. I felt at peace as I watched the two of them. It was a naughty little wink that said it all.

The End

Hope you enjoyed

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